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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Originally Posted by IshaanIan View Post
I'm sorry but when a little city hatchback costs more to maintain than an imported all wheel drive SUV, doesn't that indicate something fishy?
Their parts and labour charges are much higher than Maruti.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Sorry to hear about the ordeal. I had a similar experience with Crystal Honda Pune. The car was new so had no problems except for steering wobble. I specifically asked them to check it and they claimed that they had done a rotation of wheels, alignment and balancing, all charged in the bill.

They deliver the car to my office and on the way back home I feel the wobble prominently at a particular speed. Plus, the AC disinfectant as claimed by them is not working as I still smell a foul odor when running the fan. I call the Service center next day and they send a guy (a fresher at his job he seems). The dude, to check the steering wobble, checks the tyre pressure at a shop outside my office and 'test' drives the car at insanely high speeds on the vacant and unpredictable road (EON IT Park). I tell him that the issue is with a particular speed (around 70 ) after which it fades, apparently he is clueless about balancing issues and says that there is no problem, its probably with the road on which you feel the issue. He then empties a full can of 3M AC disinfectant in the AC vent (I see the price of that can on Amazon, its pretty less compared to what they charge) And when I ask him what water he is filled in the windshield spray container, he gives me a small bottle of Honda windshield spray additive for free - They charged about 90 Rupees in the bill, wonder why he gave me for the disinfectant and this additive for free again (If they claim they had done the things before).

Few days later, I took the car to a local alignment/balancing shop. I saw the wheels were rotated because one of the wheel cover having scratches was on a different side now. But there was a glaring balancing issue, meaning it was never balanced as Crystal Honda claimed. Alignment was also not exact though very minor. Everything done right in front of your eyes and for a lesser price. Lessons learnt:

- Never give the car for service through a pick and drop service, make sure you know each and everyone's face who works on the car. Phones dont work always, remember the dialogue from Agneepath (older one): Phone majedar cheez hai, wahan aadmi bolta kuch aur hai, sochta kuch aur hai aur karta kuch aur hai

- On older cars, dont just say get my car 'serviced', tell them specific action items and ask them to do only those.

- I personally ask them not to get creative with my car, decline suggestions regarding any part change given on phone, tell them to show me the exact problem first before starting work on it. Be clear at the outset that I will not pay for anything that is done on my car without telling me, even if it means calling me ten times in ten minutes. This ensures they dont add unnecessary items like AC disinfectant, additives etc.

- Ask them to keep each and every part replaced to be kept for my visual confirmation, even a dirty oil filter.

- Check the oil color right in front of them before you leave the garage. (Usually they dont mess with engine oil changes, but gear oil or Brake oils they can)

- For major works, like engine flush for which they charge a bomb, make a point to be there in front of the car, or do it at some other time.

I followed most of these points when getting my dad's Beat serviced last year, apparently, they did a good job and did not charge me for those extra things.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Originally Posted by Srikanthan View Post
I agree. Here's what I do on my Vento and have been doing on my Wagon-R as well.

1. I get my wheel balancing / alignment outside company service stations. I politely and firmly decline them any offer they make towards this.

2. I do not make any noise if their cleaning is not perfect.

3. Before I pay I check the bill item by item and ask explanations.

4. Never rush at the service center to get delivery of the car.
I had problems big time with three Hyundai service centers in chennai. Their washing quality was extremely poor and one service centre on OMR Road even lost the floor mats of my i10., and I refused to take delivery of my vehicle after which they conducted a search operation and found it after one hour. Decided to get my i10 serviced with a good all brand car workshop nearer to home, easier for my wifey too as she uses it now and am happy for the last 2 years.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Even Advaith hyundai are no saints. They also try to fleece the customers to the core!

Last service i was with my car through out the service . Here is what they did apart from shoddy washing.

1. Changed Engine oil and oil filter(Labor included in the service charge)
2. Checked the lights.
3. Greased the door hinges.

The cost for wash + points 1,2,3 above is 1485 + Taxes

4. Caliper greasing - 280 odd bucks for front and additional 280 bucks for rear + taxes
5. Diesel filter change - 280 + taxes

Its atrocious that we have to pay 1500 rupees for the basic checks!Everything else is charged extra. Why does caliper cleaning come under periodic maintenance? More than that why does Diesel filter change does not come under the basic service?

That is why i have resorted to go to the service center once in a year/15000 kms. They practically do not do any significant thing other than lubrication and oil change! I do a midway(around 7500 kms mark) oil filter , Air filter change and brake cleaning done @ Bosch service center!
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Cheating is bad and dealership is hand in gloves with the employees / service advisors as they get commission for selling additional items to customers.

I was using HMP Mathura Road, Delhi for servicing of my Verna. Now I am told it has closed and some other Hyundai dealer is operating out of the same premises. I have always seen a decent work done by them and had no problems what so ever with their service.

Are there any other options / good service outlets in south Delhi for Hyundai servicing?
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

This may be a little off topic but I saw a horror today at Indian Oil petrol bunk near Hitech City, Hyderabad. As part of a promotion they were changing engine oil for bikes and I saw a representative drain the oil of a pulsar completely, then kick started the bike and gave it full throttle .

Not stopping there he was pointing the oil spray out of the still open drain valve to the owner, as if he was doing a great favor to the motorcycle. I just couldn’t withstand it and told him that he was killing the engine (in spite of me not knowing anyone involved). He adamantly says NO! And continues to do so. The owner didn’t even react and continued to enjoy the show. May be he got the engine oil for free .

After reading about being charged for a spark plug in Diesel car I think this country desperately needs informed vehicle owners who would stand up against ill practices.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Awesome!!! this is setting a new record for ripping innocent customers. I own the ANHC-Diesel and service cost has never gone above 5 K (this includes the 20K servicing as well). I generally trust my service center guys since I didn't find anything weird till now. But now that Bhpians are talking about frauds with wheel balancing and alignment and tyre rotation, I will have to make arrangements to cross check the next time I give my beloved car for service.

But I would want to raise another question...are we car users aware of how our machines work? I am not saying everyone to be an automobile expert, but the basic sense like there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine kind of knowledge should do. In case we are knowledgeable the ASS should start thinking twice before trying to take customers for a ride.

How many car users actually read the owner's manual? I think there are gaps which we have allowed, and this is what the ASS people take advantage of.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Originally Posted by micraft View Post
To narrow down the issues:
• Trident charged me for rotation, alignment and balancing work which they had not done. They had charged me for spark plugs for my diesel car.

• How do I know if they have performed the rest of the work which I have been billed for 20000/-. How do I know if they have done the engine decarbonisation, the AC foaming, transmission oil change or any other job which they billed me for?
First point is pretty easy to identify if it's messed up initially.

Engine decarbonisation is a bit of a grey area. See this thread http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...mystified.html (Engine Decarbonising - Demystified)

AC foaming/cleaning is another money making tool.

Write to Hyundai and copy the dealership. Provide them a link of this thread too. Insist on speaking with someone from Hyundai and not the dealership. Most likely they will offer you a labour free next service at the same dealership.

Having said that, it's pretty much the same story at most of the companies these days. I have personally experienced Maruti, Mahindra, TML and Renault. Where you can get the genuine spares OTC, always stick to a competent FNG - after your warranty expires. Works out better and often cheaper.
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Post Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Yeah, this is the sad truth. We cannot blindly trust the Authorised Service Centers.

The cheating starts right from the day of delivery. For a first time car buyer, how can he differentiate a car with underbody freshly painted at the dealership to a car with the factory painted underbody !!. He may not even have looked for it in the first place, on the day of delivery. When we bought our first car (Alto LX) 8 years back, we were charged some 4000rs for underbody painting. And while giving the car for the 2nd or 3rd service at the ASC (of same dealer), the service agent looked at the underbody of the car and said, "Sir your car's underbody is not painted and it's better to get it painted to avoid rusting". I asked him again, "Are you sure that it is not painted?" and he said "YES". I asked him just to do rest of the works.

Last month, while giving my Elite i20 for its second free service - after I explained what all works to be performed, the service agent said "Sir, if you would like you can go for the free roadside assistance by paying additional 900rs+tax (which he said, will be valid for next 1 year if I opt then)". I asked him "So, will I be not eligible for the free road side assistance if I don't opt for this?" And he did not persuade further. An unsuspecting customer may start paying an additional 1000rs every year for a right which he/she is already entitled to. As a valued customer we are entitled to 24/7 road side assistance. And we only need to pay for the repair works performed (if my understanding is correct), which anyway they would charge us whether we had opted for this plan or not.

On the same day, while my car was undergoing its second free service - I was standing at the workshop's entrance watching my car being serviced, the service agent came near me and below is the conversation happened between us,

SA : "Sir we dont have the green colour engine coolant we only have the blue one. Shall we drain the green one completely and fill it up freshly with blue one?" (I had asked him to top up the coolant since it was near the min level)
Me : (Puzzled what is this blue and green coolants) Is the blue colour coolant a different grade than the green one?
SA : Might be, Sir.
Me : Why are you not having stock of the green one, then?
SA : Because new Elite i20s come with blue colour coolant, Sir.
Me : How can the same model come with a different grade engine coolant ? Why they had to change the grade of the coolant ?
SA : Not sure, Sir.
Me : How much will it cost to replace the engine coolant ?
SA : Around 300rs per litre, Sir. Your car may need 2 to 3 litres to fill the coolant tank.
Me : Will there be any problem if I top up my green colour coolant with the blue colour one?
SA : Not sure, Sir.
Me : To it up, I will take the risk. (somebody please tell me if I'm at risk)

My car has run more than 1500kms since then and no problems occured yet. I felt like he was just trying to sell me another 2-3 bottles of coolant, and he would have done that if I was not there at the workshop watching the work being done.

Here are some tips to take care while getting the car serviced at ASC,
  1. Make sure that the service agent notes down all your complaints/requests for repair on the job card before you put your signature on it. And have a copy of that job card with you.
  2. Also make sure that the service agent notes down any dents/scratches on your car in the job card. If there are none, he has to write "No dents/scratches" on the job card. - You dont want to take delivery of your car after the service with some new dents/scratches
  3. For any parts replaced, ask them to keep the old parts in your car's boot while delivering after service.
  4. Check all liquid levels (coolant, brake fluid, windscreen washer, etc) to see if they are topped up to the max mark.
  5. Visually inspect the car for any damage happened while at the service station.
  6. Thoroughly verify the bill against the job card & parts replaced.
  7. If they have done the wheel allignment, ask them to attach the report with the bill.
  8. Have a test drive of your car and make sure that it runs fine. Make sure that all the complaints are rectified and no new complaints have poped up.
  9. You may also inspect the engine oil level indicator - if they have replaced it, the new oil will look more clean (or transparant), if they have just topped it up the old used oil will be prominent and it will look more black (less transparant).
  10. Only after all these steps, pay the bill.
We need to be very careful while dealing with the ASCs. Everyday they are finding new tricks to extract money from us.

All the best.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Man,can someone trust these guys at all. Can you actually stand while your car is being serviced to see all of this. I asked my VW service reps and they said no Sir you won't be allowed. Thugs and cheats across brands operate these auto dealerships cheating customers. Wish India had a stricter consumer friendly legal system and thugs like these can be properly sued like they deserve to be.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

My opinion for a long time was that Hyundai service is good. But recent stories from people I know has dented that image. Last week a colleague of mine hit a dog with his Verna and the fog lamp came loose (nothing happened to the dog). Without even checking what is the wrong with the fog lamp assembly, the SA told him that the bumper needs to be changed along with the flog lamp, which will cost Rs.13000. Miffed with the ripoff, he went to a private service center who repaired the damage for Rs.1000.

A positive story from Metro Ford - I had given my Ikon for service today since the car stopped on the road and had to be towed. The battery negative assembly clamp had some problem. The car also had a couple of minor issues like the door lamp not working when the door is opened. The SA suggested the assembly would cost about Rs.4K and a much cheaper workaround would be good enough. He also suggested that the door lamp issue is just minor and I need not replace the old one if I am ok with that. I liked his tranparent communication and thinking for the customer.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Originally Posted by micraft View Post
How do customers who give their car to an authorized service centre, confirm that the jobs which they have been charged for have been done?
Very sorry to hear about the ordeal you are going through. And yes. Sadly, there is no way to verify whether the jobs billed, are actually done or not. Whether spare parts mentioned in the final bill and charged for, are actually used or not, and whether they are genuine or not, is an additional cause of worry.

However if you do not mind, and if your work schedule can permit you, I'd suggest that you skip the manufacturer's authorized service centre for your peace of mind, henceforth. Do search for independent garages in your city who specialize and also expertise in -

- Engine and suspension related works.
- Balancing and Alignment / tyre works.
- Air conditioner works.
- Electronics.

You can get all your services done before your eyes, you can buy necessary spare parts on your own and can see them being used. An added benefit is you can also get to understand your car more. All of this, only if your schedule, etc permits you.

I have used an Indigo for 8 years and near about 1.5 lac kilometres and followed this line of maintenance, soon after she was out of warranty. Though the car's visits to the garage happened a bit before it should (due to design related problems), it did not give me any serious problems or niggling issues.

I hope that your current worries are resolved soon and that a wiser counsel which is able to do justice to the faith that buyers bestow upon Hyundai, prevails at Hyundai.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Not Surprised at all, these are the same guys who gave my friend a ~2.5L estimate to fix a i20 CRDI without even properly finding the root cause of the issue. No matter what brand, complacent nature of the SA and mechs is quite irritating. I generally stick around the svc center till they work on my car.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Hyundai dealers are notorious on writing extra stuff like Additives, Engine decreasing as must. My Dealer writes them on job card without asking to which I politely refuse before signing the dotted line.

The padding of bill is common affair at Hyundai's. I have felt this on every service. I shudder to think the profits they make by fleecing a novice customer.

I empathize you and laugh on them for such mistake.

Here are few tips that I share with Hyundai owners
  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing can be done at half price from a reputed tyre shop.
  • Please refer to the owner's manual before going for service.
  • Click Here to know what kind of value added services your car needs.
  • Facing some problem ? search the forum.
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Default Re: Trident Hyundai Kalyan Nagar fraud - Charges me for spark plugs in a diesel car!

Originally Posted by vinjosep View Post
Looks like Hyundai has seen through your evil designs to stay clear of such frauds.
Ah so the Elite & Creta have SAS (steering angle sensors), does that mean they both have ESC? Usually its the models with electronic stability control that have SAS and need a recalibration of steering after alignment. If not SAS is this some useless technology to read the position of the steering just for showing the "turn your steering to straight" message or something during start-up? Creta & Elite both were advertised with these features.

If its the 2nd reason, Hyundai needs a standing ovation. Auto-door locks that are present in good old models like Santro & Getz are removed, but one needs to know which way to turn steering straight on start-up & also when to change gears via the supervision cluster. They can as well program the car to generate bogus error codes when the hood is lifted, lets see how many take the bait.

Its not just Hyundai, the increasing dependence on electronic aids inside cars is leading to this. A cartel including Ford & G.M tried exactly this last season, using electronic aids to discourage 3rd party mechanics from repairing cars - http://www.autoblog.com/2015/04/20/a...s-car-repairs/

As others have already said, authorised stations are becoming incompetent by the day and why wouldn't they? Its assumed by them that their customer base is captive, they already own their brand of cars, so what if they're fleeced? So what if work is shoddy? If anybody was a manager of a service station that services up to 30-40 cars a day with 5-6 advisors (6+ cars per advisor), it's going to be more than likely that all of them will lose focus on the actual jobs only to concentrate on optimising returns by selling maximum jobs like polish/decarb/undercoating/rust treatment/clutch overhaul etc and do none of them perfectly. For perfect service a person should not be given charge of more than 2 cars a day so that he can remember and tackle the issues of both, even then same day completion would be a doubt.

Serious problem at the twilight of becoming worse.
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