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Default Arya Honda (Mumbai) uses customer car for other purposes!

Hello folks,

Today on my Twitter timeline I Came across a blog post about an experience with Arya Honda.

Owner of a Honda car got rear ended, gave car to Arya Honda for repairs. The same night they find their car being used by the dealership to attend to another customer car (road side assistance)! On confronting the guys they allegedly tried to come up with a story of car being transported to another service centre & created a fake document to show the OUT entry. There was no official entry of the car in workshop's OUT register. Excerpts from the post:

Barely a km from my office and a few 100 mts from hubby’s a traffic policeman stopped us at a signal to open up another lane of traffic. Tired and eager to get home to a nice warm bath, we cursed that guy for not letting us thru. Suddenly, hubby points at another Honda car parked on the side of the road. It had a bent boot and bumper as well as a broken number plate. His remarks about many Honda cars being damaged today died on his lips as recognition dawned…

It was our car! Parked on the road in the area that is well known as auto chor bazaar and notorious was spare parts replacement and reselling was our car that had been handed over in the “safe” custody of the service executive at Arya Honda the same morning.

There was another Honda car parked nearby and the bonnet of both cars were open. A man in Honda uniform stood between the two vehicles. Hubby jumped out of the auto and asked him what he was doing there. When he told the uniformed man that this was his car, the man’s expression changed. He got on the phone immediately and started talking to someone as I took the keys from him to open our car and hubby talked to the car ahead. When we got into our car, we found a spare battery on the front seat. The other car vanished while we were talking to the uniformed guy. We asked him to drive to the Arya Honda centre which was about a km away from that spot. On the way, he fed us a half baked story about taking to car to another workshop because ours was a major accident and it had to be sent to a larger workshop to be repaired. The repairs could not be done where we had dropped it. We asked him for a work order or papers supporting this and he had none. When we reached the centre, we checked the registers with the security.

There was no entry in the OUT register. The records only showed that the car was checked IN during the morning hours. There were no records of it having gone out.

When asked to speak to the Senior most member, we were kept waiting for 15 minutes. In this time, I overheard the service executive coaching the technician who was found with our car that this is what you should have said and this is how you should have said it. They moved away once they realised that I was right behind them. When we asked about the work orders, the cashier hurriedly prepared a handwritten receipt to show the OUT entry. This receipt was time at 8.45 pm, the time we had entered the Arya Honda showroom. The car was spotted by us on the road around 8.15 pm which meant it would have left the centre at least by 8pm. Best part is that the guy was in such a tearing hurry that he added the wrong vehicle number and switched the last two digits of the car number on the slip shown to us. The receipt was numbered 1076. The previous receipt 1075 had been issued at 5.30 pm and the next one, 1077 was blank. When we asked this, the staff told us that there internal process did not need any paper work when a car was shifted from one work shop to another. The security guard was verbally informed and he “knew” that the vehicle had gone out.

They had no answer to our queries about lack of records on our car moving out, about not informing us that they were moving the car and also about making a fake receipt when we asked for it.

As our frustration mounted, the man in charge told us to take our car back if we were not convinced. Sure we were not, but we were absolutely shocked at their attitude toward us. They were dismissive of our concerns and absolutely refused to give us access to higher authorities. The Service Manager, Santosh Chandan was absolutely rude with us. First they said that the car was being sent because it could not be repaired at that location. Then they cited lack of space as the reason for dropping it. They were inconsistent. The things that ticked me off were –

1. This was an accident case pending insurance survey. Why was it put out on the road again?
2. The repairs could only start once the insurance issue was settled and we gave a go ahead to Arya Honda. Why then was the car moved to a different workshop where the large repair work happens?
3. If the car had to be moved due to a genuine reason, why were we not informed before moving the car?
4. The second car that was parked next to ours on the road was supposedly another customer’s car that had a battery failure and our car carried a battery for it to help the driver. When asked to speak to that customer, they skirted the issue. They could not give us details of the second car, the name or details of that customer.
5. There was no explanation why the car was found parked in the opposite direction to it’s destination in the middle of chor bazaar
6. There were no records showing the car had gone out of the centre
7. The man who was found with the car had no company id with him
8. There were no work orders showing this car had to be taken to another location
9. The service centre shuts in the evening around 6 pm. Why were a few service executives, the service manager and 2-3 technicians hanging around till 8 pm? Why was the car being delivered after the closing hours?
The owner alleges that the dealership was trying to swap genuine parts with fakes from chor bazaar.

Link to source: http://lifestyleproblog.me/arya-hond...ing-customers/

Address of the service center in question:

Arya Honda
Shaman Cars (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Metro Estate,178 C.S.T Road ,
Kalina, Mumbai – 98.

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Default re: Arya Honda (Mumbai) uses customer car for other purposes!

First a NEXA dealer selling a used S-Cross, then reports of cars coming in for servicing being used as TD car and now this. How can we blindly trust these dealers and their service centers now?

Need to look out how Honda reacts to this one.
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Default re: Arya Honda (Mumbai) uses customer car for other purposes!

Originally Posted by AkMar View Post
Hello folks,

The owner alleges that the dealership was trying to swap genuine parts with fakes from chor bazaar.

Link to source: http://lifestyleproblog.me/arya-hond...ing-customers/

Location of service center is not mentioned. I have asked it in the comments section.
This is a fear I always have sending my car to authorized service center. Their workforce is out of their control and God knows what parts are replaced post office hours.

My trusted local mechanic can source any (little used) Honda parts including body panels and even tires from a shop in Kurla. He claims the parts come through back doors of the company owned service centers.

The above is serious but I am not really shocked by the incident. These incidents make me believe that there is a huge future for genuine/honest and professional multi-brand workshops in India.
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Default re: Arya Honda (Mumbai) uses customer car for other purposes!

It's surprising how the service centre staff can literally go to any limits despite being caught literally red handed!
I doubt if Honda will interfere in any way. They wouldn't want to lose a dealer over such a issue that would be nothing but trivial for them.
Something like this is fearful if i spot my car which i may have given for servicing/repairs being used by someone else on open roads. That's why every time i give my car for servicing i make sure to click pictures of the total kms done as well as set my trip meter to record how much kms i have done in bringing my car to the service centre.
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Default re: Arya Honda (Mumbai) uses customer car for other purposes!

Alas, this is becoming a norm. Thanks to the rise of social media and other internet platforms like Team-BHP, such practices are being exposed. This is exactly why I have switched over to a trusted FNG. I get all maintenance jobs done in front of me and receive honest advice and learn a lot about cars in the process. In this case I doubt Honda would take any action. As I have learnt from other member's posts' - Honda merely channels the complaint back to the dealer which assumes the role of a mafia in the process.
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Default Re: Arya Honda (Mumbai) uses customer car for other purposes!

Mod Note: Thread moved to the Dealerships forum!

Case has been verified - the car owner has shared the gate pass & dealer communication in that regard. Thanks AkMar!
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