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Default JMD Skoda Service - The best among Skoda Service Stations ?

Had a chance to visit JMD Skoda Service - at Navi Mumbai and Bhandup. So how do they stack up against the other Skoda service stations ?

Thursday - July 12th - 9 am - my house parking lot

As I walk down to the car to leave for office, I see that some moron has removed the plastic cover (with the jets) that directs water to the left headlamp. Picture for giving an idea only.

I can only see the white plastic pipe standing on the left side while the right side is perfect. Cursing who ever did that I leave for work. On the way I decide to try out the new service centre that JMD Skoda has opened in Nerul. Call them up at 9.10 am and the guard asnwers and lets me know that the staff will come in by 9.30 am.

Thrusday - July 12th - 9.40 am - at my factory

I call up JMD again and get connected to a guy called Bhushan. I explain the problem and he tells me to hold on while he checks in the store whether he has the part ready. Within a minute, he is back confirming that the part is available with them and I should get the car down to the service centre. I leave immediately and reach the service centre @ 9.55 am.

And I am surprised. The service centre is HUGE really HUGE. I get into the gate and park. Its raining and the guard comes and holds up an umbrella and helps in inside. I ask for Bhushan and survey the workshop. There are about atleast 16 bays with all tools and sufficient space around each bay. And the place is CLEAN. And its being washed again. Bhushan comes up to me and when I introduce myself, he says (apologetically) that the store guy has not yet turned up so I will have to wait. I wait for 5 minutes and ask for an update - he says the store guy is not coming in today and the other store guy who has the duplicate key is on his way (delayed by rain apparently). I show my displeasure and he asks me if I can go to their Bhandup workshop as the part is available there also. I had some work in Mulund - so I ask him to call up his Bhandup workshop and confirm about everything. He does that but is not sure whether I will get the part today as it has to be painted. I anyways decide to try my luck. I leave for JMD Skoda, Bhandup workshop - have to contact Mr. Naval.

Thursday - 12th July - 10.45 am - JMD Skoda, Bhandup workshop

I pull up to the gate - the car is checked and allowed to go in. I walk into the reception and ask for Naval. Naval turns out to be a smart young guy who is already aware of the problem. He explains to me that the part is ready but they will not be able to paint the part today - heavy work load at the paint shop. So if I can come tomorrow morning, they will keep the part painted and ready. I think about it and agree - but I warn them that I have only an hour to spare next morning and I will be at their workshop at 9.30 am. Naval agrees to this - I pay up the amount - 1600 Rs for the jets and 250 Rs for the plastic cover + taxes. They waived of the painting charge after I objected to it. They shouldn't have tried to bill it in the first place, anyways I got a waiver.

The Bhandup workshop is huge too - not as huge as the Vashi one but huge. Its got well laid out bays as well and clean too. Looks professional. Nice.

Friday - 13th July - 9.30 am - JMD Skoda, Bhandup workshop

I drive in exactly at 9.30 am skeptically. Why ? Because the staff at Nummer Eins service never walked in before 10 am even though their reporting time was 9.30 am. Anyways I park my car and walk into the reception area expecting it to be empty. And I am surprised. The staff is all at work. Naval greets me at the door and immediately calls out to the guy who is supposed to fix the part. He takes the car inside. I ask Naval to check on the airbag indicator too - it is always on due to some dust problem. Nummer Eins had worked on it but its back.

There is a glass area behind the reception where you can watch the mechanics working on your car. Nice - I liked that. So I watch for 15 minutes and then sit at the reception. After about 45 minutes - Naval calls me inside where my car is being worked upon. The jets have been fixed and they have dismantled the glove box to get to the airbag sensor. Also they have the scanner connected to the car. There is no problem shown in the scanner and Naval tells me that he is going to spray WD40 at the place where the sensor is and pack up things. It should work but if it does not - we will have to check the electric wiring. I say fine. He sprays the WD40 and packs up everything. Checks the airbag light - its gone. Checks the jets at the headlamp - works fine. I take the car out. Thank Naval and the mechanic and ask him about the Fabia. Year end launch he says. Thats all he knows.

10.55 am - I drive out of JMD Skoda service station - a very satisfied customer.

The airbag light has not bothered me after that and the jets work just fine.

My take on JMD Skoda Service station (Vashi and Bhandup) is -

1) Huge and Clean

2) The service bays are clean too.

3) Staff is polite, helpful, professional and have uniforms.

Was a pleasure dealing with JMD and I would recommend it anyday over the other Skoda service stations.

So am I going back to Nummer Eins ? No way - JMD it is for me from now on.

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@ normally_crazy - You are lucky to have more than one service center in your city, let alone a competent one. How I wish Topaz Motors was half as good. No matter how small the job, they keep the car for 2 days on average.
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Nummer Eins has 2 service centres , JMD - 3 , Autograph - 2 and the Autobahn - 2 I think.
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Now thats a different Skoda service review. Very nice (and refreshing) to read about a pleasant Skoda service experience.
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Is there any such comparable Skoda A.S.S experience in Delhi ?
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1600 Rs for the jets and 250 Rs for the plastic cover + taxes.

No wonder they say that Skoda A.S.S. is expensive.
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And another impressive experience of JMD

Problem - My boot wasn't locking with the remote. I had to manually lock the boot while all doors got locked by the remote. This started around 4-5 days back. And on 16th August, I said let me try the JMD, Nerul workshop and see what they have to say.

Morning 10 am - as I walk into the workshop, I see a floor meeting was on. A mechanic was being felicitated for something. I though I would have a longish wait. But no. A service advisor named Nikhil, comes forward and checks out the problem that I point out. He says he will have to check and I have to leave the car. So I sign up the job card and leave. Ask him to call me before he proceeds with anything. He promises the car by 3 pm.

1 pm - My phone rings and its Nikhil on the line. Sir the car is ready , you can come over and pick it up. I ask what the problem was. he says nothing just a minor adjustment. So I reach the workshop at 5 pm to collect the car. Immediately, Nikhil comes and explains that the lock had to be greased and adjusted, thats all. I check out the car and see if things are correct. They are . And then I notice- they have washed the car which was very dirty from outside and cleaned up the interiors as well. So now he takes me to the billing dept. and is with me till I do not get the car out of his workshop.

Total Bill Value - 260 Rs

Also I got a chance to observe the workshop at the end of the day (earlier I had seen it at the beginning of the day). And it was the same. Spick and span. Everything at its designated place, no dirt or grime on the floor. And Service Advisors who actually take time to listen to you and are helpful and that too with a smile.

I am impressed !! JMD is THE BEST A.S.S for Skoda in Mumbai now.

Some one please try them out and report here.
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Sounds really nice! Maybe I should start giving these authorised workshops a second chance.

BTW NC, what's with you and niggles with Skoda's? The two of you seem to go together!
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Default Re: JMD Skoda Service - The best among Skoda Service Stations ?

Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post

I am impressed !! JMD is THE BEST A.S.S for Skoda in Mumbai now.

Some one please try them out and report here.
I don't know about the Nerul/Bhandup ones, but the one at Kandivali is the worst. I have outlined my experience in this post: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...ml#post3078514 (Honest Skoda Dealership in Mumbai /Navi Mumbai)

I would rather drive to Nerul than go there again.
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Thumbs down JMD Skoda Service - My Experience at their Kandivali Service Centre

So this is further to the issue I had with the ABS warning that popped up on my Skoda Yeti. The details can be found here:

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...-now-what.html (ABS / ESP warning light - Now what?)

I had given my car to the JMD Skoda Service Centre at Kandivali West for the above problem and also to rectify a faulty and erratic fuel gauge indicator. At that time they told me that the fuel gauge float was faulty and had to be replaced. If I remember correctly, I paid around 9k some odd for it. Everything was fine after that.

After two weeks of running the car, I noticed that the fuel indicator started behaving a bit erratic again and finally the needle just dropped to the 'E' mark. I switched off the car and waited for a bit and after re-starting the fuel gauge showed correctly. But after another 10 mins of driving, it dropped to the 'E' mark again.

I once again gave the car back to the workshop yesterday morning for rectification. After the entire day, they were not able to identify the problem and told me that they require another day to diagnose this. I gave them benefit of doubt. I called them up this morning and asked the service advisor about the status and I was shocked when was told that there is an issue with the fuel pump of the car and this would cost me 13k + tax and labour. But somehow this did not make any sense to me as I wondered how is a faulty fuel pump responsible for an erratic fuel gauge indicator. Shouldn't a faulty fuel pump give signs like a misfiring engine or a jerking engine or an engine shutting off? I questioned the service advisor of the same and he told me that this is what was diagnosed by their mechanics. I told him that I would call him back to proceed further. I 'Googled' a bit to learn that an erratic fuel gauge indicator points to a faulty 'fuel gauge sender' located in the fuel tank.

I immediately called the service advisor back and told him that I was not convinced with his diagnosis and that they should check the 'fuel gauge sender' first and keep me posted on the outcome and what ever the issue is, I will not be paying for rectification as this is an unsolved issue which needed me to come back to the workshop. After the entire day passing, I am told that there was a loose connection and that they had to do some re-coding and that the problem is sorted now. I was not charged anything for the work carried out.

The above experience has made me totally lose faith in this particular JMD Service Centre. It was only my 2 cents that saved me a good 15k and a re-visit to the workshop again for the same issue.
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