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Thumbs down Innova – feel disappointed.

Hi all,

I have been watching all the happenings in Team-Bhp for the entire long. Now things have turned around which made me to post my worries (not sure??)here.. Let me come to the point. I have recently bought an Innova G1 from Nippon Motors Trivandrum. Now it has clocked 1500 km on odo. Problem I am finding is that I am no-way happy with the vehicle. Not sure is it only the imagination of my anxious mind.. This is my fourth vehicle .I had been using Uno for a handsome period(60000k),Qualis(50000k) and Scorpio for a while.I am now way finding it near my Qualis(which when sold had 180000k on ode) Hearing that Innova is a beauty in itself and engineered to perfection I took the decision to make myself proud by owning one.

When I took the delivery, an offer for 40k was available on G1.So with out thinking more I went and booked a black one. Mostly I drive on choppy roads, and from the first day, it started giving some annoying sounds from the rear side.The sound just go high on pit falls. From the next day sounds started coming form inside. The head rests were vibrating and the front panel was also adding its share to the sound., and the steering had a pulling towards the left. And the ride was really bumpy.. The steering was also transferring some shocks to my body on jagged surfaces. The gear liver was dancing… Just before 1000k service ,adding to my un satisfaction, the front left power window switch stopped working. Thinking that all will be solved in the first service and with a lot of expectation I went to the service center. Made them to drive the vehicle and note down the problems to be rectified. Second day I visited the showroom to take my ride. The guy told me that the sound (that was coming from the rear side) was not completely removed, and added that it was coming, form somewhere near the rear brake cylinder. They had to get the authorization and they gad sent some thing(he was using some short form)with some photos?? to some Toyota authorities and will try to substitute in the next service.

I was told that the front power window switch was replaced.
Even though the gear liver shuddering is a notch high than normal , they cant replace it
as the fault is less than acceptable level.

Telling them that I will check the vehicle and next day will sign the service form which says the service was done satisfactorily, I took my vehicle out of the bay.That day it was raining like anything and the ride was so smooth…(is it??)

Adding more color to the story ,and making me to sleep inside the car in front of a Lodge, the rear left power lock started showing the same problem which was shown by the front door lock , before the service. Now the situation was even worse. The window was not at all coming up.Some how after starting and turning the machine off,I closed it and escaped for the day.
The front door started giving some sound form inside.
The ride was equally rutted.
All the sounds were just competing to show their presence..

Took my vehicle back to the service centre after a couple of days. Asked them why they just swapped the front faulty window switch with the rear one, got this sweet words ”Sir,,why should we do that sir. we replaced it.. see the service report….” I said ok boss.. Now get it replaced..Next asking them to check the vehicle thoroughly. I took the chief technician to some 10 km on my vehicle and asked him to note down what all he is feeling.This time being said they need more time and it really took 3 days for the work.

End of the 3rd day , from the office I rushed to the service center. This time they have done a fairly nice job with the vibrations coming form inside.. But…..

They said they cant replace the power window switch immediately as they need some conformation form somewhere (MARS .. I think..)since they have provided wooden finish which was part of the offer and opened the door pad... Some hook kind of things in side the lock is broken and they have done clumsy work so that most of the time it will work.
Asked me to wait until the next service.
(don’t know how they replaced it first time in no time..)
After the service the CD Player stoped receiving FM .(doubt they haven’t put the antenna connection properly after the opened the front panel..
The ride is still giving me a lot of pain..

I don’t know what to do now..I am very particular about the smooth ride.Not sure whether all the Innova are offering such a ride.Can I get some help form forum to
drive and check the vehicle and to tell me whether it is my mind what is the problem creater….Pls advice me on this and what can be done to improve the ride…
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Man, this should be a real rare case.

You need to get your Innova thoroughly checked by some expert for defects.

I have heard of someone who filed a case against Toyota coz his Innova met with accident twice coz the steering got locked during normal drive!
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This is rare phenomenon. The fact that dealer is somewhat positive in responding is good. Ask them to throughly check the vehicle and if still the problems persist, write an email to Toytoa.
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For the ride quality, hve you checked your tyre pressure?
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This is a very rare case where the customer is facing a problem with the Toyota A.S.S, usually heard that they Toyota never let down customer.

I guess better you change the dealer and go to the new dealer for servicing or send an e-mail to Toyota Incharge - Southern Region

Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
For the ride quality, hve you checked your tyre pressure?
He has mentioned in his thread (And the ride was really bumpy.. The steering was also transferring some shocks to my body on jagged surfaces. The gear liver was dancing…), these problems he started facing it later, which i think would not be by air pressure but could be something serious issue and sorted out in the first service.

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I feel you need to inform Toyota about this as there could be something that the service guys missed or try checking with another dealer.
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Default Suggestion and a Suspicion

Innova ride is not so bumpy. I suggest a small experiment of taking another Innova for a Test Ride on the "Same route" that you go usually and see if any difference. If its all good, then problem is with your car. Otherwise the roads or external factors are the culprit.

I am just beginning to wonder if this is another faulty car story coming from Gods own country. There have been couple of other experiences posted to T-BHP about various car dealers of the state giving faulty\tampered vehicles to customers. Though I sincerely hope everything will be fine in this case.

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Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
Man, this should be a real rare case.
You need to get your Innova thoroughly checked by some expert for defects.
Exactly what i felt after i read the review. Been driving my uncle's innova for long now and have never faced such issues. We take it whenever we go on a long journey because of the ride comfort...
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I am astonished to hear that for a Toyota. Because, this is the first post I come across such feedback on a Innova. So, it has to be a rare case. Please do check with another dealer. And do not forget to mail Toyota.
Best of luck.
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Looks like you got sold a lemon? Did you take the checklist from t-bhp and check out your vehicle before it was delivered to you? I somehow have this bad feeling that they passed off a damaged vehicle to you as new. This has happened before and there are numerous instances of them in T-Bhp.

I've driven an Innova and know many more who have them. There's absolutely no problems like the ones you've mentioned especially before 1000 kms.

Probably you need to get it to an external mechanic and get a checkup done. don't do any repairs, just check the vehicle out.
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This is the first time I am hearing bad feedback about Innova. Drive another Innova to see if it is particular to your vehicle.
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Default where to find some help..

here in trivandrum there is only one dealer.Nippon Toyota.And they have a kind of monopoly here in kerala when it comes to dealership.Plese some one tell me where can i find place to do the check up...

And what will happen to the warranty...(when I said the power window switch had gone out of use,the service guy invited with a question of "Did u do anything to it..."

I have even talked to the Customer relationship manager in Nippon Toyota..

Nothing turned around...

When I was doing my Qualis's service I never faced such a dilemma..
seems bad day's for me...

Note from the Team-BHP Support : Please take the time to use proper punctuation as per Team-BHP rules. Avoid...typing...like...this. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
For the ride quality, hve you checked your tyre pressure?
Please check your tyre pressure..

I bought a Honda CR-V in March 2008, and I found the ride to be extremely bumpy. I was practically regretting purchasing the car, but then I checked the tyre pressure.

42 Psi - In ALL 5 tyres. Manual says 30 Psi.

I lowered the pressure, and the car immediately became WAY more comfortable.
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i think you need to contact toyota about this. seems like a lemon to me.
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The first unhappy Innova owner on the forum, and this has to be a one off case.
Owning a Scorpio simultaneously with an Innova, i may just be able to relate to our noise issue, but only to a fraction of the intensity.
The Scorpio feels a few shades more solid than the slightly tinny Innova, the build is a lot firmer. The Scorpio has done nearly 90,000 kms, and it yet feels good, and almost noiseless with respect to body and interior rattles.
A fraction of your problm may just be arising because you are probably used to much lesser noise from your previous Scorpio.
However yours is an almost new car, and there is no reason for any major body or interior clatter at this stage. The ride quality in the Innova is miles ahead of the Scorpio, this is one car i love being passenger in, so you certainly have something to get checked in this regard.
The Toyota A.S.S. has been the best i have personally dealt with, and i am certain they will go out of their way to resolve the issue. Just make sure you are aking this up with Toyota India whilst letting your local dealer sort the issues.

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