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Old 17th October 2008, 13:09   #1
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Default Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!

Hi all!

After having been at my wits end about all these Honda workshops, finally decided to give the newly opened workshop at Gurgaon, Sector 37 - PEARL HONDA a try... Guys, these guys mean business and I tell you they are good at their job! They are very courteous, their washing and cleaning the interiors is a job very well-done and best of all, their charges are at least 10-15% lower than other Honda workshops (labor charges).
My Nighthawk OHC Vtec needed a replacement of the driver's side RVM (mirror only) and the driver's side window glass. Some Indica guy coming from the opposite direction had hit his RVM against mine and as a result, my RVM had been forced close to an extent that it pushed itself into the window glass and hence....the workshop!
Some few points I would like you all to know:

1. This place PEARL HONDA is owned by the same owners who are the NAWAB MOTORS guys. These guys own 2 workshops already serving the TATAS and now they have started the is new venture with HONDA. See proof...

2. The only sad part about the new workshop is the approach to this place. The road is in shambles and you have to drive on the wrong side for quite some distance from the Hero Honda Chowk to reach this place. The employees told me that they have some legal action in place to sort out the right turn towards Sector 37 from the Hero Honda Chowk but it would take time...
But then you can avail of the pick and drop facility for which they do not charge anything. However, the driver takes you car via the wrong side of the road at Hero Honda Chowk which I described earlier and the choice is yours...

3. Since it is a new place, many people do not know about it and hence, your car gets all the attantion you want. Any job is well done to the hilt, I must say. After my car's job was finished, I could not find single glass piece inside my car - the cleaning was superb...

4. I found the labor rates to be slightly on the lower side (relatively as compared to other Honda Service Stations) though they were high as compared to another by-the-roadside decent workshop.

5. I also saw a very decently 'done-up' Tata Sierra at the place and thought I might share some snaps with you. The snap-quality is not great though, as I had my N70 to manage with.

I should have taken a snap of my car also after the job was done - it was smiling with me at the pampering she had received. However, I forgot in an effort to rush back to office. But I would like all you Honda guys to give this place a try definitely and note the difference.

Also, b4 I forget - there was this old gentleman at the workshop by the name Mr. Rajagopalan. Listen to golden words - since he was at Nawab Motors before coming to Pearl Honda, he had this comparision to 'offer'.
HONDAS make exquisite engines and all R&D is done in their labs, workshops etc. and when they come out with an engine, they know they have produced a beauty. TATAS, on the other hand, make a car and give it to the customer for R&D - over a period of time, they receive enough feedback to come out with a better engine...

Tata Guys, please no malice towards me, I am a proud owner of both a TATA SIERRA and an OHC Vtec...I am an equally affected party!
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the snaps

Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!-16102008020.jpg

Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!-16102008011.jpg

Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!-16102008013.jpg

Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!-16102008014.jpg

Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!-16102008015.jpg

in that order
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Default Not impressed

Yesterday I went to their showroom in Sec 54 Gurgaon to test drive the ANHC. I was attended to on entering. I asked for a TD to which they said that the car had just gone out and will be back shortly. I decided to check out the displayed model but no one attended to me or explained anything. Finally, when the car was available they wanted me to sign a piece of paper which said I bear all financial responsibilities in case of accident. I asked if the car was covered with insurance. They said yes but I still will have to sign it. Not impressed I walked out and they sure lost a customer. I wouldn't recommend that dealership to anyone I know. BTW, this was my 2nd visit to them for a TD. First time they didn't have the car and said they will send the car home but never did. Their customer rep calls a few days later to ask for feedback and I told her you never gave me the TD. She said she will arrange it but never did.

I have done TDs of Marutis and Toyotas but they never made me sign anything. Have submitted a feedback at Honda India's website. Dont know if they will do anything about it.
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Honda customer care sent an email (cc'ed to Pearl Honda) 8 days back saying someone from Pearl Honda would contact me. No one did. Then yesterday, I shot a reply (cc'ed to Pearl Honda) letting them know that no one contacted me and that I will never look at Pearl Honda again.

This morning got a call from Pearl Honda. They explained that this was just a procedure to cover insurance and if anything happens Honda covers the depreciated amount. This is a policy undertaken at all Honda dealerships. Does this explanation make any sense?

But at least they had the courtesy to call back.
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I wanted to buy ANHC and called Pearl Honda and gave my phone number. The sales person, Mr. Hemant, called back within 5 minutes. I told him that I am interested in ANHC and asked for a test drive. He came to my home within 30 minutes with the car. Everytime he came back to my home and only after I decided the car, I visited their showroom to book the car. In the mean time, he had taken me two times to their workshop to check the car and to talk to the service department to clarify my doubts regarding Honda's A.S.S.
For booking the car also he came to my home and I went to the showroom only for taking the delivery of the car. The total dealership experience was very good and there was no price haggling and got all possible discounts. I was very happy to get my car few weeks back.
Now I completed 1000 kms and called him again. He arranged for the car to be picked up and dropped after the service at my home. The bill I received was Rs. 0. The total experience was excellent. I highly recommend Pearl Honda Gurgaon to anyone.
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Any updates on how Pearl Honda is treating their customers? Are they as good as they used to be when they newly opened up or have they become arrogant like all the other Honda dealerships in Delhi and NCR?

Asking because I plan to go to Pearl Honda for getting my NHC serviced as the guys at Ring Road Honda are pathetic.

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Default new to gurgaon

i have just relocated to gurgaon from Mumbai.

I have a black Honda Civic and its urgently in need of servicing.

which service station should i take it to ? any advice ?
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Default Re: Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!

I took my 2009 ANHC for service today to the Pearl Honda Service Station at Wazirabad (near Sector 56, Gurgaon) as its close to where I stay and was overwhelmed by their standard of customer service. My car was attended to the moment I reached and Prabal, the service advisor was very courteous and thorough in briefing me about each item in the service checklist. Sanjeev, the CRM escorted me to the customer lounge in the 1st floor which overlooks the shop floor and I could see my car being worked at every stage. The lounge had all the comforts- LCD TV, complimentary tea/coffee, mags and the best part being the cleanliness. They got done with my car 2hrs before the estimated delivery time. Now that's called exceeding expectations! I would definitely rate them very high especially when the service level in this business is really dipping nowadays.
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Angry Re: Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!

Originally Posted by aparth View Post
Any updates on how Pearl Honda is treating their customers? Are they as good as they used to be when they newly opened up or have they become arrogant like all the other Honda dealerships in Delhi and NCR?

Asking because I plan to go to Pearl Honda for getting my NHC serviced as the guys at Ring Road Honda are pathetic.
So Far So Bad!

Today I can confidently say, that after 4.5 years Pearl Honda (Both Sector 37 & Sector 52) are a complete waste of time & money.

My eighth generation accord got serviced from day 1 at Ace Honda Noida until August this year as I moved to Gurgaon and decided to drop by the new Pearl Honda across Ardee City Sector 52.

So far, within two months I've visited both Pear Honda stations on two separate counts.

First - 60000km Service at sector 52 in August, last month
Second - A minor hit on the front right side (Accident that requires body+mechanical work) at Sector 37, i.e. work in progress at the mo.

I would therefore share my experience one by one for these two separate encounters that have taken place within a months gap i.e August -September (as we speak) this year.

60K Service August 14: I was told that the car should get under body corrosion protection immediately as its almost 5years old now by Puran Singh (My appointed adviser). The inspection had not even started however, Puran was swift enough to up sell! This was a big turn off and I felt as if I was sitting on a salon chair, getting a hair cut and Puran the barber continuously whispering Gold Facial Karwa lo Sir!

Next, the car was inspected and the team started laying out a list of problems that included: Disc replacement, New Break Pads, Wheel balancing & alignment, Clutch overhauling (that includes new plates, clutch cylinder/assembly etc), Flushing the Radiator & last but not least the usual 60K service items.
The estimate shared was a vague 85k to 1.10 Lac

At this I questioned and asked them why do they feel that the entire clutch system should be changed when the pick up was fine and the only issue was slight difficulty in getting in to reverse gear.
Secondly the discs looked okay to me however I could see that the break pads had started wearing out.
Lastly the alignment & balancing was carried out only 20 days ago i.e. 160 kms back only.

Puran's response: Sir, we will check the clutch in more detail and let you know. It is possible that a little bit of setting/greasing the clutch cylinder with fix the gear shift issue. For the discs; Sir, they are not that bad perhaps grinding them will fix them & you should be fine for another 20 thousand kms, however break pads need replacing.

I was therefore asked to leave as this would take at least a full day of hard work by their team. After two hours, Puran calls in to inform that the discs are back from grinding & the break pads arranged. Service is being carried out and they are sure they will fix the clutch cylinder too. I asked for an estimate and was told by Puran that it will be in the 15-20K range.

Rough Breakup:
6K - Servicing
7-8K - Break Pads
2k - Grinding the discs
3.5k - Gold Facial
+ labour etc.

Later that day I get my second call from Puran saying that the Clutch cylinder cannot be fixed and they will have to arrange for one as its not in stock. ETA 3-4 working days! I told them to complete the rest of the work and give the car back while we wait. However, Puran had different ideas. He stated driving the car with a hard clutch will be risky as it difficult to shift all gears now (after they tried repairing the cylinder). I had no option but to agree and wait for the new clutch cylinder. Anyways to cut this long story short, The car was given back in 10 days due to a long weekend (Independence day) with the total damage of 30K INR. Yes, that includes the GOLD FACIAL TOO!

Pearl Honda Sector 52 Gurgaon, 60k Service in August Outcomes & Results

- The steering now has started rattling while breaking at high speeds! I am being told that I should now get a new set of Discs
- Gear shifting is smooth now after replacing the clutch master cylinder alone, & the car rockets as usual. Yes, it did not require changing the clutch assembly
- Under body corrosion chemical sprayed all over the running board & rear/front bumper skirting (Though the car has become quieter than before)
- Dry Cleaning & washing not carried out properly as Grease marks found on the roof & steering. I was offered "free" dry cleaning & washing whensoever I had time, which I did by dropping by end of August. Puran carried his usual smile and stated that their water motor was burnt hence they could not help clean this time too.

At this point I gave up & understood that they just want to fleece as much as they can off you.

Gosh! I guess too much for today, shall get back share my second encounter with Pear Honda Sector 37 tomorrow with Pics.
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Default Re: Gurgaon - PEARL HONDA - Music for Honda Owners' Ears..!!!

Just to let all know, pearl honda has lost its dealership from Honda. good riddance of bad rubbish, i say, since they had really deteriorated in terms of customer satisfaction.
The only issue is, which A*S*S do i go to now.

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