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The dealers don't have any standard imposed on them by the manufacturers so they resort to the least they can afford.
These things have to be demanded by the customers until the time the Manufacturers do it automatically.
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I have been to the Hyundai Stock Yard in bangalore , which is off Tumkur road , all hyundai vehicles are routinely lined up after being off loaded form transport trucks and lined up in the dust and under the sun , yes there is no shade.

I had gone there to select a car from the lot available for my friend. This is where the PDI for the cars are done the steroes ared fitted and dirt amd muck hosed down, before being driven to th RTO and finally the showroom for delivery to the customer.

I knew the way the cars are treated within the stockyard so we hung around till the guys got the car we selected and finished the cleaning and stuff to be taken to the RTO for reg before we pushed off. And yes we did see a gropups of cars which the guy guiding us told wad damaged in transit , he also said that these will be rectified and sold as good as new. But the damages here were only skin deep if you guys get my drift.

But it is really sad that the manufacturers dont set some standards on how the cars should be treated before handing over to the customer.
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Anybody seen manufacturers' yards?
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Here in Bombay, there are certain dealers in South Bombay who keep their cars in basement/underground parkings, however this is only for octroi paid cars for sale in town and this practise has stopped post the many events of flooding in the city where cars were submerged and rendered unsaleable.

However as most dealers have yards outside Bombay this is the general scenario.

Pune (Phugewadi)- Sai Service keeps its cars in an enclosed yard which has tarmac surfacing.

All other dealers in Bombay have the same situation. Open stockyards and unsurfaced, as most of them are leased out and not owned.

The dealers state that they will honour the manufacturers specifications and warranty in the event of scratches and dings/any damage to the car in the event of dust/flooding.

They do have transit insurance (100% payback to dealer/manufacturer).

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Sometimes it is good to buy a low volume seller car.

I got UVA, that too asked for ABS and Airbag (D) option. In this case noway I would get a car readily from dealer yard. Fortunately no dealer (May be very Few where they are assured of the movement) keeps stock of these cars with option packs. They are delivered from factory.

Mine was not available in the stock as LT option pack, so came from factory to Dealer in 4 days, so I am assuming less abuse might have happened.
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I have only ever bought one car. I went to do an initial PDI (armed with TBHPs checklist) to the stockyard, and the situation was exactly as described by tsk1979. To top it, the cars were parked in searing heat, no covers and lotsa pigeons around. Did motivate me to get the delivery as soon as possible, I tell ya.
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Of all the places that I have been to in Cochin Toyota and BMW have proper Vehicle Yards to keep their stock everyone else just dump it in some unused plots.

And like everything with Toyota, the yard too is very much process oriented .All the Car's key will be with the PDI in-charge and if you want to open and see the car you have to write a request and he will provide the keys the keys will have the number of the parking bay in which you can find the vehicle of your choice,so if you want to see a Black Camry you don't have to walk around in the scorching sun looking for the car all you have to do is ASK.The Battery's also will be disconnected when the vehilce is parked in the yard.

Now does anyone want to hear the story of how a Tata/Fiat is parked in the Company Yard

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Here's how (A newbie TDs a Civic. EDIT Now takes her home!) Honda TVM's stock 'yard' looks like.
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When I asked Vipul people to show me the SX4, before registering it to my name, they said they will bring the car to showroom from yard. I insisted that I want to see it in yard, when I went there, it was all covered with dust despite it was unloaded a day back. Sales person gave me smile, saying, thats why he offered to bring the car to showroom, get it cleaned and show me.
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Yup, pretty much the same sad story with most dealers. From their POV, why wash everyday, only for the cars to catch dust by the afternoon? Rather get a complete cleansing job at the showroom (delivery time)

Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
The skodas at least haver a plastic film on the upper panels
Mitsu's too. The first car I saw with protective stickers was my Lancer.
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Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
tanvir you would surprised to know VW had their cars parked in muck last year before the launch.

Its a common practise methinks and this was in a vacant plot behind the Dakshin honda Showroom on hosur road.
Riju, I remember we spoke about that as well once. The Passats were parked in deep slush during the rainy season and the workers were enjoying driving through the slush and splashing mud. All this on new cars before delivery. Dakshin honda has it the worst on hosur road. The car's have to go offroad then are brought into the showroom for delivery.

Toyota used to have it open plot but recently I see a shaded plot near Nandi Toyota with the cars parked inside.

Mandovi parks their cars in the same lane as my house. It's a dead end lane and mandovi parks in a plot which had a bungalow that was razed down. The rubble remains and cars are parked over it.

edit: here's the Dakshin honda and VW godown pic from a few months back.

Dealer godowns, is it the same horror story everywhere?-image011.jpg

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In Pune, Chowgule (Maruti Suzuki dealer) parks huge lot of their cars just after Octroi post at Katraj.

I was always puzzled that the cars are left out in open under Sun and with dust all around, but after hearing off-roading and slush stories here, this one is much better scenario.

I still wonder, how come car exteriors don't get damaged in all this excursion and how do they remain scratch free for PDI.
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The worst part is: part of the damage caused by such pracrices is permanent! I have seen Hondas parked inside the showroom with swirl marks all over the paint. You cannot repair that sort of damage unless you are willing to cut through part of the clearcoat.

So you may have bought that "ultra plush" lambswool wash-mitt to baby your car from Day1, but the damage has already been done right at the dealer's!
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i have seen the maruti stockyard in manesar ( haryana). its the company stockyard. the ground is well cemented but rest is the same. hundreds and thousands of swifts and a stars and dzires and omnis parked in the open waiting for their turn.
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Same story for Hyundai, Honda, Maruti, Skoda dealers up North. Not much of a surprise any more.
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