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Angry My experience with Automobile Sterling

I had gone for 1st service at Automobile sterling Noida for my new Vista Anniversary edition. I had probably the worst service experience there.
  • The service advisor was not even serious in telling me what would be done in the service. He never told me what is involved in the service.
  • The service advisor never mentioned the way to customer lounge to wait. I was standing in direct sun and no one bothered to ask. What kind of customer courtesy is that?
  • The washing of car was truly disgusting. They never applied any car shampoo / soap and just used water once and removed the mats and cleaned with damp cloth. I can clean my car better than that. On checking the washing, all the leaves and dust was still there in wiper blades area. I had to plead them to use the air blower to clean it up. Really bad.
  • After that, the car was taken to service area for checkup, the engineer just took 2 minutes and checked oils, bulbs and told me service is done. He never bothered to ask me if I am facing any issues. He told me to get bill done and take the car.
  • After clearing the bill, service advisor never asked me if I am satisfied with the service or anything is pending.
  • I had to goto parking area and take out my car and drive off. No one asked me if it was my car or not. What a security.
After all this,. I am never going back to Automobile sterling.

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You should have checked following threads before going there

automobile-sterling-noida (Automobile Sterling noida, can anyone be more incompetent?)

automobile-sterling-again (Automobile sterling... Again)
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and this thread as well,

Well I am going for service to Vivek automobiles (Matura road).Lets see what happens

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...rst-place.html (Help me decide - Dealer is selling me a car that I had rejected in the first place.)

The dealership in question is Automobile sterling ,Noida

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I would suggest you goto A1 motors, Moti Nagar. They are the best. I have experienced that myself.
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Dear Anmol Bediji - I am once again copying and pasting my post in page no 4 in the thread about experience of a TeamBHPian as a salesman in an automobile dealership in India. I think this will clarify why you want through the bad experience. Happy reading.

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
Dear Muneem - I can totally visualise what you must have gone through. The scene is right in front of me. You wearing the dealership uniform, you running around, you begging the car washer to help you everytime, you getting fired for no fault of yours, your shirt sleeves getting solied (if your uniform has a full sleeve shirt), you standing next to a posse of policemen while they ignore you totally for some time, you getting deputed for a training programme at the last minute which leaves you confused on how to go, you standing in train for 350 kms etc etc. It is sad but true that common sense and decency has taken a backseat in today's world.

Now you have left the job but some other poor soul will go through the same rigmorale. You must be bewildered and must be wanting to know the REAL reason why this happens to you and many others like you. Well, here it is.

The "so-called" controlling guys in the company sit in citadel towers, work in cubicles, pressing laptop buttons from morning till late evening making excel files having so many rows, columns and colours on one page that the only thing I can make out of it is that it is a horribly made Rangoli. These guys generally consider it below their dignity to talk to anybody except other guys like them (and they are a close knit tribe, believe me) and they only make presentations to the big bosses in conference rooms behind closed doors where tea is served with saucers. These bosses nod and say "humm, humm" and if anyone asks for some explanation, it is considered a sin worth being hanged for because there is always a sidekick (in Marathi he is called "pillu") and this pillu tells everybody in hush hush tones that the boss is busy, he has to go for another "meeting". These bosses are perenially in "meetings" or "travelling abroad". During presentations, these bosses suddenly get calls on their blackberries so everyone has to be quiet and after the call there is an off-topic discussion between two bosses, then the boss gives a blank look so everybody is further confused.

Now if these presenters and their bosses visit dealerships and they get additions to their Jet Airways Platinum card miles to do it, the dealer principal goes out of his way to take care of them, airport to airport, throwing everything else to the wind, which includes inconveniencing customers etc. Tea is again served with saucers but for some unknown reason, the cups here are always half full. The quality of tea is also not so good. The dealer principal says "sir - everything will be done", tells his sales / works manager to do it, the guys nod and say "yes sir" to everything and then the laptopwallah confuses them completely with his "rangoli". By the time the bosses are seen off at the airport, nobody knows what to do now, so somebody tries to do something and therefore poor you are told to do "something". These laptopwallahs generally change jobs or get internally transferred within 3 years so it does not matter to them. They know when to change before things come to a head. The dealer principal also knows but pretends to be unknown because he is finally doing his "dhandha" (business).

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Because these guys do not know that there is something called a multijet engine, they do not know that a Palio has cable operated gear shifter, they do not know that the engine mounting cross member is brilliantly designed, they do not understand camber, caster, king pin inclination, do not know what is scrub radius, do not know what to do if a car pulls to one side, do not know that only toe can be adjusted by design, do not know why an engine emits black smoke and what to do about it, do not know why the speedometer shows 80 kmph when the car is moving at 20 kmph etc etc. Days and months are spent deciding on the colour of tiles to be applied in a workshop and guys have a full time job doing it, sometimes with the end result being a workshop looking like a disco, but a hard core technical discussion on the car taking place at highest level? No chance! If at all, for that there is another department where more excel files are flaunted as each complaint occupies one row of an excel file - THE CUSTOMER BECOMES A STATISTIC.

All this is coming straight from my heart but I guess I am like this only. What I have mentioned is true. On top of that, some customer actually buys the car also and it is natural that he will say that it was the worst decision of his life. Poor fellow.

What is required is a total overhaul of the whole system where only guys who understand cars call the shots and only have guys with them (not under them) who understand cars and deliver good results in simple ways.


Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar

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