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Default Re: Customer Care at Mahindra

Originally Posted by pixantz View Post
There should be a system in place to ensure a distinct level of accountability from automobille manufacturers in India which is not there in place. If not for anything else, then at least for safety concerns. An ill-serviced vehicle is always bound to be a safety hazard for the driver as well as others using the road. Their licence to operate in the country should be based on manufacturing, servicing and parts availability guidlines which should be forced by law. Of course there are various bodies like "Automobile Associations" and such, which are just on paper, to such an extent that they are almost fictional.

Also we, the customers, always have the choice to choose the better car maker by brand. By looking at the companys attitude towards all the right things and choosing accordingly. It's a thing about the standards we set for ourselves too.

Its all about what WE choose which makes or breaks the good or bad manufacturers.

As far as my observation, Mahindra is a company always going the "cheap" and "affordable" way because a huge chunk of Indian buyers subscribe to the philosophy. No offence to anyone. Its my opinion. I would always choose maybe a Toyota or Hyundai over Mahindra. Anyday. God have mercy on us poor customers.

Originally Posted by sumitdongerkery View Post
I would like to share this incident of mine. I had planned a family vacation to Mahabaleshwar couple of weeks back and wanted to finish off with my XUVs 40K servicing before that. I observed that a long list of maintainance work was done on my car as recommended in the service booklet. The very next day i drove to mahabaleshwar. As i finished the expresshighway stretch somewhere close to Wai, I started to get some rattling sound and I could feel that on the steering. It was increasing as i was driving. I reached Mahabaleshwar and parked the car and for a moment thought maybe I was being too suspicious and dismissed the issue. Next day when i took the car out for local sight seeing, i realised the rattling sound was very scary and with some pot holes on the road it felt as if the car would completely break down. That is when I stopped the car and actually went below the car to scan for any visible issues. Then I realised that entire bracklet holding the balancing road on the front left side was hanging. I was not sure what to do. Tried to talk to my RM and he started apologising and asked me to bring the car till Pune atleast. I was pretty sure it would break down if I had tried this. I then took the car to a local garage there who din't have the right tools and struggled for almost half a day but finally did the job. I immediately checked the bill and it clearly showed that the bracket bushes of the balancing rods had been changed. I was furious and blasted the RM. Thank fully due to the local garage there, I was atleast able to drive the car back home. I straight away drove to the workshop at Thane and got the complete work rechecked. Although I verbally complained to the RM, I am not sure whether Mahindra has any mechanism to sensure such mechanics who work so irresponsibly.

This could have been disastrous if I had done high speeds on express highway, which normally I do.

Mahindra does suffer from poor workmanship.
As pointed out earlier in this thread, for some reason the ASC/Mahindra seems to give extra attention when the Car is new, which diminish as the time passes by (its my personal experience). Unless someone keeps an eye its really impossible to find out what really happens during servicing.

There is another aspect as well, A low rating for the service, may amount to one(service guys) squaring it out in the next visit to the ASC. In any case its the customer who loses.

Really wonder where the gap exist - whether the ASC or the standards coined by M&M's. On the other hand the dealer running the ASC seems to be doing a good job with other premium brands.

I hope the folks in M&M are reading this.

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Default Re: Customer Care at Mahindra

Frankly, I am quite surprised to see an old thread come alive after almost 4 years and going through the recent posts, I notice that not much has changed.
Reading the experience of other members, I can easily correlate with many of them and am hence writing in my bit to contribute to this topic.

This is going to be a little long. Please bear with me. It is more of a rant.
Mods: If this is inappropriate / not adding any value, may please delete without hesitation.

I own a 2007 Logan Diesel which has currently done 99k + and will soon touch the 1L mark. This is over 7 years of ownership with 1 idle year in between. I have been the sole driver over this entire duration and have got the vehicle serviced at the
same ASC all the time (mostly routine services).By now, I can pretty much understand when my car tries to communicate something with me.

In the initial years, the service quality and approach of the Service Advisors was positive beyond expectations. Those were days when I never visited the ASC for any issues. The vehicle was picked up, serviced to my requirements and then dropped back on the same day. Ramesh, my then SA would always keep me informed about the condition of the vehicle and suggest/recommend if any work was really needed to be done or could be reserved for later. One particular instance I must mention is when on the way back from office with my wife and mother at about 8pm, the clutch felt very heavy and almost impossible to change gears.
Checked with my SA Ramesh and he asked me to come right away to the ASC. His bike tire was punctured and hence he was still there. He promptly tightened and adjusted the cable and said it was a temporary fix since the tools were all locked up. Asked me to come the next day around 10 am and would get it sorted out. That guy was a delight.
Over time, Ramesh moved to a Toyota Dealership and most of the good staff, to better opportunities.

The newer lot today, seem more focussed on closing the day, than the pending jobs. I have in the recent past been facing minor and irritating issues with my ASC , most of it due to negligence and utter disregard to issues raised by the customer.

Some instances: (Please note that these are only few instances and not the entire experiences. They are being shared to give others an image of what to expect when going to the ASC)

In 2010, I had an issue with my Cabin (Dome) Light, where the switch would not keep the light in ON position, I had requested for a change in the unit during the routine service. I had not gone to the ASC as a normal practice. The SA mentioned that it was registered in the job sheet. But the change was not done. After the service he just said that the issue was fixed through some clever workmanship by his technician.
When the vehicle came home, I checked that the connector pins were slightly bent to make contacts and hence was working. But 2 days later, it was the same story.
During the next service I mentioned it again and was assured that it would be changed. No use.
And this time when the car came back, the towing hook was missing. Upon being asked, my SA said that the boys DO NOT have a habit of picking up patrs from cars. So he denied involvement of ASC guys. But when I pressurized him talking about 'customer first' approach, he agreed to send a spare piece next day as a courtesy to me.

Some time in 2011, I had an issue with the vehicle hesitating to accelerate over 80kmph every now and then. This happened in the middle of the highway when I was going to Yercaud with my family. Gave a call to my SA and he said it could be an
issue of a choked EGR Valve and he could resolve once I came back. After the trip the vehicle went for service and they cleaned up the EGR (as informed). It was back to glory driving.

In 2013, the vehicle was idle as I was out of country and ran just 250km. It was however serviced in mid year as a routine 6 month checkup.
This year in Jan after my return, I got involved in a petty accident and suffered damage to the front bumper, headlamps and bonnet.
While the insurance and all was sorted out soon, the quality of workmanship left me a bit unhappy.
The hood was not straightened and still had a 'raised lip' kind of look.
The New Bumper did not have a concealing cap over the towing point. When asked, my SA said that the bumpers do not come with the caps now.
I asked him whether Mahindra wants all customers to drive "toothless" and he replied in the affirmative. It has to be ordered specially. Really!! What stopped them from ordering. Or even retaining that of the older one?
Never the less the vehicle was delivered to my home and I came to check it in the evening.

Here goes my experience.
a. The Audio was probably pulled out from the slot and was left dangling by its connector cables!! near the gear lever. If I were blind and had to still drive, I could feel it there when changing gears.
b. The diseased dome lamp had no cover on it at all. It was thrown in the glove box as somebody managed to snap the locking clips.
c. Aux-in Cable of audio which was routed to Glove box was missing.
d. Gear knob was now pointing to front passenger. What was the necessity to even meddle with that?
e. Grease marks on plastic trim and leather seat covers.
f. Bonnet release lever cannot unlock the bonnet (there is usually a click when unlocking). The bonnet is so tight that it now needs someone to apply pressure on the bonnet while the lever is pulled from inside.
So if I am alone, it's a circus.

I would relate all these issues of inconsistencies to workmanship and interest.

When I went to the ASC next day they agreed to sort out the issues. I had an important meeting and had to leave.
End of day, they managed to do just some works and expressed regret for remaining in an apologetic tone.
The cover of the dome lamp was permanently glued with a Fevikwik. And it still neither worked properly/nor was replaced.
When I asked the SA what he would do if it needed a bulb replacement, he just smiled like a buffoon.
In the end he asked me to give him a good rating when the "Call" comes.

Every now and then I checked with my SA if the missing tooth of the bumper had arrived and got a NO in reply.
In May this year, one of my colleagues who was behind me in traffic said that the brake lights were not working.
I traced it to a kaput switch near the brake pedal. Checked that the switch was in stock and sent vehicle next day with my dad. Vehicle returned back in 3 hours. All ok.
Switch changed? NO. Why? Again some clever workmanship by the technician.

Next evening the brake lights again wouldn't work and I was almost rear ended by a speeding moron on the airport highway. So, I called the SA took an appointment for 9AM, and half day off from office and personally went to the ASC.
Me: Can you get me Lucas (my then SA), I have already informed him that I am coming.
She: He is in shop floor. Should I call him?
Me: Yes. Don't you think so?
She: (after a call) He is coming.
20 minutes go by and there is no sigh of anybody.
Me: Where is your Service Manager?
She: He has gone for some meeting.
Me: Where is the store manager? I need to get the Logan Brake Switch
Another SA: Sir, we dont do over the counter sales (and gradually my SA walks in)
At this point I lost my cool for the 1st time in 7 years.
Me: (At the top of my voice) Lucas, what the hell is going on here?
Lucas: What happened sir?
Me: Firstly, please tell me how do I appear to you? Why the hell can you just not do what is asked to do on the vehicle. I ask you to replace a part on my car and you want to repair it. You guys are not capable of a proper replacement, forget about repairs.
Have I ever mentioned to you about concern of money when servicing the car? Then why do you guys take shortcuts when I am willing to pay for the entire job?
You by yourself won't replace the switch. When I ask you to replace, you repair. And it conks in 1 day. And now that I want to do it by myself, you won't let me buy the part.
Is this some kind of a circus or a joke? I was almost rear ended yesterday. Who would take the responsibility in case of a mishap. I am potentially putting somebody else in danger too.
"Please dont treat your private customers like Airport Cabbie drivers". Maybe a taxi guy wants to get the vehicle back in running condition at the earliest in lowest price.
Your personal customers are not like that. Please learn to differentiate between the two.
There was suddenly silence on the floor, with customers, SA's looking in my direction. Yes. Like I was at fault.

Finally, he agrees to replace the switch. Some lady comes to me and says its costs Rs.1900. Is it ok. I give her my piece of mind. I have not asked the price in last 6 years, what do you think I made the ruckus just now for? Just put it.

I also asked them to check the windshield spray which wasnt working. They were again tried some clever workmanship with the spray. All the while, I was beside the car. Nothing worked out. Finally they said the pump motor has to be replaced. Cost Rs. 4400/-. I agreed. All done, everything worked. In the meantime I walked around and found some damaged bupers lying. I plucked out the cap of towing hook and kept it. (To paint by myself and fit it later).
As I left the ASC at 3PM, I drove about a 100mtrs and checked the spray. Nothing. No Water.

In frustration, I drove back to the ASC and had to spew some more fire on them.
The vehicle was directly taken to the bay and the electrician opened up the wiring and stuff. I myself noticed that the pump motor was connected by 2 green wires which were not a part of any harness.
I understood that it is not a normal thing. They came to me and said that the coupler and wire were not original and had been changed. Then they asked me if I ever got the vehicle shown outside.
I made it crystal clear that the only place this car has even been to was the very same ASC. Not knowing what to do, the lady SA came to me.
She: Sir the wire is a part of the dashboard harness and it costs Rs.18,000/-
Me: Ok. So what are you suggesting?
She: Nothing sir. and walked away.

The guys finally gave up hope and the electrician signalled something to a junior member.
This guy went around (unknowingly followed by my dad) with a cutting plier and returned in say 3 minutes with a wire and coupler. Needless to say, he flicked it from some other standing car (probably an Airport Taxi).
So the pump finally worked. I now asked them to check this same wire on my earlier pump motor. That I had paid Rs.4400/- I wanted to make sure that these monkeys weren't playing around. He couldn't connect the motor and said pins were
damaged. Never the less I took the motor with me saying I would test it at home and if it worked, they would have it from me.
Finally I left the ASC at 5PM. Content that the work was done, but sore at the way in which it had to be done.

In September, I went again for my 90k service. Since there were quite some jobs to be done, I said I would stand by my car. I was denied permission.
They said there was a new notification from M&M that customers will not be allowed in the service area. The same was cuckoo'ed to me by the customer relationship manager.
I asked him to show me a copy of that notofication. No reply!!
I told him on his face that I do not trust his people. So, I cannot leave my 6lakh car in their hands.
And had it not been for the lack of proper service centers nearby, I would have said goodbye long back.
He said that he will personally guarantee the quality of work to my satisfaction.

Somehome this time the work was done. But much to my frustration, I was the last one to leave the ASC along with the cleaners, as it a standard practice that once the job card is made, they can only deliver the vehicle at 6PM.

As it is, there is no concept of handing over early, even if finished. Some petty issue or the other will remain unfinished. Customers' time be damned.
I had to run around and stand beside my vehicle after the so called managers and all left. I had to coax the cleaning guy in finishing the job so that I could leave for home.

Few days later I received "the call". I rated them 4/10.
Yes. It was not to my satisfaction.

So how to I rate things as of today?

Vehicle itself = 8/10
It has delivered to me, more than what I expected from it in the first place.

Service Attitude = 3/10
I am not a taxi driver who wants a quick fix for his car. I live in my car and would love to die by it. There are very few guys at the ASC who understand it. But then, are not in a position to get that message across to others.

Service Quality = No rating. It is inconsistent. Improves when I pick up the stick.

Why have I not changed to another ASC? Simply because I am hearing inconsistency from other colleagues about other ASC as well.
May be I should try.

I have plans of keeping my car atleast until another 50k kms but Mahindra/ASC attitude to me is making me think otherwise.

What a pity Mahindra.
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Default Re: Customer Care at Mahindra

Originally Posted by karpusv View Post
Frankly, I am quite surprised to see an old thread come alive after almost 4 years and going through the recent posts, I notice that not much has changed.
Reading the experience of other members, I can easily correlate with many of them and am hence writing in my bit to contribute to this topic.
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Reading through it, it felt a lot like deja vu, with regards to my Scorpio ownership experience. Even some of the issues were similar, such as the cabin light issue, and the clogged wiper nozzle. Even simple things like cleaning the vehicle were horribly done. Once i had to make them polish the bumpers (which were not body colored), as well as the door handles etc. These are simple things which should have been done right from the start, considering they had the vehicle with them the whole day!

Even with the cabin light switch, they 'repaired' it multiple times, only for it not to work a day later. I finally had to force them to replace the switch, as it was getting tiring. They tried some excuses about part not in stock etc, but i said i didn't care. A few days later, they got the part, but requested if i could pay for it, to avoid delays with having to process it as a cashless transaction, as vehicle was under company lease.

Long story short, i was able to get decent service workmanship through the efforts of the SA, a lady who understood customer service. I have personally seen her having to plead with some of the grease monkeys to rectify/look into some of the reported issues on the vehicle.

When the parrots from the customer feedback center called, i gave my feedback, only to have some nonsense read back to me, devoid of any emotion. I said, don't bother.
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