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Angry Pathetic honda purchase and roadside assistance experience and

Sub: Pathetic New honda purchase and roadside assistance experience

* Chassis No- MAKGM252J9No30120)
* Eng No-L15a70040712
* Honda city Bought from Dakshin-Honda (Lavelle Road) on 30th Oct.,2009.

I had always admired and aspired the Honda Cars, I had greatest regards for the Honda brand, its history and its products.
So when the time came to buy my second car, I decided to buy the 3rd generation Honda city on 30th Oct.09.
I had read about the Honda dealership "attitude" and had myself experienced in one of Honda Showrooms in Bangalore. I had some pleasant experience during my initial survey and test drive experience (Notably Lakeview Honda in Hubli) also and gave feedback accordingly.
Regarding my owner ship experience;

Sale Experience:

During negotiations, the dealership offered only corporate discount of Rs.10000=00 and I insisted on buying my own insurance directly, which the showroom person finally reluctantly agreed, after telling that if you buy on your own their will be difficulties in claim settlement. The sales person on megotiations during final payment day, offered Teflon coating for the car as complimentary from dealership.
Firstly, when everything was finalized and I had given the cheques and had done PDI in showroom yard and paid all amount for the registration.
On the day of delivery when asked about the Teflon coating the sales person said he got it done the previous day only to be kept ready for delivery. On the day of delivery also everything was all-right, I had asked the contact person about the sale certificate as per the list of items to be asked (Given In Team-bhp website). But the person gave me a pro-forma invoice and other receipts (with rubber stamped on plain paper) of payments and registration fees paid receipts and in-spite of asking the sale certificate specifically he told that only these documents and registration itself amounted to sale.
After 2-3 weeks, when I went to take car delivery for friends from other car company, there was a clear sale certificate acknowledging the total sale amount and other charges.
When I called back the dealership, no one was willing to acknowledge, the contact person had resigned. I had to complain higher ups asking about sale certificate. That time initially they were not forthcoming afterwards they admitted that proforma invoice is not sale certificate and started giving excuses.
I was aghast at their faux-pas in-spite of being specific about it. Such a big dealership passing pro-forma invoice for sale certificate and avoiding giving clear acknowledgement of sale. Also when asked about remaining coats of telfon coating, the sales person (original person had left the job), told that only polishing was done and there will not be further coating. I really felt cheated, that the sales person never gave anything in writing and I believed in the person representing a big brand and institution.
Finally on 2nd December they gave payment acknowledgements on printouts with rubber stamps, Not a single certificate detailing the exact final payments done indicating the car engine and chassis number.
Apart from this every-time unless I ask specifically they were not pro-active for the services they were supposed to render i.e. giving information about receipt of RC book, items not available (stock) but paid for overall an ordinary service.

Major complaints against dealership are;
. Misleading customer giving the pro-forma invoice for of proper sales certificate and not giving a mandatory proper sales certificate (on proper letterhead and mentioning the amount received against and vehicle chassis number and engine number) in spite of specific demand. (This is essential legal and financial document for the transaction)
2. False promise of Teflon coating and afterwards telling that only one polish was done.
3. Reactive service

Experience about Roadside Assistance:
After buying the car on 9th Nov, 2009, I had a small accident in which I had forgot to put parking brake while parking near house in a hurry. The car move forward for nearly 15-20 feet and hit the back of a another car bumper and touched the building column spoiling the wheel-cover. But the car was so precariously close to building column that the gap was less than few mms. It was raining heavily, So I was shocked and confused, as any attempt to move the car would have scratched/spoiled the exterior. So I tried calling for help but the sales people were not picking phones, after repeated attempts finally one person picked and gave toeing facility phone number attached to showroom (he was telling rates for toeing and was kind enough to suggest to contact Honda Roadside).
I tried calling for guidance and assistance from Roadside (complain no-8304 I think), since I could not move my car but initially they refused to acknowledge saying they can help only for roadside incidents and cut the line in spite of I telling them that I need guidance/assistance how to take out the car.
Finally I had to call nearby MASS (Smart Cars, Kaggadaspura),with whom I had friendly relationship for my Maruti, and explained the situation. They immediately came (4-5 people with equipment) and assisted in moving the car without a scratch. This is service in need.
After the car was safely moved, the Honda assistance people called to register complain and offered to help!!!
I was not only disappointed but angry with their attitude. Only a dent and Honda logo and one wheel cover is to be replaced. But all my hopes for service in need evaporated.

I have no complaints about the product, Went for a long drive and totally satisfied with it, and do not regret the product part but disappointed with the purchase experience and expecting very high spares cost.
Also during my first month of ownership,when parked in closed garage a rat entered my car through the engine bay through air passage and bit a part of plastics,
Now I went to nearby Honda dealership and intimated the problem and they suggested a solution of providing rat mesh in the passage at a cost of Rs.3500/-. This I was apprehensive since entire dashboard was to be removed and fixed back, I got it endorsed in job card. I feel Honda should ensure putting the proper precautions so that rodents can not enter and provide such mesh in factory otherwise they should say if such provision by dealerships are acceptable to Honda and its aftereffects.

A great product, But my initial one month experience with every other associated services (as detailed above) left a lot to be desired. I gave feedback to higher-ups in Dakshin Honda and did not bother to go to them for first service also and got it done at other showroom.

I am giving this feedback so hopefully customers will have better experience (Sales and Roadside assistance) than mine for this wonderful product.
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I just have to say, you are experience what most other HONDA owners already do and know..

now i am sure some members would like to come out and comment here about my comments on HONDA A.S.S on every relevant thread - but thats fine

on a similar note, a colleague of mine, picked up his city recently from same dealer. he summarised in a simpler manner - " HONDA just treated me like dirt for buying their car "
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Really bad that you pay a premium for their cars & then get a shabby treatment from their Dealers/SCs.
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Now Now, Let me ask all those (believe me this not to make fun or point fingures) who criticise Fiat / Tata / xyz car brand because of there pathetic services, isnt this also the same!!!!
It can happen to any one & everyone so lets not biase things based on few incidents.

Having said that it really sad that a fellow BHPian has to face it, so sorry mate!!!
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Originally Posted by bullock-Car View Post
.........and I insisted on buying my own insurance directly, which the showroom person finally reluctantly agreed, after telling that if you buy on your own their will be difficulties in claim settlement. .
That sales guy is not fit for the job. He should be fired from his position for misleading customers. Other than Ex-showroom charges, all the other payments are at owner's will. Either he/she can opt for a hassle free service from the dealer for a premium, or the owner can get all the things like regn, insurance etc done by him/herself !
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Wow, fantastic response from Maruti there, What I like about Maruti is if you threaten the showroom guys you are going to get in touch with Maruti directly they usually fall in line.
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This is outrageous. So many Honda owners complaining about the service standards of Honda. Honda is taking all its customers for a ride, but the awesome products are keeping new customers coming in. Sad state of affairs.
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Really sorry to hear about you experience.

But you should have named the thread "Pathetic Honda A.S.S" instead.
I for a second thought something went wrong with a Honda car.
Thank god things ain't same with PUNE Honda showrooms
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These guys don't improve and somehow think we will accept their shoddy service just because the product is wonderful.

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences in the first month of your ownership
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