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View Poll Results: How is Your Hyundai Authorised Service Experience
Excellent and Outstanding 14 7.91%
Exceeds Expectations 34 19.21%
Meets Expectations 71 40.11%
Below Your Expectations 41 23.16%
Improvement Needed 17 9.60%
Voters: 177. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 22nd April 2010, 00:39   #61
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I also applaud hyundai as they are the only company to have a AT vehicle at every range, and that off late seems to be paying off.
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Old 22nd April 2010, 08:55   #62
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My experience with hyundai *** has been ok. nothing WOW about the experience . Delivery as per comitted time frame inspite of heavy load of vehicles at service center,ok workmanship if not excellent ( had done paint touch-up twice ), friendly staff .

IMO Hyundai should display its spare price list or atleast should be available if customer wants to check and the price varies from dealer to dealer within the same city ( 10 - 15% variation), one gets a feeling if the customer is taken for a ride .
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Old 22nd April 2010, 09:53   #63
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My personal experience with Hyundai service has been with Sharayu Hyundai, Turbhe. This is where my uncle bought his first Santro (which was sort of inherited by me after he moved onto i10). The people are courteous and appear enthusiastic, don't keep you waiting etc. But they lack that extra mile to go to make the customer really happy. I noticed this in the last couple of times I had to visit them for routine service. The weather strip (a black fibre/plastic strip that runs the middle of the doors lengthwise) on the driver's door had come off its holding screws. This strip was left hanging as it was, the service adviser never pointed out to me that it should be repaired or replaced. I would have gladly paid the cost of it even if they had replaced it without my permission. The fact that nobody pointed out to me that it needed to be replaced/fixed points in the direction that they are just happy to do whatever you tell them and not go beyond that at all.

The first time I went to pick up "my" car (my uncle had given it to them for a thorough checking, change of all the lubricants/oils etc, body wash, interior cleaning etc), we saw their driver park the car on the side. He kept reversing right till he hit a post with the rear bumper of the car. Fortunately it was a low speed impact and no damage was done.

The two or three times I have had to visit them, none of the times I was proffered a test drive before delivery of the car. Heck, last time in the free checkup camp the SA didn't even ask me to come check the car to make sure whatever points I had told him to attend to had been fixed. Markedly different from my experience of Spectra Maruti A.S.S.

Overall I would say the service quality is ok (Meets Expectations), but needs a big push in the proactiveness department if they are to catch up with Maruti.
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Old 22nd April 2010, 11:14   #64
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I had Good experience with kanchana hyundai,udupi. But not good as i had with Maruti.
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Old 29th April 2010, 11:34   #65
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I have visted DSC Chennai. It is pathetic. The never complete on time and quality is horrible. They never seem to rectify the problem or at least own their mistake.

HMP Chennai at Ekatuthangal is Excellent per my notation. They greet well, they keep up time and understand the problems. They do an overall checkup and also rectify minor problems that we have not / forgot to mention. Wash quality is very good.

The only thing that may be of concern is that they have a service booking period of one month or more. I plan well and book suficiently in advance to avoid disappointments. People who dont plan or want service slots on a short notice may find it difficult. The crowd is because of their excellent service and modus operandi.

Another Noticable thing in HMP Is that you get the same repect and treatment whther you buy a Santro Car Cover or enquire about a Sonata Embera / Tucson. For them Customer is a Customer. After i serviced at HMP, I never give to anyone else. I Prefer to wait for 45 days for an HMP Slot rather than wait 7 days for a DSC Slot.
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Old 30th April 2010, 11:03   #66
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Originally Posted by amitoj View Post
Biggest credit goes to Hyundai for forcing Maruti to give up the dated carb engines and give us MPFI engines.
Actually, that would be the emission norms, not Hyundai . Hyundai brought in MPFi as its the only way their cars injected fuel (worldwide) at the time. Even Daewoo, Ford & GM started their Indian innings with SPFi / MPFi tech.

IIRC, Peugeot was the only new entrant to offer a carb in the 309.
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Old 1st May 2010, 12:13   #67
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himgiri hyundai wazirpur os ok ok. but had Excellent and Outstanding experience with hans hyundai moti nagar. it can be also because i have contacts there.

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Old 1st May 2010, 23:38   #68
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Well I have got my car serviced at three places.

Capital Hyundai Noida
Nimbus Hyundai Noida
Hyundai Motor Plaza Delhi

I have been very dissatisfied with both Capital and Nimbus. Capital always tries to come up with something to rob you and you have to be very careful with them.

With Nimbus I had good first experience but it all changed when they tried to tell me that my cars AC problem was due to engine head (I have a thread on that). Either their SA was pure incompetent and didn't know what he was talking about or they were trying to pull a fast one on me.

HMP is excellent. Staff is very knowledgable and courteous. My above mentioned AC problem was fixed by them in 10th the cost of what was quoted by Nimbus. All in all I will never go anywhere other than HMP.

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Old 6th May 2010, 06:15   #69
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Thumbs down

From the day I purchased Santro was getting it serviced regularly at different KUN Hyundai service stations except for the last time in Feb '10 tried it at Modi Hyundai.

Never had any major issues with Kun, overall it was a good experience.

But my personal experience with Modi was horrible. They did'nt have skilled workers, proper equipment and the service advisor was not even in a position to give me a estimated price for the job . I would never suggest Modi Hyundai to any one.
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Old 6th May 2010, 09:59   #70
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Originally Posted by amitoj View Post
Yup. I have created one for Honda as well.
Maruti, Tata, Ford, Mahindra, GM are the big ones still left. I thought it would be better for people who own these cars to start similar threads.
Just created a Maruti Suzuki A.S.S thread based on this one. Maruti Suzuki owners and users check it out:

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...ew-owners.html (Maruti Suzuki A.S.S. Review by owners)
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Old 6th May 2010, 10:25   #71
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Hyundai has opened a new Showroom+Service Centre in Bannerghatta Road, next to SPAR in B'lore. Today I gave my Santro there. Got a warm welcome by the staff and the service manager. Will post the servicing experience once the vehicle is delivered back.
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Old 6th May 2010, 12:27   #72
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One new dealership Blue Hyundai has opened in Bangalore on Mysore Road.

Has anyone visited this dealership ? How was the experience ?

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Old 6th May 2010, 14:25   #73
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I own a 2005 Tucson and and my dad owns a 2008 Sonata Embera crdi. The sonata has already spend half its life in workshops. The nearly two year old vehicle with 85000 kms on the odo has already been replaced with an a/c compressor, inter-cooler, clutch (2 times), and the flywheel apart from the usual service and scheduled replacement of timing belts etc. The parts don't come cheap either, the flywheel alone costs Rs. 70 k! As owners of such stupid vehicles we are ready to pay, but the waiting times for parts are unbelievable. the a/c compressor required 50 days to arrive! and by the time the work is completed the vehicle will have greased carpets, roof and boot linings. to them, a santro and a sonata are the same. once, we had oiled shoe marks on the carpet lining which cannot be taken out and cleaned. Once, the cd player was damaged due to some ignorant worker trying to insert a cd into the changer. Now the steering pump is gone and the vehicle has been in the workshop for 20 days. The A.S.S says they don't have the spare anywhere and we have to arrange a spare from some other country. They cant even diagnose the problems before they tear the vehicle apart. If they could, they can wait for the spare before opening up the vehicle and at least it will be safe at my premises. The vehicle will lie in the workshop waiting for mercy with no stocked parts to replace.

This is the same with Tucson. luckily it never needed anything more than few clutch changes and a compressor change which again took 45 days to arrive. I had to buy new carpets as they just threw in the dirty old parts on to vehicle floor! I have tried all the dealers in Cochin and in Coimbatore. The story is the same. no responsibility taken! I have complained a lot to Hyundai, but they don't do anything more than to send me an email reply or a call. end of story and beginning of suffering for us.

What I understand is that most santro /i10 are satisfied hyundai customers. But If you own any other Hyundai, the service center as well as the company is a nightmare. We have bought a spare vehicle now as the sonata is not even reliable as a KSRTC bus. Nevertheless its very comfortable and my dad does'nt like to sell it. But we have already decided not to buy a Hyundai any more. There isn't a more regrettable moment when the A.S.S personnel once told me i'm a fool enough to buy 2 Hyundai costing this much!
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Originally Posted by RajeshK View Post
Hyundai has opened a new Showroom+Service Centre in Bannerghatta Road, next to SPAR in B'lore. Today I gave my Santro there. Got a warm welcome by the staff and the service manager. Will post the servicing experience once the vehicle is delivered back.
The service was really good, and the delivered much ahead of time. The Service Supervisor and Manager were really good. But the showroom SA seems to be less knowledge on cars ( I was enquiring on the i20 CRDI pricing).

As of now, I can recommend this service center to any one.

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Old 10th May 2010, 12:46   #75
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Originally Posted by krish3 View Post
I have given my Getz for some major work... will give my poll after I get it done and see their worksmanship
Well.. here is my feedback after the repair wor has been done. Hyundai A.S.S is the worst I have seen till date. And with recent comparisons with Maruti and Ford, I'M PISSED OFF

I gave my Getz for some accident repair on 19th April 2010. Got the car back only on 30th April 2010. Even my Zen took only 4 days to be repaired after a similar accident in 2009 and the Zen was out of production for long. The parts not available for the Getz was a bumper which is a common part and not exclusive to Getz Crdi.

Next, after repair was done, I found that the entire seats and seatbelt were stained with grease. On going back to MGF Hyundai, the conversation happened

Service Advisor- "You should put seat cover, the colour is beige"
Me - "Hyundai chose this color, service centre has to ensure cleanliness"
Service Advisor - "Ask Hyundai why they put beige"
Me -: "My Fiesta also has beige. Ford A.S.S never stains it"
Service Advisor - "We are Hyundai"

They then took the car in to clean, and still the stains have gone one bit.

Then my steering vibrates above 110kmph. This has happened after the accident. To this the service advisor took car in and then went out for test drive without me. How dare he take test drive without me in tow? He then came back and told that there is no vibration.

I have anyway raised a concern with Hyundai. Lets see what happens with it. If this continues, one thing is sure; My next car will not be a HYUNDAI.
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