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View Poll Results: How is Your Hyundai Authorised Service Experience
Excellent and Outstanding 14 7.91%
Exceeds Expectations 34 19.21%
Meets Expectations 71 40.11%
Below Your Expectations 41 23.16%
Improvement Needed 17 9.60%
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Old 17th May 2010, 11:11   #76
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hyundai will always remain hyundai. They believe greasing the interiors is just fine. I have had the same argument many times with them before. i have already decided not to buy any more hyundai.
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Old 17th May 2010, 11:48   #77
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We have a 4 year old Santro Xing. We are getting it serviced regularly at Hyundai's Workshop in Baroda, Gujarat. No issues till date. Spot on servicing with excellent service adviser.

Had two issues with car, gearshift from 3rd to 4th was not slotting properly. Got it fixed without any issues. A.C wasn't cooling good, filters was cleaned and gas charged and cooling was very effective. No charge for the gearbox oil and for filling gas. Only a.c filter was charged for.

A maruti 800 rear ended our car in our society, claimed insurance and the bumpers was replaced without any questions asked. Took one day to get it repaired and a day to get insurance approval. Not bad.

So we are happy with the service. Meets our expectations.
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Old 17th May 2010, 13:14   #78
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Originally Posted by rk_sans View Post
Absolutely agree with the statement. They were treating "Customers as King" way back in 1999 when we had a Santro. Off late, i believe now their only motto is to make money. At least they should do justice for the money paid by the customers .
I think with the volumes coming in they do not care that much about the customers. They do the routine simple service, anything different they are not able to solve it.

Originally Posted by Nilesh5417 View Post
Mine was a mixed bag. The car is smooth to drive but i doubt if they do any cleaning except an exterior wash. Also tyre rotation and wheel balancing isnt done. My car runs on 3 continental and 1 pirelli. Keeps coming back the way the tyres are positioned. On top of that, they have the guts to ask me to come to Bhosari workshop and they will get it done for me! Thats 30kms from where i stay.
Tyre rotations!!!!! They never did that for me too.

Originally Posted by Sankar View Post
2) Car interiors are not cleaned well enough, dust & debris present in cup holders, cubby holes etc stays put even after service. Interior cleaning very poor.
3) Had to get denting & painting work done on the rear hatch. Repainted surface stands out like an eyesore.
Originally Posted by VEA View Post
hyundai will always remain hyundai. They believe greasing the interiors is just fine. I have had the same argument many times with them before. i have already decided not to buy any more hyundai.
Though I have not seen grease marks but have seen marks for paint. I gave my car for accident repairs 2 times to Trident Hyundai Kanakpura. First time experience was good. Second time it was not good at all. The surface paint was spread accross all places - rubber knobs, seat covers, plastic panels. There were marks everywhere. The metal gate side which was painted has some dry paste sticking to it. On top of it car was not cleaned at all. I told the same when they called for feedback week later. Then the person incharge called me and asked me to come again.
Originally Posted by krish3 View Post

Then my steering vibrates above 110kmph. This has happened after the accident.
I had similar problem with my Santro earlier. As mentioned in earlier post Hyundai A.S.S. asked me replace the wheel rims which went in vain. It was later when I got the wheel alignment and balancing done from independent shop the problem was solved. So I would suggest you to try out wheel alignment and balancing and check.
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Old 17th May 2010, 13:59   #79
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I have recently moved to Chennai and am looking for a good service center for doing complete service for my GETZ 1.3 Prime.
Before this I was in Trivandrum and I had mostly good experience with the service center there.

I have been trying to find out which is the best service center. Majority of the online reviews rip apart DSC and KUN service centers. HMP seems to be havign much better reviews. I tried calling up HMP, but they have a 1 month wait for an appointment!

Are there any other recommendations for a good service center? I am staying at Chrompet, Chennai. Dont seem to have any authorized service center in a 10 KM radius. Would also appreciate if there are recommendations for non-authorized service centers also...
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Old 17th May 2010, 15:15   #80
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Originally Posted by supremeBaleno View Post
But then, any Hyundai owners in Chennai who can recommend a good service centre ? He seems to be having quite some pending work on his car and your suggestions would help him get them done properly.
In one sentence: Stay away from DSC!

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...-delivery.html (Experience at HMP - More of talk less of Delivery)

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...-i10-auto.html (My experience with DSC Motor for Hyundai i10 AUTO)

If you want a reference in KUN Hyundai, Kottivakkam, PM me.

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Old 17th May 2010, 18:08   #81
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Originally Posted by thomasmatthew View Post
Are there any other recommendations for a good service center? I am staying at Chrompet, Chennai. Dont seem to have any authorized service center in a 10 KM radius. Would also appreciate if there are recommendations for non-authorized service centers also...
Do try the V3 Hyundai Service Center in OMR, Perungudi. It is shorter if you come by Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam radial road (you need to time your entry to cross the railway gate). Since they have opened newly they are also free on Saturdays so no hassles.

There is one more new showroom / service center opened in Sholinganallur (Express Hyundai).
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Old 17th May 2010, 18:32   #82
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My experiance wtih KUN was good (except the services were costly)
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Old 18th May 2010, 09:40   #83
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Voted Below Expectations!

I have an April 2009 i10 1.2 Sportz that I have had serviceing done thrice at Capital Hyundai (Sec 63) Noida. While the quality of work done each time was impeccable (thoroughly cleaned etc) they take too much of time for everything. Regular free service that is supposed to be a 3 hr job will be done in 2 days! Of the three services, 1 time there was extra work to be done (replacement of the front windscreen as it was cracking and minor dent job) They took 4 days to return the car (after multiple calls) and they had only fixed the glass but not the dent! Reason - said insurance refused to pay for dent removal!!! Compare it to MASS - I had given my Alto for the exact same job - front windscreen change and dent removal from dikki door and they had returned the car as new in flat 1 day!!!

Also service is very expansive (again comparing to Maruti as it is the only other car I've ever had). Free service cost for maruti alto ~ 140 rupees. Free service for i10 1.2 ~ 1400 rupees!
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Old 18th May 2010, 13:32   #84
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Voted "Exeeds Expectations".

- When I bought a used Tucson, I was worried about the price and delay if and when a spare part would be needed, but the Hyundai logistics is simply wonderful.

So far my Tucson has needed a front right wheelspeed sensor (went kaput due to a technician's fault), timing and accessory belts (routine replacement), roof rails (a crane banged on my Tucson's roof - can you believe it?), rear wiper/washer motor (spoiled due to technitian's fault while doing the accidental repairs of the roof)...all these parts were sourced within 3/4 days. The rear wiper/washer motor was replaced free of charge as they accepted it happened during their work (@Kothari Hyundai), while the FR wheelspeed sensor was replaced at my cost even though it failed during servicing (@Kundan Hyundai - they were a new setup and the service engineer/manager did not have the guts/confidence to take the tab and spoil their records...unfortunately and I was somehow not so keen to make them pay as the service engineer had become a good friend).

Well...about the technician's fault on the 2 occassions - ideally should not have happened but there is a benifit of doubt as both were electrical/electronic parts which are hard to debug. If this had not happened, I could have rated "Excellent And Outstanding", but then I would not have had the chance to experience their swift and efficient logistics - Tucson is a low volume model so parts mostly come from Korea as and when required...

I have dealt with 3 Hyundai dealers/service centers in Pune - Kothari, Sanjay and Kundan - all of them were good and honest may be because they knew my love and concern about cars...
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Old 6th June 2010, 19:51   #85
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Voted : Meets expectations.
My family owns a Getz for the last 3 years and we have had it serviced from KUN hyundai in Mount road. Including when i rammed it into the rear end of the bus. I had called them and they were polite. They enquired first if i was all right and then condition of the car and whether i will be able to drive it or require road assistance. I got the car to the service station direct and was attended to without delay. Got it delivered the next day. Had a snag though. The remote fuel lid opener failed to work. I was stranded in the petrol bunk with my family when i again called the service engineer. They responded promptly and got the fuel lid opened with a small knob. I took the car back to their service station the next day and they got it fixed in less than a hour. Though i started hearing a scratchy note from the rear i never got around to sorting it out. With 40000km coming up on the odo the service is due and i guess i will get around to fixing it now. Cheers.

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Old 17th September 2010, 14:43   #86
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I recently gave my Elantra Crdi for timing-belt replacement to Express Hyundai *** in Sholinganallur.
I have called them a month in advance inquiring whether they have the required spares for this work and also called them a week in advance to confirm the appointment but when i called them up 2 days before the appointment after driving to Chenai from Bangalore, i got shocked to know that the timing-belt is not yet in their facility and is expected only after 3 days by which time i would be back in Bangalore again.
I got very disappointed on hearing this and conveyed my displeasure to their customer service on how this service request is handled. The service staff were very courteous and promised to leave no stone unturned in trying to get the timing-belt on-time. After a few follow-up calls from both sides, they did manage to get the spares ready for the service in time
I went to their campus to drop off the vehicle. Their service staff and technical staff were both very courteous and helpful. As they had a 'monsson check-up camp' running at that time they put in my car for the same set of checks and wash as well.
When i came to pick the vehicle back after the timing-belt replacement, i found the car to be washed and cleaned very well including the under-body and the service engineer came along for a test drive to get my feedback as well.
Add to all this, the amount i was charged for the replacement is 25% (about 1k) of what other service centers quoted for the same timing-belt spare part (about 4k).
Overall i am very satisfied with their customer service and quality of work done on my vehicle and i would surely recommend them.
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Old 17th September 2010, 14:53   #87
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Default Mixed bag

I owned Santro 2001 model for 9 years. My experience is varied..

HMP. Service Quality is good. However try getting an appointment for paid service 20 to 40 days is wait time!!
Also, they did not advice me about Rusting and thats my biggest -ve I had about my Santro.

Kun. (Kottivakam?).. Expensive and SA was giving all reasons to change parts. He was telling that my suspension was weak about 4 years back. When I sold recently, the buyers were telling suspension is good!!

Access. (any one remember this?)... Was prompt and clean. However his diagnosis of problems were not good. I had an issue with indicators not stopping after completing the turn automatically. as per HMP (in next service), the previous service guy had messed.

Good part in owning Santro was I could get it serviced anywhere. Torano Motors velachery (part of MyTVS) was decent.

In nutshell, HMP Chennai was the best. Only problem was with appointment timings.

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Old 22nd September 2010, 15:22   #88
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Voted: Exceeds Expectations

Took my 2000 model Santro LS to Capital Hyundai, Sector 2, Noida for paid service. The car would skip and jerk when starting, and I was sure that the clutch assembly would need to be replaced. The technician took a test drive and very politely pointed out the problems in the car. Very polite and understanding technician and service manager as well.
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Old 22nd September 2010, 21:43   #89
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Hyundai needs to improve their service quality in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. I live in a taluka place in Yadgir district of Karnataka and i had bought a i20 crdi asta o on 13th of july 2009 from Venkateshwara Hyundai in Gulbarga. The front suspension has been making noise almost from day one and every time i try to get it fixed from them they tighten some bolts and nuts and it reappears within days.

Recently when i gave the car for a 30k service they removed the stearing column and applied a special grease provided by Hyundai but the noise is still there. The excuse of the delear is that since i have upgraded to 15' wheels it cannot be fixed. very strange. when i inquired about the change of urethane bush they have no idea whatsoever.

further i have been regularly complaining about inadequate ac cooling and asked them for a software upgrade as recomended by the Hyundai. They dont have the tool required for software upgradation. Again delears sell cars and they dont have proper equippment for servicing them or repairing them.

My car recently started showing the airbag light continuously even after starting the car and the passenger airbag off light is continuously bliking. The delear again says that they dont have g scan tool which is required for diagnosing the problem. They recomend me to go to Pune to get the problem fixed.

Hope Hyundai equips all the delears with the required tools and equippments so as to enable them to attend to all the problems arising out of the vehicle they sell. If not let them not sell the vehicles which they cant repair.

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Old 12th December 2010, 21:00   #90
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Default Re: Hyundai A. S. S. Experience - By Owners Only

I have owned Hyundai's (Santro and Getz) for the last 7 years. I have previously serviced mostly with HMP and DSC in Chennai. Recently I tried V3 Hyundai for the first time since it is somewhat near my office and I must say this was worst ever service experience in the 7 years. First the car was supposed to be delivered the same day. Later that day they said car will be ready the next day as a part to be replaced was not in stock. Next day nobody contacts me from the dealership. I trying calling the dealership number and the service advisor mobile number from afternoon and nobody picks up the phone and after more that 2 hours of trying, i head to the service center hoping the car to be ready. It was not ready and service advisor had already left for the day. The reason car was not ready was because the part came in late in the day, but nobody bothered to inform me. The next day the car was delivered, but somethings i wanted fixed were not taken care of and again nobody bothered to inform me. The worse is still to come. While driving home that day, the car breaks down. With help from a local car electrician, i get the car home. He checks and tells the battery is very weak and I get it replaced. Would not the battery be checked as part of general service??? In the next days, while driving, i feel the gear level is not slotting as precise;y as before. Also sometimes i hear loud noice from the air blower. Now I dont even what to go back to that service center to get these issues fixed!
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