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Default Ikpoxan's experience with multiple Mumbai dealerships

Hello there BHPians. A fact-only account of my experience at 6 dealerships.

Genesis: Decided to buy a Swift Lxi, so started with Maruti.

Dealership #1: Maruti Suzuki, Sai Service - Andheri (on WE Highway)
Went there on a saturday. Was majorly crowded. Surprisingly, a salesman was assigned to us within a minute of us entering the dealership. The salesman was knowledgeable and was able to answer questions on comparisions between Swift, other models of Maruti hatchback as well as hatchbacks of other manufacturers. He even invited us to check out the Dzire Lxi. Unfortunately, Swift Lxi was not on display, so had to contend with Vxi. Armed with the team-bhp list of 'how to deal with salesmen', started negotiating with the salesman. One mistake, I did not ask for a test drive. However, realised that the salesman will not budge even one rupee. His simple answer "Sir, when there is a 4 month waiting period, why will any dealer offer a discount?"
4 month waiting period? Now that was something that I could not wait for. We just decided to leave. The salesman did not make any effort to convince us / give us a test drive. Also, he did not even ask for my name and number!
Overall experience: 6.5 on 10

Dealership #2: Maruti Suzuki True Value, Goregaon West:
Still convinced about Swift, we decided to check out True Value cars. Headed to Sai Service in Goregaon West, just off SV Road. Here, the salesmen were even less enthusiastic to discuss with us. They showed us a couple of cars they had in stock. These were well driven, several scratches and dents on the body, bad condition of seats etc., The price difference also was not too high between new car and used car. The salesman's justification: "Sir, you don't have to wait for 4 months!" He was willing to negotiate on pricing, but not more than 25 - 30k. I was not that interested. Strangely, even he did not even ask for my name and number!
Overall experience: 4 on 10

Dealership #3: Modi Hyundai, Malad West, Malad Goregaon Link Road:
With enough research on team-bhp, we thought that Hyundai was the next best option. Hopped on to Modi Hyundai. We had decided on the i10 by now. Again, the dealership was very crowded, being a sunday. However, no one even bothered to ask us what we were looking for. We told the receptionist to assign someone to us and she assured it will take only a minute. After 5 minutes, there was no one assigned! We could see some salespersons chatting with each other in a corner, but no one helped us! Decided to check out the car ourself. i10 Magna cherry red was on display. Checked out the car and liked it. i20 Asta berry red was nearby. Checked that out as well. Really liked it. Still no salesperson after reminding receptionist twice. Finally, we threatened to walk out! Then a salesperson was assigned. He was very courteous and was very knowledgeable on the i10 and i20. Answered all questions on comparisions with other hatchbacks. Made no pretense that Hyundai has better service network - stated that after Maruti, Hyundai has next best service network. Was able to give quantified answers to questions on maintenance costs, spare part costs etc., We promised to come back. Surprisingly, did not offer test drive, nor did he take my name and number. After more research, we decided on i20. Went back (after a disappointing visit to Asset Hyundai). It was a little late, maybe around 7.00 / 7.15. Again, we had to fight with the Sales Manager to assign us a salesperson (the guy we had spoken to earlier was not in). The person assigned, was not interested in speaking to us and told the manager as much! The manager finally had to scold and threaten him! He now spoke to us as if he were doing us a favour! Told very coldly what was on offer etc., And said, take it or leave it (almost!). We decided we will never come back to Modi again to buy the car. It was obvious we were interested, but he neither took my name or number nor offered to revert back. Anyway, the offer:
On road price: 678,333 (with 4th yr warranty)
Accessories: 10,502
Freebies: -7,832
Cash discount: -5,000
Total: 676,003
This was the standard offer and did not offer anything more.
Dealership experience: 5.5 on 10

Dealership # 4: Honda, Malad Goregaon LinkRoad, Malad West
After first visit to Hyundai, decided to check out Honda, just for the heck of it.
Salesperson was immediately assigned. He gauged our needs immediately and showed us Honda Jazz. Really liked the car. Also checked out Honda City. He explained all features, was very knowledgeable. Also took my name and number and asked me when I could do a test drive! Offered lots of freebies and discounts. However, from a VFM point of view, we had decided on i10/i20 and hence, did not pursue further.
Dealership experience: 7 on 10

Dealership # 5: Asset Hyundai, LBS Road, Kanujrmarg
Next day was spent calling various Hyundai dealers. First started with Shreenath Hyundai. It took them an eternity to come on line, hence, put that in last priority. Asset Hyundai was very courteous and the salesman Mr Khatri was also very co-operative. Decided we will buy from Asset, though I live in Goregaon. By now, team-bhp research etc., had convinced us to buy a i20 Asta. Fixed an appointment for test drive. Went on a friday afternoon (took half day leave). The dealership was empty - no customers, almost deserted look. Spent more than 2 - 3 hours and no one came during this entire time. Salesman offered test drive first. Was a good experience. The salesman was the most knowledgeable of all salesmen I had met so far. Gave lot of technical info, comparisons etc., Sat down to negotiate.
First offer: On road of 678,501 with 4th year warranty. No freebies (except 3rd year warranty), no discount. After much negotiation, gave
mudflaps, mats (rubber), air freshener as freebie. Also confirmed that 3rd year warranty is unlimited kms (later turned out to be untrue!)
Gave a list of accessories with pricing (which on later comparision with other dealers, looked very expensive, by 10% - 30%). Also realised later that several things he offered as freebie after negotiation were available with other dealers as standard freebie!
Overall dealership experience: 5 on 10

Dealership # 6: Shreenath Hyundai, Andheri West, opp Lokhandwala
Though last on our priority list, after the negotiation experience at Asset, we decided why not check out Shreenath. We reached at about 5.30. Though a weekday, it was chock a block with customers: people enquiring, taking delivery etc., Immediately thought that if so many people are coming, there must be something good about the place. Immediately spoke to a friend who owns a Accent and she spoke of Shreenath very highly and recommended them. Also, the moment we stepped in and told the receptionist, she said all salespeople are busy and someone will be assigned shortly. Within a few minutes, Ms Richa Goswami was assigned to us. We did not have the energy to quiz her on technical specs etc., So got down straight to negotiation. She was very open and transparent. On road price of 674,846, freebies of 10,502 upfront. Said can't give anything more. After lot of negotiation, agreed to give additional freebies of 2,500 plus upgrade rubber mats to carpet mats. Very transparent on pricing - no hidden costs such as RTO charges, registration charges (which in other places were always an add-on to the on-road pricing). Here, everything was listed and included in on-road pricing. She even apologised for not including some 150/- of hypothecation charges in the on-road price, though it was separately mentioned! Also, said it will take 4 weeks for delivery (Asset claimed it can be done in 2 weeks!). Gave the price list of accessories and we were shocked to find that these were much cheaper than Asset!
We decided Shreenath it will be! Came back a couple of days later, made the advance payment. Told her we need Form 22 and inspect car in yard. She said ok no problem! Also, since accounts person had gone hoome, she could not give us the receipt for the upfront. Next day, it arrived by courier - I did not even have to follow up! Regularly, they updated us of status on phone. They even called for address etc., verification. Overall, the experience was excellent.
They did not have any problem when I said I want to do pre-registration inspection and helped us with that.
On day of delivery, they had arranged puja materials, put a flower garland on our Berry and even got a digital camera to take a photo of the key handing over! They also gave us a box of chocoldates on delivery! Overall, a very nice touch and good feeling. Next day, the photo of handing over was sent by mail - no follow up from our side! They also called to independently confirm delivery and ask us how dealership experience was! So far, am very happy with their openness, transparancy and the thoughtfulness with which they deal with customers!
Dealership experience: 9 on 10!

By the way, have uploaded an excel with two sheets: Sheet 2: comparing the pricing, discount, freebies of the 3 Hyundai dealers that I visited. Sheet 1: various accessories that one would desire in a car and what all were part of standard equipment and what all offered by dealer.

Hope you find this useful.

Ciao for now, watch this space!

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