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Sorry to hear you experience & to make things worst it being a gift.
Originally Posted by manikjeet View Post
i will be taking the money back tomorrow
Wise decision & get a good car from Maruti/Ford/GM/Hyundai etc.

Originally Posted by manikjeet View Post
but can anybody tell me how can i report all this to fiat india
IMO, no use; it is almost screaming into deaf ears. Just ignore & the pain of several ignores will force Tata to listen.

Originally Posted by manikjeet
so the people at fiat are watching the thread . and they have assured me that get the problem sorted out asap
If I were you, I would still opt for the money & not wait for any issue to be sorted out, especially with Tata.

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Sad to hear this. If you are not happy with the product then you should be refunded or something and not pushed and shoved around.
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The right decision is to take the money back and then sue the dealer and fiat for providing the faulty car.but for this you need a proof so either you need to get a communications stating that there was a fault.

If you sue before you get the refund you will get the money along with compensation but will take few months /years.

go for a maruti or ford/hyundai.

Maruti has actually workign hard for customer service and is concentrating on it soo much.Am saying this with my exp.
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Old 29th August 2010, 08:54   #34
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a good carmaker like Fiat is saddled with a dealer network like Tata. Wonder what the fiat fellows were thinking.
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Mods note: Thread moved to appropriate section.
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This is bizarre . I went through the whole thread. I mean joshi auto zone has been a flourished name for quite a while now. Thats one of the first names that comes straight away in your mind when any chandigarhian look for any tata car or fiat. Cant believe they went so rude with their "customer" . This is so unprofessional . That means they dont have what we call as "manager""sales professionals" - Thats what is their job is,to take care of customers and try to solve the case with the easiest way. This matter could have been solved in a much better way but its sheer mistake from the dealership guys. They just dont have control over their department. All we got in the end is bunch of goons there. I will never ever even go in there from now on and wont even recommend this to anyone. Thanks manikjeet for heads up. Joshi auto zone (purhasing car/servicing car) is a history now on chandigarh team-bhp circle is what i would say.
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Old 29th August 2010, 10:29   #37
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Default It's about time

I hope the TATAs and FIAT realize before its too late. Too many incidents related to customer service and honesty are being seen all over with regards to Tata Motors and Fiat. When it comes to retail customer service, Tata still seems to be outdated. When they don't have good product, the least they can do is provide good and honest customer service. And the clowns at Fiat don't seem to be any better either. They have been in India for so long and still sell only about 20,000 cars and they are not doing any better with Tatas either.

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This is outrageous! No dealer should even think of doing things such as getting physical,let alone doing it. Take all the money back from them.Write a strong mail to CEO of FIAT.ANd sue them for physical assault and mental trauma .That should teach them a lesson

Since you have posted this on TBHP,the dealership has had it! They will be repenting their folly.
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Old 29th August 2010, 11:11   #39
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Default Hmmmmm.


My two naye paise's worth :

1. The dealer is the face of the manufacturer, regardless of the brand ( right from M&M, Tata, Fiat, Ford, GM to Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, RR- the works)

2. The personnel (sales, service, technicians/mechanics, finance and so on) of any dealership are the face of the dealership

3. If these personnel are immature-improperly trained-lack knowledge-lack proper manners, the brand is bound to suffer, irrespective of the brand

4. It is imperative in these days of killing competition to look at the larger picture, which simply put is :

Listen patiently to the customer and try to solve the problem

All machinery can break down, even if it is maintained and operated properly

5. Car manufacturers have to invest in a major way on training of dealer staff. Otherwise the goodwill of the brand will evaporate sooner rather than later. I see this as another milestone in India's evolution as a major auto market, possibly becoming the second largest in the world very soon

In this specific case, I think a PDC (with formal documentation) should have been gone through (the initial post does not mention any PDC), especially as the car purchased was a different model to the car which was booked.

Also, as correctly stated by others in the posts above,
please get a full refund
do not enter into any (new) transaction with this dealership
after you get your full refund, please write a comprehensive,detailed report on what transpired, chronologially to the manufacturer ( Fiat in this case)
share a copy of your report with a responsible newspaper/media organisation, which will not sensationalise it - cases which are done thoroughly and seriously get better results than mere sensationalism ( as some media companies tend to do)

Your mature behaviour will give your better results.

All the best and drive safe.

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Shame on Fiat India to appoint such dealer under the umbrella of Tata.!!

Past performance of that particular dealer may have caused the cancellation of Maruti dealership.
Still, Fiat/Tata appointed them their dealer, the blame goes to Fiat India for this type of harassment and service.

Get your money back.

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Very unfortunate experience and it is a shame on Fiat and Tata to have such a dealer in their network.
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really get you money back and then only think about doing something, as aargee said buy something else then. its not worth buying fiats in this country. What a lousy treatment by the dealers and whats with puntos pulling problem. IIRC there was one more such a case in tbhp which was not solved by the tass. Really fiats never gonna learn from its mistakes.
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This is where the TBHP PDC list would have helped. As some brands have produced lemons in India, the case of Safari with broken Chassis comes to my mind, I would carry out thorough PDC before accepting the vehicle and parting with my money.

I have never heard of MUL producing any lemons, still when I got my K10, my son went to the yard and conducted a thorough PDC armed with the TBHP list. The vehicle had a small scratch, so he went for another, and only when every thing was checked did we pay and take delivery.

At times the dealers try to push a damaged/PDC failed vehicle to an unsuspecting customer, especially if the customer is in a hurry to take delivery. The golden rule is to, go as early as possible, carry out a thorough PDC during day light, and take the delivery while the sun shines!

Originally Posted by Rahulkool View Post
really get you money back and then only think about doing something, as aargee said buy something else then. its not worth buying fiats in this country. What a lousy treatment by the dealers and whats with puntos pulling problem. IIRC there was one more such a case in tbhp which was not solved by the tass. Really fiats never gonna learn from its mistakes.
If I remember well Fiats were like this right from the beginning. In the days when the waiting period spanned years, you depended on your luck to get a vehicle with minimum niggles. The Service Stations for Fiat were another scam, and I know of influential persons who got parts changed in their vehicle from those of unsuspecting victims who had come for their "free" service. It seems that old habits die hard and Fiat Dealers are still in the 60's & 70's time frame.

Till Fiat India pulls itself up and set the dealership straight, it would be in my opinion, better to avoid their products.

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Wow WOW what a shame that this is happening to customer. Me thinks that most of these people do not recognise you as a customer once a sale is made. And this is where the company / brand training comes in. No wonder fast selling brands like Maruti / Hyundai keep conducting training classes even for A.S.S. personnel. Hope you got your money back by now. Proceed with caution till then.
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Shameful behavior on the dealer's part. For him, the customer certainly isn't the king. Just adds a further dent to the Fiat/Tata reputation which is already in an abysmal state.

Hope you get your money back and the dealership is terminated.
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