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Default I paid 5 Lacs to Fiat India to beat me up(JOSHI AUTOZONE)

As most of my fellow bhpian would know i was looking for a diesel car for sometime now and Had booked a Fiat Palio with M/S Joshi Autozone chandigarh. As due some problem palio delivery wasn't possible, i upgraded my booking to a Punto Active.
Yesterday evening around 7.30 pm i took delivery of the car. after driving few KM i notice that the was pulling to left alot and i thought it maybe the tire pressure thing but it was all OK so I called the sale person Mr. Rohit Arora and he assured me that all will be fine and that i should send the car to them in the morning and he will DO THE ALIGNMENT and the thing will be sorted

So today morning I sent my driver to the dealer to look in to the matter (my driver is in our family for 25 years and he very well versed with cars). Later during the day they gave the car back and problem was solved 90% as they say and the rested will be gone in 4 days but my driver said that its still pulling so they gave him a silly excuse that the tires have some powder that's why its pulling.

while returning back the had tire pressure checked and to my drivers horror the LEFT tire had 37 PSI and the RIGHT tire had 29PSI
He had the tire pressure adjusted and the problem reappeared. He immediately return home and showed me the car and i Got just got up and immediately went to the dealer and upon my creating a scene. The GM service Mr. Dinesh( nice person and helpful) took the car and tired to get the problem sorted. And he drove the car for around 100+ KM but the problem still persisted

now i went inside the office and had a heated argument with Mr niraj( the fellow thinks he owns everything and was telling that his Dad was a AGM once what cam i do? for me his that could be prince of Persia ) then suddenly all the sale people started to round up on me and then suddenly the started pushing me around during this time my Dad showed up at the dealer and the scene got pushed up higher

Mr niraj now said that he wouldn't even return me my car and said i can do whatever i want. But he got a very rude awaking by my dad and most probably his last day the dealer. During the whole process fellow Bhpian ABHIBH showed up.

During the whole thing the car was been worked upon, and the mechanic said that the car has a major mechanical fault and problem will persist

now the dealer was facing to cases
1) Assault
2) consumer court

so they decided on two options
1) give my money back
2) get a new car

i have till 10.30 to decide but i think i will take the first option


sales person Rohit Arora
sales head niraj

ps Thanks abhi
pps this was rakhi gift for my younger sister

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get you money back and sue that dealer for the mental agony caused and make sure that showroom is closed for good. :(
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U chose the right option dude. Also inform Fiat/Tata that they're losing a customer because of the dealer.
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Sad to hear about this experience. At the very least you have the option of getting your money back and starting afresh. Unfortunately not all get this option and have to live with the lemon and patchy fixes.

In your shoes, I would take the money. All the best!
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Old 28th August 2010, 21:52   #5
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Really really a very sad thing! Yes, as everyone say ask every penny to be returned and ask for a suitable compensation and buy another car from different dealership.
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Not a good thing to read before going to sleep - OPTION 1 (Blind folded). Also, dont bother to file a case after getting the money back, go get any jap car instead...!!
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Take your money back with interest and lodge a police complaint for wrongful restraint, causing bodily harm and seek compensation from the dealer and name this Niraj guy in the report.
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Bizzarre !. Let the fiat folks know about this episode. Get every single ruppee back and sue them. Do they sell cars or do they have a bunch of hooligans at the dealership? If i were you, i shall take the money back.
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thanks all

i will be taking the money back tomorrow

but can anybody tell me how can i report all this to fiat india
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Very unfortunate experience.
First priority should be to get the money back (and not get another car as the relation has gone soar)
If it was Bangalore, Bangalore Mirror would have been happy to carry a story which would hurt the dealer more then consumer court and teach a lesson.
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Pathetic is the word! Why are we such lousy professionals. Its not as if the dealership is doing you or me a favor by rectifying the issue.
Coming to the other point - What do I do if I was Tata/Fiat? Do I just cancel the dealership's and move on and set a precedent for others? Is the whole dealership is to be blamed for one's person's wrong doings? They have atleast done the right thing by offering him either a new car or get the full refund.
I want tbhpian's perspective on this? What would you do if you were Tata/Fiat?
What would you do if you were the dealership?
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No second thoughts, take the money back & lodge a complaint with the police.

Regarding complaining to Fiat India, I guess the addresses of Fiat bosses should be present on their website. Also, write to Fiat-International about this issue.

Fellow B-hpians might have contact details of Fiat, which they shall share.
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I think you can inform the local police station that such a thing has happened. However, I think you have an option not to file it as an FIR. Tell them that this is for their information and to avoid any unnecessary harrasment by the dealer in future. This will serve two purposes. 1. In case the dealership pursues the case further, you already have this incident reported in writing with the cops. 2. You can forward this complaint to Fiat India and Tata Motors. Also, if you have friends in the local press, get them to do a story on this.

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So much for the much hyped improvement in service from FIAT dealers! Write to FIAT for sure, some people on this board say they respond well, its much needed that they hear at the top management, though doubt they will do much, wish they do.
Sad that this is the way it turned out.
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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Default Take your monay back.

Please, please, please, please, please, please to the n'th time take your money back. I know exactly to what extent the TATA people can go to as I have a 10 year old consumer court case with them. They went to the extent of sabotaging my Junkindica so that I would be engulfed in a fire when driving the car. Luckily the court asked them to drive the car with me in it before it was delivered to me and the car caught fire. Its with them now.

Make absolutely sure that you get in touch with a lawyer and let it be known to the police in writing that in case of bodily harm the dealer and the company is more than likely to be responsible. Your lawyer will know what to do about it.

Best of luck.
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