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Unhappy Bad experience with Concorde Motors

Hi Guys,

I usually don’t post anything on team BHP because I am not a good writer, but I am a regular reader of posts here and have increased my gyan on automobiles, but this time I wanted to write and share a very bad experience I had with Concorde Motors Mysore Road.

I own a fiat palio 1.6 Sport (Cannary Yellow) I love my car and the colour.

A couple of month’s back I was hit by a biker when sstoped in signal light he was completely drunk so I let go. My Beauty(Palio) got a dent on the front left door it was a minor one but was visible from the side due to the colour, I thought of getting it fixed and went to Concorde Motors Mysore road to get the dent removed and re-painted, I met this fellow called UMESH who happens to look after the insurance related works there, I dropped my car and did all the formalities of insurance, they told it will be done in 2 days that was a reasonable time and I agreed,

But didn’t here from them even after 2 days so I called him(UMESH) and asked when will I get the car back, each time I called he told you will get it by tomorrow. On repeated follow-ups it took 1 week for just getting the dent removed and door re-painted, they called me after a week and informed the car is all set to go

I badly wanted my car back so rushed to pick it up but was greatly disappointed by the work being done they had removed the old dent and painted, but with an orange colour for cannary yellow it was not even close to the original colour of my car, it was looking like as if it was painted by some school kid, they also had broke the left door mirror assembly dented the door frame next to the mirror trying to remove the mirror this shows how good and trained people available at Concorde.

I warned them and asked them to re-do the work and give me back in 2 days again it took a terrible 1 week. I am completely frustrated by this time.

I went again to pickup the car after getting a call from Umesh stating everything is fixed fit and fine this time, please come and pick the car. I reached Concorde and called Umesh he took me near the car and I found they had almost matched the colour but still not satisfactory any one could make out it was re-painted with a bad colour miss-match but I could still find the mirror not fixed and when asked he had informed over the phone that a new mirror was fixed, He is a big lire never believe UMESH of concord Motors. Now he says we don’t have stock and will be doing it by next week and stop’s paused like a thief.

They were not able to fix a simple mirror which they had broken while removing the mirror for painting. I think it was difficult for them to remove the mirror so might have done some mishandling and finally broke it, I thought better get rid of them and take it to some other place but they had not even bothered to fix the mirror back.

They had made another dent while removing the mirror “dent for a dent” and when asked they argued it is not done now might have been there before only.

When I started boiling and blasting, they say please leave it and we will fix it.

Final result no work done even after 2 weeks and needs 1 more week to correct there mistakes I could also see oil stains every where even on seats small scratches which were done now in the garage, it is a terrible garage with un-trained people working on an Italian beauty. They are not capable of fixing even small issues of the car. Incapable for anything most worst garage. you will not get any spare parts for months together their standard sentence “We have ordered it exclusively for you and will be available in a week we will give you a call once we get the spare part but real truth is you will never get that spare part never.

So please spread the message to fiat lovers not to choose Concorde Motors Mysore Road for anything and everything. I should try Green tracks on hosur road next time I have heard they have good people trained specially for fiat.

Some one kindly help me where to find a aluminum holder which comes inside a fiat 1.6 sport manually adjustable mirror assembly I stay in Bangalore I am trying to fix it on my own after learning my lesson. Its better to look before you leap, Fiat lovers please do not choose Concorde Motors Mysore road for any type of repairs on your car I repeat please do not choose CONCORDE MOTORS MYSORE ROAD.

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Sad about the experiences and tensed situation you had been through. Why are you not writing about this to the higher authorities of Concorde or Fiat? If you already did, what was the outcome?

Please report such incidents with Fiat/Concorde higher authorities and have them refund for the loss. I believe Concorde is a Tata owned Dealership (some one told me so). We all should drag such people to Consumer Courts for the delay and issues caused. Take your car to a second dealer (which you believe is good in your locality, from inputs from BHPians or your friends) and have them fix it.

My Zen still carries a small dent to the driver side door (inflicted by a bicycle which fell over to my car). I did not dare to mend this.

Hope things become better for you.

Side Note: Please write in Team-BHP. You are good writer. Gyan always increases, when you share it.

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I second NFS comments.Why did you keep quite.?

Please escalate this to Fiat India and let them know how their customers are treated.
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Concorde in the news again!! Few months back we heard about stories (Newspaper and TV9) of them selling brand new car damaged with repainting to an unsuspecting customer!! Now this...
Though consumer court gave judgement against them, nothing much happened

Why dont people just chuck Concorde!! I would never go there nor do i advise people..But as the reality goes there will be another 1000 unaware, unsuspecting people ready to fall into the trap, curse our population..
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Its raining complaints against concord motors. Here is another thread posted about concord motors chennai.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...-thinking.html (What is Tata Motors thinking?)

Whats Tata gonna do about addressing all these customer related issues? I hope they pull up their socks and find out the underlying problem with their customer service. I am hoping that soon the Tata-Fiat owners gets peace of mind.

I have been thinking about buying a Tata Safari for the past 4 months and I am holding up my decision solely due to the issues thats been reported on the service. Waiting to hear some good reviewes (or atleast) solutions to existing customers issues.
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Please take this up at the manufacturer level - CMIL being a Tata group company - this should get you a better response!
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Harsha, please escalate to Fiat at: service@fiapl.com
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Hi Harsha, Concorde Motors , Mysore road is a crap for the Palio servicing. I had narrated few incidents about them in one of the thread. You should have gone to Sai colorium in JP nagar for dent removal and re painting.

They have done an excellent job of color matching when my GTX got rear ended by an auto. The thumb rule is never go to the authorised Service centres for dent repairs. It will be usually 30% higher than if you do it in some independent workshops.
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Harsha, Sorry to hear your experience. I understand how terrible it is to do without your car for 2 weeks. Have you considered escalating this issue as someone mentioned ? I will be surprised if you have not taken the orange-yellow mismatch pics to post here on Team-bhp and also in your complaint.

May i suggest you to participate the threads by writing henceforth? You would make friends who have the same car and wealthy experience and knowledge to share. Not only online but over the phone calls too if you are struck in some remote places. I was dejected and had almost given up when my membership signup was rejected. I thought some automated tool confirms the membership. It was only upon motivation by this man who posted right before me, i got into it.I am enjoying this space ever since.
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Guys the painting and dent is fixed now, they had got someone to come from fiat and fix it,and now Concorde has again put me in another mess i had a sound of some belt or somthing rubbing under the hood the SA(ranjith) told it was a issue with the timing bush and bearing and changing that will fix the issue, i told him to go ahead they changed it and they charged me 6.5k for that it was done, i took my car back home but by the time i reach home it startred sounding the same again, i again took it back to them but now they say it is some tapet head making the noise they might say the whole engine has a mistake in manufacturing next time, you go for some complaint and they replace somthing else and give you a big bill with issue not fixed, they have also broken the plastic cover which protects the belt under the hood still not fixed.and the left mirror also not fixed yet.Now its high time i write to higher authorities with all these complaints. some one please guide me some good garage for FIAT works.
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