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Default Advaith Hyundai - Caring for you .. Always ?

Hello All

It all started as we wanted a hatch for the family. I always loved the swift, but it was too comman and there was no news on the new swift. I loved the i20 and it really good, esp. the WHITE and BLACK ones.
But once I saw the blue i20, I fell in love with it. I drooled over it every time I saw one pass by. SPARKLE BLUE was the colour and for sure, my eyes SPARKLE when I see it.
We had gone to the WV showroom, and they told us that the waiting period for the polo is 5 months as they have stopped producing the car as on now for some time.(not sure of the reason , but this is wat I was told by the sales guy).
So we had decided to go for the i20 and I was happy. Time for some test drive. I stay in Indiranagar , so the Trident showroom on 100 ft road was close to my house so decided to go there for the test drive.
The lady in the reception was friendly and took my details and sent a sales guy for my help. Guess this guy was angry with the onion price going up so high, so was kinda not very helpful. Anyways I sat in the car and they dint have an i20 at that time, so I had a test drive on the i10.
Anyways I planned to come back some other time and have a test drive and shoot the deal since it was close to my house and bla bla. But I happen to pass by the Advaith Hyundai Showroom on RR. I just dropped by to see if they have any offers or something. They seemed friendly too. With a nice smile, I was introduced to Mr Guruprasad(GP from now on).
He knew his job , spoke well about the car , and offered us a test drive and I was really happy after the test drive which pushed me to close the deal asap.
Me: Whats the waiting period?
GP: 20 days sir .
Me: Any offers ?
GP: I will give free mad flaps , sun screen , car cover sir . also since its December , you will get Free insurance sir , how do u plan to buy the car sir , load ?
Me: yes, I would like to take a loan.
All this was done just perfect, GP then introduced me to a lady who would tell me more on the various loans (SBI,icici,reddy bros,x,y). Guess even this lady was kinda confused inlife who was not at all happy to help. Anyways planed to go with the SBI loan as the interest was low and I could pre close the loan without any fine. The lady told me to make an advance payment now and they will get back to me for the docs and this advance payment will help me block the car.
All this happened on December 9th. There were quite a few friends of mine asking me to wait for a month as the book would say 2011. But that dint matter to me, as I thought I should be getting the car by 30 (9+20days waiting), so I could plan for a trip on 31st night.
But soon after the advance was paid, the Advaith people were not really friendly.

To be Continued ...
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Default Re: Advaith Hyundai - Caring for you .. Always ?

The Part 2 of the story after so long. Reason being I got a call from Advaith Hyundai (GP). He asked me why I had to write about it on T-Bhp? I told him, please see your feedback form, I have clearly mentioned I am not happy with the service there. And i just wanted others to know so that they dont have to face these problems .(But no action from feedback form, but after a post on TBhp, I get a call!! )But they dint do what is pending still!

Anyways taking the story forward.
After 8-10 days of booking , I had not got a call from advaith hyundai. Infact they had told me they will send someone to take the documents from me. So I call them up to find out whats happening , they say “Sir , you dint get back to us , you were supposed to get back with the documents ” I was angry as they just put the fault at my end . I went to the showroom and had to meet the loan people. Now they say that I cannot get a SBI loan and will have to go for ICICI or other loans. When asked why so, they said SBI takes too long to process the loan and some other reasons. I actually bought that reason. But that evening while I spoke to my friend who bought a swift couple of weeks back who said he had gone for a SBI loan and there is no such issue. So I thought let me give it a shot. I went to one RANDOM sbi bank where I dint even have an account. I spoke to people over there and they said I can go for the loan and it will take just few days. Now I was really angry as advaith people gave me some random reason. I told them that I was able to get it as a regular customer, which means it should be easier for them to get it as they have so many sales. But they were not to agree with me, saying we cannot do it with sbi sir, if you want you do it. We cannot help. TRUST ME, I did all the bank work all by myself. Even for some documents from advaith, I was made to go to the showroom and collect it.

All this happened , and the loan was done. They delayed it by a day to collect it. The car went for registration, I had to sign some documents for it, which I was asked to come to the showroom and sign it there. I told them I have some meeting and it would be great if someone could come to my office and take it. But again, they were least bothered, they said sir, if you want the car tomorrow, come down here and sign it today kinds. I had to do it. And the registration was not done that day, it happened the next day. If I knew this I could have gone the next day to sign. Had to really rush this. Sad it was.
On the delivery day I called in the morning and told him to put the sun film (Lightest possible shade) on the car. GP agreed to all this and said me to be there at 6 for the delivery. I was there, happy to finally see my car but they had not put the sun film on yet. There were 6 other cars and 4 of them had it. There is a person to put it in the showroom itself. But mine did not have it. I asked GM why it was not put, he said sir no time sir, we will do it tomoro, please come to the showroom. Anyways I wanted to drive the car with a peace of mind, so dint bother. I had clearly mentioned that am not happy with the service in the feedback form. But guess, that’s just a formal thing, for name sake.
I was also promised a car cover which was not given and not talked about. When I asked they searched for it in the car itself and then tell me, sir we don’t have one, will give you soon sir.
I just started the car and moved. It’s a awesome car!! I felt so good once I started driving.

They next day when I went to the showroom for the sun film , GP asked me to park the car and had to wait for like 10-15 mins and then I was told “sir too many cars today sir , can you please go to the yard we have , there are 3-4 boys there so we can finish the work faster ” . Very disappointing. I went to the yard behind hotel woodlands and again there I had to wait for 2 hours and only then my work was done. And after that when I asked for the car cover, GP told they will get it in another 10-15 days and once they get it, they will call me. Am still waiting.


i20 is AWESOME !
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Default Re: Advaith Hyundai - Caring for you .. Always ?

Have heard that this happens quite often with dealerships. Personally, and thankfully, I have never had to go through this with the cars I purchased, but have several others instances when i had gone for inquiries etc

EVen I am quite dissapointed with Advaith. Had given my car to them for service and to be honest, I really feel they just cleaned my car and didnt do anything further. There was no smoothness whatsoever, that you generally get after a service. The SE told me, when I asked him the next day, to drive the car for some time and it will become smooth. Man it was at that point of time around 1.7 years old and didnt need service running in.

SBI is very fast. They processed my loan within 5 days this time for my Chevy. No hassles at all. Same earlier as well. They generally push for private banks, cause they get a bigger cut from them on the deal.

Anyway, congrats on the car, and keep it coming on teambhp. If any, the SA, should be more cautious that it is now on a public forum. Do let us know if he calls you again, regarding your latest post
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Default Re: Advaith Hyundai - Caring for you .. Always ?

Congrats on your new purchase.
I believe these dealers do not get anything from SBI and that is the reason they are least bothered about it. Even i got the loan from SBI, but they are pretty professional. The guy came to house to collect documents, verified done same moment and within 3 days they called to me come to their office to sign all the documents and take the cheque.
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Default Re: Advaith Hyundai - Caring for you .. Always ?

My 2 piece of cents about Advaith :

- I choose this place, because its near to my house.
- Bad experience with Sales person Suraj, at the time of delivery. He went out during the time of delivery, arranged someone else and they took their own sweet time to complete the formalities.
- Not satisfied with the fit and finish of seat covers.
- Went thrice for wheel alignment fixing. It was absolutely fine until first service and after they insisted upon getting them checked during the first service, all problems started. Got it fixed elsewhere. Time constraint is a big problem to go around the showroom.
- I get this call from Advaith (3 times so far) about the feedback. When I gave the proper feedback for the first time, they said thank you. The other time I gave a very good feedback and they said you will get a call from Hyundai and please give them the same feedback about Advaith.

Ok. The other side of the coin. Not everything is bad. They have got some nice Service Engineers around who are very pleasant. I by now know half of them by names.

May be its because of the workload, its gets bad often.

I still prefer to give my car for service at this place only.
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Default Re: Advaith Hyundai - Caring for you .. Always ?

@ thedreamcatcher,rk_sans
Yes , SBI is quick ! damm quick and neat !! i never thought it would be that easy. i had thought they will make we wait like crazy and walk up and down . but no !! there are good and helpful .
@ samabhi
yes , even few of my friends had told me about there SE . thats what made me go to advaith !! but i expect them to handle the customers with some more respect.
Hope things will be better .

@ All
i know there is very little difference in the price from one showroom to another , so they should actually serve the customer well so that he will choose to buy it from him. Small things make a lot of difference . while giving the car , keep up the promise you make. all these things add up . nobody wants to have a fight and take delivery .

its like there are just waiting to convert the general visit to booking . thats it . once that is done , there job is done. anyway, thanks for the read !!

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