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View Poll Results: How would you rate your experience with Tata Authorised Service Station
Excellent & Outstanding 0 0%
Exceeds Your Expectation 9 18.75%
Meets Your Expectation 15 31.25%
Below Your Expectation 17 35.42%
Improvement Needed 7 14.58%
Voters: 48. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 25th January 2011, 16:13   #1
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Default Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

If we can have thread for Maruti, Fiat, Hyundai, Honda, then why not have this dedicated thread for Tata A.S.S.

Poll is copied from Other thread for Maruti

Excellent & Outstanding - Perfect on time execution, very knowledgeable, strong skills & competencies, Rated high on both quality of work and end results.
Exceeds Your Expectation - Exceeds expectations significantly and consistently every time. Proactive in getting things checked and fixed.

Meets Your Expectation - Knowledgeable in essential skills. All services and repairs are fixed to your expectations. On time delivery.

Below Your Expectation - Not being treated on priority, Demonstrates average skills/ knowledge in most of the essential tasks. Needs continuous and close supervision from your end.

Improvement Needed - Quality of work has been consistently falling short of requirements. Not satisfied with overall experience.

I being a happy Tata Indica owner for more than six years now can say that the Tata brand suffers more from a perception because people still tend to believe that an Indian company can't offer the level of customer service compared to its forgien siblings.

Note to Mods - I couldn't find this for Tata so created this new thread. Please feel free to delete if one already exists.

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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Own an Indica for the last 7.5 Yrs.. and I m never confortable with giving it to a TATA service center. Shifted to a local garage as soon as the warranty was over
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Old 25th January 2011, 18:22   #3
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Originally Posted by pvgeorge View Post
Own an Indica for the last 7.5 Yrs.. and I m never confortable with giving it to a TATA service center. Shifted to a local garage as soon as the warranty was over
So you had problems when you were going to TASS?
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Old 2nd February 2011, 16:11   #4
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

I had my first service done on my first Tata Car and perhaps too early to comment but I rated below expectations on the following grounds

a) No service center near to where I live (there are a couple of dealership though)

b) Limited pickup and drop off (only 3 drivers)

c) The service center with a decent reputation had a wait time of 3 weeks for the service.

d) SA indicated that he will be adding Bardahl on my QJD. When I told him that it is not recommended as per the owners manual, he insisted that there is a new circular from Tata Motors to make it compulsory for all vehicles. After checking up the manual again, I called him up and told him not to go ahead. He then checked with his superiors and told me that I was right. Later came to know that the SA usually handles Indica and was substituting someone who was on leave.

e) I had notified them about a rattling problem in the dashboard which they termed as fixed but except tightening the bolts, they had not done any diagnostics.

f) During delivery, there were at least 4 different SAs begging with their customers not to escalate issues and for asking to provide good feedback on them as their appraisal is based on it.

g) There was one nano customer walking in asking about the 99rs/month plan as he had seen in the paper and the receptionist saying that there is none and don't go by what Tata advertise in their papers
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Old 2nd February 2011, 16:29   #5
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Voted Below expectations: i had to go multiple times for simple issues and had to have close supervision in terms of follow ups and valdation the work was actually done. One Caviat.. This was the experience just with Concorde Motors Bangalore.
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Old 2nd February 2011, 16:52   #6
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

My brother had a horrible experience with most of the TATA Service stations in NCR. Seeing that when my dad gave me his Indica I started taking it to Chandigarh for Service to Joshi AutoZone. It was earlier a Maruti Service Center (Won the Best Maruti Service Center in the country award for 2 years). We ourselves had a very good experience with them.

After switching to TATA I would say that Joshi Experience has also gone down slightly but I would say miles ahead of other TATA service centers.
So I take my car to CHD for service.

The service there is silghtly expensive, atleast that is what I have felt but they do a commendable job.
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Old 2nd February 2011, 17:06   #7
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

As an ex-TATA customer I was happy with the service; but as an ex-FIAT customer, I am totally disappointed. You could say a very important point for selling a nice car such as Palio 1.9D was because of the A.S.S. attitude towards Fiat.

So I rate "below expectation" as an overall figure.
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Old 2nd February 2011, 17:43   #8
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Originally Posted by pvgeorge View Post
Own an Indica for the last 7.5 Yrs.. and I m never confortable with giving it to a TATA service center. Shifted to a local garage as soon as the warranty was over
same as pvgeorge. same TASC, same local garage.

the reasons are all over my long term review thread
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Old 2nd February 2011, 18:42   #9
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Voted Below Expectation. I do not have any issues with the car (Vista QJD) but my experience with Dealership during delivery as well as A.S.S has been way below expectation. Some quick points below starting from delivery:

- Paid the full amount in cash (including for the accessories) and asked them to keep the car ready with all the accessories on the delivery date. Go to take the delivery and am shocked to know that the accessories department is not even aware of it and have to wait for 3 hours to get the accessories fixed. The seat covers were not ready and those were put after a couple of days. Thankfully they did it at my residence and did not have to take the car to the dealership again.

- Get the first service done and do not get the invoice as there is some issue with the printer. They note down my address and promise to send the invoice by courier. Did not receive it.

- During the second service ask them about the invoice and get some vague answers about system issues because of which the address was not updated. Once again they promise that they would send the invoice for 1st and 2nd Service together by courier. Still have not received it.

- During the 3rd service i have to keep the car at the service centre overnight. Next day morning i go to pick up the car and there is Bidi/Cigarette smell in the car. On closer inspection can see tobacco on the floor of the seat next to the driver. On being asked about this i am told that possibly the watchmen must have slept in the car in the night
During this service i needed some problem with the Turbo corrected. This job was well done and have not faced the issue again.

- In general the A.S.S and dealership experience has been below expectations.

I am very happy with the car but it would have been customer delight if A.S.S. had been better. I am not sure if this is dealer specific issue.

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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

I selected Meets Your Expectation .

However, several points to note:
1. I have never had a major issue with the car. The only time i would say Tata bungled it up was when both headlights had blown (only low beam) and they were both replaced. However, if they had been competent, they should have thought about testing the alternator too as it is highly unlikely that both head lamps can blow around the same time without any other problem. I had to do this proactively before blowing up another set of bulbs.

2. Indica V2's service is for every 5k. First of all, i feel Tata is too proactive in changing parts. I am suggested several changes that i decline most of them. Further, their service charges have increased steadily. If one would go by Tata's Service Advisors, you would have to spend around Rs. 10k per 10k km. This, i believe is way over what a Maruti would cost to maintain.

3. SA's take one for a ride if they know the driver does not know much. For example, if i ask my wife to leave the car at the service center, as it is on her way to work, i get a huge bill.

Again, as i mentioned before, i dont have much of a problem with the car, and most of my experiences were preventive in nature.

Also, with all the negative things associated with Tata ***, i am always armed with my TBhp background whenever i go to tata. But an average Joe may find himself in a tight spot!! Met one guy once who was spending around 5 to 6k every service (and the V2 Service is at 5k kms!).
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

I voted Meets your expectations. I have had no issues either with the car or with the Tata A.S.S. Tata service has not been out of this world, but neither they have looted me in the 3 servicings or have messed something. I am satisfied.
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

They can do better. They are probably over worked. But they are so scared about the rating you give lol. And of course you have a call center person calling you in a few days insisting to talk to you only in your local language even if you are comfortable with English. There are a few good SA. Most are just there for the want of a job.

Instances that I have faced, car not washed, but was with marked ready (My cars are clean, they had actually made it dirty, which would annoy anyone here!) The service adviser tried to convince me it was washed, then I showed him the engine bay. the car got washed, he did not want me to give low scores for the washing bit, I did, but also added a note it was washed after I pointed it out( but had to wait 2 hrs) but he did look like he had just lost his job!.

Brake squeal, Its one of the most difficult issues. Paid three times, same result. No change. Ask them to change the pads even if the have life on them or not, they wont listen.

Always slightly overfill engine oil.

They do not do most of the work thats been listed and off late they have started charging for work and parts not done or used.

Wheel alignments? never do them here! or in other words never pay for it cause it almost never gets done!

for those still on warranty, find a good Service advisor, find out when there would be least no. cars, be the first to drop it off early in the morning. And get spiritual
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Old 21st August 2011, 02:19   #13
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Can somebody could guide here, regarding decent TASS in or near to Noida? I've a Indica Vista Quadrajet which requires a service asap but I'm unable to get know of any reputed TASS in/near to Noida. It would be a great help if anyone could solve this query
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Old 29th June 2012, 14:38   #14
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Default Re: Tata A.S.S Review By Owners

Was delighted to see some serious 'Upgrades' at Tejaswi, Hyderabad a couple of months ago. Was lazy to post.

A heartfelt . Good going !

Atleast most people(see below) knew that their car was delayed
On a lighter note - It looked like the Amsterdam Airport during the Volcano eruption.
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Tata A.S.S Review By Owners-09062012267.jpg  

Tata A.S.S Review By Owners-09062012268.jpg  

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Default Meet my expectations!

Finally good news for TASC.
Would like to share a small incidence. I am using a Nano @35,600 kms. After reading so many not so satisfactory experiences of TASC I decided to get it serviced from nearby Garage. Did the servicing 8 months back and was quite happy that I saved time and money! I had asked the person to change the spark plugs referring him the Manual. But being a "professional" he advised me not to change the plugs as they are in good condition and I agreed and thought this guy is a good guy who is saving my money

Fast forward 8 months:
The unexpected thing happened! MIL starts blinking! I am shocked! The car is handled by me only and I take utmost care. I took the car to the same garage where it got serviced 8 months back. The guy checked it. Asked him to get it scanned. Somewhere in my mind I knew its not firing properly and the sparkplug are due for change. Now this guy asks me to get it serviced again! He says "Car is due for servicing" "Fuel Injector cleaning needed" No need to scan! I was not convinced that this car needs servicing again after just 5000 k run since last servicing. So with some "Courage" I went to TASC and told them MIL blinking. Now my car was scanned here and they found the fault in sparkplugs. Changed it. Within 40 mins i got my car back. They told me "no need to service it" till the 10000 kms are covered since last servicing!

Feed back to TASC: While going on a trial with the Supervisor I told the guy "Saar, you people have really got a bad name in the market"!! And he was shocked! But then I appreciated the service. And two days after i got call for feedback from TASC. I gave a positive feedback. Overall very good experience. Would like to take my car there again in future.
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