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Default Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

So as promised, here are my thoughts on the dealership and the delivery and process of the paperwork.

From my understanding, Giriraj was bought over by a dealership called Jai Auto (A part of the JSB Group), I guess this was part of Skoda's move at only retaining dealers who had done well with their service - Im not too sure so please dont quote me on that!

Part 1 - Test Drive - Interacted with someone called Ajeet Singh, a new sales rep who was very eager but had no real knowledge of the car or its stats. They were not fussy on the TD and I chose my route and everything with absolutely no complaints from them. They dont have all the cars available at all times but they do get back in touch when they have the model you want (arranged a TD for my boss for the Laura and they were spot on in bringing the car to the office). The test drive experience rates higher than any Maruti / Fiat / Tata / Hyundai experience. 5/5

Part 2 - Paperwork / Finance / Booking - I got my financing done by myself through the United Bank of India - slow but great rate of interest! Booking was an email I sent to them and didnt pay them a cent. They still held on to the car / or had it ready for me on time. The registration was also quite simple and they had someone come over to my place to collect the docs post delivery - just to ensure there I wasnt inconvenienced in any way. That little gesture was appreciated. I still haven't received the final Insurance certificate but I still have this month on the cover note I got with the car. They did not give me the original invoice at the time of delivery and I had to get that a couple of day later. While I have my number now I dont have the RC yet, but that does take a while in GGN - all deals with Maruti have taken about 2 months so not expecting anything different here. Not bad but definitely could be better. 3.5/5

Part 3 - Delivery and Condition of Car - - Now this is the part that did cause me some concern. While the delivery time was adhered to and the car was ready and waiting when I drove there there were a few problems - but thats later. I spent a total of about an hour and a half waiting for the paperwork to be processed. DD Motors had me there for about 5 hours for my swift and PASCO about 4 hours for my Wagon R - So the 1.5 hours was actually a lot better, unfortunately their showroom is not best suited for waiting and their customer lounge is extremely "there for the heck of it". But thats cool because the Galaxy Hotel is next door in case it gets too long - Plus theres a Maruti dealer right next door in case they begin to take you for granted! They did give the car a thorough spit and polish and the sales guy did demonstrate and check all electricals. He also did a decent job on the Multi Information Display / and instructions around Tyre Pressure / Washer Fluids. What he missed was explaining the key fob and the variety of things it can do - roll the windows up and down - pop the boot etc. But these were the strengths and thats not what this is about. There was a cigarette burn hole on the drivers seat - obviously from one of their transportation drivers - which was awful - now the hole wasnt that bad and Im not a picky guy - me thinks at some point I will cause one myself, but hell I would have appreciated an apology or an offer for seat covers - not that I would have taken it from them but the offer would have made me feel like they understood the value of my hard earned money. But nothing from them.

They had also managed to scratch some of the plastic on the dash - a couple of small scratches on the instrument cluster and a couple on the air con panel. Im not a picky guy and I dont like creating a scene but I know a lot of people who probably wouldnt have accepted it. But in all honesty, I really am not bothered by these little things. These things happen to cars over time anyway, I just wanted them to show some hint of understanding the value of a car to the working class. While the delivery was good these little things worry me and let me know if Im just another customer or a valued patron.. I guess just another number. 3/5

Would I recommend Giriraj to you for buying your Skoda? Yes I would, but definitely with my caveats.

In my opinion the biggest miss - Not being introduced to the Service Manager as part of the delivery process and even after my asking (I was told he had left early - not surprising considering it was New Years eve).

I have not been able to interact with their service station and will write an update at some point once I have.

I sure hope that Skoda has focussed on enhancing the customer experience. I have made my decision with my eyes open on the possibility of poor service - and if that happens, then to hell with your warrant I will take it to Carnation! But its too early to tell and given current form I am sure they will blow me away! Heres wishing anyway!
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Was looking forward to this post. Looks as if you had an OKish experience. Re. Giriraj handling of new cars - it is pathetic. I think they have their yard somewhere around sector 39/40. Almost everyday I see a Superb/Laura/Fabia with protective white sheets over hood and body being driven rashly between their showroom and yard.

Just yesterday I saw their transport driver severly abusing a wine-red Superb on the sector-31 to highway road. The guy was revving the engine like anything, flooring it at each empty stretch of 50 meters and braking hard. I felt sorry for the prospective owner.

Hope you have a good service experience with them. If A** can take good care of your car then nothing like it.
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Just a quick update, the insurance papers have got to me, however not through the dealer at all - I had to speak to Customer Service at the Insurance company and get them to mail me a soft copy. The dealer has not followed up to check whether I have the papers yet.

They handed me the registration papers the other day and the name was spelled incorrect and the car was hypothecated to the the wrong bank. This just does not fill me with confidence about how things are going to work out.

Will update the rest of this story once I get the RC back with the correct information. There is more to tell about how much they care for their customers!
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Shivir, I was at Giriraj motors last week and had a pathetic experience. I thought I will document my experience here itself if you don't have any issues.


I drive an Octy L&K which recently completed 1L kms. For the past few years I have always got it serviced outside as I have had trouble at A** before also. Since the odo had gone into 6 figures I thought I will get a complete checkup done. Outside mechanics do not have VAG-COM (for on-board diagnostics for Skoda) and that was another key reason why I went to Giriraj. Also I had run into an acquaintance who promised me 25% discount (on labor) at Giriraj. He also promised to arrange for me being at the side of my vehicle throughout. My car was last serviced at 90k kms and I had 101k kms on my odo when I visited Giriraj. Even though service interval for my car are 15k kms, I thought I might as well get the car serviced to save time despite the scheduled service still more than 3k kms away. With all these in mind I went to Giriraj on a Monday morning.

My experience

Once inside an SA quickly came near my vehicle and I explained why I was there. He started rattling off items to be done on the job sheet. Key items were:

a) Servicing with all filters changed (air, AC, diesel and oil) - estimate 8k
b) Coolant and gear oil change - estimate 6k (I immediately said I will have the final say on this - SA agreed)
c) Throttle body and intake manifold cleaning - estimate 3.2k
d) Timing belt inspection - estimate 850. The belt was last changed at 70k kms and has a life of 60k kms. Since the costs of failure for the belt run into several lakhs (it is a critical component) I wanted it inspected. I mentioned to the SA that 850 just for inspection was way too much and he said they need a lot of effort to inspect the belt. I bought his arguement in good faith.
e) Sunroof lubrication - estimate 1250. Sunroof was screeching on operation. I only wanted the sunroof lubricated - SA said they only do that as a package with all doors.
f) Brake disc/pad/shoe (rear and front) inspection and cleaning - estimate 1100.

All of the estimates were without tax and totalled to approx 15k (without the gear oil and coolant change). Add 13.5% tax and the estimate goes to 17k. I found all of these estimates very much on the higher side (except the scheduled service for 8k) but since I am rarely at A** still decided to go ahead.

The vehicle was assigned a service bay and I promptly stood by its side. Scheduled service related tasks happened first. Things started to go downhill after that. Even in the servicing I had issues with how my AC filter was replaced. After replacement the beading was not aligned and a significant gap was left in between the windshield and the beading (AC filter is located at the base of the windshield on the passenger side). There was enough space for dust or water to find their way into the filter and even inside the car since the air flow happens over the filter. The mechanic did nothing about it even after it was pointed out.

Here are how rest of the items were tackled:

1) Timing belt inspection - The mechanic just opened a cover, touched the belt and told me it needed replacement. All this in under 10 seconds - so much for the SA's arguement that the inspection is hard. Now Skoda A** does the replacement for 16k and the belt looked absolutely fine to me (in fact it looked as good as new). I had read extensively on Briskoda that the belt need not be replaced before 60k miles whereas mine had done only 20k miles since replacement. I asked for a second opinion from some experienced mechanic. A few minutes later one came by looked at the belt, inspected it in a bit more detail (for like 30 seconds) and said it was perfectly fine!

2) Coolant and gear oil change - both needed to be changed (I knew that beforehand) but the 6k estimate just didn't seem right to me. Good coolants (castrol/Delphi) are available outside for 200 per litre and gear oil from Shell also costs a similar amount. Total quantity needed was 2 litres of coolant and 2.6 litres of gear oil. I put in a call outside and was assured that both will be done for 1.5k with labor. I asked A** to refrain from doing it.

3) Brake disc/pad/shoe inspection and cleaning - all wheels were opened and I was immediately told that everything needed replacement - both front discs and pads and brake shoes for both rear drums. Estimate given was in the region of 15k. I had changed brake pads for front discs just 10k kms ago and that too with Pagid pads (OE for VW in Europe). I pointed out that the pads were absolutely fine to which the mechanic replied that since they were not from A** he will have to change them. And then had the cheek to tell me that otherwise there is nothing wrong with the pads. I was further told that the discs could crack anytime soon even though I could clearly see that they were sufficiently thick. I had very little idea about rear brake pads and how much thick they originally are but again decided that if they need replacement I will get it done from outside. I asked the mechanic to just clean the brakes and put the wheels back again. The mechanic was by now becoming pretty hostile. The only cleaning they did on the rear pads was blow some air over them! The front pads were scrubbed with corrugation paper - so much for 1100 plus taxes.

4) Throttle body plus intake manifold cleaning - the only job I was satisified with. Even though it cost me 3.5k, both these items were cleaned very well by two mechanics who spent a good 30 mins doing the job in front of my eyes. Both were pretty dirty and I really did appreciate all the effort put into this job by those guys.

The biggest horror was yet to come though. The Octy has a full solid iron panel protecting the engine bay from underneath. For a few jobs the mechanic needed to unscrew that panel. It has 3 bolts at the back and two of them got stuck. The mechanic said they will need to do a welding job and put in new nuts and that it will cost me 850. By now I knew that everything was a ripoff here but since I needed to get out pronto asked the mechanic to go ahead. The welding guys came and got those 2 bolts out. The mechanic ripped apart a few plastics around the panel which were covering components around the front wheels. I was pretty angry. His reply - they can't do anything about it. Now I have had those panels removed outside at least 4-5 times and each time it was done without any damage. Here were Skoda qualified mechanics doing an absolutely shoddy job with the panels. Anyway the shock with the panels finally came in the bill when I was charged 400+tax for each of the three nuts they needed to replace to secure the panel after welding. I was . So the panel removal and resecuring cost me around 2300 (850 for welding, 400*3 for each nut and 13.5% tax on all this).

After this ordeal I was looking to get out of there ASAP and asked them to send the car to be scanned by VAG-COM followed by washing. The scanning was done in my presence, no errors were found, service interval was reset and the car was sent for washing. 45 minutes later I was told that the car is ready. I settled the bill (16.5k in total and 14.5k after discount). I hadn't got the sunroof lubrication done as found the charges (1250+tax) to be too high.

While estimating my bill I found the SA was filling up the feedack form for a previous customer on his own and ticking all segments as 'Very Good'. He then dropped that form in the feedback box. While I was stlling my bill, I found another SA doing the same. So much for feedback! Thoroughly disgusted I went out to take possesion of my car. When I opened the door I found that the interiors were very dirty (even dirtier than when it had gone for washing). Haggled with the cleaning people to do their job right. Only 1 out of 4-5 cleaning chaps came forward and proceeded to clean the car. After another 20 mins I drove away.

Total time spent at the workshop for all this - 7 hours (morning 11 am to evening 6 pm).

Follow-up from outside

I have since got the coolant and brake oil replaced for 1300 outside. For the rear brake shoes the outside mechanic told me there was absolutely no need to replace them. Not satisfied I went to a known auto parts shop and got a new set of rear brake shoes to compare with the existing and found that they indeed did not need replacing as the existing ones were still 75% as thick as new ones.


My experience in one word - pathetic. Definitely not going back there again. If I would not have been on the floor (or was ignorant about spare part costs) I would have easily got a bill for 50k.

My advise to anybody heading there - go only if absolutely necessary and use your own head. While the servicng bit is still fine, do not rely on the advise of SA/mechanic alone for other jobs/part replacements because if you do you will end up burning a hole in your pocket.

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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

I finally got my RC on Friday the 11th of March - thats 2 and a half months after buying the car. Not that Im complaining but anyway.

Its strange how you walk into a car showroom 2 months after giving them 6 lacs of your hard earned money and nobody even recognizes you, but you buy a suit from M&S for 9K and the salesman remembers you for a year at least! Really - get a grip on who you are! Most of you guys who work there dont earn the sort of money we come in there and spend! I am honestly not being offensive here and I apologize if I hurt or anger anyone - but hell, dont look down on your customers because they are the ones who pay your salaries!

@Cesc - Does not surprise me at all the crap they tried to pull. I will probably take the car to one of the Delhi dealers for a service.

But they continue to sell cars by the truckload...
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Updating this thread with a recent example of Giriraj's audacity. A fellow member from Faridabad has this running as a separate thread:


Basically they sold him an accidental car and are blatantly refusting the fact that it was accidental. Skoda is playing along with the dealer.
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Just read all that both of you wrote & I would concur with the observations. The service standards of this outfit are quite a concern to a brand of some repute and obviously to our hard earned money.

How i wish that I would have read these remarks before, It would have brought some respite to go ahead with other Skoda Dealers who definitely look better equipped than these in Customer handling.

Now, we had picked a Skoda Superb and first thing we note is the Starting Issue, the car would just not start at one go and would at times engine would start and shut down - it took about 60days and many a few rounds of Giriraj (50% of the times they did arrange for picking/delivering the car to/from home, but that wont be taken as a favor at all in the light of what we were facing after spending a heap.)

Its a weird treatment at this dealership - you can make out so very easily the mentality of the people soon as you come back with an issue - hoping that you would get some warm treatment. They do listen to you but from the very first word they utter, its all a disinterested behavior - as if you are living on their money and its their car you are driving.

Lack of stout technical understanding & cooperative attitude is a big miss in the team. Shabby profile for such a brand and the kind of clientle they handle. I wish I as a consumer could show them how we & our 4yr old SWIFT is treated at Maruti - It would put Giriraj team to shame enuf to shut the shop, not that we want it to happen but these words come out of sheer experiences had with Giriraj ..unfortunately.

Now first that technical issue & all the cold attitude of the people making weird faces, then you realize that neither your insurance nor your RC has reached to you and the validity of a month for cover notes of both has already passed by a month ago. Now another round of chase starts for Insurance & RC cause you cant take your dear vehicle out without either. So after handful of visits at the dealerships & reminder calls we got nothing so finally managed to get the Insurance on our own from the Ins. Company.

As for the RC, it took a few more calls and twice that we lost our temper at the dealership for this procedural document which we were waiting since 3+ months! (no, not bluffing here) ..finally we got the needed piece of document.

I am not quite sure if we are ready to put our money where we make rounds like these & escalate issues for our own money spent with people helping or not is a different question - but i for one, would never want to be in that position either, after having spent respectable amount.

Neither there shall be Skoda ever for our families or Giriraj Motors.

This note shared is not to dissuade anyone who is going to buy from this outfit or this brand, but a personal experience where faith was laid on a brand & a dealership which made us feel in true sense an absolute waste of our money and time.

You may want to check this link which aggravated me further, just before i thought to write this post. I so pity the gentleman in question.

Pathetic AfterSales of SKODA by Giriraj Motors - Gurgaon

All the best and think before writing that Chq.

Good day
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Originally Posted by trehansid View Post
As for the RC, it took a few more calls and twice that we lost our temper at the dealership for this procedural document which we were waiting since 3+ months! (no, not bluffing here) ..finally we got the needed piece of document.
Why did you received the RC after 3 months. And were you charged the late penalty for not registering the car within 20 days from the sale date ???
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Originally Posted by low_bass_makker View Post
Why did you received the RC after 3 months. And were you charged the late penalty for not registering the car within 20 days from the sale date ???
Nope, no penalty was charged or was advised of to us.

Comprehensible & concrete reason was always missing than the following statements uttered by them which came like excuses or may actually have happened that.

But the technical fiasco that cropped in the car the 2nd day morning and our frequent talks with the team robbed us all of all possible trust that we could lay for excuses they were giving wrt RC:

*Initially it was - "Sir, file thodi delay ho rahi hai"
*Later after 45 days or so - "Sir file me dikkat hai, locate kar rahey hain, shayad misplace ho gai hai authority mein"
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Hey! Sid nice to see you on Team-BHP.
Sad to know, how things are not improving with the skoda dealerships.
& even sadder that skoda makes some good cars so one is tempted to buy them.
We have two skoda's in the family both now quite old, but we are lucky to find people good enough to do the necessary repair work, servicing etc.
But i'm scared as we have booked a Skoda Rapid AT in Mumbai.
The funny part is in spite of market being slack we had to continuously follow them up to finalize the deal. Also to avail the skoda sheild extended warranty one has to buy insurance form them which @ 34K is way too high. Also after reading all this i'm not to sure if having an extended warranty is a good thing????

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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Not too active though NEO, had joined TBP while to interact wrt Royal Enfield and got the Desert Storm sometime back, but then woes related to Giriraj triggered me to spare sometime and write my own experiences as well about them.

Rapid ...Ah well, all the best bro. That was the next car in line while we were picking our first from the brand but then the reading about this dealership & the brand in general i shall just be pleased to see current car carry on without making us visit deliberately see clownish faces &/or get ripped. No more Skoda ever.
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Default Re: Giriraj Motors, Gurgaon

Well i'm not to active either as far as posts are concerned , but i do visit the site regualy to keep my self updated on all things auto & more.

I guess skoda has no option but to improve on A.S.S, but it seems to be taking some time for them to get their act together. I hope there are other dealers who can also take care of your car. Not sure if it's true but have heard that in time all VW, skoda, audi cars can be serviced by either of the service station. Hope it happens asap.
All the best.
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Default GiriRaj Skoda Gurgaon -- Nightmare

Mod Note : Please avoid typing with excessive dots.........like................this. Thanks

I have been holding off this post for more than a year, but I guess i am done.
I bought Skoda Yeti 4x4 from Jai Auto -- Gurgaon ( I guess name used by Giriraj Skoda to hide its bad Reputation in Gurgaon ) 2 different dealerships same parent company -- Giriraj.
My experience of owning a Yeti is nothing but a nightmare. I accept technical faults can come in any product but the service experience...Gives me goose bumps.

Starts within 2 days of getting the new car out of showroom. The AC blower doesnt start immediately. I can hear the blower working but cannot feel any air circulation.. It would start randomly a few seconds to a minute after starting my car. I go back to dealer and he says its a feature-- note feature in Yeti to delay start the AC..I didnt accept it but didnt have the time to argue..Problem becomes worse till finally AC stops working one day..I had several visits to their workshop in the meanwhile where they would not accept the problem in AC since it would be working when i would reach the workshop.

They finally dismantle and reassemble the entire AC unit and say problem fixed. However next morning same issue. I finally isolated the issue and found this happened only if the car was left parked in strong sun for a while. Showed them the same thing in workshop.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: DONT PARK YOUR CAR IN SUN. (Did I not get the humour in here ?? )

Lot of fighting and abusing follows with their workshop manager and finally they agree to change the compressor ( which I dont know why they did, since Cooling seemed to work but the AC blower seemed a problem) Bill running in high thousand ( thankfully under warranty ) car comes out problem persists....Called Skoda parent comp several times, all they do is notify the dealer...

Result My AC still stops working in strong sun, however i have given up .....

2nd Car goes in for service ( free service ) I goto collect the car...
Some smart guy had kept the toolkit on the bonnet and dragged it..Result brilliantally scratched bonnet of my Yeti...

Lot of fighting and blaming..finally All they do is rubbing and polishing which doesnt remove the scratches completely but apparently hides them..

6 months gone...wheel alignment issue...For an alignment they take one full day..Give the car back collect the bill and say if you feel a problem get the car back..

Now instead of pulling left the car is pulling right...Go back next day..Keep the car for 2 days for alignment...get it back..Now car is pulling left again...

one month i drag it somehow..Take the car third time for same alignment issue..Keep the car for one full day and call me in evening..

Now..There stands my Yeti with a broken wind shield.....Felt like shooting each one of those workshop guys..They say probably broken during test drive..Ask me for Insurance..I ask them why shud I use my insurance, since I have never claimed and I dont wanna use my NCB..They try to persue me alot and say they ll have to deduct the salary of the guy who broke it and he would be probably too poor to afford it..

I ask them how is it my problem..Keeping my good sense aside i Stand my ground..Finally they replace the windshield but the most shoddy pasting job ever. Seems they didnt replace the rubber beading and its already peeling off. And it was replaced just 3 days back..

Tell me guys what do I do ???

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Red face Giriraj Motors - Delhi/Gurgaon

Brand - Skoda
Car - Rapid
Variant - Diesel
Model - Limited Edition "Leisure"
Ownership Thread - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...rapid-tdi.html ("Leisure"ly enjoying the Skoda Rapid TDI)

The Delivery of Car was to be taken on Dhanteras (1st Nov.)

The best deal being given for Skoda Rapid Leisure edition was by
a) Giriraj Motors - Peeragarhi, Delhi (GM,P)
b) Giriraj Motors - Dwarka, Delhi (GM,D)

When inquired other dealers in NCR about the discount on Rapid, they were not ready to give more than 30-50K.

The moment I asked for the 5X5 scheme, they were - "Sir yeh scheme to bas kal hi khatam huyi" (This got over just yesterday). This is when I asked them in 2nd week of October and 3rd week of October. Only GM,P and GM,D offered it.

Both of these showrooms belong to the same group JSB along with other Showroom by same name in Gurgaon and also the Jai Motors showrooms.

My negotiations were mainly on with Giriraj Motors, Peergarhi as its sales adviser over there was in constant touch and was pushing me to book ASAP. The more they push me, the more they can be pushed

Day T-5 - The Booking Day
Went to the Showroom with my Dad and Son. Read it on the forum that it is always better to take someone along and I agree it is.

Giriraj Motors Piragarhi Adviser (GMPA) - So Sir, shall we book the car.
Me - So, What is the final discounted Price.
GMPA - (Talks to his Manager (calling him GMPM) and comes back). Sir, 10.26
Me- This is more than what you quoted me earlier i.e. 10.2.
GMPA - Sir, but now we are also offering you 5X5
Me - Sorry, not accepted. I already have a deal for less than that(Start walking out)
GMPA - (after further discussions with GMPM) Ok Sir, we can match it and can give mats and mud flaps but only if you book right away.
Me - Make it 10 and I'll do.
GMPA - (more whispering between the advisors and managers). Sir we will do it below 10.1 but what, we can't commit. It can be 10.09,10.08,10.06...(bhindi bazar???)
Me - Make it 10.0X. I want a commitment.
Deal Closed (woosh!!!!!)

Chose the color as Brilliant Silver and signed a cheque for booking amount along with 4 conditions.
1. The car should be a latest model (not more than 4 months old). Primarily I wanted the one with the latest Skoda Badge.
2. The rear parking indicators should be Body Colored and not the black ones which were shown on the White Display model at their showroom.(though I had a gut feeling that this might be an issue)
3. The PDI to be done by me before any formalities of the car is done.
4. Car to be Delivered on Dhanteras

All 4 were agreed upon by GMPA.
Was told about the documents that would be required for the Loan agreement, shook hands and went back all excited.

Feedback Score the Staff - 10/10

Day T-4 - The Loan Documentation Day
Although I provided most of the documents on the Booking day, the remaining ones were picked up on this day.
Reminded my GMPA that the loan needs to be cleared in time as there should not be any delay in the delivery.
Also, I need to do the PDI of car and I will do it on Wednesday.
GMPA - Sir, car will be all dusty in the yard.
Me - I know. I am not going to drive it back home. Just need to have a peace of mind.
GMPA - I will arrange for it. The stock yard is in Gurgaon so you may have to go there.

Day T-3 - The Silence before the Storm Day
Chased GMPA for the status of the loan and also confirmed that the next day I will be visiting the yard as first thing in the morning, so make necessary arrangement for it. I was also to get a document attested by bank and get all the formalities done the next day.

Day T-2 - The Stormy Day
My Schedule was supposed to be-
  1. Go to Bank. Get the document attested.
  2. Visit the Skoda Yard.
  3. Perform the PDI.
  4. Go to Skoda Gurgaon.
  5. Complete the Loan Documentation Formalities. A Giriraj Motors Gurgaon Finance (GMGF) person was helping out with it.
  6. Work at Office.

The GMPA had promised me to give a confirmation call at 10.15AM about the PDI location in Gurgaon.
Now, this is what happened.
  1. Went to the Bank. Got the Document Attsted
  2. Was on my way to the Skoda Yard. True to his words, GMPA gave the call at 10.15AM. Now, here is the twist.

    GMPA - Sir, The car that has supposedly been alloted to you is not in the Gurgaon yard but is in the Mathura Road yard.
    Me - But hey, all this while since 3 days I am being told Gurgaon yard!!!
    GMPA - Sir, we have many yards and just now I have been told about this status. Anyways, the car will be dirty and dust (blah blah)
    Me - (Temper rising) - But that was THE Condition. No PDI, No Car.
    GMPA - I will get the car to Peeragarhi tomorrow (a day before delivery) and you can do PDI.
    Me - Whatever, I will not be doing any documentation until PDI is done. Meanwhile send me the VIN.
    GMPA - Ofcourse. I had the Chasis number ready right from day 1. You could have asked for it earlier. I will SMS you right away
    Me (Wondering that then how come you didn't know from Day 1 where the car is located)
  3. Went to office. Received the SMS around 45 minutes later (this is what they called as ready).
  4. Within next 2 mins, looked up TBHP and Voila!!! This is a January 2013 Car. I am now very very red faced. This is simply unacceptable.
  5. Called GMPA.
    Strike -1
    Me - What is this? This is a Jan 2013 car. I asked for the latest car with the new Skoda badge.
    GMPA - Sir, how do you know it is Jan 2013?
    Me - That's not the question. The question is why has that been alloted when I specifically asked for latest Skoda badge. Deal is Cancelled.
    GMPA - Let me look for options. We would certainly have more cars at some locations. Give me around an hour.

    2 hours passes by. In the meantime, I called up the GMGF person and let him know that the formalities are On Hold since the entire deal might get cancelled. He was very helpful and asked me to have my peace of mind before proceeding. In the background he also called GMPM and inquired about what was actually happening.
    After 2 hours I received the next SMS and and this car is again March,2013. Another call to GMPA and he says that this car was received by them not in the begining of March and this is with the latest Skoda badge.
    As for the PDI, that was arranged at their Gurgaon Workshop in the evening on same day.
    I somehow convinced myself.
  6. Go to Skoda Gurgaon - Met the GMGF as he was the contact person who would help me out with PDI. After 15 mins or so, went to the Workshop with him and there is a Silver Rapid being washed. That was "The Car". The car had the new Skoda badge and its white protective stickers intact.
    I asked for Form 22 which was searched for in next one hour and it showed that the delivery of this vehicle reached in first week of June.
    This gave me some relief.

    Strike - 2
    While the car was being washed, saw another Silver Ambition Rapid being prepared as Leisure and the rear parking indicators being drilled into its bumper were Black.
    I confirmed from GMGF that the ones that will be fitted on mine would be body colored and he said that he doubt that since all the Leisure kits are standard in nature and in all probability mine will also be Black.
    Another flow of calls from GMGF to GMPA and GMPM, me to GMPA.
    GMPA to me.
    GMPM to me.
    me to GMGF....uff.....
    Apologies...Apologies...Apologies flowing....

    Apparently it was a false commitment as the GMPA didn't know about the same (he was a newbie and was playing the role of a Yes Man, typical Indian sales person).
    I was now very furious. First the PDI debacle in the morning and secondly this.

    Met with the Senior Sales of Giriraj Motors Gurgaon (GMGSS) who heard the complete story, escalated further, rang up again all those involved and while sympathizing with me, gave them a sound beating over the phone.

    In the first place, I had a gut feeling that the indicators would be black, but "they confirmed it would be Body Colored"....

    Anyways... burnt around a litre of blood (give or take a few ml) due to anger and was finally convinced that there would not be any more debacle and the car would be delivered as promised with no issues. I was promised that GMGSS will personally look after all stuff and will be given a body cover as complimentary.

    I chose not to take delivery from the GM,P and rather from GM,D which was obliged upon.
  7. Completed the rest of Loan Documentation Formalities.
  8. Went back home with mixed reactions. I was to be happy buying a new car, but these things!!!

Feedback Score the GM,P Staff - 2/10 (3 False Commitments out of 4)
Feedback Score the GM,G Staff - 7/10

Day T-1 - The Lull Day
  1. Called up Giriraj Motors Dwarka Adviser (GMDA) whether he has been made aware that my car will be delivered from Dwarka. He answers affirmative. I ask him to give me a call when the car and all relevant documentation arrives.
    Also, I confirmed him the timing as 10:00 AM.
  2. Received call from GMDA in the evening that the Car had arrived and he was in possession of all relevant documents. The person was courteous and seemed really courteous.

D Day
Plan was to go to the Showroom with Father and Wifey but wifey fell ill just a day before.
Dad and me went to the showroom and reached by 11:00AM where we were welcomed by GMDA. We were informed that car was ready for delivery. I performed all the documentation checks as per the Team-BHP check list to ensure everything is in order.
This followed giving a Demo of the various features of the car and a final level of inspection by me.
Everything seemed to be in Order.
The only question I had was "Why is this reverse Camera on Bumper as for the display Models it was just above the Licence Plate".
Answer - The workshop people get 2 models. They fit it accordingly.

Finally, given a bouquet, a chocolates pack, picture taken and given the car keys.

At 12:00PM, we were out with me driving my new "Badi Wali Car"

Feedback Scrore - 10/10

T+2 Day
While I was enjoying the initial rides which I will post in the Ownership Experience column, I noticed a wire protruding out of the dashboard and going into the Navigation.
That was the cable for Rear Camera. But hey, my Camera + Navigation was supposed to be Wireless.

For a couple of days, I did some further research on net and yes, this wire should not have been there in the first place.

I called up GMDA and asked him why this was the case.
His answer was that since they received 2 different models, thus mine would have been fitted with a different one. I was not convinced.

I called up GMGSS and asked him about the debacle. He asked me to come with car and he will get stuff checked.

I visited him, asked him to give me in writing that the Leisure kit that was installed is what they received i.e. a wired one, he asked someone, they further asked and finally "yes, it was supposed to be a wireless kit"
(There was a bit more masala but in essence this is what happened).

Now, I hear one of the person saying that if we install another Camera, that will leave a hole in bumper.

Me - What the Heck!!! Do you mean that I will drive around with a hole in the car's butt.

I am pacified by GMGSS. He comes in 15 minutes and says that they will replace the Bumper as well as install the new camera and navigation system. All cost borne by them.
I chose not to do it and rather live with what I got.

I did not have no issues with the current camera as such but just that Navigation system is far from reach and the wire coming out makes it look like a cheap after market installation.

I personally would appreciate the efforts put in by Mr. Nitin from the GM, Gurgaon for understanding the problem, acknowledging the mistakes on Dealership's part as well as offering solutions for it. He followed up at the times he promised either directly or via someone and ensured what my concerns are addressed.

Will I recommend Giriraj Motors?
Gurgaon/Dwarka - Yes
Peeragarhi - No

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Default Re: Giriraj Motors - Delhi/Gurgaon

Why didn't you opt for the wireless set up with new bumper. After all they should bear the cost and only that will perhaps change there attitude. The problem I have is that till the last moment they kept lying that there are 2 models and yours is the other one.
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