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Default Vento Test Drive: VW needs to pull up Tanya Cars, Jaipur.

I would like to share my experience of trying to Test Drive a Vento Diesel variant over the past one month which has left a very shabby impression of VW as a brand and its After Sales Service on me.

Dealer: Tanya Cars
Location: Jaipur

1. Last Month i was in town for a couple of days. Calling up the above mentioned dealership, i was informed that the vehicle is in the Service Station and cannot be sent for test drive. The sales executive Mr. Sarvesh Bansal informed me that afternoon that he is close to my house and can come over for the test drive, which i refused to take as i had other commitments that were made after a conversation with him in the morning and his explaining to me that the car is unavailable.

2. (16/04/2010) I messaged Mr. Sarvesh Bansal (had spoken to him the day before) who asked Mr. Shailendra to call up and ask the Address. Time 10:30 am. Mr. Shailendra explains to me that he will be leaving in 15 minutes.

3. 11:30am. I call up 4087006, The number from which Mr. Shailendra called to know whether his 15 minutes are over and if he has left the showroom. Asif picks up the phone and explains that Mr. Shailendra is not here and has gone out (probably for a test drive).

4. I explain to him that he was to come to my place for a test drive. He says that i should wait and he will reach when he has to.

5. I ask him for Mr. Shailendra's number so that i can call him up and ask him his whereabouts, to which he replies I'm sorry i don't have his number. He will reach your place you please wait (This time in a tone which was not at all acceptable)

6. I explain to him that i need his number as i have prior enganements and that Shailendra has already delayed me a lot. To which he replies that he can't help me, he doesn't have Shailendra's number in a very impolite tone almost as if arguing with a labour class person.

7. I ask him his name (which i had forgotten) to which he refused to give me his name. And in turn asks me what will i do by knowing his name. And asks me to tell me my name as if threatening me. I press-on and ask him to give me his name as i was sure that i was going to complain to VW about this, to which he hung up the phone .

8. My repeated attempts to call up the showroom to find out Mr. Shailendra's number failed as no one picked up the phone. It seemed as if Mr. Asif had instructed the staff to not pick up the phone . And this also happens quite a lot otherwise also.

9. Frustrated by the happenings of the day so far and in an attempt to find out the name of the person who spoke to me so indignantly i called up Mr. Sarvesh Bansal's number who told me that the car was not available when Mr. Shailendra had taken my address and that is why he was delayed in accompanying Mr. Shailendra in coming to my home for the Test Drive. I Ask him the name of the person who i had spoken to by giving him the reference letter A which i remembered his name to have started with. And he told me that it would have been Mr. ASIF KHAN.

10. The car finally comes to my place at 12:30 for the test drive. Which i was in no mood of taking by now.

11. The sales persons who came with the car were wearing casuals (Jeans and Shirts). I would not fuss about that much but considering that a sister concern Skoda sends its people dressed in formals it really makes me think how poorly VW is managing its sales in India.

12. The only brand i have test drove in the last four months (Fabia, Figo, Micra, Yeti, Aria, Altis, and Cruze) which sent its base model version with customised audio and the dirtiest interiors.

I do not know if Mr. Asif Khan was the owner of the dealership (judging by the phones call made in vain) or just a mechanic at the dealership (Judging by his vocabulary and tone of speaking) and whether VW would take this incident seriously and apologise... but one thing that is there for sure... I will definitely not recommend anyone to buy cars from this dealership in jaipur.

Whether Mr. Asif Khan was right in telling me that he cannot provide me Mr. Shailendra's number or not, i would say that if he wasn't capable enough to do such a small favour he should not have been answering the phone.

The happenings of the day, with sales persons delaying the customer by dubious information about their whereabouts and availability of the vehicle and then the prospective customers having to hear foul language from people at the dealership, all this has put us off to an extent that we have dropped the Vento as an option.

I am sorry VW. Maybe you can change my opinion about your brand only when another dealership opens in Jaipur.
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Default Re: Vento Test Drive: VW needs to pull up Tanya Cars, Jaipur.

Hi TGO, all the best in your hunt for replacing the Qualis

Your experience, while terrible, is hardly unique. Almost ALL the Vento owners on the forum have faced serious dealer engagement issues pre-delivery. Most of these, like mine, are centered around the booking & delivery process: no commitemnt on delivery date, long and uncertain waiting periods, no visibility on trim/colour/variant options, no callbacks or updates, no recognition/acknowledgment of customer in any interaction and a general arrogance and apathy as if the dealer is doing the customer a big favour by "giving" him his car.

The worst experience I have heard (from a VW insider ironically enough) is that of a person who booked the Vento TDi and insisted on knowing when his delivery was scheduled (he needed to plan sale of his other ride etc.- it's a fair question). Apparently the SR told him, "I will not take any sh** from you" Your own experience while not as bad comes close!
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Default Re: Vento Test Drive: VW needs to pull up Tanya Cars, Jaipur.

I agree with you.

Having doing my Final Semester project in Faridabad i thought of taking the test drive of the vehicle. Called up the VW showroom near South-Ex, Delhi. The reply...

We don't send vehicles for test-drives on Saturdays and are off on Sunday. No questions asked about time span of purchse. No Number / Name / Address taken down for following up.

The Yeti guy in Jaipur came on a Sunday (by choice) at 5pm and was insisting that the vehicle be pushed to the limit on free roads to know what he meant when talking about the handling of the vehicle. Never showed any sign of disinterest even though my Grandparents bought a Figo instead of a Fabia (which the same guy had brought to our home for the TD) in December.
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Default Re: Vento Test Drive: VW needs to pull up Tanya Cars, Jaipur.

I had a similar experience in Pune VW Dealership. I believe its not a one-off Dealership problem with VW, it's the attitude of OEM-VW. And for me, if the OEM doesn't give a damn about me as a customer, I don't give a damn. So, 'buying any VW car' (whatever brilliant cars they make) chapter is closed for me forever!
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