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Originally Posted by ThE_DoN View Post

Does anyone have any alternate numbers for calling Maruti HQ in Mumbai/Maharashtra ??

Try one of these numbers for Maruti Mumbai office.These are different from the one mentioned on their website.I just hope these work.(Got them from the MTNL website)

Maruti Udyog Ltd.
602 Madhava Bandra-Kurla Complex Bandra(E)-51

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Please take it up to Consumer court. Even denial of response will be denial of service, which both the insurence company and maruti will be held responsible.

The damage can be either because of accident or manufacturing defect. This needs to be sorted between insurance compony and Maruti, either way you need not pay.
Don't waste time, please approach the consumer court.

OT : Never go with Royal Sundram Insurence, after nearly 8 years health insurance with them, they refused to pay for hospitalization due to food poising, fortuntely I had another cover so went through.

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Exclamation Got in touch with Maruti; Royal Sundaram further delays giving official word

Well managed to get through Maruti. I spoke to Mr. Sandip Nikam who is incharge for customer care fro Spectra Thane (and otherwise too i suppose).

He will be visiting Spectra tomorrow morning to check the vehicle. I will ensure i get his judgment in writing as to the official statement of Maruti as to what really happened.

Royal Sundaram refuses to reply till today. No e-mail/letter from them regarding their denial of claim.
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Have you contacted the IRDA? They are the regulators for Insurance companies in India. They have an ombudsman department which has powers like the banking ombudsman. They did help me once in 2005 to get justice when Oriental Insurance was delaying my claim for reasons best known to them. If an insurance company is delaying your claim, or throwing up tantrums, you can contact the IRDA and they take action. When I contacted the IRDA, I was personally paid a visit within a week by the insurance company's manager here who brought my claim check with him. Highly recommended.

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Originally Posted by ThE_DoN View Post
1) Such a damage is not possible in such a short time. He said he spoke to his panel and they all were unsure if such damage could be caused due to oil sump damage.

2) He kept hinting that the car was driven after the hit.
I asked him as to why there is no damage to the valves & piston.
To this he said that you are lucky for that and that the engine must have stopped the moment the cam broke thus preventing damage !!
I told him this is just not possible.
Even if the engine would have been running for 1 second with that broken cam it would have caused internal damage to the cam head. To this he again had no answer !!

3) there is no visible damage to the bearings and there should always be some damage. To this I just that this proves my point even further that I did not drive my car after the hit. He carefully avoided this point by telling me he will call me back. He did call back but avoided any further talk on the cam bearings issue.

4) I told him Spectra is ready to give in writing that they believe this incident is possible. TO this he his like what will Spectra know in all this !!! If Maruti Authorized Service Centre is not knowledgeable enough to know about this tat who is??

5) In the end I simply asked him according to him what caused the cam to broke. TO this he said that he does not know what caused it to break, But they cannot pass this claim.
1) Simply call him and ask him if he is blind or not. The photographs prove that you have not driven the car after the accident.

2) I think this guy is not aware of what is crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, valves, connecting rods. I can guess from this arguments that he is not having any technical background. Ask him to buy a Sunny from scrap and start working on that engine. Its a good engine to open and learn. Its a small capacity two stroke motor, nice to learn basics. Forget camshaft, first he need to see what a cylinder is. I am shocked at the response he has given you.

3) When he called back again, were his argument different ? Something is surely fishy here.

4) How will Spectra motor know all this ? Again I am now sure he has never opened any engine to see what parts it has. I am even sure that he will never open the hood to even have a look at what engine is.

5) Why ? They must give a reason for not passing the claim. And even after Spectra Motors is ready to give them details about accident in written, still they are not ready to accept ?

I am sorry for some parts of this post, but I am able to sense your frustration here.
Call again, tell him you are INFORMING that its his duty to tell and discuss the following facts :

a) There has to be a precise reason given to you for not passing the claim.
b) Explanation on how he believes cam broke.
c) Explanation and discussion on bearings. He cannot run away. You do not have insurance policy just for fun.

If the above points are not discussed, and answers are not given to you in satisfactory manner, you are going against him to higher authorities, even Media.

I believe he is trying to cover up something fishy, can be something like dealer placed a faulty part in your engine and he is trying to cover this up.

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@The_DON, Any new Developments in the past 2 days? Did Sandip from Maruti keep up his promise?
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@The_DON Did we received anything in writing from insurance company?
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I just came across this thread. I would like to mention few points.
As a DOHC engine the one row of the cam arrangement E-I, E-I arrangement (E-exhaust. I-inlet) so as on the opposite sides to nullify vibrations. The cam driver shaft is sheared right after cylinder 1 so only one Inlet and exhaust works on cyl 1. Engine wont run so knocking from engine is simply absurd.There is no lucky kinda concept here. If it runs Valves will bend and atleast 1 piston will take beating.
From the design of any engines loss of oil pressure is one of the major criteria. The engine should run for atleast 5 mins. This is the criteria for crank shaft.
Cam shaft will retail oil due to the cup design of the block, so loss of pressure is not a big deal.
Coming to the issue there is no evidence of seizure or glazing. Also the sheared cam has one loading point or bearing point. so if the cam moves against the tappet the soft aluminum will deform. Check the clearance of the 3 cam shaft holder. This will give the fair idea. If there is no change in the clearance rest assured the part has been changed.
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Whats the update on this one? Is the car ready, did you get any response from insurance company?
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Any updates from Maruti or Royal Sundaram?
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Hi Don , its been a while since your last update. Hope you got justice . please give us the latest update as it would help current as well as potential royal sundaram customers.
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I had a chat with The_DON and unfortunately he received a letter that insurance company will not pay his claim.
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Sorry to hear that what is your next POA, do let us know.
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Originally Posted by rjvora_2000 View Post
I had a chat with The_DON and unfortunately he received a letter that insurance company will not pay his claim.
Now let's not get into another Manufacturer bashing session!
It's just Indians being typically kind to one another!
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Its sad story. I read all posts. I also hit stone in 2000 when I used to drive M 800. It was M 800 euro II with 5 speed MPFI engine, 2000 model.
In my case, there was a pole which was half cut few inches from ground, I drove car over it and parked. When I came back from meeting, I realized there is lot of oil around car. I called Sai Service, they suggested to drive car in 1st gear if possible, to their workshop which was 3 kms away. I drove the car to workshop, they found gear box leak. It took 3 weeks to get all parts from Delhi as car was a new launch. They provided another car till this one get ready at no charge. Sai had tie up with insurance, I did not pay single rupee. I found Sai service guys sorting these issues very easily.
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