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Default Insurance expiry issue! Do help.


Firstly, I seriously apologize if this has already been covered but I did try some searches before I finally got onto doing this.

Here's the problem we have a Hyundai Getz which has an Insurance coverage until the midnight of 28th August 2010. Now for some reason the dealer in Ahmedabad (Sharma Hyundai) has been calling us up saying we need to renew it before 27th April 2010, and when I asked them why exactly do I need to do it now the lady gave me a long explanation which obviously I could not understand. Finally I was like can you make it simple to which she said that the fact that from August until Jan I have made 2 claims makes the insurance lapse early as there is no NCB?

Im sorry I just don't understand this can someone explain do I really have to get this insurance renewed or is this dealer only trying some tricks to get money?

I also apologize if my explanation is vague as this is pretty much the information she provided and I just said I'll get more clarity and call back.

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The insurance cannot lapse early if you have made 2 claims. Your NCB has gone anyways since you already made claims.

You can wait till Aug to renew your insurance.
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the dealer is trying to mislead and make a quick buck. irrespectve of the number of claims you would make, the validity remains till 28 aug.

Dont renew your insurance now.NCB will be lost even with one claim.
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What is the policy you hold?
Check the expiry date
There should be no condition that may terminate your policy early

You can wait and renew a week before the expiry date
if you find problems with the current insurer change the company.
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From my experience, claims are irrespective of renewal process. If the dealer is so stubborn, get straight forward answers for...
1. Why does the policy have a expiry date mentioned as 28th August 2010?
2. On what basis does claiming insurance affect preponement of policy expiry date?
3. Where in the policy does it mention that insurance claims attracts preponement of insurance dates

NCB = No Claim Bonus, in simple terms means, you don't get a discount on insurance, because the insurance company paid you (more or less) for the insurance money you paid. But claiming an insurance only forgoes the NCB, but will no way affect the expiry date.
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Simple. Ignore that dealer. Wait till expiry date and go with the new insurance guys.

if you feel they would be making trouble, do visit other dealerships for service of your cars.

Good luck.
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Although you purchased the insurance from your Dealer, the policy is from an insurance company.
Which is it?

Do not mention the dealer's non sense. Simply ask about your insurance expiry date.

Then log a complaint about the Dealer with them.
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You can wait till August and then renew your policy; if you are not happy with dealer then you can go on-line and get a policy renewed there.

I renewed my policy through Bajaj alliance and online, itís a no hassle process.
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It's the month ending, S350, and the saleswoman is merely trying to advance-sell you to meet her targets. Please ignore. Your insurance policy is fully valid until end August, which is when you should renew the same.
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Get the employee details and forward it to IRDA !

Couple of days before the expiry date, do the enquiry on various insurance deals and choose the Insurance company based on the claim process convenience and price factors. All you have to ensure is to avoid renewing the policy beyond the expiry date as the vehicle would need to under go a physical survey process, of course it is not an hassle, but why get into it !

Also try to refrain from availing insurance from the car dealers as you will end up paying excessive margins.

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@S350. From whatever I got, it is BS that your dealer has been telling you. Your dealer must have tie ups with some insurance company and meeting some targets for extra perks. It happens with MUL as well but they make sure to pass some benefits to the customer as well. I got a call on Monday about annual insurance renewal. She said it will expire in June but if you renew now, the current insurance will still hold good and you will get a new one as well which will start from June 10 till June 2011.
I got a 500 buck rebate and some freebies on the next service,like, free car wash or 20% off on labour charge.

The guy came to my wife's office yesterday and collected the money handed the receipt and policy.

I did the same last year as well.

So either ignore the dealer's call or ask for some benefits of your own.
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@S350L-E240 - Please get more details or something in writing from them, that will help posting the correct reply to you.

One reason I can see is a - human error from the dealer and its staff.
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Note from the Team-BHP Support Staff : Slang and SMS Language are STRICTLY prohibited on Team-BHP. Please type in full and proper English for the benefit of other community members.

We advise you to read the Announcements and Board Rules section before proceeding any further.

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Record the call, and complain to the insurance company.
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Hi all,
Sorry about the late reply. Firstly, thanks a lot for all your answers now here's the situation.

I knew that she was not correct and also knew for a fact that I had no reason to take a renewal before the midnight of 28th August 2010 which is when exactly the insurance expires. But she went on insisting that since I've made 2 claims I have to do it and she was really irritating.

I called up the insurance company and they said I don't have to do anything at all. I call her back she claims they would not know anything about your case, finally I was like quit calling me.

What I'm trying to say is can you imagine how many people get ripped by dealers like this? I believe to ensure the mass public are not cheated IRDA should try have some simple instructions printed onto the insurance documents so consumers can refer to as not all are as aware as we on this website are.

Thanks for your help folks truly appreciate it.

P.S The dealer is Sharma Hyundai, Ahmedabad.

Also one thing as rjvora mentioned, human error, no none at all this is only a case where I assume the dealer makes calls to random clients hoping some fall in this trap as it was asked repeatedly over a period of 7 - 10 days.

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