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Default Re: Alternate Fuels - Any Major Technologies?

I hope India can take some steps in using garbage to ultimately use in fuel cells. At least the public transport in cities can be run using biomass from big cities. Imagine for ex Bengaluru Metro using hydrogen from biomass for trains (these have so much less energy losses) and also in BMTC. I am not sure how many buses in addition to trains can be supported with City's garbage.

I am not sure if there is even a study by our eminent institutions on this aspect.

Regarding using Hydrogen in IC engines, BMW already has these running for years now. Hope we can atleast try that if fuel cells are costly.
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Default Re: Alternate Fuels - Any Major Technologies?

Originally Posted by CARDEEP View Post
Audi claims to make diesel from water. Here, is the link to Carpoint Australia report on the same:

Very interesting indeed!

If it is not the PR type of communication that companies dole out off and on, this is very interesting. Perhaps the BHPians who are scientifically inclined and competent to understand such matters can comment on this?
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Default A new kind of "fracking" - another take on geothermal

Here's wierd news from Wired magazine:


Somebody trying to "extract" geothermal energy from an old but 100% guaranteed to erupt in future volcano. The estimates in the article are fantastic (I hope they are not literally grounded in fantasy) - $1 billion of investment over 15years can generate 100GWe ! This is about 1/5th to 1/10th of the cost of a nuclear plant for 100 times as much power !

Can somebody who knows about geology/fracking etc. comment whether this remotely makes sense?

By the way, Iceland produces most of its electricity via (natural non-fracking variety) geothermal energy already, so this is not a pipe dream on the electricity generation part. And the water injection into earth part has been solved in a very economical manner by natural gas extractors already.

the idea to marry the two technologies with a volcano is the meat in the above.

Here are two more links to the same:

http://eenews.net/public/Greenwire/2012/07/30/1 - much more detail on the techniques used
http://thedailybite.wordpress.com/20...king-business/ - blog with hardly any info except that Google is putting its money into the project

EDIT: here's a wikipedia page on the same thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enhance...hermal_systems

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Default Re: Alternate Fuels - Any Major Technologies?

A California based company Cool Planet Energy Systems has found a way of synthesising high-octane carbon-negative biofuel (derived from waste boimass)cheaply enough not to need government subsidies (in US). Here is the link to report on the same:


This way can have greener Earth despite running on carbon fuels.
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Default Re: Alternate Fuels - Any Major Technologies?

A company in UK, plans to use cryogenic air as fuel http://www.dearmanengine.com/ , they say it is going to be as efficient as internal combustion engine, less expensive than hydrogen fuel cells and energy density equal to lithium ion batteries. They have validated their technology with Ricardo Engineering. Can it be game changer
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Default Re: Alternate Fuels - Any Major Technologies?

Volvo has managed a major breakthrough in battery technology. This would revolutionise the way ‘energy is stored’ that could change electric vehicle market. The Swedish firm is exploring the concept of lightweight structural energy storage components made from carbon fibre, containing “nano structured batteries & super capacitors”.

For more details refer:

1. http://cars.uk.msn.com/news/volvo-ma...n-battery-tech

2. http://editorial.autos.msn.com/blogs...te-bulky-packs
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Default Re: Alternate Fuels - Any Major Technologies?

Iceland which is geologically active is using geothermal for all its heating, and bulk of electricity needs! Also, they have had Fuel Cell (Methanol) buses in Reykjavik for a few years. Any reports of experience.
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Volvo has a completely Electric powered Bus running in Gothenburg, near where their HQ is.
They are very serious about the future of clean energy.
My wife and I saw that E Bus when we went to their HQ and Museum a couple weeks ago.

VW is seriously marketing its E-UP!
My wife and I got a test drive in it in Stockholm a couple weeks ago.
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