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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-

Well i will comment on the brands i owned. Accordingly it will be-

1) Toyota. (Excellent service and reliable car. My Etios is cheaper to maintain compared to my earlier Alto)

2) Maruti. (Reliable, but if the customer lacks knowledge the service station person tries to take the customer on a ride like they asked me to decarbonize the engine just at 16,000kms. I strongly objected and refrained from doing so. Toyota never do such kind of practice.)

3) Fiat. (Our 13 years old Uno proved to be ultra reliable but getting spare parts are real pain.)
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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-

I have owned both Honda and Hyundai. Honda is more relaible than the Hyundai .

Hyundai service cost , I mean labour charges /part charges are more than Honda.
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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-

Based on my experiences of the car brands I have owned.The order would be:


Yes Hyundai is below Tata & Fiat,maybe I have been lucky to experience good service from them as it is perceived to be horrid but the service at Hyundai is appalling.
The costs are too high,the service and repair time periods are unreasonably long.Also,stuff get stolen from your car during the time its in the workshop.

Maruti is way ahead of its competitors in the service department.
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Originally Posted by Marauder View Post
Based on my experiences of the car brands I have owned.The order would be:

Surprised Maruti comes above Honda for you! I've not had a pleasant experience with Maruti.

My ranking based on experience and perception.

1. Honda
2. Toyota ( would ideally share the no. 1 spot with Honda)
3, Maruti
4. VW
5. Chevrolet
6. Mahindra
8. Skoda

The Big 3 Germans
1. BMW
2. Audi
3. Mercedes
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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-

Well, following ranking based on cars owned in my family.

2. Toyota
3. Ford
4. Maruti

Fiat has been down right superb. We have two Puntos, and both are not ultra reliable. The service experience has been great, including unbelievable spare parts availablity. Cost are very low, including labour charges. The only issue with FIAT service till now has been the look and feel of a Tata service center which is filled to the brim with taxi drivers with their Indicas and IndigoCSes. Though I may say, that I am one of the more lucky FIAT owners.

I have rated Toyota below FIAT only for the cost of parts and labour charges. Ford too are not bad.

FIAT probably ranks higher for me primarily because each and every time I have felt the guys handling the service for FIAT, from the SA down to the guys working on the car seem to give a bit more effort towards pleasing the customer.

Maruti, the service per se is not bad. But one has to stay on them and keep an eye before they pile on unnecessary stuff onto your service and ask you to pay for it. And labour charges are down right exorbitant at MASS. More often than not, the final bill is higher than the estimate they give at the start. All of this makes the day of servicing a tensed one.
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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-

Have owned a Honda ( ohc for 8yrs ), Hyundai (i10 for 3.5yrs ) and Tata ( Vista for 7 mnths ). Honda was completely trouble free. On original clutch when I sold it at 96k km. So far haven't seen any breakdown in any of my cars. Hence presuming all are reliable drive train wise.

But I loved the way the OHC interiors stayed fresh after an overall age of 12yrs ! The Vista has bits falling of now after just 4yrs of total age. The build of the i10 has also been good.

Can't comment on service costs because I always get my cars serviced outside of the A.S.S. network
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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-bhp

The masses will say the 'maruti suzuki' as the answer in India, when asked about reliability.

I would like to know which brand enjoys such reputation in Europe(maybe separately for Western and Eastern): the brand's car that doesn't burn a hole in the pocket to maintain, easy spare availability, resale value and long term ownership aspect.
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Smile Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-bhp

As far as my experience both in India and Abroad my ratings are as below. 1 and 2 being the best and below that are all average or worse.

1. Mazda ( 323 , 626 )
2. Lexus ( IS 300 )
3. Hyundai ( Santro , Verna , i10 )
4. Maruti ( Esteem )
5. Skoda ( Octavia and Superb )
6. BMW ( X1 )
7. Ford ( Endeavour )

From the above list , Lexus and Mazda are like cockroaches. Mazda's were my dad's and they covered more than 3 Lakh km's without any issues at all , not even a single rust issue. Most importantly both these brands are super cheap to maintain , Lexus especially if you know a good 3rd party garage outside.

Hyundai's had a few issues , Verna especially had steering problems initially and needed to have the steering gear changed. Still it is super cheap to maintain and good ownership experience.

My Esteem has a few electrical glitchs and mainly rusting problems on the doors and side panels. Even with all these issues it is super cheap to maintain and has given a decent ownership experience , still have it to this very day.

Skoda's never kept them for more than 4 years so haven't faced any issues during that time. Small issues with timing belts but rectified easily. Maintaining is slightly more expensive.

BMW has a few sensors conking off and occasional dashboard Christmas lighting. Super expensive to maintain and not a very good ownership experience due to poor ASS by BMW.

Ford is the worst , few clutch problems , interiors rattling like crazy , AC not functioning properly , switchs all getting loose and out of place. Expensive and very poor ASS.

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Default Re: Reliability and hassle-free ownership: Perceptions of popular car brands on Team-bhp

Here comes mine.

1. Toyota ( highly durable spares with very long replacement intervals, professional and fast service, very rare unplanned replacements needed, availability of small components of a spare as spares like wiper blade rubber, fuel filter element, ORVM parts. One negative is the service coverage, but you would rarely need to replace a Toyota spare ).
2. Maruti ( due to the coverage, and not bad durability factor, spare parts cost is decent as well. Lot of service center options with excellent expertise. But, maintenance cost these days, especially for diesels is high thanks mainly for the low replacement intervals and lower durability )
3. Ford ( check service bills of the figo and compare it to a swift . it will mostly be less than Swift's. But, durability of parts is still an issue. Major unplanned bill creators can come in. )
4. Honda ( too short servicing intervals, high spare costs, and low durability spares combined with low knowledge level service people even though the vehicle quality as such is good )
5. Hyundai ( coverage and service quality is good. But, spare parts cost is too high. Replacement intervals are low, maintenance cost of Hyundai diesels will even be higher than maruti diesels )

Will never buy a Skoda/VW/Fiat/TATA for the kind of experience i see with people who are close to me who own these vehicles.
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Here are the cars we have owned till now:

From 2004 there were two cars at home and I started driving from 2006.

1962 to 2003 = HM Ambassador
1994 to 1997 = Maruti Suzuki 800
1997 to 2000 = Maruti Suzuki 800
2000 to 2006 = Maruti Suzuki WagonR LXi
2007 to 2009 = Honda City EXi
2006 to 2010 = Maruti Suzuki WagonR VXi
2009 to 2013 = Maruti Suzuki SX4 VXi
2010 to 2013 = Maruti Suzuki Ritz VDi
2013 and so on = Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi
2014 and so on = Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZDi

As seen we are majorly stuck to Maruti Suzuki since initial days of car buying and that I guess is, no other manufacturer has worked good for us till now.

In terms of reliability, I'd have a tie for Maruti Suzuki and Toyota fight for first place. Reason is there are 3 Innova's and two Etios in my family. All working flawlessly with absolutely no complaints on reliability front. I may buy a Honda or a Ford or a Toyota in future but the rest of manufacturers I won't even enter their showrooms.

Reliability is a factor that depends on every individual and how he/she treats the car. All the one should know is what is written in the owners manual in the maintenance schedule and the basic know - how of the car.

I am not saying that Maruti is the best when it comes to outright reliability but it ranks well in that zone too. In these many years of owning cars, never has it trouble or let us down on the basis of reliability and functionality. It just runs and runs as long as there is a driver to it and fuel to get it driven.

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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Just a note on our experience with Ford cars. Speaking of reliability and company commitment. You will see 20 year old Honda Citys and Accords, Qualis, Innovas, even Tata Indicas running and being operational because their manufacturers continue to supply parts and service them.

Our family has been first hand owners of a Ford Mondeo, Fusion, and Ikon cars. I can tell you from experience that the moment these cars stop selling Ford just shuts them down and does not supply parts. Try to maintain an ikon and see how much it costs. Every time the Mondeo went to the workshop it would be there covered with crow **** for 90-120 days. That Mondeo is now parked abandoned on a roadside in Velachery Chennai. See the number of ikons and Escorts just junked all over our cities - Its an eye opener with regard to that brand. This is not hearsay - we owned those cars.
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