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Question Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Look at the bright side, Ajit : Maybe, it's one petrol-head RTO officer who is mighty cheesed off with all the platform sharing, and decided to give the manufacturers a taste of their own medicine


And Bangalore customers can now buy a Skoda A4 that even Europeans can't. Bangalore RTO has TASTE.

BTW, what's the MFG CD on the smart card? Mine reads "SKDAUT".
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
Rang up the dealer who mentioned that since the car is built by Skoda, the RTO deem that the manufacturer is Skoda based on the papers represented for registration!!!
The dealer is taking you for a ride. "The car is built by Skoda", what a bull !

The Form 21 released by the dealer along with Form 22 released by manufacturer determine registration data on RC and it is possible that the babu screwed up while feeding the data. Now, The dealer simply needs to present the RC to concerned authority and get it rectified but the dealer seems to be escaping from his duties and unnecessary hassles.

Technically, you should ask the dealer to get it rectified but then again if you don't mind, that is purely up to it.
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

not sure if this is OT. when i drove down to pondicherry (from chennai) to get my jazz registered there, my colleague, also in a mint new jazz, totalled his car. when we went to the nearest police station to register a FIR, the personnel on duty refused to write down the name of the car as a honda jazz. he insisted that it was an Innova as, according to him, it looked like one and he saw 100s of them daily.
it took us 3 hours to convince him that this was a honda and not a toyota. thats why can't help but be surprised that many people on the forum feel our traffic cops will trouble the owner for such an oversight on part of the RTO. do they even know their VWs from their Skodas??
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta?

Originally Posted by ~~h View Post
Lol..and Kerala RTO thinks my Punto 1.2 makes 90bhp.
RTO goof up's is quite common. I think, the data entry is done by people who doesn't know nothing about Automobiles.

IIRC, Samurai's or Sudarshan's Jeep got a free tune-up to 2,500 bhp, by the RTO guys!!..

Coming to the topic, Ajit, please do check other Jetta owners RC. If yours is a one off case, then get it sorted ASAP.
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

wow, BLR RTO guys have put their thinking caps on ? Skoda Jetta indeed ? I think this cant be the usual case, else wouldn't VW take it up with the govt ?

Congrats on the new Jetta ajmat :-)
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

Get this- The RTO had my Corolla registered as Qualis!! Since this was a typo goof up from the data entry side, I had it reversed. But this was possible only because I registered the car in my hometown in Tamilnadu where the connections are pretty good and have people to take care of it without my need to visiting the RTO.
But if this happens in Bangalore where I am now, I would be damned for the time I myself would have to spend to get this fixed!
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

Wow, our Skoda is going places!! But seriously, it definitely has to be a documentation error. How can Form 21 state manufacturer as Skoda? Other Vento/Passat/A4 etc. owners may kindly confirm.
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

What a goof up? And they are suppose to be Transport Authority.

+1 to GTO. Ajmat, take it up for correction ASAP.

For all those, who have had similar issues and have not got it corrected, have you not had issues with Insurance? I hope no one had to claim insurance.
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

This kind of goofup is crazy! I'm curious to know - What is the procedure to be followed for such corrections? Considering the attitude these babus put up, can we just take the RC card to them and say "look this is a mistake here, correct it for me and re-issue another card". There'll be a huge scene I am sure.

+1 to what ardy said - I think this mismatch of information will be a problem during crucial insurance claims.

I've had 2 instances of such goof-ups with the RTO.

- I once had a pulsar 200 between 2007-2009 during my college days and I was one of the first buyers of that bike here in Bangalore. The RC book mentioned my model as "Pulsar 180" but the engine displacement showed 200cc! When asked about this, the RTO official bluntly said "Our database contains only Pulsar 150 and 180. Since P200 wasn't available, we registered it as Pulsar 180!". The insurance paper which came after the purchase also copied that information point blank - model = P180, displacement = 200cc. I wasn't on team-bhp back then and wasn't so automobile-world-aware, so I never attempted to rectify that when i had the bike. That bike was then sold in exchange for my current P220; I hope the present owner has rectified that glitch.

- One of my cousins who went for a DL test, took his Honda Dio there to the spot. He had applied for a DL for "motorcycle without gear" but was instead issued a DL for "motorcycle with gear". 4 years later, the lucky chap now rides a Honda CBR250R with the bonus license!!

Originally Posted by swiftnfurious View Post
Going by these, should NOT we see Fiat Manzas too? The Ranjangaon plant belongs to the Fiat right?
At least Fiat Manza sounds much better than 'Linea Tata-Jet' or 'Tata Punto 90HP'

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
By the way, my Swift is categorised as "Saloon"
Now that you mentioned it, I checked my Swift's RC book. Looks like even my Swift is registered as body type = "Saloon"! Wow!
On a different note, if Swift's sedan is called Dzire, I wonder what will Swift's saloon be called

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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

A few months back I got by Bullet FC renewed at KA 01 RTO, thru AASI. I opted for the smart card and all the formalities were taken care by the AASI representative.

When the smart card was delivered, 8 out of 25 fields printed on it were incorrect.It was apparently the typos by the data entry operator. When I contacted the AASI, they asked me to submit the new smart card, original RC book copy and a letter to the RTO and also to pay the smart card fees again. I wasn't keen to run around again and moreover it sounded ridiculous that I have to pay again for their mistake.

When the auto companies are investing in Badge Engineering, RTOs are doing their level best in Badge 'De-Engineering'
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up


I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Originally Posted by vb-san View Post
Good one Ajmat. I think the officials are not upto speed with the brands getting launched in India.
Perhaps they aren't able to keep up with our ever growing automobile sector, what with new launches every other week/month. Also, Indians are known to be quite the laid-back race. Oops.. Sorry. *winks*

Originally Posted by ssh1979 View Post
- I don't get this. The name "Jetta" belongs to the VW Group. Going by that logic atleast, VW Jetta should be on the RTO.

- But wait, going by that logic, will we see a VW Carrera?
Probably a joke, but can't help but step in.

The Carrera is imported by Porsche/Shreyans. I don't think it would apply to imported cars. Or maybe it would? The RTO can goof up anywhere.

On a lighter note..

The next time the DRI officials storm into houses with expensive and imported cars like the A6 parked in their garages, they could just show them the paperwork that the DRI guys' own colleagues printed. It's a Skoda and NOT an Audi. *grins*
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

Have you guys come across a motorcycle with 4 wheels? My uncle has a 1493CC 80BHP CRDi motor cycle, called Hyundai Accent, supercool, isn't it? Yeah, the RC mentions the Accent CRDi's "Vechicle Class" as "Motor Cycle" .
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Default Re: Heard of the Skoda Jetta? KA RTO goof up

Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
So you owners of the Skoda Jetta, Skoda Passat, Skoda A4, Skoda A6, Skoda Q5. Thats what happens when your car is assembled by Skoda and registered by the Bangalore RTO
This is so hilarious, I thought it should go under the "Official Jokes Thread". Or better still, we could, like Ripley, prove that truth is stranger than fiction and open a separate "Team Bhp - Believe it or Not" column!
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I remember my Skoda Laura's RC from 2006 read Skoda Octavia
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