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Default Re: Will Tata Motors be able to regain its market share?

Originally Posted by amitayu View Post
the new lot of Vista has very poor plastic quality, panel gap issues and such glaring problems that TATA was infamous for!!!

the initial batch of Vista showed great improvement from TATA, but now it seems they are loosening the noose again on quality control, perhaps in the name of cost cutting!
I have a question. as per as i know the 1st batch of Vista came with the soft touch beige colored dashboard. and the current vista come with the Hard touch dashboard plastic. is it true?
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors be able to regain its market share?

Saw this article on the internet.


I liked the way the verdict was given, lab test not required to establish defect in goods Tata should focus on quality, its a general perception (and experience) too that Tata cars are poor in quality. And this perception seems to be one of the main reasons why Tata cars are losing market share and value in the used car market !

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Default Re: Will Tata Motors be able to regain its market share?

Originally Posted by sunishsamuel View Post
From the articles, with TATA appealing repeatedly, finally it seems the final compenstaion is 40,000 + 10,000. Initially it was a replacement car and then the value - 10% depreciation. So finally TATA have seem to won just needing to pay a small sum of 50K. Someone correct me If I am wrong.
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Default How Tata Motors can become a $30 bln company-Goldman

This is what Goldman Sachs has to say about Tata Motors, it more towards JLR.
Source: Reuters

12:18 31Oct12 -MARKET EYE-How Tata Motors can become a $30 bln company-Goldman
* Tata Motors shares gain 1.4 percent after Goldman
Sachs says the auto maker's market cap has potential to reach
$30 billion by fiscal 2017, from current value of $13.8 billion,
and to nearly double its cash flow during these four years.
* To get there, Goldman says Tata's Jaguar Land Rover unit would
need to move to a new platform for its existing models such as
Range Rover and Discovery with a light weight aluminium
architecture, thus improving key factors such as fuel efficiency
or pricing.
* JLR would also need to make inroads into smaller engine and
lower priced vehicles, as well as enter more premium segments,
Goldman argues.
* However, challenges include getting consumers to buy into the
brand, tightening regulations in key markets such as Europe, and
overcoming macro economic uncertainties such as FX volatility.
* Goldman Sachs maintains Tata Motors at 'buy', with a target
price at 334 rupees.

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Default Re: Will Tata Motors be able to regain its market share?

Nov 27 (Reuters) - Tata Motors Ltd Says enters Bangladesh car market introducing two sedans and a hatchback .

Source Reuters.
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors be able to regain its market share?

Tata Motors to undertake block closures at Jamshedpur plant due to poor demand.

Tata Motors spokesperson said the block closure had been planned keeping in mind the weak demand of commercial vehicles.

The company had produced 5,000 units of vehicles last month against general production figure of 10,000 units per month, Singh said.

He said no production had taken place after November 26. This was the third block closure undertaken by the company this year including the three-day closure observed early this month from November 12-14.

Source: ET
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors be able to regain its market share?

Tata Motors is loosing its market place and is seeing shut down of their production line because of low demand. Damn

They have to get a better and a new lineup if they have to survive the market. Indica's/Indica Vista/Indica Vista Rfresh. This ain't working Tata.

Now get us new products as soon soon as you can else it is a Good Bye, the Fiat way!

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1960 an unknown company quietly opens a couple of dealerships in the largest, most profitable but most challenging auto market in the world. A market dominated by the big 3 of the global automotive world. The first 100 odd cars the company ships to America barely sell, and 60 of them return unsold, and the other 40 are plagued by complaints of poor build quality and substandard design. The company had to battle against an American public that close after 2nd world war, and the boom following the 50's had an untouchable faith in American carmakers while anything Asian was deried...and sadly the reality also matched it, and only reinforced their opinion. Also keep in mind that Japan and America had fought in a vicious war only 13 years ago (it would have been as fresh to Americans as Kargil is to us), and it would be like a Pakistani car company setting shop in India and trying to sell us cars- the analogy fits in more ways than one as Japan's auto industry was largely unknown, European brands were very local & regional, while the American's dominated global automotive industry.

Cut to some 5 decades later, the big 3...or the big 2 are ailing, and have almost faced (or faced) bankruptcy, shut down plants, outsourced their production to Asia while this unknown company, Toyota has gone from strength to strength and has become the global leader in automobile production, they are known to produce arguably the world's most reliable automobiles, and ironically (atleast in the US market) while they had earlier been derided by patriotic American's as a "Nip brand" produce and manufacture approx 80% of the cars sold in the US market...and have had almost zero lay-off's in 50 years.

It might seem like I am digressing, but as a patriotic Indian (no straw man here folks, I have never ever owned a Tata motors product) I think Tata's situation is hardly as bleak as the one faced by Toyota.It would do good for the senior Tata execs just to buy a couple of books on Toyota to read on how that company quite literally clawed up its way to become number 1, and they might also realise that they can also do the same.

(1) Back to Basics: Forget product innovation, so leave aside "synergies from JLR", new platforms etc etc - Fix quality on the existing product line. While I might have not owned a Tata Motors (hereby known as TaMo) product, I have friends / family who have owned / still own a Indica Vista, Ingido CS?, a couple of Safari's (I sadly had the dubious honour of using a friend's Safari for about 3 months when he was on a long deputation in Europe), a Manza and one very very short-lived Aria which my best friend made the mistake of buying.

And while it wont be fair to say that All Tata Cars are Lemons, I can confidently say that none of these 6-7 cars were issue free, infact very ironically the more premium products in the line-up seemed to have the most issues (I think it is also to do with the fact that expectations were higher as they had paid more moolah), and the Manza was disposed of within a year, and the Aria in about 3 months and with the vow "Never again a TaMo").

It is not a perception, but it is grounded in solid reality that most TaMo products ARE NOT reliable, and even if there are no issues, the fit and finish of a product would almost always be of that one segment lower, it is always one or the other.

So if the Aria has a nice finish, the horror stories both on and off the forum is there for all to see. So Tata need to do what they do with TCS, Tanishq, Titan etc etc...provide solidity and reliability. Screw this philosophy of "being the cheapest" and move onto providing "VFM". This would ensure that the horror stories start to die down over time, and the market might be ready for better, more premium cars from TaMo.

(2) Redesign to strength’s, using extensive customer feedback: While it is difficult to do so, it is not impossible, and companies have succesfully pulled it off in the past. Take Dominoe's recent example when its CEO went on Air in a series of ad's apologising to its customers, and admitting that Dominoes had slipped in a lot of area's, it then went onto hold extensive focus groups of customers, took their feedback and improved their services (search Youtube for these ad's, campaign).

So TaMo (maybe not this openly) needs to admit- atleast to itself - that its products are pathetic in worst case, and merely acceptable in a best case scenario. Its cars seem to have this gulf, the leap between what TaMo thinks about its products, and what the average joe customer thinks about it - admit it, the Indigo CS or XL, the Manza etc- were never considered (or should I say, rarely?) considered "premium" in the minds of even the average Indian customer let alone the knowledgeable BHP'ian, but their marketing campaign's said something else altogether.

It is high time that TaMo either decided to create the market like an Apple an M&M (XuV anybody? A D1 segment SUV at the price of a Premium C segment car at its entry level) or at least follow it, but adapt their own twists to take on the market leader (like a Samsung, or again M&M- Bolero, Scorpio anyone?). The Nano came close to doing it, but it primarily failed because of one reason....

(3) Poor Marketing: I wonder which geniASS in TaMo's marketing department and its associated ad agency decided to brand the Nano...the cheapest car in the world. Especially in a status conscious market like ours. Just imagine the positivity that would have been generated if Nano had a similar tagline as that of the original Volkswagen- quite literally people carrier, and they decided to smartly say something like "the car that put India on the road" or something equally asinine like that,

I personally know of a couple of guys who wanted to gift their wives a second car, but decided against the Nano and went for second hand 800's purely because of this negative connotation. This was a product that could have been hawked to college kids, families looking for a second or third car (Which I am right now), aspirational families both in cities and villages who could have chucked out their Splendour for the status of 4 wheels (disclaimer: I do not personally subscribe to this theory that a car is an instant status symbol, and would much prefer a Hayabusa for instance, but the majority of our citizens do not think this way), but sadly they decided to hawk it as the cheapest car in the world, and failed to attract any of these markets who either continued with a bike or decided to go second hand hatchbacks.

Simply targeting the second hand hatch market would have made Nano a top seller by volume terms. Similarly its hype creation department quite simply fail even when launching a potentially exciting product like the Aria for instance. Marketing, and that vital Buzz around a new product launch needs to be present strongly.

(4) Finally, CHANGE the product platform : I still remember when the Indica came out, it created a stir as it was comparatively a better looking car compared to the staid 800's or the Amby's or Padmini's. I remember chasing the first Indica's (on my Bajaj Boxer) just to glance at their tail-lights (which was to me eye catching) and the interiors as well), but sadly that was the first car and last car TaMo created any kind of stir with for its design cues.

The SUmo variants all look as attractive as a sumo warrior, and with the aerodynamics of a Sumo wrestler trying to fly a grand piano. THe Indica has remained unchanged from a time when Petrol used to cost some 35 / 40 bucks a litre.Safari, sure looked epic 15 years or so ago, but it looks dated now, but the only competition then was Tata's own truck based Estate brand, and well, that was hardly a looker (forget the name of the other 2 door uv).

High time Tata looked at radically reinventing the hatch segment (the Indian market is too entrenched in the more premium segments - C and upwards will be a very stiff battle given the increased prestige conscious market in that band). Create 2 visually different variants, one targetting the Indica replacement for individuals (not taxi's) and the other one a funky "with-it" types model, so that a first time buyer might be enticed into the brand again and then scale up as he / she grows.

Lastly, at least come up with innovative sounding names, enough of Indica, CS, XL, ABC, HSHS etc etc

Disclaimer: None of what I have said above is intended to hurt anybody, I understand and appreciate that I might have made some contentious statements, but that is purely a reflection of my personal taste, and a car, and either liking or disliking it is purely about personal tastes and preferences, and my view in this post is just that, My View and not meant to be universal catchall's.

I am sure there are many a satisfied TaMo gaadi owner, just as there are dissatisfied Bentley owners, and I have only attempted to frame the situation of TaMo based on my world view.

p.s Other than TaMo, proud consumer of almost everything else Tata, have worked with TCS, own many Titan watches, Shop for jewelry almost exclusively at Tanishq, dine, wine and stay (exclusively if on business) at Taj Hotels, so on and so forth

pps, some books on Toyota I can strongly recommend are Toyota by Chambers, Toyota Culture, the hearts and minds of Toyota (not sure about the name and author, but a google search might help here), How Toyota became # 1- Daivd Magee...brilliant reads all of them.

Note from the Team-BHP Support: Please use the EDIT or MULTI-QUOTE buttons instead of typing one post after another on the same thread.

Please use proper punctuations and avoid long sentences, use paragraphs to enhance readability. Thanks.

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I just want to add an anecdote to depict the attitude towards customers by Tata and mahindra. The first is about a Tata safari engine failing due to crankshaft damage at 14 k kms.. the owner was suing Tata motors and the dealer to get his dues ...

I came across a similar case of engine failure due to crankshaft damage in a Scorpio in the first month.the owner was a taxi operator and had covered 15k already. In this case a top level engineering team from R and D was sent to the dealership to investigate the crank failure.!!

I'm happily living with a Tata vehicle because I have found a very experienced garage specialising in Tata vehicles and low cost and widely available spares.
The problem arises when they try to project a premium image of quality without actually executing changes....
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Default Tata Motors goes back to drawing board at stalled Pimpri unit

Looks like TATA wants to do a Phoenix..With ground loosing beneath at a rapid rate, this is exactly what TATA should do, at least now!!

Further Reading - http://profit.ndtv.com/news/auto/art...e-otherstories
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Default Tata Motors goes back to drawing board

Tata Motors goes back to drawing board; Mini SUV, diesel Nano to mark new push for struggling unit
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Default Re: Tata Motors goes back to drawing board

It would be interesting to see what the design team comes up with...Tata needs a makeover in terms of a philosophy in design just like Hyundai did. Their Fluidic design is doing wonders with the market. Another example is Ford. Look at the 2013 Fusion and see how much value a design change can generate.
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Default Re: Tata Motors goes back to drawing board

What Tata needs most is brand management. It was stupid of them to brand Vista as Indica Vista. Same case with Manza. Why did they have to brand it as Indigo Manza. The best thing they can do right now is to create a spin-off company which won't use TATA name at all. Kind of like Lexus brand. Even though it's owned by Toyota, it's not advertised as such.

It's a shame to see excellent cars like Vista and Manza getting short shrift just because of brand association.
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Post Re: Tata Motors goes back to drawing board

It has been - to put it mildly - a 'not-so-pleasant' year for Tata Motors' passenger division. Even after the Nano's launch in 2008, the company has failed to gather any substantial momentum. If at all, it has been in fits and starts; never a consistent run. Let's face it - they will be the first to admit that their product strategy has turned out to be a failure. They have very little choice but to hit the drawing board hard.

Tata will have to look to pump in more money in R&D and get more focus into their passenger vehicle business. Perhaps with their foray into the mini SUV segment, things could turn around for them. That could be their X-factor.

That being said, as the report notes with caution; the success of this "new drive" will hinge on how soon Tata can bring those fresh designs and ideas into the market. As we all know by now, these things do not happen overnight.

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Default Re: Tata Motors goes back to drawing board

Originally Posted by bansal98 View Post
What Tata needs most is brand management. It was stupid of them to brand Vista as Indica Vista. Same case with Manza.
Agree 100% here. Add to that the way they branded Nano in the initial years as the Cheap Car and Poor Man's car. Who would want to associate themselves as Cheap and Poor Man?? In 2012 ads at least, they are attempting to highlight the positives of Nano - Space, Peppy Engine, Youth appeal but its an opportunity lost already.
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