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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Given the bad feedback the Verna gets for handling the performance is a revelation. Clearly other factors are at play here.

Mahindra continues to impress with the XUV and the Scorpio, inspite of the laundry list of issues with the XUV and the clearly out of date Scorpio. The Innova seems to not impacted at all by Ertiga or the XUV.

VW/Skoda has a problem with numbers here, but given their pricing strategy to be expected.
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

An interesting month for sales, I'd say.

1. i20 outselling the i10 is a big surprise, considering how overpriced the i20 diesel variants are.

2. Forget Alto outselling the Eon, but, Verna outselling the Eon!!??

3. Ertiga did manage to beat Innova in sales. But not cannibalize.

4. Surprised to see Figo doing so bad. Not sure what's wrong.

5. Time for Maruti to stop production of Estilo, 800 and reposition A-star at Alto levels.

6. Surprisingly, WagonR sales are 50% more than the i10. A more fuel efficient engine?

7. Liva is a big dud. A clear case study to all other car makers on how not to cut corners and make a car look cheap. Right opposite to this case was the old Swift. Even though it had bad plstic, cost cutting etc, it didn't look cheap.
I have said it before and saying it again. The cute Yaris hatchback would have been a runaway success for Toyota.

8. If i20 can sell in huge numbers, why can't Polo? VW need to run more sales and service in Tier 2 cities.

9. How does Fiat India manage to feed its employees?

10. Honda needs a diesel engine.
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Honda for sure needs a Diesel and they need it quick or they might lose what little market share they have.

VW's polo numbers are very good but again the Vento cant matchup to the Verna. The Vento is a much more complete car than the Verna but still it is not even selling half its numbers. The price between the Vento Highline and the Rapid top end in Tamil Nadu is a whooping 1.3L the main reason is the rapid falls below 10L which leads to tax benifits.

I guess nothing can stop the Innova!!! I doubt even the Evalia will make any impact on this MUV. The T-badge and reliability is what customers want.
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks GTO for that superb analysis!
Bravo Tata Motors for staging a remarkable comeback! I completely agree that they will be one of the bigger beneficiaries of the Maruthi tragedy.
Pity that Honda are rather lethargic to react. The i10 AT has a virtual stranglehold on its segment - I see increasing numbers on the streets. Where is that AT Brio, Honda?? And Jazz as well. If diesel is some distance away, why not some AT versions in the hatches?
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks again GTO for probably the best comprehensive car sales analysis that I read every month and this month is no exception. Good to see this coming bang on day 1 of the month. You made my day, specially because I woke up quite early to drive my corolla altis from Pune to GOOOOAAAAAA.

The variance in the sales of Honda City and Brio surprises me. I believe now Honda will have to wait and see which way theirs sales go after they release the diesel engine.

Good to know that the new Toyota Camry is coming soon, this is one car that I am eagerly waiting for.

Whats the forecast for Hyundai Elantra? I see they delivered only 54 cars for month?
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I think Nissan has bungled up its variant strategy by making some surprising decisions . The top end diesel Micra comes without passenger Airbag and ABS - which are must have features now . I would have surely bought the top end diesel Micra if it had these features . Inexplicably , the top end petrol had these features .

It was super frustrating to like a car and not buy since it skimps on essentials . It never fails to amaze me how some manufacturers take the Indian consumer for granted
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thank you for the figures. I understand that Beetle sales are zero for serveral months, no surprise there for an overpriced hatch, however I want to know how come Camry is not selling any cars for the past 6 months?

As for Mahindra, remember: a few Thars do not a summer make
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

As a FIAT owner, it is really scary to look at these reports!

Hope their new distribution strategy can bring up the cumulative sales figures above the 2k mark atleast!
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

For those interested, here are the Volvo numbers just received:

S60 : 45
S80 : 1
XC60 : 10
XC90 : 9
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
For those interested, here are the Volvo numbers just received:

S60 : 45
S80 : 1
XC60 : 10
XC90 : 9
Frankly 45 S60's is not a bad figure considering their sparse coverage. Imagine if they improve the dealership coverage and bring in a revamped XC90!
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

^^ Are these numbers good for Volvo to survive in India? They make some of the most beautiful and world's safest cars, still the numbers are disappointing. I guess they sell only by word of mouth publicity. If BMW can rope in Sachin, Volvo certainly can rope in Yuvi or MSD.
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for sharing the sales figures GTO. Rather dismal month for most manufacturers and bound to get worse with lock down on going in Manesar. Might help some of the swift and Dzire competitors with a small spike in demand owing to increase waiting periods on these cars. Some of my observations about the figures
  • Bolero sales are definitely coming more from rural to semi-urban areas since I virtually donot see any Boleros on the road in big cities like Bangalore
  • Ertiga definitely has not impacted Innova, but seems like its cannibalizing more of the C2 sedan segment
  • Amazed at how WagonR continues to maintain its momentum compared to others like i10, Santro which are losing volumes fast. Hyundai needs to do something about its petrol hatchback marketing
  • Nissan needs to re-work its Micra variant strategy. They got it right on Sunny but on Micra the high end model comes with airbags and no ABS. I know of couple of colleagues who recently dumped Micra cause of no ABS.
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thank you very much GTO. The past two months ave confirmed that having a Petrol only line-up/ portfolio is a liability. In fact, All the cars that are Diesel or are factory fited with CNG/ LPG kits are selling good. Wish Honda & Toyota take a leaf out of Maruti Suzuki's strategy & offer factory fitted gas kits.

VW & Skoda's need to improve their quality lot like they are trying in US market, after all India, with 1.5 lac numbers market, can help them keep Toyota at bay.

Good sales of SUV/MUV lead by the pre-historic Boleros/ Sumos, Ageing Innovas/ Scorpios/ Safaris, fresh Ertigas/ Dusters & Macho Fortuners just indicate Indians love for burly vehicles, whether as a means of travelling with the family/ groups or fighting for space with hatches. After all most of these are marginally longer & wider as compared to cars & offer better view & you don't fall all over of the vehicle goes over bad roads. I am sure the upcoming SUVs/MUVs from Ford, Nissan, Tata, would bring some cheer to the respective companies.

But, most important than having diesel cars in portfolio is to price the cars effectively, & have widespread selling/ after sales network, the benefits of which Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, etc. are reaping.
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by Hayek View Post
On VW's performance, dealers don't seem to have inventories either, and indicate supply visibility only around mid August.
Just FYI: One of the dealers in Hyderabad had at least 3 colors readily available for the Vento. Did not enquire about other colors. Might be a case of forecast numbers going awry ?
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Default Re: July 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

ē Hondaís Yo-Yo performance defies logic. The Brio & Jazz are competent products and so well-priced now; how is it that they arenít up to the task of selling them? What poor performances, I say. The City is nowhere near the level that it once had a firm grip on. Honda India has gone off track, yes, but itís just inexplicable how long they are taking to come back. Donít blame it entirely on petrol prices either; remember, the i10 petrol (Brio competitor) and a good number of i20s (Jazz competitor) are doing reasonably well.
This is a combination of 3 factors i guess

Diesel is the default choice of many buyers now that the govt has effectively killed the competition with the 7.5 Rs price hike. Petrol car buyers are only in the lower segments(read Alto and i10). A colleague of mine drives like 500kms in a month yet he opted for a diesel saying Govt will increase the price above 100 before their term is done in 2014.

Another reason is Honda's pathetic attitude towards the Jazz. Their priorities seem to be 1>push Brio 2> If not Brio, then City Corporate. 3> If not City, then some other dealer's car but never the Jazz! Jazz's poor sales has been all their own doing due to their apparent not much profit in selling them.

and comparing Honda's performance here with i20 is shocking to say the least. Indians mostly have a herd mentality. The more they see a car on the road, the more they feel its a successful car and end up buying it. Exclusivity is not in 90pc of the people's minds AFAIK. Correct me if i am wrong!

As a person i met after i booked a Jazz quoted "Why did you buy a Jazz. It gives poor mileage,its a flop model and its costly. Go for the swift which is the best.Cancel your order"
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