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10 Years (and over) 137 23.18%
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Old 12th November 2012, 16:19   #106
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

While the details of the 9 cars I have owned and sold are in my Intro post, here's a quick summary:

1. 1995 Toyota Corolla - bought in 1995.
Sold in 2000.
90,000 miles.
Wanted a BMW.

2. 1998 BMW 328i - bought in 2000.
Sold in 2003 after my daughter was born with the intention to get a car with more trunk space for big stroller and other baby accessories.

3. 2000 Volkswagen Passat wagon - bought in 2003.
Sold in 2003 (after 3 months).
After the BMW, this felt so sluggish, I began suffering from depression, trunk space be damned.

4. 2002 Nissan Maxima - bought in 2003.
Sold in 2004.
The new High Intensity Discharge Xenon headlights of the Maxima were one of the top 5 stolen auto parts that year. Mine got stolen TWICE within 6 months.

5. 1998 Volvo S70 - bought in 2004.
Sold in 2005.
Too many mechanical and electrical problems.

6. 2002 Land Rover Discovery - bought in 2004 as 2nd car alongside the Volvo.
Sold in 2005.
Wife hated the harsh ride. Also was commuting to work by bus, so didn't want to keep two cars.

7. 2001 Lexus ES300 - bought in 2005.
Sold in 2007.
Moved to India.

(not a car but..)
7a. Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. - bought in 2005.
Sold in 2007.
Moved to India.

8. 2005 Ford Fusion - bought in 2008.
Sold in 2010.
Moved to USA.

9. 2002 Lexus ES300 - bought in 2010.
Sold in 2012.
Moved to India.

10. 2012 Maruti WagonR.
Itching to sell off but wife will kill me.

Yeah, I know I am crazy, like many automobile nuts on this forum, so I feel right at home here
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Old 12th November 2012, 22:54   #107
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Posting here on behalf of my father.

He sold his first car today. It was both the first car he bought AND the first car he sold.

A '88 Maruti 800 NON AC. Single owner. Sold directly to scrap for Rs.10,000. The vehicle was in perfectly running condition with each and every part working as it should. We lovingly called her behnji. :(

Reason for sale: Ran out of parking space for 3rd car.

Odo reading at the time of sale: 98k km.

It has only been gone a few hours and we all miss it a lot already since it has been with us for the last 24 years. And considering that I am just 25 years old, I really do not know a world where I do not have our trusted behnji to fall back on for whatever reason we might need it for.
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Old 13th November 2012, 00:02   #108
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Good Thread i must appreciate the idea though.

1.First car in the house bought by Dad was second hand Premiere Padmini ,lasted for a couple of years only.
2.Maruti 800 1986 model bought in 1999 sold in 2005 ,run 86 k kms when sold.
Reason for sale : Good offer and needed regular maintenance.
3. Hyundai Santro GS 2000 model bought in 2007 ,run 78k kms when sold.
Reason for sale : Moving abroad and no one to take care.
4. Fiat punto 1.3 MJD emotion 2012 model Bought brand new ,run 12.5k kms,
Great car and i am going to keep it for the next 5 years...

Planning for a Second hand Hyundai Getz 1.3 2005 and above model for dad,surprise gift just to say Thank you for everything.....

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Old 14th November 2012, 22:18   #109
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Here are the details you were looking for :

1. Hyundai Santro 2000
11 years, 83000 kms
Started behaving erratically , ran big maintenance bills so was sold .

2. Maruti Esteem 2005
5 years , 35500 kms
Was getting expensive to run on a daily basis.

3. Hyundai Accent 2008
4 years , 38600 kms
Is going to be next in the line to be disposed off. A good runner, but a commute of 100 kms everyday on Petrol is too much.
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Old 14th November 2012, 22:50   #110
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

1. Tata Indigo Marina 2007
5 years, 93k and still going
Not planning to sell it so far - haven't found a similar model yet

2. Hyundai i10 AT 2010
2 years, 9k and still going (this is used for city running and errands)
Not planning to sell it as of now as my wife loves it.
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Old 15th November 2012, 08:34   #111
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Fiat Petra 1.6 - 2004 - 40000 kms

Still have it
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Old 15th November 2012, 17:22   #112
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

1. Fiat Palio D ELX [2004 - 2007]
3 years, 53000 kms
Injector problems, Vcon issues, wanted a bigger car

2. Hyundai Verna SX [2007 - ]
5.5 years, 70K Kms
Absolutely no issues so far. Planning to upgrade though.

3. Hyundai i10 AT Asta [2011 - ]
2 years, 11K Kms
No issues, will keep it. Primarily used by wifey.
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Old 15th November 2012, 21:53   #113
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Originally Posted by soonya View Post
1994 zen lxi - held it till 2001, loved the 3rd gear
sold reluctantly in 2001 (to a friend who is careful with cars,) coz juniors wont by big cars coz boss has small car - wife says dont be stingy and threatened to buy a car of her choice hence bought Ikon 1.8D

2001 wife bought zen D
sold in 2004 - small niggles, wife thinks cars should be sold after 3 years becoz the maintenance costs would go up, argued for keeping the car but you know who wins arguments!

wife bought Accent CRDI in 2004
sold in 2007 - same philosophy

2007 wife bought Safari
sold in 2010 - same logic, Tata quality validated her views.

2010 wife bought Fortuner - let us see if arguments win - an eternal optimist!

2001 bought Ford Ikon 1.8 D
sold in 2010 - as the costs of maintaining the car were humungous - roughly i spent as much as i bought it for - like to maintain my cars to the best possible limit, since my life depends on them - also like to keep them in pristine condition, i came to a conclusion a ford you cannot afford to maintain! must confess I loved the driving dynamics and boy did i enjoy driving it! decided never to buy a Ford.

2007 bought a Corolla Automatic, done 90000 KM was planning replace till I read GTO's take on old cars. Plan to keep it. Needs some touch up, and a few things to be replaced.
I like your pattern. I will try to follow this. Thank you for sharing.

Were all these cars bought as out right purchase or loan ?
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Old 23rd November 2012, 08:35   #114
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

As i am still not of the age where i can buy my own car, posting it on the behalf of my father.

Ambassador 1999 model. Could not remember Diesel or Petrol as I am just 8 years old then
Date of purchase : Somewhere in September 1999
Date of sale : Somewhere 4 days after the previous somewhere in September.

Imagine the heart break i have gone through as i proudly announced among my cricket friends that we bought a car.
And by the time i asked them to come on sunday to have a look at it.
Voila . Its gone

Our second car
Maruti Alto
April 13 2007 to present
Some 50k on Odo of which 35k was driven by me leaving only 15k for my father.
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Old 30th November 2012, 13:04   #115
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

My cars,
(i) Zen Lxi (1L Petrol) - used for an year (2003 to 2004)
Issues were with space and power (will not move with the ac on), excellent fuel efficiency.

(ii) Santro XG (1.1L Petrol) - used for less than 2 years (2004 - 2006)
More space, better pickup but got bored with the interiors.

(iii) Getz GVS (1.4L Petrol) - using since mid 2006
Better space, better ride quality, good power but disappointing mileage (10.5 km/l). Have maintained this vehicle very well with regular servicing. I take personal care of this vehicle. Have spent close to 60 k in the last 6 months towards replacing tyres and parts and do not plan to dispose it in the near future. It's clocked 54k km.

(iv) Skoda Rapid Elegance (1.6L diesel)
Using this since last 2 weeks. I think this will be a companion for a long time.
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Old 30th November 2012, 14:19   #116
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Among the cars I purchased, my current car is the one I have had the longest. Grandfather's hand-me-down Ambassador lasted the longest, however, but that was a family workhorse. Here is the history.

Ambassador Mark II
Donated to Old Age Home in 2002 as nobody at home was using it
We had the car in the family since 1976

1991 VW Golf GTi Mk. II 8v
Bought when I was in London, Nov 2000.
Sold Feb 2002
Moved back to India

Did not buy car as I was in Mumbai as a bachelor. Moved to Chennai and bought ...

1997 Maruti Zen
Bought Feb 2003
Wrote off Nov 2003 in a major accident

Bought a Honda Dio in May 2004.

Moved to UK again 2005, and bought ...

1991 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ghia
Bought Sep 2005
Scrapped Apr 2007

1998 Nissan Primera 2.0 SE
Bought Apr 2007
Sold to a friend May 2009

Moved back to India.

2010 Ford Figo 1.2 Titanium
Bought new May 2010
Still going strong!

I think I will keep this one for 5 years before thinking about upgrading.

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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

1. Maruti Zen 1998
Sold in 2003
80K Odo
Car was ageing, and planned upgrade to Honda City (first car with my salary)

2. Maruti Esteem 1999
Sold in 2000
Accident prone; numerous in one year. Also, very low, uncomfortable seating; thumbs down from parents.

3. Honda City 1.3 DX - 2003 March
Sold in 2011
Awesome car. Sold only because the underbody was getting rusted

4. Hyundai Santro Xing - 2003 Oct
Sold in 2009
Again terrific car. Absolutely no maintenance cost. Requested by someone in family.

5. Skoda Octavia 1.9D L&K - 2006
Sold in 2012
The car which I didn't want to sell. Had to go due to huge bills in the last year (& more forthcoming). A car like no other.

6. AN Honda City - 2009
Still with me
Not as fun as old City. But best interior space among all my current cars. Plan to retain for around 3 more years. Mostly for office runs.

7. VW Polo 1.6 Petrol - 2011
Still with me
Cracker of a car. Shame VW had to discontinue this model. A little basic in features, but is closest in spirit to cars which I've driven (as rentals) in Europe. Not going anywhere for a long time. I keep it away from my driver.

8. Audi A4 2.0D - 2012
Still with me
The successor to Skoda. The big family car. Not many adjectives I would use for this car. Hoping to retain it as long as it doesn't burn the proverbial hole in pocket.
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Old 3rd December 2012, 22:18   #118
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Indica DLX, July 2004
8 years, 5 months
1,20,700 kms

Plan to keep it for 10 years or 1,50,000 kms, whichever is earlier
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

Indigo LS - 84K KMs, 9 year, 7 months.

BTW, isn't the poll setting incorrect? For example, how would I vote ownership of more than 9 years but less than 10. Similarly for other timeframe.
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Old 24th February 2013, 16:19   #120
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Default Re: How many years do you drive / own the same car?

To my knowledge, my dad has owned 4 cars (newly bought) over a period of about 23 years.

1. Fiat Premier Padmini (petrol)- Bought around 1989- 1990. Sold on 2001. Covered 89000 kms.
2. Fiat Uno (Diesel)- Bought on 2000. Sold on 2007. Covered 110000 kms.
3. Ford Ikon 1.3 (Petrol)- Bought on 2007. Sold on 2013. Covered 87500 kms.
4. Hyundai igen i20 (Petrol)- Bought on 2012. Not sold. Covered around 3700 kms.

All the cars were provided to my father by his company. We didn't BUY any of them. We sold each one off as and when my dad became eligible for a new car. They were reasonably maintained though none were in an "impeccable" condition at the time of selling them.

Can't comment on the Padmini as I was only 6 or 7 years old when she was sold. I remember seeing her in a light blue, then green and finally white paint jobs! She used to break down when driven over water or during rains . No creature comforts what so ever except for the BIG steering wheel, the amp meter (I think that's the name) which used to move when I pressed the horn and the gear lever on the side of the steering. I used to sit on my dad's lap and steer her when we were on the highways. Aah those days...

The Uno had a gem of an engine according to my dad, and she used to return constant FE figures upwards of 20kpl. It was a breeze to overtake cars back in 2000- 2003 with the Uno, especially during uphill climbs. Her motor was a real workhorse and sounded like that of a Tata Sumo's. Only grouses were its super hard- to- turn steering (no power steering) and lack of air conditioning. Was sold for a price of Rs. 1 lakh.

The Ikon was just awesome, especially for its price. A full on sedan for the price of a premium hatchback! She had all the creature comforts we really needed though not ABS and Airbags. She looked striking in her dark violet paint job, handled tight and was super stable at high way speeds. Slow speed comfort wasn't all that great but she never bounced about or anything. Engine noise was nice and aggressive. Ikons all have that distinctive hum I've noticed... I learnt driving in the Ikon. I grew really confident of handling her with each passing day. The major downside is her lack of ooomph. She pulled strong on all gears IF the AC was off and she wasn't carrying more than 2 people! . The constant site of modern day diesels, even small hatchbacks for that matter, whooshing past us as we accelerated hard on inclines left us wanting for more. If only we had a diesel motor with all that torque to play with... sigh..
She became really hard to maintain after a few unlucky incidents (A branch broke off and fell on top of her) and that sort of thing. Dad stopped taking her to the company service centers as they charged heavily for repairs. But the local mechanics at the new workshop were horrible. We had problems one after the other and eventually decided to let go of her after we were given a new i20. Sold her off for 1.10 lakhs.

The i20, though has more power and torque than the Ikon, it is much slower. Reasons: It is heavier than the Ikon (almost 300 kilos) and the Ikon has its peak torque lower down the RPM range. We initially hated the i20. It was a nervous handler at speeds (way behind the ikon in this regard). I rarely take her above 70 even now! The i20 is still growing on us. She is mostly used within the city and it is pretty adequate and very easy to drive inside the city. She is "soft" all over- may it be the clutch, steering, gear, whatever. Visibility should have been better. You can feel the weight of the car as you move around in it. The performance is very sluggish and one reeeaally has to work the gears in order to keep her moving. If the RPM is below 1500 she just stops accelerating. At any gear except for the 1st of course. It's like the engine dies or something! She is wobbly at speeds above 80 and is only good for swift overtaking if the AC is off. Still no big complaints as the equipment list is good and convenient and we are getting used to sedate driving in the i20. She will do good as a city and sometimes, a highway hatchback until we get our hands on a proper sedan or an SUV.
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