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View Poll Results: Your Car of the Year 2012?
Maruti Alto 800 36 1.70%
Renault Pulse 9 0.42%
Chevrolet Sail U-VA 30 1.41%
Maruti Dzire 42 1.98%
Mahindra Quanto 22 1.04%
Maruti Ertiga 420 19.79%
Renault Scala 8 0.38%
Renault Duster 1135 53.49%
Nissan Evalia 5 0.24%
Tata Safari Storme 67 3.16%
Hyundai Elantra 97 4.57%
Ssangyong Rexton 12 0.57%
Hyundai Sonata 8 0.38%
Toyota Camry 7 0.33%
Mercedes B-Class 13 0.61%
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 23 1.08%
Mini Cooper 28 1.32%
Audi Q3 34 1.60%
BMW 3 Series 126 5.94%
Voters: 2122. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 6th December 2012, 16:04   #31
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Picked the Chevrolet UVA-Sail. I have only seen this vehicle in real and though I have not driven one yet, from official reviews and word of mouth, I have heard only praises for this machine. I really liked the space and the price at which the overall package is being offered.

Chevrolet for sure is a underdog in the industry that has been slowly building reputation with its products (taking the example of the Beat and its engines) and also equally improving on the service front.

Duster seems to be a favorite pick here and would have got my vote only if the following worked in the Duster's favour:

1) Interior space - Feels very cramped for a vehicle of its size
2) Price - Asking price is way too much, its actually a overkill for a low cost brand for wearing the 'Renault' badge
3) Renault as a company is still getting a foot hold on the Indian soil and long term commitment still seems blur
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Old 6th December 2012, 16:07   #32
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Of the choices given here, I voted for the Duster because it came in and brilliantly filled a desperate void in the marketplace. It is great VFM indeed and ticks pretty much all the boxes for most people. The only regret I have about it is the lack of 4x4 in India and the wanton "dumbing down" of the safety kit which is otherwise available in the Euro spec of the same trim and pricing level. This is the only reason I feel they are taking us Indians for a bit of a joyride.

If there were to be a second, for me, it would be the Audi Q3 - heart over head maybe, but with very good reason as far as I am concerned.
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Old 6th December 2012, 16:12   #33
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

It's definitely going to be the Renault Duster by a long shot; followed by the Ertiga.

Edit - Why does everyone keep saying that the Duster opened a brand new market/ filled the void etc etc.
The mini SUV segment is quite old (Remember the Tata Sierra, or the quite recent Premier Rio).

At the time of the Tata Sierra, the only hatch back available in the market belonged to the A segment and the price difference between the mini SUV and hatchback was quite large.

In recent times, with the market opening up with new hatchbacks in the B2 segment, people feel why not spend the same amount on a mini SUV and step into the SUV world.

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Old 6th December 2012, 16:13   #34
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For me, it will be Ertiga. I believe, competing with established brands & products (read Innova / Xylo) and gaining a 6 month waiting period & consistent high sales numbers are NO joke. This car pleases most & no one doubts this is a VFM proposition. Add to it, the stellar pre-sales and post-sales experience are unmatched to the other contenders.

And this is exactly where this trumps Duster. Duster is no VFM (especially top variants), under equipped, low quality interiors for the price, atrocious dealer experiences, unknown A$$ experiences. The only thing going for Duster is its ride quality. Needs to see whether it holds ground with the introduction of new players as well.Doesn't make it superior to Ertiga at any cost, in my opinion.

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Old 6th December 2012, 16:14   #35
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

It's tough choice between Ertiga & Duster. Both have created their own niche.
I liked the looks of Duster but am not so sure it is VFM. That's where Ertiga wins it for me, the increasing sales numbers are additional proof.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

My vote goes to Maruti Alto 800.

We all are aware that M800 is an iconic car. No other car has made such a drastic positive change in its domestic market as M800 had done. Alto was a perfect replacement, but it was also getting aged. How to improve such a small and wonderful car must have been very very tough.
And the improvements are just not minor.

I have driven Alto 800 the day it was lauched ( or the next day ) was shocked to see much better refinement, better engine response, better AC ( marginally ), overall improvement in ride, much improved insulation. All this at not a very high cost. Moreover, the engine still remains the earlier generation one, but this old motor can give nightmares to newer motors in city drives as it has sharper torque in lower half of power band ( which many so called new, futuristic and advanced motors lack, and we are still talking about NA engines ).

Better car for the masses.

Close contenders :
Storme ( the first real Indian SUV! )
Evalia ( better family car for those who cannot afford horribly overpriced and noisy Innova )
These cars need no introduction.

Duster : 3/5 safety rating? Maintenance and service costs ? Hence not better. I would prefer the honest effort in XUV over ( Duster which is actually a small hatch/sedan platform ).

Elantra : I sat in one, felt seriously suffocated, got out in 2 mins. The raked windscreen is too much to handle, its just very very near to your head. The swooping profile results into not so airy cabin.

BMW, Audi are always overpriced, not just in purchasing, but also in maintenance, spare cost, availability of spares, etc.

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For me the race was between Ertiga and Duster. Voted for the Duster though.

Personally I don't like the Duster much because it is no VFM, under equipped and lack even the basic safety features (except for the top variant), interiors are not to my liking. Inspite of all these it has definitely filled a void for the customer and has been really successful in capturing the imagination of the public, that has made it a huge success.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For me it was only between Ertiga and Duster. Both are game changers in their own right.

My vote - Ertiga.

Why Ertiga and Maruti?

- Hats off to Maruti for making a good 7-seater while maintaining the proportions/looks of small Hatchback.
- an all-rounded, complete and VFM family product under 10 lakhs.

Why not Duster?

- 5 seater only
- lack of basic features
- overdone wheel arches
- too expensive for what it offers
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

It was between Duster and Storme for me. Voted for Duster. Storme does evoke more passion when I think of it but as many have put it its a lost opportunity for Tata.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for the Duster. But did think about the Ertiga for a bit but i feel the Duster was the more deserving. Its the 1 product which en-composes so many segment. It appeals to everyone looking for a C segment sedan, an SUV, or may be an entry level D segment category
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

I am so torn between Storme and Duster. Storme is a much improved product but Duster has created a mini SUV category. The new duster rendering based in European Logan looked amazing.
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Old 6th December 2012, 16:43   #42
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Smile re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For me it was Ertiga vs Duster and IMO Ertiga definitely has an edge over Duster. Voted for Ertiga. Also Renault just got the Duster priced properly but not a perfect offering.

Dzire was also in the running but its too common on the streets now with all those face lifts.

Could not understand why late entrants are also a part of the poll when their market response is yet to be ascertained.
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Post re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
  • As has always been the case, we insist there will be only ONE Team-BHP Car of the Year. Why? Simply because we don't believe in handing out an award for the "door of the year" or "best sunroof of the year" (as examples). Some award ceremonies have 20 awards to ensure there's one for each car manufacturer in India. We have no such inclination, and will only focus on the best, most important new car of the year.
That is EPIC - delivered in true GTO style! I like 'door of the year', 'sunroof of the year' etc..

Clearly I'm not the only one torn between the Ertiga and Duster! True winners in their own right. I have always been of the firm opinion that the 'COTY' has to be encompassing/pervasive enough to have made a positive difference to a large strata of society or to have made a lasting impact on the automotive scene of a region/country. Hence I'm not generally a big fan of giving it to luxury/niche cars that have a relatively smallish relevant value.

Anyway in my mind, the Duster has done that like no other this year. Without an iota of doubt, it has literally cracked open what is clearly going to be a very significant and enduring segment in India in the years to come. So my vote's going to the Renault.
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Old 6th December 2012, 17:01   #44
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

One tough choice this one to chose the best launch of the year 2012 !!

Going by the sheer numbers there would be no match for the new Alto, though realistically speaking its more of an old wine in a new bottle. Even on reading the title of the thread a two horse race was what struck my mind immediately - Duster vs Ertiga, both have been doing exceptional numbers and both have been receiving rave reviews from one and all.

Where Duster brings in all new styling, body & engine to go with its exceptional ride comfort and the SUVish feel, Ertiga on the other hand brings the ever reliable MJD with a similar state of tune as the Sx4.

For me, Ertiga wins this one over Duster, purely because of the practicality it offers over Duster.
1. An extra row of seats makes this vehicle way more practical than the Duster, even though seating 7 well built adults during a drive on the ghats might prove to be too much of a task for the car, but then this car has been made keeping in mind the average Indian family where the last row might be needed very rarely and if at all needed there would be children to hold forte on the last row.
2. Proven and ever reliable MJD. Even though 7 adults would take its toll on the 1.3 MJD, still this is the national engine of India and IMO has lower lag than the 110 Duster.
3. The trump card of Maruti as always - The Authorised Service Centre.

Ertiga is the winner for me !!
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

+1 To Vivek.KS : I too was in the same dilemma !! Storme or Duster, I finally voted for the Duster. It has definitely created a new segment. And the response of the End users has also been very good.

Quick question, Didn't the Duster come in more or less the same segment that Fusion was in? And would it be right to say that Duster capitalized where Fusion lost out?
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