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View Poll Results: Your Car of the Year 2012?
Maruti Alto 800 36 1.70%
Renault Pulse 9 0.42%
Chevrolet Sail U-VA 30 1.41%
Maruti Dzire 42 1.98%
Mahindra Quanto 22 1.04%
Maruti Ertiga 420 19.79%
Renault Scala 8 0.38%
Renault Duster 1135 53.49%
Nissan Evalia 5 0.24%
Tata Safari Storme 67 3.16%
Hyundai Elantra 97 4.57%
Ssangyong Rexton 12 0.57%
Hyundai Sonata 8 0.38%
Toyota Camry 7 0.33%
Mercedes B-Class 13 0.61%
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 23 1.08%
Mini Cooper 28 1.32%
Audi Q3 34 1.60%
BMW 3 Series 126 5.94%
Voters: 2122. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 6th December 2012, 20:43   #61
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

I am still undecided. Duster is good but the build quality (toughness) and the fact that it only scored 3 stars in EURO NCAP safety test is a big negative for me.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For me it is the Renault Duster. It did 2-3 big things -
  1. Helped Renault get a foothold in the Indian market
  2. Redefined the small SUV segment, now everyone wants a piece of the Pie
  3. Created a car that can take on the horrible roads, yet not break, and is light
    enough on the pocket for a lot of people to buy and use
  4. Sent the C segment sedan market into a tailspin
For these factors, that is my COTY, while it may not be the most appealing or performance oriented car that an enthusiast might talk about, it's impact is here to be seen.
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Old 6th December 2012, 20:54   #63
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for the Renault Duster as it has changed the brand's image and existence in the Indian Automotive Scene by hitting the sweet spot between entry level sedans and full sized SUVs. Its road presence, good ride and handling and a very aggressive price has already made this new entry from Renault, a super-hit.

The other two contenders can be the Maruti Ertiga and the DZire.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

As expected the frontrunners are the Duster and the Ertiga!

The initial instinct was to vote for the Duster. But thinking further, I am not that impressed with the whole package – it is indeed a no-nonsense crossover, but Renault could have done better. For this price point, I would expect at least basic standard safety features (ABS + Airbags) across all variants.

Ertiga has the advantage of early mover in the small MPV segment, but I guess that’s the only USP of the car. Maybe because I am not a fan of small MPVs. I personally feel that small 7-seater MPVs are a bit compromised on safety, especially on the highways. And that extra rear bench does not really warrant a hefty premium over the excellent Swift.

That brings to my Car of the Year – the Maruti Alto 800. The small non-pretentious city car really works on the affordability front, and helps many Indians to upgrade to the comfort of a four wheeler (something which the Nano was supposed to do).

Note: I wanted to vote for the brilliant BMW 3, but I believe the COTY should be something with mass-market reach

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Mini Cooper
Just to clarify - shouldn’t the Mini Cooper and Mini Countryman S be listed as two different cars in the poll?

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Given the obsession that we have developed with Diesel UVs, it is not surprising that the Ertiga and the Duster are leading the chase. Between the two, my vote would have gone for the Ertiga. I agree with vb-san that super compact seven seaters are not safe. But the Ertiga is not worse than the Maruti 800s we all grew up in. It looks decent, has good fit and finish, the Maruti reliability and is a true blue super hit (unlike the Elantra for example). Au contraire, the Duster is nothing but a Logan estate on stilts. It looks decent at first glance, but lacks refinement. I seriously toyed with the idea of backing the Ertiga. But a stretched and raised Swift with 7 seats did not cut it for me.

Hence I voted for the one and only class defining car that launched this year, the fantastic BMW 3 series. It is a sad reflection of the diesel obsessed state of our market that even GTO referred to the 320D Luxury Plus as its top end version, and forgot about the amazing 328i Sportline. With a heads up display, almost every feature you could want (barring an auto hold) and that amazing sweet engine that pushed me back into my seat as it accelerated, the BMW 328i has to be my car of the year. Of course, it's much too expensive for me to buy right now. But some day.... (hope springs eternal).
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Old 6th December 2012, 22:23   #66
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For "Car of the Year" I pick Ertiga. Its surprisingly compact (which could also be considered a negative by some), and is small enough for someone to use as a daily drive without feeling awkward, and at the same time its a car that is capable of carrying 3 generations of the typical Indian family (pappa, mumma, munna, munni, dada and dadi) in comfort (as long as munna and munni are still kids). Its based off an existing Swift platform and has the 1.3 MJD that is popular enough to ensure great serviceability.

The closest contender (which comes TOO close to beating the Ertiga) would be the Duster which has more aspirational value associated with it, but it lost out in my books because Renault decided to get greedy and price a cheap Dacia so high with hardly any equipment justifying the price (I expected 6 airbags and ESP at that price if not 4x4). It also looses out because of a lower crash score on NCAP compared to the Ertiga and questionable after-sales.

Number three would be the Alto 800. Overrated and overpriced (compared to the Nano) but there is no denying that this is one of the most practical cars in India for middle-class families that (atleast the more traditional ones) keep the car for a full 15 years.

The car which would've been a winner in my books but didn't make it was Elantra. Its the cheapest car that has safety that approaches euro-grade (5 Star NCAP rating, ESP, VSM, 6 airbags) and is remarkably frugal (though the frugality comes by borrowing the engine from its smaller sibling verna) - all this while ensuring that the boatiness of the i20 and Verna is masked by the ESP+VSM combination. I refrain from calling it the CotY because its in the "executive" D-Segment, which isn't somewhere your everyday guy goes shopping. For the same reason I didn't even look at more expensive launches like BMWs, Minis and Mercs.

Nissan Evalia and SsangYong Rexton get my pick as honourable mentions that are amazingly well put together packages trumping most competition but due to dealer problems, soft launch or just image aren't selling at all sadly. Evalia BTW has a beautiful equipment list. If only it didn't have ridiculous design quirks....

EDIT: Just saw the polls. They seem to be in favor of the Duster with Ertiga following up. Both deserve the award IMO. They gobbled up completely new never-thought-of-before cliche markets so well and have universal (err I mean national) appeal.

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

I was contemplating between Duster and Ertiga as they were market makers by creating new segments in the product range. I have test driven both the vehicles and liked both the vehicles. Ertiga for it's linear delivery of power and drive. Duster for it's looks and handling.

I voted for Duster as it is able to cater to the aspirations of Indians for an affordable SUV ownership and for creating a platform for Renault to establish in Indian market
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for the Duster. Its the first proper modern looking SUV at that price point and has created a segment of its own.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for Ertiga because of the VFM it offers and the way it positioned itself as a practical alternative to Innova (I see Innova as the vehicle that practically killed the entire D1 segment) at a way lower price. Thats not a small achievement.

Would Ertiga still sell at similar numbers same time next year? I think so unless MS launches its mini SUV.

Why not Duster?
The 110PS diesel engine option for the Duster has the cheapest variant priced above 10 lakhs ex-showroom, definitely not something that you would think of when you see it as an SUV that starts at 7.3L. The base diesel version with 85PS is priced on par with Safari base version with 140PS. So its defnitely not VFM. Probably the best marketed car, but not Car of the year in my opinion.

Would Duster still sell at similar numbers same time next year? Unlikely after Ecosport and Nissan's SUV gets launched. So its more of the early bird advatage that it got than the value it offers.

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

The Muv/ LUv was designed specifically keeping the requirements of the Indian users in mind be it dimensions, seating capacity or even small things like the adjustable middle row seats. The Ertiga is powered by two fantastic engine options and is a smart and sensible urban utilitarian vehicle at a very attractive price. It is possibly the only utility vehicle as of today that is giving the Innova nightmares which no other MUV managed to do since a long time.

The next best option are from the BMW stable which are fantastic cars but too pricey IMO (3-series and Mini Cooper both!)
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for Duster as it opened a new segment in India. Appreciate the boldness of Renault to experiment with such a vehicle in India. Now hopefully all the multinationals will follow suit and introduce equivalent vehicles from their international portfolio. Good for the consumers. I always thought the Cross overs are more suitable for rural roads with pot holes in India, than Sedans. Still none of the Indian manufactured thought about bringing in such a vehicle. Duster started a revolution, and my vote this year is for Duster.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

No offence, but except couple rest all cars this side of 15L are boring/uninspiring !!

Like many, even I would say its a fight between Duster & Ertiga. Not a tough one though.
While Ertiga is a promising car and the only Maruti I liked after new Swift!, is much like a 'family' vehicle by looks. After all it is one. Its well put together too.

Having said that I've voted Duster, for
• Robust build
• Excellent ride quality & handling
• Power to weight ration (109 BHP one)
• Perfect size and shape. Not too small like Rio or bulky like Endy!! Perfect for urban commuter
• Looks
• Fit & Finish compared to its rivals

Some observations, not related to my voting but this thread.
• These are the only cars in the list T-BHP did not review this year!
Renault Pulse
Ssangyong Rexton
Mercedes B-Class
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
• In case you want to increase your 'Thanked' count by 2? Vote for Ertiga

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Ahh this is interesting! After a lot of thought i short-listed Ertiga and Elantra (i left duster due to certain negative experience and also think its over priced). Ertiga to me is a damn good example of smart engineering & Maruti knack of knowing what an indian customer wants. Its spacious, cost effective, rides like a car, fuel efficient, Reliable and looks good (Check one with nice alloys and big wheels, you will change your mind). Elantra was my choice thought only for the way it looks and so many gadgets. It looks out so futuristic with so many cuts and curves. So Elantra is my final choice.

I am surprised to see Duster on top of ertiga though considering Ertiga is way ahead on sales and reliability. Guess Duster reliability and service have still not been tested and yes it does turn men into boys due to its SUVish charm. So looks like Duster going to win this round.

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Duster for me. The positioning at a new segment waiting to be exploited, with great looks and at a perfect price point. There are negatives as well like the interior quality but considering all other competition, this is the car which changed the game this year, just like the XUV5OO did last year. What I am waiting to see is how Nissan will manage the A.S.S for a car that is selling like hot cake with such a wafer thin dealership/service network. I believe all other cars which sell in such high numbers have a very high penetration with respect to dealerships and service centers.

Mini cooper is my second choice...if only it was priced cheaper.

Ertiga third simply for its practicality

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Interesting to see that no car(sedan/hatch) seems to have won favor with Tbhpians this year. Only SUV & MUV (Duster/ Ertiga) holding 80% of the votes at this point of time.
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