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View Poll Results: Your Car of the Year 2012?
Maruti Alto 800 36 1.70%
Renault Pulse 9 0.42%
Chevrolet Sail U-VA 30 1.41%
Maruti Dzire 42 1.98%
Mahindra Quanto 22 1.04%
Maruti Ertiga 420 19.79%
Renault Scala 8 0.38%
Renault Duster 1135 53.49%
Nissan Evalia 5 0.24%
Tata Safari Storme 67 3.16%
Hyundai Elantra 97 4.57%
Ssangyong Rexton 12 0.57%
Hyundai Sonata 8 0.38%
Toyota Camry 7 0.33%
Mercedes B-Class 13 0.61%
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 23 1.08%
Mini Cooper 28 1.32%
Audi Q3 34 1.60%
BMW 3 Series 126 5.94%
Voters: 2122. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 7th December 2012, 14:36   #106
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For me the choice was between the Hyundai Elantra and Renault Duster.

Voted for Elantra for the sense of completeness it has as a product - in a tough segment where the consumer is picky and has to choose from an international range of products. I believe that the duster has certain quirks, which could have been compensated by a cheaper price.

Going thru the comments above ... everyone seems to think that the Duster is overpriced. Yet it is trending as #1 in the votes! #2 is Ertiga (deservingly). Given that XUV was last year's winner, it seems TBHP community is heavily tilted towards SUVs!

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Mine was a call among Quanto, Duster and Ertiga.

Quanto: Though not good-looking, My kudos to Mahindra for actually opening up the affordable SUV segment. The Quanto is really spacious, has SUV looks and a very tall stance, all for a price of a premium hatchback.

Duster: A lot has been said about the Duster. It looks like a million bucks!! Safari aside, Duster is the best looking SUV across segments. Though I haven't had a chance to drive it myself, I see from reliable TBHP members that it rides great. And with the super reliable logan platform, you just cant go wrong.

Ertiga: I wish Maruti launched a SUV instead of an MPV with the Ertiga. Just like how Mahindra made the MPV Xylo in to the SUV quanto. But ertiga again opened up a new segment, and how! Its just what the doctor prescribed - Not so bad looks, frugal engines, extraordinary maruti A.S.S. and a 7 seater. Ertiga is a very rational choice for someone looking at practicality.

But like someone noted in this thread, Duster is a car I aspire to own. It ticks all the boxes for me. My vote is for the Duster, which I am sure would be the TBHP car of the year.
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Old 7th December 2012, 17:21   #108
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

For me it was either the Duster or the Ertiga.

I got down to thinking and it took ages.

Anyhow, the Duster indeed has created a new segment. And because of its eminent success, this segment so created will only continue to grow over time. It is also a commendable effort from Renault, however there are short-comings. The rides brilliant, it offers two competent engines, has an amazing boot space and now you can have it in a 5+1 configuration. However the amount of money that one puts down , one expects more. More in terms of quality. And that is where the Duster falls back for me.

The Ertiga on the other hand has not created a new segment. Infact its job was way more harder because it had to enter the segment ruled by the likes of Innova etc and make a name for itself. MSL has done a brilliant job I must admit. It has ticked all the right boxes and hence the results are visible on the sales charts as well .

So in the end, I ask myself this very simple question:-

Would I buy the Duster if there were other options available in that segment:- Maybe not. According to me, the duster is enjoying the market because it can. There are no other options available to the masses and hence the popularity.

The Ertiga on the other hand has proved its capabilities in a proven market and has created a market share for itself.

Hence my vote goes for the Ertiga .
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Yes, Ertiga toppled the then market leader Innova and how! Toyota needs to wait until the launch of Avanza, if it happens.

Duster is a lone-runner. Once the SUVs like Ford Ecosport and Suzuki XA-Alpha come to picture, the scene will be quite different, IMO. But as of now, Renault succeeded in making an ordinary looking old-fashioned car a sales success.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for Ertiga. It has created a new segment in the Indian market. Not too big but good enough for a family to move without problems either in city or distances.

The Duster would also be such a vehicle which would evoke responses from other manufacturers. But in India a family mover with 7 seats would have a greater impact and can also be the only car that a family can have.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

The tossup between Duster and Ertiga, for me.
The Duster was by design intended to be a cheap vehicle. In its current guise, it only pretends to be an off roader with its pseudo raised stance. All forgivable, if it was priced well. But no, the end result is a cheap vehicle which is expensive to buy.
The Ertiga on the other hand, has no pretensions. It just wants to be an efficient people carrier, with an efficient pair of engines and backed by an efficient service network.
The Ertiga it is, for me.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Ertiga for me.

I love the Duster but Ertiga is a game changer and I believe that it fills a niche more appropriately than any other car. Ertiga hits the nail right on the head and I wonder why no one else came up with something like this earlier.

Duster is a SUV whereas Ertiga is a MUV and both are the only one in their segment with car like handling. Ertiga, in my opinion, will have more boxes checked in favour than a duster.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

My choice was between Ertiga and Duster.

Duster lost my vote because
- it is overpriced
- No safety features though it is in higher price bracket
- UK specs is better than Indian specs. Further in UK it costs lesser though it is manufactured here in India.
- 5 seater only
- Renault as a company failed to get the trust of customers by forcing them to go for higher variants.

Why i voted for Ertiga:
- 7 seater, perfect for a family who needs to go for a weekend trip. You can argue that Duster also does that, but i can't take my father/mother along with my wife/kids since it is just a 5 seater
- value for money
- good mileage

P.S: I neither own Duster nor Ertiga.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Looks like Duster is Unanimous choice and that by a Margin. Second seeded Ertiga almost reaches 50% of Duster votes. Only few players reaching the double digit rest all in signle digit. Surprise is Even Elantra is so low in ranking. Pretty good.

My Vote Goes to Duster!!!!! For me Ertiga is not even worth thinking for COTY title though Elantra/Sonata/Rexton were serious consideration.

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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

My shortlist: Maruti Dzire, Maruti Ertiga, Renault Duster & Hyundai Elantra

Of these, the Duster is not really a new car. It's new in India with a few (especially chrome) customizations, but been around for a long while in other countries. Hence 4th place in my list.

Dzire is fresh & much different from the previous version. Like the way the previous version's flaws were ironed out & improved in looks from being a 'fat pregnant buffalo' (older version)! But there are others who beat this.

Elantra is new & a good contender. Deserves to be at top. Well, almost.

Ertiga spawns a new genre. Almost a car with 2 extra child seats or loads of luggage. And it does that without being bulky or ungainly like say, the Quanto. Home grown. This isn't an international model customized for India. Had to give it the top rank.

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My vote for Duster. Why? Because I own one! Simple.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Its Ertiga for me.

The only fact that it has managed to crack into the Innova sales itself says how good a vehicle it is. And Maruti has done an extremely good job in packaging the car, on that platform!

The Ertiga, IMO, somehow feels more complete and purposeful, just like it was intended to be, than the Duster.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for the Duster. Amongst all 2012 launches, no other vehicle has stoked the Indian buyer's sensitivities the way Duster has.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Voted for the Duster. It may be a bit overpriced for all the features it offers but then it ticks all the right boxes a customer can aspire for. I am in the market for a new car and had been thinking of buying a car in the 8-10 lakh bracket but the Duster hits the sweet spot and actually made me realize that buying a car is rather an emotional decision so stretching my budget for the Duster will be worth it. After all I don't want to drive just another sedan and frown when I see a Duster next to me on a red light. Just the right size, superb fuel efficiency, great boot space, comfortable and practical cabin and a terrific ride quality. No wonder it has received the maximum number of votes so far.
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Default re: The Team-BHP Car of the Year 2012. EDIT : Renault Duster it is!

Interesting to note that there are 3 cars from Renault in this year's list- one is leading while the other two are the only ones yet to open the account.

That sort of puts a question of whether it was a blind shot in the dark with Duster that hit the target or was it a well planned move! No doubts it hit bang on target, whether they expected it or not. I hope its the latter because thats the only way Maruti will give us more features in mid variants than just everything only in top end- when it is under attack in its strong segments.
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