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Default Re: Soon, you may have to pay for driving in peak-hour traffic!

Originally Posted by ACM View Post
My views:

1) This won't happen in India for a very long while. It is too complex and we are just not capable of managing this.

2) If it did happen then it would be great. I do not mind paying extra to get to drive on relatively traffic free roads.

3) Public transport in Mumbai is expected to improve significantly in the next 1-3 years with the Monorail, Metro starting off. The Roads too will get better with the Easterfreeway and the Santacruz Chembur link road coming up. But that is Mumbai and the level of change would not be similar in all cities in India so where this can be implemented and where it is required will have to be seen.

4) If the Traffic police managed to pull up their socks and stop taking haftas and move the trucks and other vehicles parked illegally on sides of LBS Marg, and SV road in Mumbai and remove the pavement encrocements in others parts and enforce the use of the elevated Skywalks that have been built then none of this would be required and we would automatically get upto 40% extra road space rightaway at almost no cost.
I too believe that India is not yet ready to implement this system. Heck, we haven't even been able to implement Aadhar/UID system properly.

Even if this system was put in place then monitoring cameras will be smashed, number plates will be doctored and what not.

Mumbai is seeing some planning but what about the rest of the Indian cities? Cars & bikes are being registered in thousands by the day and the UD or RTO sees no problem in this.

Government should provide more roads, more flyovers, widen choke points and demolish unauthorized shops/hawkers. I believe this will address the root cause of the problem.
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Default Re: Soon, you may have to pay for driving in peak-hour traffic!

I say, first be strict with implementing traffic discipline. Indian motorists (most of them) have a long way to go in this. Ensure HEAVY fines are imposed & yielded properly from defaulters and no one is spared from rules. This bloody step will ensure we have lesser chaos on roads and will make traffic a lot smoother. Once we cover this, move to step 2.

I think the first step to implement this will be mandating the High Security Number Plates. I see most of our government machinery thinking of high level steps when they don't even have the basics right.
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Default Re: Soon, you may have to pay for driving in peak-hour traffic!

I thought of writing something here, but guys have already covered all points that come to mind; and I agree with them all.

It is a myth that congestion is caused by private cars. When there is a cab strike in Mumbai, the roads are so clear and fun to drive. Therefore QED: public transport congests the roads.
Hailing a cab/rick in Mumbai is next to impossible without insult/injury. Bus service is of poor quality, poor frequency, over-crowded, and exhorbitantly priced.

Other "stake-holders" of congestion are: hawkers spilling on streets; trenches and pot-holes eating up road area; police naka-bandi; bad traffic signals; broken up footpaths causing pedestrians to spill onto roads; absence of parking zones; and other such problems.

It is not the fault of the government, it is just that they are unable to get really good brains to think correctly for them. What a laugh - comparing with London. Do these jokers even know when, how, and by whom London was built?
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Default Re: Soon, you may have to pay for driving in peak-hour traffic!

Thanks for Indian governments whatever they try to implement "soon" becomes "sooner or later" and then becomes "later" forever.
I agree with opinion expressed by most members here, this isn't going to happen anytime soon here in India. We can think of implementing something as drastic as this, once we start implementing a major portion of whatever rules we have currently. Of the current ones which should be enforced, sticking to lane discipline is at the top of my wishlist.
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Default Re: Soon, you may have to pay for driving in peak-hour traffic!

Upside: Reduced congestion, pollution, travel time and improved FE

Downside: Increased Revenues (this is a downside as most of money made is going to fill someone' pocket) and incapability to implement it.

Our people are very smart and love to exploit loopholes. We'll find registration numbers from remote places appearing in city to avoid congestion charges.

We do not have adequate transport system to cope up the increase in passengers.

Inshort, we are not ready for this.
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Default Re: Soon, you may have to pay for driving in peak-hour traffic!

A very interesting findings:

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