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Default Re: February Sales: New worry for TATA Motors?

Originally Posted by aroop View Post
Tata motors:
Jan 2013: 15209 [data from last month's analysis]
Feb 2013: 10613, a drop of 30.2%

Jan 2013: 103026 [from last month's analysis]
Feb 2013: 97955, a drop of 4.9% [from Maruti website]

Looks like Maruti has been comparatively less affected.

For details, waiting for the official sales analysis.
Possibly one explanation for this massive drop is that TML is in the middle of shifting all its car production lines from K-Block, Pune to its new plant at Sanand Gujarat. Still yesterday I could see a huge pile of Sumos at one of their transit stock yards.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for sharing, was not surprised to see the february sales dip. Suppose the month of March with the year ending finance we would see lot of business people indulging in last minute purchases to save on their taxes. Hopefully that will be able to help recover some lost ground for the auto industry.
Sad to see TATA slip down into the 5th place :( At this pace think they might have to compete with HM. Suppose their Safari Storme did not take off as expected? What is Mahindra doing which TATA is not able to replicate (Vis a Vis Scorpio & Safari Storme)
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks GTO and team! That was fast!!

What happened to brand TATA? These folks have few good products with some capable diesel engines.

Toyota Innova, never ceases to amaze me for such an overpriced product, albeit with bulletproof reliability.

Duster seems to be gaining on. Dzire and Swift going strength to strength. Honda, Bring on Amaze sooner please. There is nothing like competition on marketplace to do good to the customer.

I think the Lancer cousins have ceased to exist in the marketplace, No?

By the way, well deserved 5 stars, as always.
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Default Re: February Sales: New worry for TATA Motors?

This is off topic but I completely disagree that the Indica & Indigo have not undergone any change. Gimme a BREAK! The New Indica Vista & Indigo Manza are nothing like their older cousins. I have been driving a Vista since last 4.5 years and my family has had an Indica V2 earlier. Trust me the cars are 2 completely different animals. The same is the case with the Manza.
Also both products (Vista & Manza) have been consistently improved over the period of years after they were launched.

Tata's is taking a hit on PERCEPTION front. They are one of the heaviest advertisers in the auto industry (Print, Online, TV) but a customer's perception in the market is never easy to change. I still know so many people who would not buy a Tata simply because its a Taxi (I have heard this even more in Northern parts of the country).
This is where Maruti has had an advantage, even though its cars are sparsely loaded, the products have very high Perceived Value which is why consumers don't mind paying even 8L for a Hatchback & also lap up the Dual Glove Box Swift (Swift Dzire for me has one glove box inside the car and the other outside which they refer to as a boot!).

Also which manufacturer has launched an ALL new car in the truest sense in the last FY in the same segment as Tata's? Except Renault Duster, Chevy Sail I don't see anything else?
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thread is up super-fast : GTO & team - a BIG thanks.
My two cents-
  • Sedans as a whole appear to be a threatened species, with the UVs, SUVs and hatchbacks muscling their shares of the pie. Lets see the effect of the tax hike on the April sales figures.
  • Duster appears to have dusted quite a bit of competition even from the once-popular sedans (such as the Indigo sisters). With a bit of help from the tax hike on big SUVs, the trend may continue. However for Renault it still appears to be a one-horse show.
  • The Tatas appear to be in a severe tail-spin. Even the Storme's sales figures appear to have tapered off.
  • Toyota - the Etios appears to be the survivor amongst the hatch-sedan combi - sales probably accounted by all those taxis.
  • The Sail sedan appears to have picked some sort of wind - the coming months will tell whether the trend can sustain.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

It wont be long before Tata further keeps going down the list. !!
It is strange that we still dont know about any strategy by tata.. All we hear is they coming with Yet another Indica or something that looks like indica.

Looks like Tata motors needs a whole top management restructuring.

I am observing that Ertiga is settling at 5K per month as compared to earlier 7K per month. Any specific reason ?

Etios sedan 2.6K ? surely cabbies are loving it. If and only if they had given what we had asked for(better dash) this car can easily do 5-7K per month

Sail sedan sales are climbing. A well priced and well proportioned car. I would surely consider it if i am in the hunt for a entry level sedan.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

It's a happy sight to see the Amby getting to the news for the right reasons. A gain of 300+ units in a month is indeed commendable considering vintage it holds. This might be due to the taxi replacement spree in WB but quite a number of registered Ambys can be seen on KL roads these days. Keep the flame going HM. She is the last bit of functional legacy we got left.

Another happy news is the Duster at 5.5k+ which might not feel as much heat as expected due to imminent Ecosport launch as the 4x4 version is in the pipeline. I find it to be a better all terrain proposition compared to the competition.

All in all a happy month for my favorite brands and thus, a happy month for me too.

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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

GTO thanks and congrats for coming up with this in such a short time
I feel there is gloomy times ahead for automakers
the Alto 800 is not visible on the roads, whats the percentage of it in Altos numbers
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Wow, The thread really came up in double quick time. High-Fives all around to the team!

Quick points:
HM - Wonder who's buying all their Cars?!
Honda - It'd be interesting to see the volumes the Amaze brings in
Nissan - Rather disappointed with their progress (?)
Fiat - Long way to go. It's a shame, really. I personally love Fiat cars.
Ford - I seriously hope the Ecosport pricing doesn't get impacted due to the budget
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The Honda City seems to be constantly out selling (or atleast equals) the Vento despite the lack of a oil burner, intresting. Looks like the Vento's petrol line up is being chewed up by the City & diesel line by the Verna. It would be a very intresting see how the competition heats up once the new City with a oil burner under its hood drives in next year. Having brought the vento tdi it make me if it was indeed a wise choice statistically. (heck, I love my car, forget statistcs) !

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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

So the downslide continues, it also reflects the economical situation.
Maruti Suzuki as usual continue selling in volumes irrespective of market conditions. The quartet of Alto, Swift, Dzire and now Ertiga forming a strong combination contributing to the volume and also giving good margings to the the company through the trio of Swift, Dzire & Ertiga as they share the same platform.
Hyundai's volumes though marginally down are stable. But they need to come out with new products fast if they have to increase their market share.
Rest all companies are on a massive slide, you really cannot compare the YOY growth of companies like Renault simply because they have started very recently and also have a one horse product portfolio.
Yes M&M have certainly done well in the recent past and I feel that they are stable with the current volumes.
The image created by the service centers of Skoda are responsible for their downfall inspite of have super products like the Superb & Rapid and as of now it certainly doesnt look like they have learnt their lessons.
The biggest surprise is the non performance of the Volswagen duo of Vento & Polo inspite of being such good products, is it the wrong pricing or again the egoistic dealers ? The existing customers know better.
GMI has no surprises except for the Sail sedan & average perfomance of Beat, surprise nos for the Tavera ? Its still selling in decent nos, just imagine had they upgraded the Tavera in better way. The management doesnst seem to care much so the dull peromance continues. the Sail UVA was bound to be a disaster bacause of the pricing, you cannot put it on par with the Swift for two reasons 1) brand value 2) inferior interiors, it takes just a second to decide against the Sail hatchback on seeing the interiors, sad because the car is good with the diesel engine.
Surprising to see Toyota going past Tata Motors inspite of having a lacklusture product portfolio.
Tata Motors should have seen it coming one year back when the customer complaints were so high because of the service centres and low quality electronic parts used. They had taken their competition for granted and are now paying for that. Such attitude results in a loss to the buyers of their products as the resale value nosedives of Tata products.
One of the very strong reasons for the sales of Maruti Suzuki cars are their resale values and this fact is ignored by many companies in India. And till the companies wake up to this aspect Maruti Suzuki will continue to rule in the Indian market.
It's really sad to see the state of FIAT in India, what a shame, just imagine a product like Punto going down the drain. Wonder whats going to be their future strategy.
Meanwhile can we request for the sales figures state wise or for major cities, it would be really wonderful.
Thanks to GTO for the wonderful report, let's hope for better times in future for all........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:th umbs up
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I knew this day would come, a day where one can positively say that Porsche sold more 991's than Tata's Aria.

Really sad to see such a well built & practical car just aimlessly wandering in the lucrative Indian automotive market :(

Come on Tata, show us what you got!
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This might not be a trend but just as likely could be the beginning signs of market fatigue with the XUV500. Third month I think with less than 4k sales and third month of MoM decline for that model. Now M&M have stated quite often that they have capacity to manufacture up to 4.5k XUVs a month. And given the waiting lists, there is no reason why they should not be completely sold out each month.

I am guessing that delivery times for the XUV must have also shortened quite significantly now. (Though when I had pushed hard for the AWD model late last year, they were still quoting 6 weeks as delivery period

I think it is time for M&M to come out with a version refresh of the XUV5OO. Maybe with an auto box and the engine in a higher state of tune.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Strange that WagonR is a consistent No.4 with twice the numbers of i10 (both have no diesels) yet doesn't get any praise like Swift platform.

Instead of A-Star & Estilo, Maruti can very well spawn new products based on Wagon R?
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Rexton surely has taken the no. 2 mantle with respect to SUV's in the 20 lakh bracket. Is there any chance now for the official review. GoI/Chidhambaram must be really angry at Mahindra that they are doing well at the expense of international brands. One manufacturer who will feel the pinch maximum from the excise duty.

Tata Motors free fall in the domestic market is a sad story. It is really surprising that they are still milking the design of Indica / Safari. It is almost 15 years since their launch but still look the same. People seem to have moved on from those designs. Also I feel long term reliability is now starting to hurt them really bad with strong competition across all the products. Maybe the new MD will focus on this aspect along with radical designs.

Swift still rocks even in the face of increased competition. Driving it always brings a smile on my face. And the platform surely is an ATM for maruti.

End of Jazz is a sad story. We will cherish our jazz X for a long time now. Honda finally getting its act right with Amaze.

Innova even after almost 50% hike in Hyderabad compared to the launch prices still feels like a go to car. We may consider exchanging our existing Innova for a new one this year. Evalia somehow does not seem to inspire any confidence among the family. Fortuner is a fortune for Toyota. Etios/Liva will need really better interiors to compete at the top level.

Pajero Sport will actually sell more if they offer more features at the current price/reduce the price for the same car. Brand name itself will sell. Good to see them focusing on opening new dealerships.

Duster is enjoying its strong run. Eager to see how market will react once Ecosport is here.
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