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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Many thanks GTO and parrys for putting together the wonderful report in such a short time.

I was waiting for this month's report to check out Chevrolet Sail's numbers. It remains probably the only entry level sedan which has got the proportions right. Looks like Indian car buyers have taken a note of that. Maruti-Suzuki should learn a thing or two from them - the new Dzire looks really ugly with its puny boot (no offence to Dzire owners )

The market also looks well set for arrival for Ford Ecosport. If it falls outside the ambit of increased excise duty (with an engine < 1.5L), it is sure to blaze the sales charts. Bring it on!
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Maruti, though sold less numbers compared to last year, is back into the 45% market share, and is 3 times more than the second best seller! But high time for them to stop SX4 sedan, Estilo, A-Star, GV and Kizashi, and introduce a thoroughly rear-lifted Ritz, elongated A-Star, bigger DZire instead of SX4, XA Alpha to compete with Duster, and a Bolero competitor.

Hyundai cars are selling in good numbers except Accent, Sonata and Santafe. But clearly, Eon has eaten into the i10 and Santro sales.

As I mentioned somewhere else, Tata is not able to resist the newer entries into the taxi market like DZire Tour, Toyota Etios, Liva, M&M Verito and Xylo.

And, all M&M cars are selling in good numbers! And the upcoming Verito hatch will add to their numbers.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks GTO and parrys. Crisp report as ever.

The overall feeling I got after reading the report and going through charts was - negative!

If I was in the market for a good car I would definitely be disappointed with the options I have on the table, because no other manufacturer is selling big apart Maruti which is doing so well only because there are no better options offered by the competitors. Plus, no other manufacturer enjoys the word-of-mouth publicity as they do, may be they don't actually deserve it. Sad state of affairs I tell you. Where has all the innovation and competitiveness gone? I feel the market has lost life! Time for some renewed enthusiasm, please!

And finally, Tata, please wake up! You have been sleeping for too long now.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Looking at these numbers I can now understand that offer being made by skoda (buy one rapid, get a fabia free 5 years later). Their total sales is around 2,000 units. Not good at all. Anything to push sales up I guess.

Other than Maruti, Hyundai and Mahindra, nobody is really doing well. Tata is falling faster than a brick and fiat is now the lowest selling manufacturer in the country. One fine day we will say specialist manufacturers of very expensive cars are selling more than fiat. Not a good sign
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I hope TATA will wake up ATLEAST NOW. It seems, the reasons for the failure of TATA is known to every car enthusiast, except TATA company management !!!

TATA, You have to focus on customers. Unless the existing customers are satisfied and the company is making a good image, you cannot be present in such a competitive market.

Two simple examples, I will 'briefly' post here.

(1) Scene : One of the TATA service stations (I am not putting the name). Time : 08.30-08.45 am. In customers lounge, you can see many customers looking at their watches and walking here and there, waiting for the service executive to receive their car for service.
Some are cursing the tata also. Customers are to reach their office in time. Now, just see what is going on inside the service station : UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF A SENIOR PERSON, ALL SERVICE EMPLOYEES ARE TAKING OATH FOR A LONG TIME. THEY ARE LOUDLY SHOUTING (SOMETHING LIKE) THAT THEY WILL PUT ALL EFFORTS TO GIVE THE BEST SERVICE TO CUSTOMER AND ENSURE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I felt this as very strange and stupid action. TATA should have taken vehicles for servicing immediately after the customer arrives. EVEN IF YOU CHARGE AN EXTRA FOR EARLY RECEIVING OF CARS FOR SERVICE, THE CUSTOMERS WOULD HAVE HAPPILY AGREED AND WENT BACK. DO NOT FORGET : 'TIME IS MONEY'.

(2) One of the tata dealers arranged a CUSTOMER MEET on NANO CUSTOMERS. Many of us were so hopeful of such a valuable event where the customers can directly interact with TATA reps and give their feedback on the product. I took my precious time to remember and systematically note down all my positive and negative opinions on my nano. Even though I was too busy on my official duty on that day, SOMEHOW I MANAGED TO REACH THE SPOT IN TIME. I am sure, many many were there like me who arrived for the function to give their feedback on products. To our surprise, the complete duration of the fuction was filled with stupid MAGIC SHOW, Some games for guessing how much change everybody will have in their purse, some pens/pencils gift for some quizes etc etc. After some time, some of us indicated that this direction is wrong and feedback session should start. But, it looked, TATA REPS/DEALER REPS/SERVICE REPS were so afraid to face the customers. It looked as if they were worried whether customers will shoot all complaints and they will loose control over the situation !!! NOBODY WAS CONFIDENT TO MEET THE CUSTOMER FACE TO FACE !!! Finally, towards the end, some of the disappointed customers among us stopped this useless time killers and started discussing our issues, MAINLY AMONG OURSELVES. Suddenly the function has come to an end. THAT'S ALL. I handed over the neatly printed paper with my feedbacks to one of the persons there and DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT REACHED !!! I WAS REALLY SAD THINKING THAT I HAVE WASTED MY VALUABLE TIME FOR SUCH A STUPID EVENT. Atleast, they should have informed all that the programme contains only magic, quizes and games AND NO FEEDBACK SESSION. We do not know, whether the organisers of the function gave excellent reports to TATA on the customer meet !!!


If you are confident, please POST a feedback form with only 3-4 questions on whether they are satisfied on the dealer and service network, TATA will get a direct feedback from customers. This should be done without any involvement or knowledge of the dealer/service networks.

I have many more instances like above, but, not posting now.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This was was really fast GTO & Team thanks.

It is a blood bath in many ways.

Petrol vehicles going down down down.

TATA sinking, They need something radical and fast.

M&M seems to have the golden touch, and Hyundai too is doing great relatively.

The rest all have too many duds in their portfolio and that is showing up in the tough times. Feb has been bad and considering that prices have actually risen in March inspite of this being the year end it too can be expected to be a poor month YOY.

Almost every manfacturer has some major problems as one goes down the line but none as big as TATA among the Top 5.

The country wants the best prices but even more quality and freshness in design. Diesel is an essential option in each segment and yet having just that is not enough.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Its a telling picture of how our economy is doing overall. The first hit is to the things of aspiration such as expensive mobile phones, LED TVs & cars.

When i recently read about the i20 crdi being purchased at 8+ lacs in Bangalore in the "New car prices & offers" thread, i knew the manufacturers were going to be under pressure soon. When the only diesel sedan with all the safety features & bells and whistles under 10lacs is Dzire, which is hardly a sedan, it was about time!

So can i start expecting good discounts on my favorite cars that bring the price to reasonable levels?
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for the report GTO and parrys. Eagerly awaited thread.

With the budget round the corner, it might have contributed to the low sales? I am shocked at VW sales (I mean, even after my contribution last month !) The have solid products and should do something about getting the sales up, unless this is the trend now for VW.

As you said, tata needs to pull up its sleeves and update the indica and Indigo at least. Surprisingly, although the sales are down Y-O-Y, people are still buying these vehicles in decent numbers. Plus, tata is about to announce some heavy discounts on these models ? should boost the sales in March.

Whats up with Chevy? They seem to be launching the reasonable products, but market sentiment is down towards them?
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thank you yet again for the comprehensive and insightful report!!

Sail UVA takes quite a beating , assuming that people considering this car might now be considering the Sedan instead.

Nice to see the Yeti picking up , very little but hopefully a trend that stays.
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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks GTO and parrys for the great analysis and report.

I think most of this thread will be around discussing Tata. Offlate there are so many threads on what is happening in Tata etc that I get the feeling we should have a separate section on "DISCUSSIONS ON TATA MOTORS". I am not being sarcastic but will just make all the discussions exist homogenously for even Tata folks to read through every day and implement !

Coming back to this thread my limited observations were

1) Hyundai ( despite having no diesel engine in the small car segment) still seems to be doing well. This despite all the bad publicity they are getting in our forum on FE and "HIGH SERVICE COSTS" (!). Probably quality is what is driving the sales. ( maybe a message to Tata )

2) M&M is doing well as usual but will the "SUV TAX" impact them ? For e.g the Scoprio which sells about 4000 units a month ( even now ) will get more expensive by say 30-50k. Now will people shift to sedans ? need to wait and watch. I think the XUV and REXTON are clearly not going to be affected by this

3) Tata Motors - I head from their local showroom that Storme prices will move up by about 40-50k. I think this will be a terrible move because going by the sales numbers ( and if you assume Storme sells even 30-40% of the combined number reported by Tata ), Rexton on one side and Thar on the other side ( of the price spectrum ) sell more that the Storme ! And I am not even bringing in the ageing Scorpio.

4) Sail hatch and sedan - IMO these look like capable cars with a lot going for them. Hope they do well in the market
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We advise you to read the Announcements and Board Rules section before proceeding any further.

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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Well Tatas will not listen - am I right?

I called for D90 test drive, was promptly attended to but the drive was delayed by good one week and few hours from the promised date and time.

Having said that, the brochure and the car (zx+ variant) are different. The test car was having the same old front and rear bumpers, no rear spoiler, which is there in the brochure.

No explanation was proactively given by the sales guy, but was kind of reluctant in answering the question, more so he had the guts to say - Purana bumper jayada aacha hai sir !

And the final answer the new bumpers & the spoiler are part of special package for which I need to pay about 40K over and above the zx+ price (which is 6.83 Lac) i.e 7.20 Lac ex showroom in Delhi followed by everything else on it
- Road Tax & Registration
- Insurance
- Basic kit
- Number Plate (High Security)
- Handling Charges
- MCD Charges

making it around 8.25 Lacs !

Is the new vista D90 worth it? well Tatas please advise your sales guys to be proactive in disclosing the catch / additional cost rather than a buyer looking at digging it out from them.

Sales - well nothing is hidden and volumes are being said about your performance in the car segment.
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Post Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks GTO and Team.
  • Fiat: Selling a mere 200-300 units month after month - how are they managing? what are they doing? I fail to understand man! Superb cars with steering, suspension regarded as benchmarks, great interiors and design. Why can't Fiat speed up things on its dealership setups?

  • Ford: New Fiesta - homework gone wrong, is a new one on the cards?

  • Honda: Read somewhere, that the Civic isn't sold anymore. Is it so?

  • Maruti: 1200-1600 units of 800 month after month - Immortal model, looks like! Kizashi can be priced 4 Lakhs lesser now, if they want to sell more than 10 units!

  • Tata: Can we price Kizashi like Aria and Aria like Ertiga? They would still reach break-even if they sell 3 times of what they are selling now.

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Default Re: February 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Diesel : Petrol split for Fiat added. Also, Linea count gone up by 1.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Linea 40 : 3
Punto 148 : 12
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Originally Posted by i74js View Post
Well Tatas will not listen - am I right?

And the final answer the new bumpers & the spoiler are part of special package for which I need to pay about 40K over and above the zx+ price (which is 6.83 Lac) i.e 7.20 Lac ex showroom in Delhi followed by everything else on it
That these were optional extras available at cost and fitted by dealers was known from the launch itself, and is also documented in the official review.

Sad state of affairs, hopefully the industry will pull out of it soon.

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