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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by vb-san View Post
They need something special to revitalize the brand
It is sad to see lack of direction with 2 companies which I have/grown to admire - Tata and Skoda. Tata, because being an Indian, I always wished it to give competition to the world. Sadly, lack of engineering finesse is letting it down. And Skoda which has some very good products which are nearly equivalent to the big three Germans, but let down by a 'perceived' lack of VFM factor coupled with it's old 'lack of service' ghost haunting it. Every time I shift from sitting in my Toyota Fortuner to the Skoda Superb, I find peace and quality, which I may add is unparalleled at this price point in its segment. But then Superb can never get them the numbers required to be a dominant player in our markets. Same with its Laura and Yeti. It's decision to 'kill' the Fabia is therefore baffling.

Both these brands need 'something special' to revitalize them.

@GTO, yes, that Forbes article provides some clear hard facts about what's wrong with Tata and is a must read.

One word for Renault, expand your dealer network to smaller cities like Meerut, to fully exploit your product range.

And Ford, don't miss out on the crucial Eco-Sport pricing, which has full potential to spring you in the big league.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Movers & Shakers

Tata continues to move backward. Once a strong no.3 in the market (sometimes, no.2!), it hurts to see the Big T in position 5. Super-aggressive Toyota is only a 1,000 cars behind and it won't be long before Tata moves down to 6th. Trouble is, there is no solution in sight. Hot new products, quality improvements & a marketing overhaul are a long time away. Here's an article that I highly recommend reading on Forbes India.
If one thinks in a business sense, I dont think Tata Motors is doing too bad. I guess they would have removed the budget planned for New products and ploughed them into JLR.
Given the fact that JLR now accounts for 90% of Tata Motors' profit and 70% of its revenue, I would say Tata is still ensuring they are keeping its shareholders happy, albeit not the Indian car market.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Maybe I am speaking too soon , but somehow I see FIAT recovering the sales position. It is a significant increase in sales for Punto and Linea. Yes nowhere near competition but surely a baby step ahead. I can largely contribute that to FIAT ads during IPL.
Now the bigger challenge is to maintain the upward trend , focus on sales and servicing and get some more product line-ups.

Fingers crossed ...
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by carboy View Post
Why would this be? i.e. why would cost of prod and manufacturing time of DZire be less than Swift?
Let's compare the Z variants of both cars.

The Swift' sticker price is 7.12L and that of Dzire is 7.75L. Yet, both of them carry the same excise duty and tax.

And, in the Swift, MSIL needs to fit the following things extra over the DZire.

1) All-around plastic trim inside the boot except for the seat back.
2) 2 hydraulic arms for the tailgate whereas the sedan has 2 metal arms.
3) Rear wash wipe.
4) Electromagnetic boot opener.
5) Longer rubber beading for the boot mouth.

And, I have read the rear windshield is trickier to fit in a hatchback when compared to a sedan.

The gap between the V variants wouldn't be this much as the Swift V loses out on 3) and 4) and the DZire V gains the 4 speaker music system.

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Fantastic analysis as always.

I see the Micra and the Verito on the Number 2 and 3 respectively on the Top Gainers chart. Couldn't quite understand how that worked out. Some amazing offers going on these two cars that not many know of?
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Great work on collating and sharing all these details GTO

All in all the car sales market in going down, as GTO rightly said if you are in the market for a new car, then this would be a great time to buy, but still don't expect anything to being offered on the Dzire and the Swift though.

Now regarding the sales numbers, I am shell shocked to see Dzire on top of the sales chart for May. I thought Dzire being number three the previous month was a spectacular feat in itself, considering India is a highly price sensitive market. However, now that Dzire is number one, that really does speak about the Indian customer and their mindset more than anything else. Dzire offers superior VFM over its sibling Swift and thus more and more families prefer the said car and thus it shows in the sales figures.

Honda is really going through an AMAZE-ing time right and some say that this craze will simmer down in a couple of months, however i disagree, having driven the car, i can easily vouch that it will continue to perform consistently for the foreseeable future as it offers a great VFM diesel sedan experience with the Honda badge.

For me the EcoSport will be a game changer, if Ford gets it pricing right, i can easily see it giving the Duster a serious run for its money and may be even dethroning it.

June will be a really interesting month for all the car companies in India and for the customers alike.

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I dont see any hopes for Tata. Hardly any new launches. They should learn from M&M

I feel Amaze is surely eating into Swift and Dzire sales. Thanks to Honda production capacity, Maruti need not sweat till this year end though. But writing is on the wall. C'mon Maruti, bring new SX4, XA alpha and a new proper sedan priced near Amaze. all these before Honda increases their production - Its a win win scenario for us the customers

Ertiga loosing customers to Enjoy ? i doubt it. Enjoy sales 2K+? good numbers for Chevy.

And where is that EcoSport which can bring Ford to 3rd or 4th position ???
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

@ GTO - Thanks for the info. I look forward to it each month, as do many other forum members!

I was wondering if there was information available on the number of dealers by region for each manufacturer. This would be interesting to compare the penetration of Maruti/Mahindra as compared to say a VW or Renault. also the ratio to dealer network to Sales volume may also be of interest as this will depict which manufacturer is more effective through its network.

Just my thoughts.

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Another exciting month for the auto industry and more so for the car buyers with various schemes etc. But with manufacturers regulary hiking the list price in small amounts, these discounts only partly mitigate the increase.

1) Scorpio sales really baffles me. I have a strong feeling that with the excise duty increase and the resulting increase in XUV prices, people who are coming to buy the XUV and dampened by the increased list price are downgrading to the Scorpio top end version ? This could be true because once the buyer has made up his mind for an SUV and a budget of say 11-12lakhs, what are his other options ? Maybe the W4/5 or whatever its going to be called can help keep up the excitement for the XUV brand

2) Tata continues to languish and will soon loose their existing slot to Toyota and then to GM or Ford. Safari+Storme+Sumo sells less than 50% of what Scorpio manages. In hindsight, pricing the Storme to compete with the Scorpio could have been a far better bet than trying to gun for the XUV.

3) Happy for GM for the good offtake of Enjoy. Hope it does well and GM keeps its focus right on its 3 key models now - Sail/UVA/Enjoy. The Beat badly needs a face lift or if possible a completely new model.

4) Dzire sales could be a mix of dumping on dealers + fleet sales. Maruti has completely taken up the fleet market from Tata and Toyota. But as rightly pointed out by many in the forum, Amaze might eat into more of the sales of larger hatches like i20 or even the swift and less of dzire sales
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I don't blame the "foreign" car manufacturers getting lost or confused in the Indian market. In a price-conscious country dominated by small cars for nearly 3 decades, we have a sedan that is now the best-selling car. How do you beat that, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda? I don't see the Amaze beating Maruti so easily; for all you know Maruti has another trick up its sleeve and may surprise us all. Tier 2 and 3 cities know only the Maruti or Mahindra and will take time to embrace the Hondas of the world. As the cliché goes, only time will tell.
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Exclamation Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Wow. It's nice to see that Honda has jumped back into the market with the Amaze, Brio and the City. Good to see that they have healthy numbers this month. The Amaze is going to be a hit with the people, it is a well all rounder sedan. It will be interesting to see how the new City fares after it is launched. Mitsubishi is going nowhere, they ought to launch new products and fast. Nissan-Renault case is like that of VW-Skoda, sibling rivalry

Thanks for all the charts, analysis and numbers. Very nicely prepared.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for the analysis GTO and a big thank you to parrys too. For one, tata really needs to do better as i feel as a brand, it definitely has potential. It might sound like grinding the flour over and over again but it seems Tata hasn't got the hint yet! In my opinion they really need to begin segregating their products, find out how stuff is moving out from their showrooms and have contenders with each segment atleast till C1/C2 if not the D segment. Vista D90 doesnt seem to set the cash registers ringing for the Tatas and the manza definitely needs a few updates for itself. Also the marketing team along with the A.S.S definitely need to pull their socks up as the competition will only intensify as the car market slows down and the pie is only getting smaller for all the manufacturers.

Skoda, lesser said about the Indian ops the better. Needless to say too many horror stories and word of mouth regarding the same will spell the death knell soon. Good brand driven with no direction in India. Ford and Honda will definitely do well in the coming months since Amaze and Ecosport will be the trump cards for the respective companies. Maruti is all poised to continue ruling over the indian motor scene atleast for a while. Renault/Nissan could definitely use a little more expenditure with regards to setting up SCs in cities so that the brand is received a little better. Also, its about time ford announces a new successor to figo; question is, when?

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The Forbes India link was quite interesting. (Though that reported could have got the language down better.)

This are indeed tough times.

We will have to watch the entry level petrol model sales to gauge the market mood. The prediction is indeed for a tough quarter ahead as well.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Remarkable to see the sales numbers of the Honda city in a diesel obsessed market. The reducing gap between diesel and petrol prices would've surely helped its cause. The fact that Honda sold about 32xx nos of the City compared to 16xx nos Ventos sold by VW (petrol + diesel) makes it even more remarkable. Just goes to show that you can't ignore the Petrol car in your portfolio.

VW are you hearing? The Vento is begging for the 1.2 TSI.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Honda Amaze seems to have started with a bang. Almost all big hatches & small (budget) sedans seem under pressure because of the car, & it appears Swift/Ritz & i20 & even Brio's numbers being down because of Amaze.

This car (alongwith Dzire) seems to consolidate the dominance of under 4m sedans in India. I believe this trend will continue for long, & this product can also help Honda clinch the 3rd position in Indian Auto market.

I am just waiting for (under 4m) Hyundai's Accent replacement sedan to be launched in India.
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