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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by hubolt View Post
"It must be a foul mood over at Toyota's HQ. ... The Liva & Etios remain laggards for the Japanese giant. .... "

Even more worrisome for Toyota is that their worldwide fellow competitor Honda have surpassed them in the Indian market a psychologically challenging situation in a long term growth market !! There may be a period of up-down - but catching up medium to long term with their current and future ? model portfolio vis-a-vis Honda's future line-up is going to prove increasingly difficult.
Take the Indian customers for a ride and they will show you your right place. tata, skoda, toyota or who so ever...

It is beyond imagination that how can toyota come up with etios set of cars, with such bad design and pathetic interiors as compared to the competition.. they are people movers around the world but want to position themselves as premium vehicle makers, and how? by throwing etios / liva at Indian's, that too at such high price? Where is toyota's famed "toyota production line" gone?

probably huge success of outdated qualis at one time convinced toyota that Indians are worth as much and they will lap-up any crap thrown to them with great enthusiasm by stamping "toyota" just on any tin box with 4 wheels fixed to it... not any more...

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Amaze : Very basic rules still works. If you provide a.) good product with b.) value for money pricing, no market condition is too bad. You don't need to be an "expert" to figure this out.

From Amaze, There is a learning for other manufacturers including TATA. In this kind of market, base versions are also important.
You can attract regular buyers if base versions are loaded with really basic but required features.

Can't understand what stops TATA from releasing 4X4 Storme LX. Also if Honda can sell Amaze 1.5 D (E) with ABS and power windows @ 6.33 (ex. showroom Pune), why TATA cannot sell Vista 75 Lx with ABS and D90 like console @ around 5.2-5.3.

Another car worth mentioning is Quanto : Gradually moving towards 3 digits. First Mahindra into the club of "Overprice duds".
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Success of the month is Honda Amaze.
Honda Brand + Honda Diesel + Honda's VFM pricing. It had to be sure shot success.
Its the production constraints right now, else the numbers would have been even better IMO.

Another winner for Honda is flagship City.
Look at this, petrol only City sells 3202, more than total 2774 nos of Vento + Rapid, petrol + diesel put together.
Well done Honda

Forbes article has very well summarized the current state of TaMo passenger car business.
Many of us feel Tata has lost is completely & is next to impossible for them to fight back.
But I think still there is good degree of hope owing to fact that they intend to do it & more importantly they accept & acknowledge the past & current issues within the organisation and are in process of putting a plan to turn it around.

Special thanks to GTO for giving such insights.

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Indian car buyer market seems to be a hypocritical one. On one side the sluggish sales indicate a slowdown and on the other end the topper of the charts is SEDAN (or a compact sedan).

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Movers & Shakers

Honestly, Maruti shouldn't bother with premium cars unless it wants to launch them with a well-planned strategy.
I think if at all Maruti plans to enter the premium segment it should position itself as a different brand name for that segment like what Acura is for Honda or Lexus is for Toyota or the Infiniti is for Nissan. Without that they would be doing a blunder entering the premium car segment as already proved with the Kizashi. The moment premium cars are associated with Maruti they kind of lose their value IMO.

Another surprising one is the Omni. Still ranks in the top 20 without any changes in the last so many years. Is it primarily because of the utility as a school bus?

Should TATA also go the Infosys way and call back Ratan TATA

For Hyundai with the news of the i20 based sedan doing rounds we should soon see a Amaze/Dzire competitor IMO. Again pricing will be crucial if they need to do some numbers. Given the way Amaze is selling they will have to critically think about it.

Amaze just amazes. If Honda manages to rake up the production numbers it wont be long before it catches up with the Dzire. Also once the brio comes with a diesel my guess is that it would soon be among the top 20.

Has Chevy pulled up an ace with the enjoy? Well it might not be as good as the ertiga but gives what people buy MUVs for - three rows of spacious seating. Maybe thats helping it do well and ofcourse the moth watering price

Bolero is a cash cow for M&M. not much updates, not many changes yet selling in the top 5 within the country. I guess we discuss this every month when the numbers come up anyway. So I will leave that out.

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Wow what a surprise? Swift Dzire outgunning the Alto to be the #1. Amaze seems to be basking in its newbie glory, only time will tell if they can sustain selling 9000 to 12000 cars. They will have to breach the Tier2 & 3 cities if they want to give the Maruti a serious challenge. Else the initial bubble will burst leaving Honda short.

Thanks GTO for the wonderful report and one of my most awaited one.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Not a single petrol Laura sold
I feel like buying one more for myself, that engine is worth
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by needforspeed88 View Post
5] Toyota's idea of launching dated looking cars like Etios and Liva has backfired massively as the competition offers much more rounded, equipped and better looking options at a lesser price point.
I think Toyota is the only company which donot have a single new launch plan for india till 2015. it is sad that the world largest carmaker donot have much plan for India

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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Just like everyone I'm surprised by the number one position held by Dzire (always thought only Swift would displace Alto). Clearly the numbers indicate that Amaze is eating only into the prospective Swift customers! Big time for MS to worry !
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Audi India posts 57 per cent jump in May sales.

Audi India today reported 57.42 per cent rise in sales in May at 710 units.
The company had sold 451 units in the same month of last year.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This is the best report I've ever read. Thanks GTO and Parrys.

Shocked but not shocked by sloppy performance by Tata.
One enjoying silver medal position, now are no 5 - and would dip further if the same strategy (or lack of it?) continues.
It pains as a Tata car owner - good VFM product I am driving without any hiccups for last 7 years now - thats my Xeta. Maintenance is on par with the other two Marutis Zen and Alto800.

But would I buy another Tata product when I am in the market ? Probably not.

Toyota is another car maker - no new launches planned till 2015? Thats does not sound good with one of the iconic global brands. Great going and all the best.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Superb ananlysis and details as we have come to expect from GTO. One thing that rings lound and clear is that you can take the customer for granted at your own risk. Cars that were doing great as recently as 6 months back are trouble. Innova, XUV 500, Alto to name a few. Some have been impacted by cross shopping by customers e.g. Duster pulling in numbers from Innova and XUV. The Eco Sport if priced rightly can do the same. Indian customer seems not to think too much about switching from a sedan to a crossover if it catches his fancy.

Packaging is something that works eg a duster which is based on the Logan/ Verito in constantly pulling in 5000 + copies at a premium of almost 60 to 70 % over the price of the sedan. It must not be costing Renault a lot more compared to the Logan( same engine family) and must be a real money spinner for the French company.

Being fast to monetise opportunities is something that is crucial today. You have barely 12- 24 months before competition catches up. Honda faced it with the Diesel Sedans cannibalising the City. The XUV 5OO was on a roll, outselling all sedans in the saame bracket cumulatively. Now DUster has been pulling in the numbers for Renault. MSIL has hit the sweet spot with Dzire but over a period of time Amaze will pull in some Dzire customers.

Eagerly awaiting for the Eco Sport . If priced right it will pull customers from the products in the 7- 12 lakh bracket and may result in price and feature rething by Renault & Mahindra.

Good time to be a customer.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Just read the Forbes report. Thanks for sharing this GTO. Quite disturbed to read the portion on TML not getting back to their dealer in Mumbai after committing to get back within 90 days. This is among the most basic of traits that anyone even at a junior level needs to display ( sticking to ones time committments ). But anyway, i guess the report could be quoting what Wasan motors said but assuming this is true, it really makes one wonder whether this is the right time to buy a TML vehicle at all. For all that you know with all due respect to what Karl Slym is trying to do, he might get frustrated himself in a year's time and leave.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Wow... even with dismal performance, VW is offering no incentives for Vento compared to Verna and City. I would have assumed that there would be a sales drive to pick the performance up. I guess VW does not see individual performance, but rather profitability of the overall group, which of course is being bumped by Audi.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Enjoy becomes the cash cow for Chevrolet hopefully but yes agree that a lot of these units might be non sales related. Also would be interesting to find out what the ratio was between commercial vs non commercial sales - remember , at the end of the day Chevrolet is trying to make an impact on the individual buyer more than the fleet segment and if this car becomes popular with commercial guys , while the numbers might look good , from the point of creating a perception and presence in the individual buyer segment they will fail.
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Default Re: May 2013 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Tata Motors are on an uncontrolled slide. Sales and otherwise. The erstwhile No.2 car maker is now steadily slipping into 6th position. Product development and planning in the past few years has been, for want of a better word, rubbish.

The Safari and the Sumo are a generation (or 2) old. Mildly refreshed versions have taken ages to hit the market and are not earth shattering either. The Vista looked too much like the first generation Indica and the Nano diesel has been in the pipeline forever. In-house engine development has stalled. Customer connection is virtually non-existent. The best product to come out of Pimpri in recent times, the Aria, has bombed due to lousy positioning and skewed pricing.

The merry-go-round at the senior management level has not helped matters. Having said that, I think Karl Slym is the man to pull them out of the rut. It was heartening to read that he has instituted a quality department that reports directly to him. So too, the product development team. These are the 2 problem areas for Tata and it was about time someone took charge of the situation.

One gets the feeling that things are going to get worse for the big 'T" before it eventually gets better.
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