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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Looks like this thread has become like a 'What features you desire' rather than 'unconventional' features.

I would prefer bucket seats, well contoured and plush at the rear of cars at least as an option compared to the bench in order to accommodate a third passenger. This would be a comfy option for chaffeur driven cars with people who usually travel alone or with their spouse, partner etc. Cars with foldable armrests seems to be a conventional alternative, but still not comparable to the comfort offered by a recliner kind of seat.

Lots and lots of diagnostic info available whenever required, at least for enthusiasts like all of us here. That would give us a good insight on what is happening inside the car rather than just speed, engine speed. Even the temp guage is disappearing in many cars.

Black interiors, with piano black/matte silver/carbon fiber ascents here and there instead of faux wood and chrome.

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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

- I hate body color ORVMs and door handles. They make me feel like the car was dropped in a bucket of paint.

- I am a fan of Mid and low versions, they generally offer all the important features and also save a tons of money.

- I believe that having a dead clutch paddle is more important than keyless entry system. And having good broad and supportive seats in a car is more important than touch screen entertainment and navigation system.

- I think everyone should upgrade to better and wider tires just for the improvement in breaking distance and confidence that you get.
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Mine is a small Canadian mountie stuffed bear, he's about 5 inches tall, and HAS to be sitting upright in the passenger side dashboard well, under the windshield .
So much so, that I stick a small mseal hook to hold him like that.
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

I unconventionally love the old world charm in a car. In modern times, many a car skip the temperature gauge and the fuel gauge is often a small bar in a digital console. And a touch screen music system is something I cannot accept too, though I understand that is what the future holds!
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

The features I think are unnecessary in India:

1. Rain Sensing Wipers: Unless you like to get your windscreen scratched.

2. Sun Roof: Designed for the colder European climes where heat from the sun is a relatively rare commodity, it is a feature loved in India by the nouveau riche. Not to let the sun in, but to let the son stand and put his head out!!! And for that matter who in India would want the sun to shine into their car?

3. Leather seats: Came into use in cars abroad as they help retain heat, a very useful feature in winter. And this is sold in India as a high end car accessory, once again taking advantage of the typical indian's knowledge of features in cars or their real utility.

4. Cruise Control: India has a long way to go before one can think of using cruise control even on the expressway. This feature is a joke in our cars.

5. Steering mounted audio controls: The only thing you need mounted on the steering wheel in India is the horn as you will have time to press just that. Audio controls on the steering IN INDIA !!..what a joke!
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Originally Posted by VeyronSuperSprt View Post
The features I think are unnecessary in India:
Agreed with most points, but I think leather seats are good to have on cars. Fully understanding the drawback of they becoming frying hot in sun & really cold in winters, but they are easy to clean and have a longer life. Also, looks better than fabrics, however, this might be subjective. Even steering mounted controls should not be bad; useful considering that people need not drive with one hand while adjusting the volume of the stereo.

However, all the above with due respect to your personal preference.


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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
Looks like this thread has become like a 'What features you desire' rather than 'unconventional' features.
I agree. Here are some unconventional features to modern cars which I appreciate:

I like lightweight, strong cars which have tested the very depths of the structural engineers' abilities.

Horizontally-opposed engines are often a delight compared with the droning, profit-high, in-line lumps most cars are fitted with. Porsche and CitroŽn excelled at making long-lived, turbine-smooth air-cooled units.

Accurate, sensitive steering which doesn't require constant correction is a very rare thing today. The original Mini was perhaps the best example of how good steering (and good suspension layout) can make a normal car the next-best thing to a racing car.

I prefer cars which don't rely on rubber bushes to make them seem more expensively-engineered - they're a revelation to drive. Jaguars used to suffer from too much rubber, especially for steering-rack mounts. Most cars today rely on various distortions of rubber to make them corner neatly - but this rubber alters its properties according to many factors, not least temperature, age, displacement and load.

An engine which revs to the skies without much vibration makes you realise just how intrusive even a quiet modern engine is. If it makes a gorgeous sound also, so much the better. Wind down the windows and listen to the music.

Good suspension used to be rare, now it is the norm. But excellent suspension is very rare - exquisitely engineered suspension can make a car sublime, almost completely ironing out bumps yet maintaining beautiful control through fast corners. Anti-roll bars should be as weak as can be got away with (low centre of mass is a lot more expensive though). I have long driven cars which rely on trapped bubbles of Nitrogen gas for springs (the perfect spring) with oil pushrods containing in-line damping orifices. The thought of jamming a bit of steel spring between the body and suspension seems quite archaic once you have experienced this.

I rather like the idea of substituting the steel anti-roll bar with adapted damper hydraulics, altering the shock absorbers so that their opposing chambers are connected together from one corner to another in a way that the car resists roll. Pressurising the circuits to different levels means you can alter the anti-roll effect easily or disable it altogether for maximum wheel articulation when necessary. Few realise how nasty an influence on a car's road behaviour the steel anti-roll bar is.

An expensive speedometer and other dials, with beautifully written script and very accurate needles make driving a better experience, but are almost non-existant today.

I adore the engineering behind the 'jumping wiper' on older Mercedes-Benz cars. They deleted it because it cost too much to make. It is a jewel of engineering, yet hidden away from sight.

A car which self-levitates after an overnight rest or more, always makes me smile. And it's about as unconventional as it gets. See the video below!

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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Few of the things I would prefer are.

Engine Bay Light - If one can recall how old cars had this useful feature, not sure why adding a simple bulb console is soo much to think about when car manufactureres add it in the boot aswell.

Front Bonnet Liftjack - Not sure if this is what its called but I think its a basic requirement and not that difficult to add the 2 legs of suspension rods like we get in the hatchback rear boot doors, much easier and convienient than the slim stem we get to hold the bonnet and risk of slamming it onto the car - I have seen many mechanics not being easy when they slam it hard to close the front bonnet while it may take a normal push to get it closed.

Center Dasboard Cosole - I can never understand for saving costs why would the manufacturers come up with the idea of a center dash cosole, I being a driver will be more intersted to see whats happeining in there rather than asking my co passenger to help me read while I concentrate on the road.

Analog Displays - I for one absolutely love the analog displays in the cars i.e. speeedometer, tachometer, fuel, the digital ones looks soo boring to start off with.

Soft Plastics Interiors - Soft plastic interiors instead of rough and hard ones - come on if you cant give us all moons and stars atleast make sure the car plastic feels good to the consumer.

ICE - I currently hate how every manufacturer is pushing to intergrate everything in the factory radio, I would prefer to add the system according to my taste - why is it difficult to leave an option to the cosumer to add the radio as per his liking whereas the parking sensors and other stuff be intergrated in a seperate console.

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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Originally Posted by rrsteer View Post
I think having a religious idol mounted on car dashboards is quite common in our country, so can be considered a conventional preference. Sorry if the following hurts sentiments, I for one think it spoils the look of the dashboard.

I HATE any kind of bull guard on any type of car.

Agree with you on both, but my reasoning for not having the idol would be that, one might at some point of time do something unreligious in the car, say eating non-vegetarian food.

Originally Posted by FourWheelDrift View Post
I have a few unconventional features that I would like to see offered on cars ... which I don't think I've seen before

Originally Posted by arunphilip View Post

2. Driver-centric instrument cluster - Its disappointing I even have to list this here. I need the instruments in front of the driver. Not the centre of the dash. I'll rule out a car with a centered instrument cluster.

4. Clean rear-ends - I dislike cars that adorn their rear with excessive badges: Manufacturer, model, variant, fuel type, ABS, etc. And that's before dealers go sticker crazy. I believe the only badging that's needed is the make and model. And my message to dealers - it's my car, not your billboard.

5. Dead pedal - manufacturers, learn to design this into all your cars.

Totally agree.

Originally Posted by ra'ul M View Post

100% roll down rear windows: Hate windows that don't roll down. No particular reason, but I just hate them

Originally Posted by amitayu View Post
I like tallboy/ higher cars where one can just walk in. I know it affects ride quality as it generates greater body roll. But somehow, i do not feel comfortable crouching into a car, irrespective of the acres of leg space. I like sitting up rather than sliding down.

I love black interiors.

A Car is a machine and not a piano for God's sake..dress it accordingly.

Originally Posted by rxpaul View Post

1. Adjustable steering, it should go as low as possible & also should lift automatically up (like in the mercs) on opening the door, so that i make a smooth entry !
2. The hinged to the floor / Organ type accelator pedals.

12. Ideal dimensions (for India) - Vento or Rapid size, but notch back

Originally Posted by isiv View Post

Black colored (unpainted) bumpers. Somehow, I think the black provides a good contrast on most body colors. Black unpainted mirrors too.

Indicator/headlight control to the right and wiper to the left.

Product reliability over easy/efficient service. The less no. of times the service blokes touch my car, the better.

Black bumpers can be helpful as I've seen, if your car travels to Old Delhi (rickshaws, 'thelas', bikes and cycles consistently touching the bumpers) on a regular basis, the paint is bound to get off and look bad.

Originally Posted by Potenza View Post

Coat hooks: I need to wear a suit to work once in a while. And while at it I have realised that German cars make the best coat hooks (the small hook on the B pillar)! They ensure that your coat stays wrinkle free whatever the duration of your drive.

Seat covers: This is one accessory that i have never had on car that I have owned and dont think I will. I like to use the stock seats. The logic of putting seat covers to prevent the stock seats from getting spoilt is something I have never understood.

Yet to try the seat hooks as they are absent in our current cars, but you make them sound quite good.

I agree with your seat cover point, I believe even if one has to put seat covers it should be when the stock seat fabric is not in a position to be cleaned anymore like my Getz's beige one. Now I've got black art leather seat covers.

Originally Posted by mkpiyengar View Post

7. If only they had memory seats in all cars, it would be so convenient. Every time some one else takes the car you need to adjust the height, back rest to get back to your position. Or you give for service and these guys push the seats forward to such an extent that I cannot even get in. At least push it back before getting out..

8. 2-door coupe option. Why do you need 4-doors if you mostly travel alone for those days when you have people in back seats have a front sear slider option.

10. Best choice of cockpit is the Honda Civic. The speed in digital in the front and the rpm's and other information cleanly separated. Why not all have these instead of 2 round dials with multiple weird colour combinations.

Originally Posted by JohnyBoy View Post

Highest end of a car model - I always go for the highest end of any model. So the car will come fully loaded and no need for any after market additions.

Auto down windows - You need not keep pressing the down button. And auto up fro driver window too. This is one thing I appreciate and enjoy everyday, in my Punto.

Originally Posted by chinmaypillay View Post
My quirky (or not) list:

Wipers: Call me mad, but I want the wipers to deliver a very very very (very) clean wipe.

Me too.

Originally Posted by shinuak View Post

Auto gear :- Though I have not driven one yet, I think its not for me.

Originally Posted by nkishore_007 View Post

Electric OVRM : Could be helpful even though not used frequently. Helps when you are entering a narrow street and you see another vehicle trying to squeeze thru. Plus during rains, no need to lower down the windows and reach out.

Originally Posted by hooloovoo View Post

2. Keyless entry & push start - Grab my bag and go, without all the fishing around for the keys!

Originally Posted by Ricci View Post

5. Tachometer - I just got to have one.

9. I hate the aftermarket bling/jazz shows , like phat tyres, snazzy oversize wheels, and bright paint and sticker jobs as if the car was a NASCAR entry. I don't mind bright colors on certain cars though - like yellow Ferraris or Lamborghinis, they can carry it well, if I ever buy one, I'll still pick something less flashy.

Originally Posted by CareFreeKid View Post

Electric ORVMs : Although not so keen on them earlier, having used them now I feel its a must have. They really come in handy when a biker or two get to close for comfort at traffic signals or in tight parking spots. The adjuster too should be a button rather than a joystick, which feels quite flimsy.

I would rather have a steering wheel like the OHC, i.e., not round, it actually feels quite sporty.

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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Originally Posted by saket77 View Post
Agreed with most points, but I think leather seats are good to have on cars.

Hello Saket,

I second you on the leather seats.

I hate dirty seats.

Leather seats need little maintenance.

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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Sharing an unconventional preference of my Father -

He has a soft corner for our Figo. Never understood why. He pointed out yesterday when talks were going on for a replacement.

He finds the Car very reassuring & the ride is very composed & not wallow-y unlike other Cars.

This Car as per him is a keeper.
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Sheel , he is not alone here. I might not be a middle aged man, but yes, i do have a soft corner for my figo or any figo for that matter. The ride quality, steering feedback and the cabin by itself, not to mention the seats, make you feel attached to the car in a manner i can never comprehend. "Yeh bani meri pehli biwi"
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

I'm not sure how fitting the following statement would be for this thread, but here goes.
When my aunt bought her new Swift DZire, sometime early last year, the one feature that my mom went crazy about was the....ahem...vanity mirror on the sun visor! :O

One word : Moms
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

Looks - Cars with longish looking bonnets, like the good old palio or the mitsubishi lancer, unlike the modern day sedans where the headlamps are almost touchable from inside the driver's window.

Accessibility - In an MPV, i would prefer electrically operated sliding doors - excellent utility feature i noticed in a cousin's Toyota Sienna abroad.

Seating layout - Would prefer individual captain seats to rear benches any day - even in a hatchback!

A few changes happened to my tastes after buying our second car in the family, the Honda Brio -
Now i would prefer an EPS provided it weighs up nicely (like the Brio) at highway speeds, unlike my palio which is always heavy - in the city (probably because of the 185 wide tyres as well) and on the highway (its good) - but yeah, would stay miles away from an i20 in this aspect.
And another fetish i had for steering mounted controls has now vanished, i find the steering control switches on the Brio's steering wheel very irritating.
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Default Re: Your *unconventional* Automotive Preferences

I guess almost all possible unconventional requirements of enthusiasts are already mentioned in earlier post, but want to contribute mine too.
1. Interiors - I prefer nicely done spacious, rich interiors (not high gadgetry) than exterior look because as a driver you are going to spend most time inside, so the cabin should give a feel good factor.
2. Bonnet length - Want to have one with long front end rather a short one.
3. Lesser Gadgets and More safety - Any given day I would a car with good safety features and safer cabin (i.e. Europeans) over unnecessary on dash electronics i.e. TPMS, climate control etc.
4. Reliability - Oh yes it influence buying decision a lot, dont want to worry before leaving for an unprepared trip in mid of night (Japs win here hand down). No matter how tempting a car is I will avoid if it's unreliable. I must tell that for a couple of years now I have been planning for a proper suv and I know safari is a great contender in my budget but simply for its unreliable mood swings I cant put my money on it. Still waiting for a reliable & safari like driven suv.
5. Service - Toyota is a winner any day. I like when my car is back from service stations all things should be sorted and nothing requiring re-visit.
6. Strong A/C - I feel too hot (more than usual) so it's one more buying parameter.
7. Slick Gears - I love driving manual system so a spot on slick gear box is what turns me one.
8. HPS - I guess most on the forum would prefer HPS over EPS.
9. High Rev engines - I like the music of petrol engine you get on pressing the throttle more than the grunt of diesel.

These are my considerations before finalizing any vehicle.
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