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Smile Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

It is one of the ideas by the Oil Ministry.

Lets hope Govt. finds a better solution than shutting down pumps in cities from 8 Pm to 8 Am which sounds impractical.

Practical ideas like this one should be implemented :


Importing crude oil from Iran which is cheaper can help remove the burden.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

While we're at it why not shut down jewellery shops for good so as to reduce govt's gold import costs.

A nonsensical suggestion. I doubt it'll ever see the light of the day (pun unintended)
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

Govt can be as dumb as the people who vote for it. What else do we expect from a govt which wins by playing vote bank politics and calling themselves secular. The word secular is an invention by congress to divide our community and win.

High fuel demand = Shut petrol pumps
High gold demand = Tax the gold so high
High foreign travel = tax the goods such as LCD TV

I used to hear about some money minded schools who charge penalty fee for coming late, not doing homework etc. Isnt this same as that ?

I blame all this on this Govt and at least i want to vote for better governance and better future, and not to some community or some religion. And sane brains have an answer for it.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

This proposal just shows the extent of Intellectual bankruptcy that present government suffers from. This proposal, if implemented, will no way help the economy. On the other hand this will cause great inconvenience to everyone. Dealers will start selling fuel in black post 8 pm. Everyone knows what has happened due to differential price mechanism of diesel. The sale of subsidized diesel has shot up whereas sale of wholesale diesel (higher price) has gone down.

Rather than coming up with these stupid ideas basic problems must be addressed to. Going by this logic the day is not far when in case of food shortages government will force all restaurants to shut shops for few days in a week!
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

This is absolute madness from the government. The politicians and the babus are running out of ideas. The minister also said that it is one of the ideas received by the ministry; then why make only this one public.

It will not have any short term effect, but the Government has lost a chance by not upgrading and expanding the rail network in the country.

The minister may also think about declaring a weekly holiday for all petrol pumps across the country.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

This is Utterly a foolish Idea.
Our Minsters have stop drawing lots and coming up with Random Idea's. They should discuss and act in a way which will actually makes a difference.
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Old 2nd September 2013, 10:29   #37
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

My dad and me couldn't stop laughing when we saw on TV.

Next time I go to petrol bunk I will get my bike full tanked rather than with 200 or 100 bucks. How the hell will it reduce my usage !!!

Utter rubbish decision.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

The PM & FM have been telling us that we are nowhere close to the situation we were in 1991 but I remember that petrol pumps were open only between 7 am to 7 pm back then. The decisions of the government are totally opposite of what they are claiming and the media should question them about this. The Indian media is pretty useless when it comes to these things. All they are good at is in speculating. There is no proper investigative journalism anywhere.

Instead of harassing citizen's the government should take the lead in fuel conservation. There are plenty of ways of doing this:

- Why minister's move around in 20 car's cavalcade? Reduce it to just one cop car followed by the minister's car.
- If the government made smooth, pot hole free roads then the cars would be moving at a higher speed increasing fuel economy and thus saving fuel. Stop corruption in road construction but we all they wouldn't do that.
- Why is the infrastructure in our city's crumbling? A good infrastructure would have the same effects as the point above. Ditto if they improve public transport.
- They have failed to give 24 hour electricity even 67 years after independence. Stable power supply would result in less usage of diesel run generator's saving precious diesel.

It seems like successive government's have failed to see the larger picture of how their failure's are going to impact the country in the long run.

PS: From what I have read, petrol pumps on highway's are going to be exempt from this rule.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

The next thing you know - lets discontinue the peak hour mumbai local & delhi metro trains and save some money since thats when we run most trains.

Not one of them will bring up an order to reduce the cavalcade of cars that even a lowly government officer or a MP/MLA travels around with!
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Old 2nd September 2013, 10:40   #40
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

Look at it from the looming election angle. The ruling party needs cash, however it may come. Impose timings for petrol/diesel retailing and then extort money through black marketing.

An artificial power shortage was created at the time of last assembly election in Maharashtra. Industries/offices were forced to buy diesel for generators. At the same time, the price of crude skyrocketed. The ruling party resorted to black marketing of diesel. Once they made money, power supply was back to normal.

Does anybody remember the last time Rupee nosedived against major currencies? Yes, it was during an important elections. It miraculously recovered after the ruling party made enough money by pumping in Dollars into the country. Global cues are always twisted and used as excuse by politicians and bureaucrats.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

I had read a brillaint post of my friend on facebook that our petroleum minister is Verrappan M"OIL"Y. I will modify that to Verrappan My"OIL". There is little to do :(
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

An utterly foolish and and idea which has clearly not been thought through , fine stop giving me gas at 8 , ill go at 7 PM instead - its not going to stop me from filling

A significant amount of cars are driven by drivers , simply send the driver during the day and get it done , long ques does not effect the owner

Great opportunity for under the table trade.

Additional impact might also be felt on the convenience stores that the oil companies operate such as " In and Out" , pretty sure a lot of their sales are from people who stop by for air or gas and decided to buy a few things.

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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

Originally Posted by MHG View Post
They also need to start process to ensure cheap ethanol production in India so that we could emulate Brazil by bringing in flexi-fuel vehicles.
Using food as fuel doesn't make any sense at all.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

Would be better if they move public transport (including office cabs etc) to CNG as quickly as possible. Make office going a organized effort for transport.

Would also be better if the ministers stop travelling. Even with all the travelling, they are fixing the roads.
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Default Re: Proposal to shut Fuel stations at Night!

Dear fellow bhpians, please do not throw things at me. I am just playing the devil's advocate here. Why are we getting worked up over this proposal? For the most part, we do not drive cross country at night. Fuel is never an emergency for most of us. We have pretty decent working vehicles with decent working fuel indicators that tell us when we are running low. I am pretty sure, none of us waits for the car to run on fumes before we tank up. So, does this proposal concern most of us ?
Even the government is not daft to put a blanket ban on all fuel bunks at night. The large ones on highways will remain for the sake of trucking operations. This will take care of the odd night intercity trip.
Our collective temper is too precious to be lost on such "conceived in the privy" schemes. Let us direct it towards escalating fuel costs, taxes and bad roads that do not see any improvement.
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