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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
Aah yes. Makes sense. Forgot about the road tax.

I was only thinking in terms of corporate tax/ employee TDS.
That figure would include both Direct - TDS etc and Indirect taxes like Excise duty/sales tax/Vat etc that they have paid over the years. I am not sure whether road tax would be included there. That is paid by the car buyer - not the car company
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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Congratulations Hyundai India! Truly well deserved.

Like a Cricket match, the opening should be great. And what an opener Hyundai fielded! A Hyundai Santro!!

A top notch car to start with. The trust it gained because of its quality and reliability has catapulted Hyundai to where it is today. And it never became complacent! No make shift designs or adjustments to bring a car to sub 4m. No going with the horde. They had and have a plan and they stuck to it.

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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Congratulations Hyundai! You were the one who provided better alternatives to Maruti to Indians. You also excelled in creating wide robust service network. Also, you set the trends for many feature offerings in your cars. The adoption to India road conditions were very practical. No wonder you had consistent sustained growth. Good luck for the future!
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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Congratulations Hyundai. I'm a proud owner of a Hyundai car and very happy with the quality. Just maintain the quality of the product and the after sales service and you can see more such milestones.
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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Originally Posted by narayan View Post
Indirect taxes like Excise duty/sales tax/Vat etc that they have paid over the years.
This Economic Times article provides an interesting insight:

For a Rs 4 lakh hatchback, for instance, the total Central tax bite works out to Rs 63,157 including Rs 5,575 on education and other cess. Slap on another Rs 1,70,021 for petrol or Rs 1,90,821 for diesel in the form of total state taxes and the final duty amount is a steep Rs 2,33,178 for petrol models and Rs 2,53,978 for diesel models - 58% and 63% of the base price respectively.
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WOW! That's a milestone achieved. Excellent Service provided by this Korean giant. I Hope it remains this way and continues getting-in newer, better models for the years to come. This shows how being customer centric in a country with one of the largest populations can turn around the fortunes for a company. (VW group-are you listening?) It is the duty of the car manufacturer to develop cars for the conditions in which they have to run. For instance, the grand had a complete remake when it hit our shores so that it could function properly in our conditions. On the other hand, companies like Skoda, BMW, Audi can't provide a decent enough air filter for our country. What these German giant's are missing is customer satisfaction. They will have to improve their services and network and also spend a chunk of money in R&D to satisfy the demanding Indian customer. Making an excuse for the conditions of the country would not a viable solution for a prolonged existence. Honda, Toyota, Maruti, Hyundai have done their homework right. This is what lets them get a bigger bite of the pie. Cheers!

Originally Posted by libranof1987 View Post
Look at that!

They've really transformed themselves through their product offerings. They cater to most segments that matter and really well at that!

What I admire about Hyundai is that they have managed to change the market's perception about them and each product, right from the Eon to Verna is a strong contender in the buying decision.

Wonder if the complacent MS is looking at this.
Sir, I would beg to differ. Maruti is definitely not a complacent car manufacturer. They manage to get better and better products each year to satisfy the needs of the market. That cannot be deemed complacent. They always get the formula right and straightaway hit the boundary. Often success is confused with complacency and over confidence, but I can assure that's not the path Maruti's following.

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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Hyundai simple proves that how a single innovative product launched at a correct time can actually set up a base of huge growth for the whole company.

At the time when car meant a Maruti, & Maruti Zen was the king of all the cars, it launched its Santro. And what a car it was (& still it is).
It had a strong powerful engine, awesome AC, great build quality, was the first car with Tall Boy design & most importantly it was a reliable & maintenance free car. It dethroned the Maruti Zen as the best selling hatchback soon after its launch. It became an exclusive first car of the middle class masses.

The huge sales helped Hyundai to setup its strong sales & service network across India & it is the popularity of this car that gave Hyundai a good recognition in Indian market. It was because of Santro that people actually started looking away from Maruti & I feel that it is only because of Santro that the Hyundai has been able to achieve the second position in Indian market.
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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

When I first saw the Santro in 1998, I was aghast. It was such a ugly car and I swore that I would never buy this car (We had a Zen). I still remember it was a base version, red Santro.

By 1999 we bought our Santro DX. Over the Zen, this car had power steering, fog lights, rear defogger, rear wiper, leather steering and gear, body colour bumpers etc. You got used to the shape of the car after seeing quite a few on the roads. The service experience was fantastic.

In 2003 bought my Accent CRDi, my first diesel. I still rate the car very high and had a superb experience. I had this car till 2009 when I sold it for Rs. 3.00 lakhs, it had 85K on the clock. I did not even change the clutch on this car. Just loved the way the CRDi used to respond.

Bought an Alto in 2005 but replaced it with a pre-worshiped 2003 Santro Auto in 2006 and used this car till 2009. Auto tranny was preferred as my parents were mainly using this car.

Replaced the Santro Auto with a i10 Auto in 2009. Replaced the Accent CRDi with a i20 CRDI also in 2009.

Replaced the i20 CRDi with a Verna Fluidic SX CRDi in 2011.

Currently my Verna has done 24K on the clock and the i10 17K on the clock.

Overall experience with Hyundai has been great. The cars have excellent resale value. Regular and timely servicing ensures that cars serve you very well and also ensure good resale value.

I always make it a point that the dealer enters the service details in the owners manual. Hence when the time come for sale, buyer is satisfied that the car is well maintained. The first impressions are very important when you are selling your used car.



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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Congrats to Hyundai India.
Being a big fan of Hyundai, owned Suzuki Zen -> Hyundai Accent CRDi and now i20 CRDi, I see the maintenance cost being on higher side compared to Suzuki. They can look at this space and also the customer experience feed back should be taken seriously.
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Congratulation Hyundai. Well done.
Hyundai seems to have come a long way in terms of design and reliability. At least from my personal experience, I had stayed away from buying their products over the years, I just could not resist their Neo Elantra. I have now had if for around 5 months and am extremely satisfied.
Keep up the good work and take your customers seriously.
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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Contemporary designs, premium offerings for not-so-premium prices, reliable products, fuss free after sales experience. The number one position beckons. Just a matter of time. MSL watchout! Don't take us for granted!
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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Congratulations Hyundai India!

A great achievement without cribbing on India's uncertain and complex Auto segment policies like other players do. Others who are complaining about India policies must take notes.

Hyundai came a long way from an ugly Santro to fluidically designed Santa Fe. I would say it is a paradigm shift for Indian buyers from Japanese to Korean. I am a happy owner of Verna and happy customer of Hyundai.

Innovation, efficiency and value for money moved from Japan to Korea. Sonys and Panasonics to LGs and Samsungs. How long can established brands milk without showing differentiated values? Indian customers are smarter and Hyundai understood India like no other. Way to go Hyundai

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Default Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
About 45,000 Crore Rupees (taking $ as 60).

That's about Rs. 90,000 tax per Hyundai manufactured in India. Totally believable.

Remember that Hyundai is the 2nd largest exporter of cars from here. The tax component for Hyundais sold in India will be much higher than this Rs. 90,000 figure.

That was yesterday.

The current-gen Elantra is king of the D1 sedan segment since the time of launch.
The Elantra is a good car indeed but its sales have been boosted by the lack of new options in the segment. The civic was discontinued and the corolla is way too old.

All said and done, bravo Hyundai. You guys have put so much pressure on the rest to add features that we as consumers are winners now.
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Arrow Re: Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India

A big congratulations to HMIL for crossing the 50 Lakh milestone, with this feat HMIL has proved what a MNC can do wonders in India. I am glad I am one among the 50 lakh proud owners of Hyundai car my current ownership being Hyundai i10 1.2 Kappa Sportz has completed 34 months of ownership with 100% satisfaction with zero maintenance [ except for routine engine oil/oil filter changes, paid service etc ] thankfully car is in mint condition, All these 34 months my car has travelled on worst possible roads and very less on the highways in comparison. despite this the entire suspension system/ engine/transmission is not only in good shape but also has proved that it can withstand toughest of the tough road conditions/beatings. So 50 lakh kudos to HMIL for gifting such a wonderful hatch back to Indians True to their slogan new thinking/new possibilities Long live HMIL and may you set a bench mark in the history of auto makers to follow
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Default Hyundai crosses 4 million sales milestone in India

Hyundai has announced that it has sold four million vehicles in Indian market since it began selling cars in the country, 19 years ago.

The first car to be launched was the Santro hatchback. Over the years, the company went on to introduce many products including the Getz and i20 hatchback, Accent, Verna, Elantra and Sonata sedans and Tucson and Terracan SUVs. At present, it has a line-up of ten models on offer. These include the Eon, i10, Grand i10, Xcent, Elite i20, i20 Active, 4S Fluidic Verna, Elantra, Creta and Santa Fe.

Hyundai crosses the 50 Lakh milestone in India-elantra.jpg

In the month of October 2015, Hyundai recorded its highest-ever monthly domestic sales in India when it sold 47,015 cars.

Hyundai ranks second in terms of passenger vehicle sales in India. It is the leading manufacturer when it comes to exports. The company ships out cars to 85 countries around the world.
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