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Old 26th November 2013, 04:10   #136
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Originally Posted by joy_swift View Post
Totally agree,very uninspiring design and doesnt look like a car costing 12L.Another lac and you can get a Chevy Cruze.
I absolutely agree. It feels really sad just to even think that honda can price this ( frighteningly NORMAL car ) at 13-14 lacs ex-showroom and still there will be junta ready to buy it. I know that there are taxes and all but just look at the stuff one gets in Europe at 14 lacs Just and compare it to what these cahoots are selling.

I just don't know but I'm disappointed with the mentality of companies in India as well as the attitude of the buyer.

As for my self would be cancelling my booking for the city and would be looking towards Jetta or octavia.
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

This one looks only ok. I do not see much of a visible change from the outgoing city. Some welcome additional features like steering mounted audio, cruise control (is this possible on a manual car?), start stop button (looks like an afterthought somehow), better wheelbase and legroom amongst others.
If Honda prices the high end version below 12L ex showroom, it will give serious competition to Verna. I don't see it being priced below 8-8.5L for the base version, since this would be overlapping with the Amaze. The most fuel efficient diesel eh? Now how much would that be, 25kmpl? And no specs on the BHP?

I think this will give Honda strong inroads into the market. Unfortunately, even if they price it high, it may still fly off the shelves, since it is a Honda!
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Default Re: Confirmed: 2014 Honda City to be unveiled in November 2013

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
Yes but look at the sales numbers of Vento vs Jetta or Elantra vs Verna. Almost 10times. So why bother bringing in the Civic that will get 10% sales of what the City can do.
Fair point. But isn't it about brand presence and visibility sometimes? Also a D segment car would have higher profit margins than the lower segments. By that logic what is the point of selling cars like Accord and CRV?
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Now one thing that would stop me from booking this new City ( If, I had the cash that is ) would be its ride quality, will experience that before I put my money on this car. The 2008 City had a horrible ride quality that crashed into all sizes of pot holes. Ride is so bothersome, that my dad prefers to drive around with 24 PSi air presssure! He very well knows what the consequences would be, but 4 years down the line, he is just not able to live with the thrashy ride quality.
And sound dampening too is terribly skimped on by Honda, so you really can hear what the suspension is doing - all-the-time! Linea & New Fiesta have a very well sorted ride quality, Vento has nice damping to mute the sounds at least.

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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Frankly New , old , evolution , revolution this that takes a back seat. For the bulk of the car buying population a diesel Honda city is all the car they would ever need. The only thing that going to stop Honda from making this a success is Honda. They have delivered the package , they need to deliver on the price.
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Features list not withstanding, I don't like the look of the interiors. Doesn't really look or feel premium. The exteriors are heavily modified over the current city but not necessarily in a good way. Had high expectation and the final product is underwhelming to say the least.
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Am i the only one here who thinks Honda hasn't done such a bad job here? The exterior is disappointing yes. Honda is going through a very bad phase in India. I would imagine they decided to play safe with the already hit exterior design (i guess they decided it was more important to save that money and translate it into very sharp pricing like the amaze). Plus Outlandish designs like the Verna haven't exactly been Smashing Successes. Honda could've done better. Only time will tell how good or bad this decision was.

But the interiors look so much better to me. It feels like a whole new car inside. And Touchscreen panel for aircon controls looks mighty impressive ! I wouldn't be able to comment on the aluminium panel in the dash or the plastics since i haven't personally been in the car. But being a Honda, i don't think it'll be half as bad as the Horrible photographs make it look.

I am (pleasantly) surprised at the kind of equipment Honda has decided to offer in this car ! They're offering some great stuff that even the civic didn't have earlier. I wonder what the new civic will carry over and above these

1. Rear View Camera
2. Touch Screen Stereo System (Agree its not placed in the centre. But you'd be surprised how many of Honda's models have similar interiors and have been smashing successes including the new civic and bro. I'd also blame the horrible photography to some extent)
3. Rear Seat Aircon Vents
4. Start Stop
5. 4 Power Outlets inside the car.

The Thin tires are a huge disappointment. If i had to buy the car, i would change them instantly.
The engine remains same as Amaze. Which is fine. I don't think many people would be bothered considering the kind of equipment levels the Honda city carries. Sounds well worth its buck compared to competition. Most brands do this including the germans. You would be left fuming when you start counting the differences between the BMW 320d and 520d. The engines are same. And the features are almost same. Nothing in the world could justify the 10-12 lac price difference between the 2. Yet, its the 520d that outsells the 320d.

As a hardcore believer in Japanese dependability i wouldn't even compare the car with a verna or i20 or Rapid. Its the same reason why a toyota Liva customer buys it over the much better looking and better equipped Hyundai models.

And now Honda offers all that dependability plus more features than competition. If priced as per Autocar India's Article http://www.autocarindia.com/auto-new...-365434.aspx/0, I think this car could be the segment leader like the city was at one point.

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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Looks very similar to the model being replaced. A very typical Honda design I must say. I wish the chrome grill was optional. Its just too garish. The skinny tyres and jacked up stance don't help the exterior looks one bit.

What's with the crooked dash?? It looks like broken pieces of different cars have been put together to make it up, like those old out of production cars rebuilt at some garage.

Additional features are welcome, but a direct injection - turbo engine or a fast dual clutch AT would've really gotten every one to sit up and take notice of this 4th gen City.

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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Note from Mod : Please refrain from using acronyms like ANHC, BNHC etc as its very confusing to new members and others who arent familiar with acronyms. Lets all please type the full new of the brand name and model. Thanks in advance to all for your cooperation
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Had the car not been associated with the Big H "Honda", none would have liked anything in this new model.
Each car in this segment on its launch had a segment first new feature.
But Honda has just tried to Match the City with those features. (Even now w/o the option of Turbo Petrol, it lacks behind the likes of T-Jet/TSi).

Instead of "Segment first" these are basically "City First" features :

1. Rear AC Vents
2. Touch Screen system
3. Reverse camera
4. ACC
5. Diesel option

All these had been in various other cars for 2-3 years now.
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Default Re: Confirmed: 2014 Honda City to be unveiled in November 2013

Originally Posted by drmohitg View Post
Fair point. But isn't it about brand presence and visibility sometimes? Also a D segment car would have higher profit margins than the lower segments. By that logic what is the point of selling cars like Accord and CRV?
Accord is another flop and the CR-V is becoming one as well. That's why even Honda is shifting focus to lower spectrum. New City, Jazz, Mobilio, Vezel are all proof of this move.

But the idea is you also want presence in all segments. The new City will try to get people looking at the Altis, Elantra to consider the top end City.

The Verna is doing this wonderfully. Loaded with features and same engine as Elantra. Majority will consider the Verna except for a small majority which will opt for the Elantra.
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

1 - I think the 3rd Gen Honda City (2008) looks better and more accomplished than this one, the 4th Gen looks like theyre trying too hard without wanting to try hard, if that makes sense. Having said that, this is not a bad looking car.

2 - The Entertainment module looks like its a few inches smaller, not only for use, but also for the amount of space available. Just have a look at how big the bezel around the screen is, a waste of possible screen space & adds to the after-market addon feel of the unit.

3 - Cruise control & sunroof are huge plus points for me, I think it adds a completeness factor to it, really looking forward to variant & pricing disclosures.

Silly point - The start stop button i feel should always be on the drivers side of the steering, even if it is inoperable when in motion, the 'power' so to speak should lie with the driver to turn the engine on/off
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

I too am another one disappointed with the new design for the following reasons

a. The design is not much different than the outgoing car.

-- Front --
b. The headlamp, assembly looked much better in the outgoing car than this one, especially the contour on the front near the indicator of the outgoing car made it look like an eagle eye giving it a killer look from the front. I loved that design. Perhaps Honda could have put in projectors rather than make it look boxy

c. Fog lamps - ufff!! Wrapped in a honey comb, they look odd. It cannot beat the well integrated oval lamps of the outgoing car.. Honey comb looks aweful to me

-- Side profile --

a. Fair, but the sharp lines are gone but still liveable. I am glad they put chrome handles
b. What's with the black patch near the rear window sill. Looks aweful! Many manufacturers are doing this and I find it too silly.

-- Wheels --
a. Awful alloy design, but that is not much of a bother because it can be changed.

-- Rear --
a. As everyone said, similar to the YL... the YL rear looks much much better

-- Interiors --
God! What a crooked dashboard. From the pictures, it looks like put together somehow. It looks twisted, although lots of new functionality has bee included. I for sure, didn't like the dashboard design. It's really awful to see with weird color combinations The AC vents look oddly placed and that small screen... C'mon honda tablets and phones have better displays thesedays. I am not a fan of start stop button. Rear A/C vents are welcome add. Parrys made a good note of the rear dash.. .looks odd.

Overall, I believe the outgoing model is much better.
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

The overall package seems acceptable except that after the 2004 model, the dash design seems to be going only downhill and not keeping up to the times. The primary reasons City was selling in such numbers was the interior space and frugal running and maintenance costs. The new City goes by the same book as can be noticed from the fact that despite criticism by various forum members, Honda did not bother to increase the wheel width (I can't digest the alloy wheel design though).

Interior features are a big plus but most of the features will surely be available only in the top models and we need to see what the lower models get. We also need to see what they have done about the ground clearance. What use is a 500+ boot if the ground clearance is going to dictate what goes into it?
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Default Re: Pics & Report: 2014 Honda City unveiled in India

Looks are subjective but I felt outgoing City and Civic are two cars that have a lot of class in terms of exterior and interior design. They will age as well as typical German cars. I wonder if that was by accident because they were as good as their German peers in terms of design/looks.

This new City returns to the usual fare of fake metal dash, chrome and haphazard dash layout. Not at all a fan of touch-ACC, I should be able to hit the recirculate button at lightening speed :-)
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