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Default re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Tata Aria and XUV500 are loaded with many features which belong to the above 20 lacks segment. So for a Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi... to place a product in the 15 lacks range, on paper, will not be able to match all the features and performance of the Tata or Mahindra.
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Default re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Hello Nilanjanray,
I agree. But the point even I am confused is why pay 23 lkhs for a vehicle when you can get similar comfort and decent handling (not as good as fortuner) for 13 lkhs? 10 Lakhs extra for just a brand is too much.
I can buy a fortuner at 9 lkhs INR in DUBAI where the innova is available for about 8 lkhs INR.The price difference between the fortuner and innova is just over a lakh in other countries where as in India its almost double which is ridiculous.

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Default re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Originally Posted by wilful View Post
If the Nissan Terrano (Duster) were to bring out an AWD AT option with some additional safety features, would that be the kind of the thing that could fill the void? Would there be significant numbers for this?
Absolutely. I would buy the Terrano today if it offered AWD and AT even if at 2 lakh higher than Duster.
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Default re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Being a SUV owner, I vote for more choices in this category. Specially for large families requiring 6 or 7 seats, there shouldn't be just a Innova (the rest are not comfortable or reliable enough) to choose from, this side of 20L. In countries like Thailand/Malaysia, almost all Japanese automakers offer vehicles with larger seating, so its just a matter of who enters this segment first with a decent product. Hope some bright bulb at Nissan does it, and force the others to follow.

On another note, with the new Santa Fe pricing (26L+, ex-showroom for the 2WD), Hyundai is continuing the trend of over-pricing their previously VFM products. Sad to see as the Santa Fe is an excellent car with all comforts and safety features, but it should have been closer to 20L. And its supposed to be CKD assembled now, as compared to CBU import previously!
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Default Re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
Its raining SUVs. There is the Duster, the Terrano and the Ecosport in the small space. Many others are also vying in the sub 10L area.

Similarly, do you have around 20L. You will have SUVs from Toyota, Rexton, Ford, Chevrolet,Mitsubishi... The list goes on.

But did you check out the 15L space recently. What do you get if you are willing to spend 13-16L ex showroom. The middle range between the 20L and the sub 10 Lakh brackets.

Just a couple of options from Tata and Mahindra. Of course, there is the also ran Force motors somewhere, but thats about it.

The market is clamoring for the sub 10L and the 20L+ range, leaving a big void in the around 15L range.
Why so? Why are most manufacturers ignoring this segment? The golden rule of marketing is that when the bottom gets crowded, you have to find a new domain where there is little competition, and the 15L segment is ripe for taking by SUVs.

There are very few options in the full size 15L SUVs with bells and whistles like 4x4, ABS Airbags in this price bracket, and Tata and Mahindra rule the roost, with Mahindra making most of the sales with its XUV500.

Are the bigwigs ignoring this segment because they are too blinded by the lure of Small SUV space?
World over, Toyota/Honda and others have a slew of smaller but still full size SUVs placed lower than the big 7 seater options, but not here.

And its not that none of them have anything in their stable.
Tata has the defender which can fit nicely here
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/4x4-ve...here-tata.html (Land Rover Defender: Bring it here, Tata!)

Toyota has too many to even count. Fortuner is a 24L ex showroom vehicle which goes into high segment

Then there is Ford, with the 24L Endeavor. Its international stable has lots of smaller vehicles which can fit in the 15L bracket.

Same can be said for the General.
And then their is Honda, with its high priced petrol CRV, they are in the sidelines. With the new diesel engine ready, they can also target this segment.

But none of them seem to be looking here. Are they being sensible in targetting the small SUV pie. Remember, there are only so many buyers. If everyone comes to small SUV segment, eventually no body is going to beat the 1500-2000 sale mark.

To really grow, you need to cover the entire range of the market, and even companies who have ready products in stock are simply ignoring this big market.
I am a new member with team-bhp, and so I dont really know if I should express strong opinions/biases so soon, and I shall take refuge under the fig leaf of my age - I am 62 and, I feel, as strong an enthusiast of SUVs as anyone else.

But I take issue with this peculiar definition for an SUV and clubbing the Duster, Terrano and the Ecosport(as available in our market) in the same bracket as the Fortuner, Pajero or the other big players, is in my humble view inappropriate.

In a perfect world (alas, there isn't one) an SUV at the very least must have rear wheel drive and preferably 4WD with an engagable transfer case and low-ratio gear box. With this as a base reference, one can continue up the ladder of add-ons (ESP, EBD, limited slip diffs et al.)

I am (and continue to be stubbornly so) a die-hard proponent of RWD in anything with a wheelbase exceeding 2.4 meters and overall length exceeding 4 meters. This whole business of dubbing these hatchbacks-on-steroids and calling them SUVs depresses me - even the capable XUV500 was a pretender till they offered the AWD version!

There,now that I have got that off my chest, I feel better.

With best regards,
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Default Re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

this point had been in my mind from over a couple of years now. there was always a huge gap between safari/scorpio and pajero/fortuner clan. XUV did try to fill it up but with it's innumerous niggles didn't hit off as a premium SUV. Duster/teanna are doing a better job there with maybe outdated/boring interiors but unmistakably better built feel all around.

coming to the point of a 15ish lac SUV - I completely agree that india as a market now would be welcoming an SUV in that range with arms wide open (even with lesser features than an XUV - just so that they have a different car than XUV)

the manufacturers played a very smart and sly game by introducing slightly bigger hatchbacks with (maybe) good ground clearance as an "urban" SUV - or as the marketing guys call it "Compact SUV". I am sure if hyundai still had a tucson (and sensibly priced at that) it would have had a longer waiting list than XUV and ecosport both put together!! but that didn't happen.

maybe HM wakes up someday and realises that they still have a huge market for the older pajero at a better price. all they need to do is try a new marketing strategy by sacking all the dealers and coming up with new ones who understand the word "professionalism". maybe they get rid of that ungodly looking faux wood interiors and come up with basic black/grey plastic. reduce the price of the car by a couple of lacs - and see the sales chart on fire

but then - i wonder who would listen to the common man??

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Default Re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Originally Posted by Shreyans_Jain View Post
In an ideal world, the Skoda Yeti and the Tata Aria would have been the perfect vehicles in this category.

Both of them are high enough. While one is pretty compact for small families, the other is battleship sized for the big and brawny ones. Both of them are fully loaded and drive very well. Much more nicely than the other vehicles in this segment.
I second this thought. The Yeti is probably the only car I would need, but touching 20 lakhs on road in Bangalore. The Aria is another fantastic vehicle for me considering looks alone, as it stands in stark contrast to the over styled XUV (in my humble opinion). But reliability issues remain.

The last vehicle which impressed me on a test drive was the Pajero Sport, but again costing too much (Rs.30 lakhs on road in Bangalore)

Alas, there are no perfect choices for prospective SUV buyers in both 20-30 lakh and 15-20 lakh range.
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Angry Re: The great Indian SUV void in the Rs. 15 lakh space

Exactly my issue and predicament. In the market for a 6 seater SUV/Soft roader. Not interested in off-roading but want a comfortable, reliable safe and a delight to drive SUV.

Was hoping the Santa Fe will be priced better, but 30L OTR is not value for money for me. Think will have to look at pre-owned now.
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