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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Originally Posted by xjosephjacob View Post
Sad, but inevitable. Maruti 800, you will always be loved, respected and remembered.

We brought home our brand new white Maruti 800 Standard in 1995 (carbureted) as a replacement for our ever troublesome Ambassador Mark 3. Good roads, bad roads, no roads, off roads or waterlogged roads- she has conquered them all. 19 long years and still going strong at 1,30,000 km without a single major issue- EPIC. As time passed, Accent, Swift and Duster became part of my family, but like Bonnie and Clyde, we and the 800 were inseparable.

However, for the past 5 years or so it was painful to see this vehicle being bashed by people, who’ve little or no idea about what this little car is capable of or what this car did to the Indian Automobile Industry. I respect the decision of Maruti Suzuki to retire the iconic Maruti 800.

Just so that you're aware, this 19 year old beauty is my daily ride to office. I might start working on an ownership report soon.

Isn't nostalgia and obituary the two sides of the same coin? I believe the whole point of this thread is nostalgia itself.

Though I agree with some of your comments, 'price over safety' point is debatable. The target segment of M800 was middle and lower middle class families who were prospective bike buyers. Needless to say, M800 was ( adn still is) safer than bikes.

Maruti 800 was indeed a benchmark in many aspects when it was launched 30 years back. Now, 30 years down the lane the cars that are now considered safe and dynamically sound will become obsolete. But If we review the past 30 years, it becomes clear that no other car has made the impact that these ‘tin soap boxes’ made on the Indian automobile industry, the society and the economy. That makes it revolutionary. We obviously need to do something genuinely good to go down in the history books .
Indeed. For the price bracket it was safe. And it's definitely worth the nostalgia.

Love the car. Always will.

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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Amul's tribute to the iconic Maruti 800.

Name:  xmaruti800amulgoodbyead400x200_jpg_pagespeed_ic_BmvqSz5hQX.jpg
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Size:  26.3 KB


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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Sad. Nostalgic. Yet Happy.
The little Maruti that came in quietly and mobilised the whole of India.
The "scooter riding" middle classes suddenly went wild, with their new Marutis.
The old gen Naysayers swore by their Jeeps and Ambys and Fiats and Contys but ultimately succumbed to the lure of the little Maruti's refinement.

I bought my first one in 1996. It was a 1984 model original 800DX.
In 1997 I got an old 1988 Model Gypsy.
In 1999 my Dad retired along with a Battleship Grey Esteem that his company had given him and which he had been using for a while.
In 2000 I got a Brand New M800 DX MPFi
In 2001 my Dad upgraded the old Esteem to a New Esteem VX.
I briefly moved to a Hyundai Santro at that time.
In 2002 I got a New Esteem.
In 2003 I got an Old 1995 Gypsy when I re-located to a new gig.
After saying bye bye to that Gypsy in 2005 I have not owned a Maruti since.
We sold Dad's Esteem in favour of a Diesel Indica in 2006.
I met my wife in 2006 and when we got married in 2007 she brought along her 2006 Model Swift. We sold that on in 2010.
No Marutis since then. All in all, for us, almost 15 years of association with the Maruti Suzuki Brand. No regrets. Great cars, great value, great reliability and easy to look after.

The legend will live on in the hearts and minds of the great Indian middle class. Maruti is as much a part of the family as one's pet dog!
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Default Final Maruti 800 rolled out!

Even in its final year, the Maruti 800 proved to be quite a value-for-money buy as it sold 20,754 units, roughly 2,000 units more than what aimed to be the next mass car for India, the Tata Nano that sold 18,447 units.

The company says that spare parts for the car will be available for 8-10 more years.

RIP Maruti 800-finalmaruti800productionrollout.jpg
The final Maruti 800 rolls out of the Gurgaon plant to reach its owner in Shillong.

Source: http://indianautosblog.com/2014/02/f...led-out-120372
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Originally Posted by mpksuhas View Post
Thanks for sharing this pic.
I remember watching on TV few years back an interview with the gentleman in the picture where he was seen driving the car.
Does anyone know if the car is still in use?
Yes, the car is still in use. He drives it. 31 years. Brilliant indeed.

Just got a news flash on IAB - Indian Autos Blog, that the last M800 was rolled out of the Gurgaon factory on January 18th, 2014. The owner of the last one is in Shillong.

But the cherry for the existing owners is that the company says it'll produce and stock spares for another 8 - 10 years.

Here's the report from which the above excerpt.


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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Its very sad.. What a car!!. We had two 800's in the past both bought new, First @ 93 and 2nd @ 2000. Both of them were rock solid and reliable. I personally loved the first one (pre MPFI).

800 is always a hoot to drive.

Somewhere ~ 2005 we went for a colleague's marriage in Kerala and it was near to my hometown. I took my dad's 800 and a cousin of mine came in his Honda City (non V-Tech). I just smoked him on the curvy sections of Kerala road and all were like jaw dropped seeing what an 800 can do. Till now whenever we meet, my cousin's wife asks me, "How can you drive like that with that tiny little thing". I used to reply her "Cos i know each and and every bit of that tiny baby". Its true, whoever who drove 800 extensively knew how to extract the best out of it.

Its my favourite car till date, even after personelly owning an Alto 800, ZEN and Figo TDCI.

The only issue is its shakky nature at idle. we used to funnily refer 800 as "Aadi".
In tamil "Aadi" stands for "Dancing".
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Had one for 4 years. My very first car. Learnt to drive in that car. Sad but at the same time it's good to see it go. It was aging and it was time to make way for others.
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

I had the original one of 1983 or 84, don't remember exactly. DX Model, White (creamish) with pure leather seats. Great Car. Then we bought 2 together in 1993 when I got married. I went to my marriage in a new 800 and then further on to my honeymoon in it. Nostalgic memories.

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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Adieu Old friend,

My brother and I learnt how to drive on one. We went to many family dinners where the two most cherished things for the evening was a bottle of Torrino and a drive in our 800. We were in our first accident in one, when a truck rammed us from the rear, but we were okay! My grand parents took us on many roadtrips in this car. My parents drove out of their wedding in one! I can't even count the number of times my father drove us up the Kodaikanal ghats for our annual week long vacation. Although I now drive a Laura, I miss and will always cherish the lovely 800.

Ciao amigo


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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

The upgraded version of the Maruti 800 was launched by Mr RSSLN Bhaskarudu, the then Managing Director of Maruti Udyog Ltd, on 20/09/1997

RIP Maruti 800-scan-00012.jpg
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

[quote=anjan_c2007;3372380]The upgraded version of the Maruti 800 was launched by Mr RSSLN Bhaskarudu, the then Managing Director of Maruti Udyog Ltd, on 20/09/1997

I remember when the facelift version was launched, ours was 97 version from one of the last batch of pre facelift version. The car is still with us like a family member and has clocked just 50k. We just can't think of selling it off, it has so much emotional value attached with it. During that time it was a status symbol, I remember my school friends came to my house just to have a glimpse of her when we bought her new. IMO, it is was a right decision by the company to lay her to rest as people have lost respect for this car that put India on the wheels and with the evident of newer generation cars loaded with modern technology, it was lost somewhere in the crowd. My respect will always be there for this workhorse soldier thattaught me how to drive. I will keep her forever.
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

The M800 is gone (rightly so) and the Inverted Bathtub still soldiers on in Mamtaland!
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

I must start by admitting that I was never a part of the M800 revolution and that my first tryst with this beauty was only in its 5 speed MPFi avatar. Our family and especially my dad being a true HM loyalist, I was taught rather sternly never to even take a fancy to it. Then there was that everlasting HM signboard on EM byepass with a picture of an egg with wheels and the caption read " do you feel safe travelling in an egg-shell?" which dad would gleefully quote every time the M800/Santro/Matiz was discussed. Have to admit that the eggshell on wheels had a striking resemblance with the then Hyundai Santro model.It was therefore imperative that I spent my childhood and the best part of my youth accompanied by graceful white elephants also known as HM Ambassadors. The Amby had face value, an undeniable presence and I dare say, one particular 1995 make Nova diesel was a hoot to drive!
Then somewhere in the late nineties my aunt bought a M800 5-speed MPFi in California Gold colour and that was my late introduction to the legend. It totally changed my perception about cars! Cars can be nimble, cars can be light, cars can be vibration/rattle free, cars can be quiet. I specially took a liking to the sleek gear shift and light steering(albeit not powered) and clutch. I would often end up cranking the poor thing while the engine was running. I was amazed by its short turning radius. I was even amazed by its dashboard and ergonomics of the front bucket seats.
Yes, with the current product portfolio MS can afford to discontinue the M800. But this is the car which most Indians still relate when the name Maruti is pronounced. I have come across many people who still refer to all small cars as Marutis. Such is the brand name the M800 garnered for MS.
RIP Legend!
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Just like the first M800, it would be interesting to know to whom the last one was sold. Definitely it is going to be a souvenir.
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Default Re: RIP Maruti 800

Mine was a '98 model DX with more than 1,20,000 kms done.
Bought it from my uncle who drove it for the 1st 40k kms in say 8 years. I took from him in 2006 and drove the next 80k kms.
It still says - I am game. Anywhere. Any time!

Recently restored it's suspension set up and tires.
It sprang back again to life with the same old vigor afterwards.

I am missing it a lot as I am not able to drive it on a daily basis.

Many people learned on it including me and still there was only one time clutch replacement.

Kudos to Maruti Suzuki for making such a reliable car.

It had been to 4 Jyothirlingas too, ferrying my parents few years ago!

Attached Thumbnails
RIP Maruti 800-celebrating-life.jpg  

RIP Maruti 800-p1060044.jpg  

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