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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by VinodDevil81 View Post
Coming back to the topic, I am surprised to see WagonR still selling a strong 14495 units in-spite of Celerio's strong sales.I always had the impression that the Celerio's high numbers were actually eating partly into wagonR sales but I think that is not the case really. These Celerio buyers are not entirely A-star customers too because Astar used to sell in 3 digit figures only. So actually whose share it is which celerio is eating up now? I think the AMT has created a whole new share of its own.
Almost 1.5k or more of the Celerio sales would be the A-Star and Estilo customers. These were two products that were on a death row for a long time and even the customers who were really interested in it went elsewhere (probably Santro/i10) knowing its inevitable fate. With a successful product like Celerio on offer now, some of those customers have probably come back.

I think Celerio has taken away some fraction from Santro and i10 share, which is not so evident because Grand i10 recovered those numbers from Figo.
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Originally Posted by ravradha View Post
Santro beats i10, first time after launch of i10. This is a vindication of the average Indian perception. Why pay more for a car which gives less in almost everything but for the looks. Now anyways looks of i10, also elicits contempt. Great lesson in product positioning in India.
I think this has also got to do with the success of the Grand i10. Hyundai would like its new premium product to take over from the older version, and the pricing strategy also hints at this. Moreover, Grand i10 also enjoys better profits since the platform is shared with Xcent too.

As quoted by GTO in his Grand i10 review-
Originally Posted by GTO
Merely a couple of thousand rupees separate the old & new i10s. This is really nothing in EMI terms. Of course, the ex-showroom prices don't account for dealer discounts on the older car, yet the difference remains small. As things stand today, there is no reason to buy the old i10 over the new; the Grand is a huge step forward and is worth every rupee of the $$$ difference
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Audi's Impressive run continues, leads in Q1 2014 sales - sells 1404 cars in March.

Q1 2014:

Audi 2740
Mercedes 2554

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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Honda has managed City' volume quite well isn't it? Great to see them ship 9500 units of City and 7400 units of Amaze in a single month.

A more complete hatchback (new Jazz?) and a compact SUV (Vezel?) with that oil burner is all they need to go third in the standings. Well done!

Also, interesting will the numbers of Dzire from next month on now that Xcent is here. Let's see if the latest entrant can bit a chunk off Maruti' pie. Or will it be a case of i20 and Grand losing some numbers?

Think the labour trouble at KA has hit Toyota hard. Scorpio and Bolero had a field day in March.

I would also love to see how many EcoSport is Ford exporting each month. Both Duster and Terrano boffins will be very glad indeed.
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Wondering on the low volume of Ecosport?


Ford India sold 11,805 vehicles in combined domestic wholesales and exports in March, up 57 per cent from 7,499 vehicles in the same period last year. Domestic sales in March stood at 6,356 units, up from 5,271 units in the corresponding period last year.

I'm certain the lions share of this volume will be from Ecosport.

Need to wait and watch will Maruthi YL1 will make any dent on Honda City's number?


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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for the detailed analysis team.
Honda gains great numbers on the new City and the Amaze.

Sad to see Skoda pushed to last position, just above HM. Their bad reputation in spares and after sales service has ensured they are pushed to the bottom. Great cars, but whats the use?
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I would like to add to the statistics with figures for segment-wise market share over a period of last month, 3 months and 6 months. These numbers give a fair picture of each vehicles market share within its own segment and whether they are gaining or losing.

Segmentation might not be perfect but I have done it to the best of my knowledge. I have left out some vehicles that have negligible impact in overall market share. Have also highlighted (in yellow) top 10 sellers for each month over the past six months. Hope this is helpful.

Click on an image to enlarge / zoom:
Attached Thumbnails
March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis-1.jpg  

March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis-2.jpg  

March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis-3.jpg  

March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis-4.jpg  

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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by zenren View Post

I think they are holding back Ciaz till Xcent is launched and stabilized. If Maruti launches Ciaz now, it would do the same thing to Maruti as Grand i10 did within Hyundai stable - eat from the market share of siblings like Dzire and Ertiga. If the Dzire numbers fall around the timeframe of the Xcent launch, that would be used forever by Hyundai in their marketing campaigns. I think Maruti might be better off holding back Ciaz for a quarter or so to ensure that Dzire is still the clear market leader even after Xcent launch.
Sorry, but don't agree to you on this. DZire is entry level sedan & is a clear winner for Maruti for last 5 years now. No body is selling even half of them in that segment, forget competition. I don't think in near future anybody is capable of taking that number 1 position from them. Amaze & Xcent will fight mainly between themselves. DZire will get impact for sure but only marginal IMHO.

As far as CIAZ is concerned, its a segment above, clearly and will replace SX4 in the market. It will compete with Verna & CIty mainly. Where Dzire model range ends, Ciaz will start around that price point for sure. So it will not eat Dzire's numbers. MUL will surely target Ciaz numbers around 3-5 K per month and not like 15-18 K per month like Dzire.

On different note, waiting for Ciaz desperately. It will be a good car for sure. Maruti, please launch it ASAP, city is getting too much numbers
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This is the SUV month!

Scorpio, XUV, Balero, Duster (counting Terrano, its close to 7700 sales) all going great guns....Not worth mentioning Ecosport since FORD is losing the game.

Is it because of elections?
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for the update Parrys.

Maruti and Honda are running away with all the medals...

Honda selling 9K City's is a remarkable achievement ! I can't remember another 8-10L product selling such high numbers.

Hyundai's Grand i10 has not really given them much growth. The older i10 used to consistently sell around 12-13k units a month (with only petrol). Today's volumes are around the same. If anything it has helped maintain the volumes. The Xcent will hold the key for them to grow market share.

Good to see Fiat overtake Skoda ! Fiat are doing a commendable job with just 2 products and the Punto refresh should see them cross 2k and later on get close to VW numbers with the Avventura launch this year.

Micra sales have suddenly spiked. I'm guessing people went to the showrooms to see the Datsun Go, checked out the Micra Active alongside and found that a better deal. Must see if these numbers remain consistent next month.

Innova numbers are dropping and I'm not surprised. It is ridiculously priced now. The Liva is dropping and is down to just around 1000 cars ! I'm not sure if the strike has anything to do with this, but the Etios twins need a complete makeover to get private buyers interested again.

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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

For the last financial year (April 2013 - March 2014), Maruti's share in the market is at 43.8 % i.e. almost 44 % while fighting against 13 companies alone. Good effort i guess. But MUL should be worried little and would like its share to be around 47-48 % (closer to 50 %) going ahead i guess. Still its a commendable effort from them for sure considering the competition they had
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Honda's comeback is surprising. Only last year, they were kinda on their last legs. We were all discussing what is the best way forward for them. And now they have risen like phoenix. This time Hyundai seems to be floundering. Verna appears to have lost its sheen. Grand-i10 has not replicated the success of i10 (when it was launched). I remember seeing 14,000 units of i10 in some month at its peak. Grand-i10 is nowhere near that. Skoda is about to go off radar. Tata is reduced to a back-bencher. Ford's Ecosport hype died down and unless they hurry with deliveries, they may follow their compatriot Chevy which is fading with every passing month. Maruti, as usual, is right at the top. Celerio launch bringing in new class of buyers to its showrooms. At the same time, it dropped limping models like A-Star and Estilo. Good move. Focus on what sells than stoking a dieing fire.
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for the Sales Figures of March 2014. 2014 looks to be a golden era for Honda, having two of its models in top 10. Ford not selling a single new fiesta in 2014 and don't know why they are holding up the release of face lifted fiesta (Funny the classic sells above 400.) With all the tussle with dealership change Nissan has done well by selling 3000+ Terranos.

Thanks again for the pains taken.
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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by aniketi View Post
But MUL should be worried little and would like its share to be around 47-48 % (closer to 50 %) going ahead i guess.
Which should not be a problem once they launch YL1. Remember they barely have any numbers in that segment thanks to the dying/already-dead SX4. CITY numbers am sure has got their attention big-time. Will be an intersting contest.

Speaking of which this(CITY's blockbuster performance) goes on to show how much was HONDA loosing out on due to the non-availability of an oil-burner. All the vernas/rapids/ventos of the world enjoyed a dream run but now the baap is back and how. Simply amazing.

EcoSport could have had a similar run easily if not for FORD's attitude towards domestic market. I feel they are killing a superbly competent product in the Indian minds. Remember this market is driven by sentiments more than anything else(Santro sales classic example).
All the buzz of how it will eat Duster/Terrano for breakfast has been put to rest now with the siblings raking an insane ~7700 shipments. Am sure if not for Ford's export-oriented mentality those numbers(Duster/Terrano) would have been 30-40% lesser.

Really happy to see FIAT improving. Only two products but both are Gems in their own way. Wish them all the best.

For TATAs its imperative now to bring in the ZEST and BOLT asap.

I so want to buy the RAPID but seeing SKODA's performance I am scared to pitch in my hard-earned million bucks. Skoda please do something

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Default Re: March 2014 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Maruti occupying the customary top 4 positions for the umpteenth time. Alto has comfortably settled around 25k/month while Dzire, Swift and Wagon-R are doing impressive numbers. Even their so called low sellers like Eeco are doing numbers which other manufacturers would bite your hand off if offered to them. Celerio's sales are pretty much dependent on how many AMT versions Maruti can deliver. The important thing with Maruti if you note is that, they do not sit still when they are on top like they have shown with the launch of Celerio.

Hyundai must be given a kela award for managing to kill i10 only because of their penchant to keep the Santro going. i10 Still has a few years left in it if priced aggressively but Hyundai are hell bent on milking more than a decade old Santro to the maximum. Santro is not only taking sales away from its next generation successor i10 but also Eon. Hyundai should learn from Maruti who are not afraid to put same engines in different models cos for them as long as a customer chooses a Maruti they will be happy with it. Hyundai on the other hand are forcing people to go for Santro by plonking an unrefined scaled down three cylinder mill in to the Eon. So a customer looking for driveability and refinement will give the Eon a pass despite it being much more modern and attractive looking proposition. I20 is doing respectable numbers but Verna seems to have hit a plateau.

Honda City seems to completely demolished Verna by selling nearly three times more than its nearest competitor in Verna. Amaze is doing exemplary by selling as much as Honda can managed to produce. Brio is doing poorly though.

I would not like to devote any significant words to GM as it is pretty clear they are in big big trouble. Beat despite having two engines has no takers while Tavera and Enjoy seem to be doing some numbers at-least.

Mahindra has done superbly in the month of March. Bolero continues to fly the Mahindra flag high while Scorpio breaches the 5k barrier. XUV for such a premium product is doing remarkable with the new variants helping its case. Quanto and Xylo put up dismal sales yet again though.

Ford is more worried about Export numbers than domestic sales as far as Ecosport is considered. It is doing good numbers mind you but it will sell at-least twice as much as it is currently doing if they devote their time and effort towards domestic market. Figo is dead. It is too old and too long in the tooth to put up any form of resistance now. The sales have plumetted from over 5k once up on a time to less than 2k now. Ford should be given a kela award as well for botching up a good product like New Fiesta with absurd pricing policy.

Toyota's sales were impacted on account of the worker problems at their manufacturing plant at Bidadi but they still have done decent business.

Tata put in another dismal month but at-least they have something to look forward to with the launch of Bolt and Zest. Both the products look promising for a Tata to make a new beginning.

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