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Old 22nd February 2015, 19:45   #76
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

Originally Posted by Crazy_Bean View Post
Thanks a ton both of you. Apart from the redesigned fog lamps and reversing lamps, I also see that the C pillar is Gloss Black now, just like the Euro version.
So it is indeed glossy black. Even I felt it was, but was not able to confirm. The gloss black looks more classy compared to the normal one in Elite i20, which has faded in many i20 I have seen. Glossy Black will not fade but will be prone to scratches much more easily.

Originally Posted by Crazy_Bean View Post
Can anyone confirm if the projector lights in the Hyundai Verna are for Low beam only or are they Bi-xenon? If Bi-xenon, then hopefully i20 also has Bi-xenons.
Also at what price point can we expect this car? How much more than the i20 asta?
I cannot confirm, but if I understand correctly, it is just for low-beams. To be specific, I don't see the term bi-xenon mentioned anywhere in the Hyundai website. Neither did I see that in Team BHP review.

Originally Posted by RSR View Post
Anyone noticed the circular fuel filler cover on the i20 Active? It looks like one of those faux "aircraft type" cover found on some bikes, instead of the regular one.
Oh, I was wondering what that different looking fuel-cap was. It does not look to be body color and has some contours. Not sure how the bike-like fuel-cap will suit a car.

Originally Posted by RSR View Post
P.S.: It's good that the long roof antenna has been replaced by a short, stubby one!
I always wondered why that ugly crappy long antenna was provided in the Elite i20, especially when they provide the stubby one even in the Grand i10. Experts - Any reasoning??

Hope the i20 Active gets the classy looking interior similar to the European i20. The Black-Brown combo will be killer. I dont really like beige in the Elite i20. If you note, the brown piece extends over to the top of the dash-board as well. In the Indian version, the beige part looks like stuck over the original dashboard and I feel it is not very classy. The dash in the pic below looks awesome, doesn't it? When will we get something as good looking??

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-i20_interior.jpg

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I am not sure if the cross is going to get a new power train, but definitely a new Subframe, suspension and higher GC. It needs extensive testing because of raised GC, they need to make sure body roll is under control. While no changes happen to BIW (Body In White) subtle changes can be expected in Bumper Fascia and sometimes in Tailgate.
But someone asking or expecting this to be >4m is totally absurd. This is launched in competition to Ecosport and I definitely believe will be an attractive proposition.
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Old 22nd February 2015, 22:23   #78
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

Big thanks to Abhijeet More for sharing these wonderful set of pictures of the Elite i20 "Active" (nee Cross) with Rush Lane:

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active4top.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active3rear.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active8drls.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active5cladding.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active13alloys.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active10reflectors.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active14bumper.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active15wheels.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active16interiors.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-hyundaii20active2photoshoot.jpg

SOURCE (and more pictures) - Abhijeet More via Rush Lane
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

One thing clear from the penultimate pic (and the one before that) is that the dash colors are not same as that of Elite i20. There is no beige in here and I totally welcome this move. Cant make out from the pics if it is brown (like in the pic I posted above) or if it is going to be completely black.

I feel the cladding is not overdone like in Avventura / Etios Cross and it looks pretty good. The alloys also looks muscular. The big round fog lamps, especially in the rear, looks slightly over-done. Im still wondering if the roof rails are functional like in Avventura. Projectors + DRLs + Inverted hexagonal grille makes the front look stunning. Im really happy the grille has horizontal slats and not the honeycomb (which I totally hated) in the Elite i20. This one definitely gets my vote for the best looking Cross version among all (including Ecosport).

The variant nomenclature seems to be similar to Xcent and Verna (S, SX, etc) and not similar to Grand i10 and Elite i20 (Magna, Sportz, Asta).
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

The i20 Active can't match the Avventura when it comes to looks for sure! But it should certainly sell a whole lot more than the Avventura for sure.
I kinda like the brown shade on the car.
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Old 23rd February 2015, 07:07   #81
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Looking forward to seeing one in person and book one.

However it depends on its pricing.

Last time I asked, i20 elite asta was about 9.10 lacs on road Ludhiana.

So if this is around a lac more expensive, expect sales to slow down after initial euphoria.
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Old 23rd February 2015, 09:40   #82
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

Thanks for all those who contributed for the latest images!
Those round fog lamps/reflectors are totally out of place and spoiled the otherwise elegant rear look. Except this car looks very good. Here is my preference order in looks department Avventura -> i20 Active -> Polo Cross -> Etios (Ecosport not included as it is different vehicle altogether).

Now we have to see how Hyundai prices it. However i do not have much hopes (for aggressive pricing) after looking at the New 4S Verna pricing from Hyundai. This will be very interesting to see how they positions i20 Active vs Elite i20, Verna and upcoming ix25.
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

It doesn't look bad, but IMO the Avventura looks better.

Any chance of Hyundai offering the new projector headlights as an official accessory for the elite i20?
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This seems to be a proper crossover. So, people who don't need Duster should consider this. i20 Active looks to be a better better bet than Ecosport to me.
Well that was how "it ought to be". Mango people aren't into subtlety and this thing is likely to fail despite being the real thing among Indian Crossovers. BUT, if it succeeds, it'll get this section going across board. Pretty much what original i20 did to Premium Hatch section.
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

Hyundai has seen a successful run with the arrival of the Elite i20. In order to capitalize on the B2 segment hatchback's success, Hyundai has been testing a pseudo-SUV based on the new car. After a multitude of camouflaged spy shots, fresh images of the car sans-camouflage have finally arrived. Labelled the i20 Cross until now, the badging on the car indicates that the crossover will be named the i20 Active.

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2081.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2092.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2075.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2086.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2089.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2077.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2079.jpg

Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross-imag2097.jpg

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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

IMO they went a bit overboard with the fog lamps at both ends. In person might look pleasing.

1. The nose is different from the current Elite. The crease from the bonnet finally meets on the upper portion of the bumper (on the split bonnet above the logo). In Elite it just fades away.

2. The smart-key sensor seems to be missing on this variant. At least I could not spot it in the scoop pics on the driver's side and definitely not on the passenger's end.

3. The wheel well seems to look bigger owing to the cladding. Can't spot any change in the sheetmetal/ BIW. However the suspension is definitely raised.

Also this comment from Rushlane is interesting:

"Though it is yet not clear whether the output of these engines will be same as that on i20, we can confirm that they will be considerably different in driving. At the national media drive of new Verna earlier this month, Hyundai India officials confirmed that the i20 Active will be very different to drive."

Does this mean a different engine or a different state of tune? 1.6L on this hatchback would be really sweet

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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

Some observations from the snaps posted:

- The C-pillar plastic insert looks to be a glossy one compared to the matte on the Elite i20.

- Fuel lid does not have the body color and appears different.

- GC is noticeably higher than the Elite i20 (same struts with a different set of springs?).

- The sides appears to have a running board with a pattern. Plastic boards probably.
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According to the photos, it seems there are two different cars- One is a petrol and another being Diesel with the Crdi badge, though the registration plates are same😀
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

While the design might look a bit too loud, it is definitely required to have that Crossover-attitude. Especially because there is a very popular hatch from which the i20 Active needs to distinguish itself to appeal to prospective customers!

The Alloys look a bit too much like the Avventura. But overall I do like the way this crossover looks. I am also guessing the engines would be the same, though Hyundai has claimed that they would be very different to drive. At the most, a different tune is what I would hope for.
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Default Re: Scoop! Hyundai testing i20 Cross

Overall, looks well done. The cladding is not overdone as well. The rear big round fog lamps are an eyesore though IMHO.
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