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Default re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Originally Posted by Syed_Munazzir View Post
  • Every time I go over bumpy roads,I hear a quirky sound from the dash board. Got this to the service centers notice and they said that this has been fixed and was because of poor screw fitting. It was fine for a couple of days and then started again. Just living with the irritating noise.
  • There is a delay in response from the driver side window controls. A lag of around 2 seconds before the windows roll up or down.
I share a couple of your issues and here are my thoughts on them:
1. I have increased the volume couple of points. Believe me, the noise went in such a way that the service center also couldn't!
2. No solution - living with it. Service center claims I'm the first to complain on these lines. I decided to ignore it.

Originally Posted by Shreyans_Jain View Post
Newer Marutis might actually be better.
At least the S-Cross is for sure. Just read that thread and see how folks are in awe of the build etc. I'm probably gonna head back to Maruti whenever i sell my City.
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Default re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Hyundai is the new Honda. Honda has moved down to Suzuki levels (actually, even Marutis don't have these kind of niggles).
Yes, in fact I bet if Hyundai had exactly all of these problems mentioned in this thread the public would've absolutely tore it to shreds and it would've gone the Skoda path in terms of sales. Honda still manages to stay afloat and perhaps even improve sales thanks to its now-quickly-declining brand name. Even a CNET review of the Honda Fit (Jazz) in U.S pulled it up for their cheeky Soviet-Era spot-welding of panels which are clearly visible.

What puzzles me is why would they do it? Even the previous-gen City was good with its arrow-head design and very clean and balanced dashboard. I drove the current-gen City of a colleague's, it was creaking and rattling whenever it was going over undulations or through turns (26k kms odd), to me it was obvious as day but he didn't seem to mind it at all (first time buyer) and I bet that's why we don't have half of them reporting such issues.

What a long way they have fallen, from the first time I went to check out the Jazz in a showroom long back and being ignored (YES!) and then when asked about they City the sales guy in a business suit almost sarcastically smiled and said "we don't have it now, I'll bring it to your house" and then went away without asking for any contact details. It was a time when they were still selling the Accord and Civic.. today the mighty have fallen and that day was enough for me to keep off the brand forever.
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Default re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Quality issues faced by a Honda BR-V customer (unedited) -

My more than three month's Driving Experience is very bad. Lot of Quality Issues:

Model Name Honda BRV S Diesel
VIN: MAKDG277EG4000100
Engine No: N15A11701126
Odometer till 19th Sept 2016: 5061 KM

Purchased BRV on 21st May 2016 and lodge complain on 26th May 2016 about noise from co-driver side door and pillar side, Back side Tail gate door noise, back seat noise and Back side tail gate rear Mirror rubber strip sucks automatically. Visited Paras Honda more than 20 times from last three months but till date not satisfied and complains are not rectified from any one in Honda service centre.

(1)Noise heard from co-driver side area while driving
(2) Lock noise heard from left co- driver and centre row right door
(3) Noise heard from Tool Kit area while driving
(4) Rear Boot Door level difference from car body, not aligned, so unequal gap is visible on both left & right side and have noise
(5) Steering Colom cover is not aligned
(6) Noise heard as if rear number plate is loose
(7) Steering Wheel Noisy above 120 KMP speed.
(7) if you service your car from Paras Honda your cars mileage drop immediately why no answer.
(8) Best part is that, they use double tape to reduce noise in car. After 04 – 05 days again noise increased. Company don’t have permanent solution for noise reduction.
Paras Honda Jodhpur people only know how to sell accessories and create bills for extra things. They don’t know how to fix problems.

Twice complain on Honda call centre but not satisfied. My suggestion is not to purchase HONDA BRV. Hope complain will reach to higher authorities for quality issues.
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Default re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Full marks to Crazy Driver for the exhaustive review of articles revolving around the niggles in the 4th gen Honda City!

Well thought I had to lend in my 2 paise to this thread since we have the 2007 Honda Civic 1.8 SAT and 2011 3rd Generation 1.5 VMT Honda City in our garage.

The Civic has run around 1.4 lakh km. In the 9 years of ownership, we did face battery issues and engine mount issues. We do have to replace a number of stuff due to wear and tear, and do get a bit uncomfortable when parts are replaced, because the spare parts are a little expensive to digest. Another issue was the ground clearance, which was the biggest problem we had to encounter. However putting aside these issues, I do feel that it was reasonably well put together and I definitely hand it to Honda for giving a sense of premium and luxury with regards to the materials in the interior and exterior. They did hold up to the long kms racked up with the car. There were no serious build quality issues encountered with the car.

I had exclusive access to the City in my garage, and frequently drove it to college, which happened to be around 30 km from my house (This resulted in around a 60 km round trip). So as of this point it has got around 70k kms on the clock. Yes I should have gone for a diesel, but the ownership experience with the Civic was a huge factor that cemented the decision to go for the City! The interiors was nothing to write home about. My friends frequently lamented about the quality of the interiors as compared to other cars like the Vento and not to forget, the Civic itself. But by god, that engine was enough to put aside those complaints and really put a smile to my face! Never really faced any issues other than the ground clearance. Oh and I would like to be classified as a really enthusiastic driver! So though I really made it a point to follow up the service schedules, I wasn't really light-footed when it came to the accelerator pedal.

When the new City came out, I had a really unsatiable urge to move to the new City. The same friends who lamented about my City, went ahead to buy the new 4th generation City! However the SAs at my Honda service centre literally told me not to go for the new City and also said that these cars are going to get a lot of issues

All in all, though I have cars from the Honda stable from different segments, the timeline does show the deterioration in the build quality of Hondas down the years. Meanwhile I am pleasantly surprised that the 'slanted H' have belting out cars with appreciable build quality!
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Default re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Admins, isn't the title of this thread wrong? The second part should be as following based on the points supplied by the thread starter:
'... Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?'

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Default Re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Firstly let me acknowledge the author for the awesome compilation of all the niggles faced by owners of 4th generation Honda City (myself included). Painstaking, may I say.
A brief summary of my experience :-

This was the second Honda in our family, Civic being the first one and the brand seemed to be associated with longevity, durability and reliability. I carried this notion when I purchased a Honda City i-dtec VX. From the very beginning , the faint rattles, squeaks, inconsistent panel gaps, shoddy paint work and above all leakage made me wonder whether I had taken the right plunge. It was however not beyond the realm of possibility that this was a one off case. My fears were not unfounded as my friend who purchased City just after a month reported similar issues. I desperately tried to seek all assistance possible including self help by reading various forums. The leakage problem in particular seemed to get worse every time I threw a solution at it. At one point, there was a small puddle on the front passenger side floor. Either in dismay or out of sheer frustration, I disposed the vehicle and brand Honda just went a notch lower in my humble perception.
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Default Re: Honda City (4th gen) niggles: A compilation. Are Honda cars niggle-free anymore?

Hello fellow City owners. I am a proud owner of the City VX CVT. I love the car except for one recurring niggle which no service centre has been able to remove. Every time I drive the car, a weird crackling sound comes from the roof of the car, near the sunroof area. When I press the material covering the roof around the area, the sound stops. I know that the roof may be loosening a bit, but why isn't the ASC able to stop it permanently. Is it something else which is causing the problem? Please help.

Thank you.
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