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Old 23rd January 2015, 13:05   #31
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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Well its good news certainly for the enthusiasts who are looking for a fast hatch. Good to have another option apart from the Polo GT twins.

The Punto TJet in many ways will be similar to the Palio 1.6. We loved it to bits but the car never sold in decent numbers. The Polo GT TSI has a USP and that is the DSG box. Its a car that can appeal to non enthusiasts also with the comfort of an advanced AT box and refinement of the TSI engine.

With our cities getting so crowded and average speeds almost dropping to single digits, where is the real opportunity to exploit the extra power of that T JET engine? I hate to drive my Laura TSI in Bangalore traffic for this reason. All that BHP and torque on tap, yes, but what's the use? I am no quicker than a Santro! The Polo DSG is different. The DSG is what makes it different. Its a pity VW is marketing it poorly. Talk about dealerships not even having a TD car!

Fiat fans can rejoice. But I don't think Hyundai and Maruti will even bother to worry.
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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Looks like a computer-generated image made by the folks at ACI just to give an idea of how the front would look like. Not a bad try that IMO.
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Old 23rd January 2015, 13:13   #33
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Angry re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

I think Autocar and all other magazines like it, depend on Team-Bhp and the good folk here to trigger such crap news.

I mean, no one really cares about such auto mags anymore, ever since Team-Bhp has come on the scene. So no one really takes into account what crap they post on their websites. And, no one really buys a magazine anymore, considering 90% of reading material is available online now. So what better way to siphon off some readers and viewers to their site, than by creating some POS photochopped image, and then floating it around till it catches the attention of a Bhp-ian!

Et voilà! A new thread is created by an honest Bhp-ian, people think $#17 is about to go down and start visiting their websites and buying up their magazines in the hope that since it was Autocar that posted this news, perhaps it will be Autocar that gives us more details about it!

Last edited by Rudra Sen : 24th January 2015 at 08:43. Reason: Expressing frustration is always OK but tone can be softer :)
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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Since a couple of members on Team-BHP are confirming that the info is true, is Autocar using the image just as a reference and the news is indeed true? If the news is just a fake one by ACI to garner some hits(which I doubt), it'd be a huge letdown :(
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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Guys relax, it is nowhere mentioned that they spotted the car. It is just a reference image. Autocar is usually correct with their scoops.

While this is good news, it is again too late. Fiat needs to do a lot more than this if they want some sales.

That said, being Fiat, I'll believe the Punto Tjet when I see it.
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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

News piece has to be true. Image is doctored for illustrative purposes by the looks of it. Same car was used for the media drive.

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Old 23rd January 2015, 13:28   #37
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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post messages that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Default re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Relax guys. The scoop is as genuine as any other scoop by Autocar India. They have been pretty accurate in the past. I believe they even aired this on their TV show yesterday.
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Default Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

This is indeed a very good news. In many ways, I believe the GT TSI acted as a catalyst to open up a segment for slightly more powerful hatchbacks. Infact they are a few years late to act on, but good that atleast its happening now! Hope now Suzuki wake up and think of bringing in the Swift Sport 1.6.
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Default Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Wow, this is superb news! I'd pick the Punto T-Jet over the Polo TSI any day, thanks to the manual gearbox (rubbery shift quality notwithstanding) and benchmark steering feel. It's a great time to be shopping for a petrol hatchback in 2015.

Just makes me sad that turtle-slow Fiat took so long to launch this variant. They've had the car & engine ready since 4 years!

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
I'm guessing the TJet should be priced between 7L to 7.25L ex-showroom? I believe GT TSi is around 8.2L ex-showroom.
Lets not forget that the GT TSi has a 7-speed DSG that is itself worth a lakh's premium.

Originally Posted by Chetan_Rao View Post
Has there been an official confirmation from FIAT, or any news for that matter?
No scoop ever has an official confirmation.

Originally Posted by Chetan_Rao View Post
Do FIAT need to register this as a new model with the RTOs, or can they skip that since they're already selling another engine with the same displacement (1.4 Safire), and the same engine on another car (Linea)?
I believe they have to go through the entire procedure again.
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Default Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

This is an amazing piece of news and would certainly want to wait and see when and how it happens.

Have a lot of expectations from Fiat but they work a lot to get things right in India.

Getting the T-Jet in the Puntos and Avvy is one step in the right direction. Let's hope they bring the MJD-2 engines to India soon.
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Thumbs up Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

Originally Posted by avishar View Post
Now we will see how the 'Hot Hatch Starved' population jump up and down on seeing this and then go buy an i20 Elite.
Haha Golden!

The other point enthusiasts will choose to later complain about will be that the Tjet Punto has the notchy/rubbery gearbox. GT TSI will be back in favor then, playing the advantage of automatic gearbox card and silky smooth gear shifts.

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Default Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

I think that if this is true, then the price should over and above, include only the premium of the turbo charger over the NA 1.4 Emotion which is currently at 7.23 ex-showroom.

Ideally, it should be priced a tad lower than the Punto Evo 90HP given that the latter is a diesel and there should be some daylight between the Punto Tjet and the Linea T jet active which is at 7.99l
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Default Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

A lot of car 'enthusiasts' will keep posting on this forum about why the Punto always deserved a TJet or the 1.6 MJD. They will visit the Fiat showrooms ensuring ample footfalls for the dealers to start hoping about a busier future.
They will ask for and get test drives which they will extend till the showroom rep pleads for a turnaround.
Then they will go home in their Swifts, i10s or Ford Ikon 1.3s.
Once home they will log onto teambhp and start complaining about the reluctant dealer, rubbery gearbox and gap in the plastics surrounding the key slot.
In the ensuing 6 months Fiat would have sold an eviable 35 Evo TJets. Fiat would do themselves a lot of good by following the general market trend.
The motormouth 'hot hatch enthusiasts' could do better by 'putting their money where ......'
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Default Re: Scoop - Fiat Punto Evo T-Jet coming up!

If true this is fantastic news. I have always admired the Punto but somehow never could get around to accepting its engines. Ever since the Linea TJet came out I have been hoping that Fiat plonk the engine in the Punto. Finally a good alternative to the brilliant GT TSI although its gonna be very hard to compare the DSG to the manual. True enthusiats though will prefer a manual and that fabulous hydraulic power steering. Game on!!!
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