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Old 15th January 2017, 12:45   #871
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

There seems to be no Ignis at NEXA's in Chennai. NEXA OMR says coming Thursday onwards they would get the car and NEXA Nandanam says post the 23rd. Would check the car out once available then decide on the already booked part.
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Originally Posted by Seahorse View Post
Hi fellow BHPians, this is my first post here..... Of course I am going forward with the booking with Tinsen Blue color, though I liked the displayed dual tone Uptown Red.
Welcome aboard and congratulations. Contrary to what most people will tell you I feel its a good choice going for Ignis. Though the shoulder space is a bit less than Baleno the high ground clearance and the better build quality more than makes up for it.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Maruti has shocked once again with the pricing. I see another s-cross happening here. At this OTR price, there are much better options available, including from Maruti itself!

Sorry Maruti, but your NEXA strategy is what I've said from day 1 - full of manure. It's better you stick to the kitna deti hai mentality.

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Thanks to Dr.Parvez for sharing this useful information

LED headlamps for Ignis costs around 36k for a pair. We are not sure if Nexa would offer it as accessory. But using the part number, anybody could place a order from MGP store and install.
Attached Thumbnails
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img20170115wa0011.jpg  

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img20170115wa0012.jpg  

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Most of the posts here have pointed to higher than expected price. Should I assume it to be for the diesel engine only or even the petrol?
In Nepal, they usually import the petrol ones and hence, the petrol version is what concerns me. Of the delta petrol and xeta petrol which one, do the teamBHPians feel, to be more VFM? As the government levies flat 240% tax on cars, I expect the prices to start at a minimum of 16 lacs INRs in Nepal. (For reference, Swift ZXi MRP is exactly 20 lacs INR)
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Pricing is what makes or breaks a car's sales. Agreed the targeted customers may have the money to spend, but why would some one blow up their money just because they have it. At 8.5 for a petrol top end, I20 is just a lakh more than this. It's more value to money proposition with features even the class from above can't match. Maruthi Suzuki may have the people following but it cannot keep extorting money without actually offering much in return.

I have a feeling that this car will get a price cut just like S cross if the sales are not satisfactory.
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Originally Posted by amitjha086 View Post
Of the delta petrol and xeta petrol which one, do the teamBHPians feel, to be more VFM? As the government levies flat 240% tax on cars, I expect the prices to start at a minimum of 16 lacs INRs in Nepal. (For reference, Swift ZXi MRP is exactly 20 lacs INR)
And here I am, losing sleep over paying 9 lakhs for an Alpha DDIS !
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

A number of posts have analyzed & compared prices. Agree that base petrol version does not feel exorbitant in comparison to Celerio or WagonR base versions. However, here one needs also to factor in the discount campaign that Maruti is running since few months on is small cars, besides some freebees one can bargain for. It makes their acquisition cost lower. Introductory prices of Ignis do not offer that opportunity.

Further, the price gap between Celerio variants is around 30K but is much higher for Ignis which makes top variants extra expensive. This seems somewhat typical of Nexa. However, people still are not conditioned (or convinced) of premiumness of Nexa. So the reference point rightly remains the other cars within MSIL family.

Believe that it will prove to be an excellent product overall but that is beside the point. The price point at which it is launched is not compatible with the value image which this brand has. That has surprised many and hence the views. It will be interesting to watch how it fares.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Actually it's not just about the price. If you read my post, I didn't even ask for prices, because the features and the interiors are not above the rest of the pack. The marketing material such as the tablet head unit and interior colour matching the external etc do not make up for the low sitting/cramped rear seat/wide leg room at the cost of narrow bench etc.

Frankly, unless one wants to settle with inferior AMT in small engines, I would be surprised to see why people don't go for the far more spacious Baleno right next to the Ignis. Let's wait for the test rides to see whether the vehicle lives up to its 'compact SUV' tag and runs well on rough roads, at least that will be a USP worth talking about. Rest customization etc are not worth adding a premium for, I think.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

I have booked a delta petrol amt on 2 jan. I have been closely watching this thread from last few Days, comments made on ignis, didn't even look at the car as I'm in remote village.I am more convinced than ever to get my car delivered as soon as possible. If any one has issues on pricing my suggestion is please go to nearest M&S showroom get a price list for all cars, sit with a coffee cup for 15 mins and evaluate . M&S has priced Ignis very very accurately, not close but spot on. As some suggested I need to see the build quality and how it drives with choice of colours to confirm.

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

MSIL has to recover the development cost of the car; unlike in past when the new cars were launched after significant intervals the development cost use to get recovered over a period of time (similar to annuity models.

Car business is now very similar to cinema, collections within first 3 weeks - 100 Crores, 200 Crores etc.

For MSIL too, with the upcoming pipeline of launches and additional margin for contract manufacturing through Suzuki plant in Gujarat; the prices were expected to be jacked up compared to standard MSIL offerings.

For creating footfalls in the NEXA, the entry level petrol model has been priced alright and it might sell in good numbers. The problem gets pronounced in the trim level margins (pricing) wherein how smartly the NEXA staff will be able to convince prospective buyers to move up a trim or two from the base model and earn additional margins.

More so the market is already biased towards petrol and the 4 pot mill in Ignis can become compelling choice for many looking at a peppy engine in a small car, the way Alto 1Litre is considered as pocket rocket. Ignis could be another such machine.

- Entry level pricing - check
- Built quality - check
- Safety features (in base model) - check
- Ground clearance - check
- All fresh design - check
- Reliable and peppy engine - check
- Smaller footprint - check
- Maruti Bedge - check

I doubt if it will behave like S-Cross; 10K per month is given for this too

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Hi folks! As a newbie, this post is my first detailed car post as a Team-Bhpian. I hope I don't make any mistakes.

I was eagerly waiting for the Ignis since I am looking for an automatic city car for the daily office commute. After being put off by the Baleno's wait list and low slung seating and attracted by the tall stance of the Ignis, this was my second visit to Nexa to check out the "over-priced" and "glamourized Wagon R". I guess as a "millenial" it became a moral responsibility for me to check this car in person after MS went on harping about how it is made just for me. I live in a tier-two city and the Nexa showroom wasn't that crowded today since most people in my city are not very aware of the Ignis launch (not a lot of people watch VH1 and other "millenial channels" here since I heard that MS has flooded the airtime with commercials over there). Only the manual Zeta variants with dual tone shades were available on display.

I am guilty of visiting the showroom with a prejudiced and biased mind after all the negative feedback I read here about the pricing and some other factors. A personal visit to the showroom has more or less changed my opinion. The following are some brief general observations I made about the car during the visit:

  1. The car has a personality that I have not seen in most new cars lately. The design is quirky and many may hate it but for a car of its size it has a road presence that cannot be seen in the pictures. However, it is nowhere close to a MINI even in those dual tone shades.
  2. The paint quality is very good. The tinsel blue and uptown red on display had one of the best paint jobs I have seen on this side of 10 lakhs.
  3. The build quality is not VW level but is a significant improvement from the Baleno I feel. Most panel gaps looked consistent and I did not get that tin can feel that I often get with my 2 year old WagonR VXi.
  4. The front seats are very comfortable and it is easy to find a good driving position with the tilt steering.
  5. ABS + Dual Airbags standard on all variants.
  6. The car seems to be adequately tyred and I feel that the wheel well does not have that awkward gap with puny tyres. Thank you Maruti Suzuki for not making adequate size tyres a top variant luxury.
  7. The interior quality, although not a Hyundai, is better than any Maruti I have been in. (I am yet to check out the S-Cross from inside)
  8. Adjustable head restraints both front and rear.
  9. Bluetooth and audio settings on steering right from the Delta variant. I hate how many brands including Maruti made this feature limited to top variants initially.
  10. Generous ground clearance of 180 mm for Indian roads. However, the suspension travel was suspiciously long when I saw visitors sit in the car.
  11. The new steering wheel feels much better to hold than your usual Maruti Suzuki steering.
  12. Maruti Suzuki A.S.S. + tried and tested engine with no known reliability issues.
Based on the above Pros, I think it would be very unfair to call this car a glamourized WagonR. This comes from a WagonR VXi owner.

Now for the Cons:
  1. No CVT but AMT and that too on the Delta and Zeta only.
  2. I managed to like the entertainment system in the Delta and Zeta after some time in the car but the AC unit is just plain ugly and looks out of place. The only positive about it is that the knobs are well built when I compare them to my WagonR's AC knobs. Not a big fan of chrome but I think a little chrome on this ugly AC unit would have made things a little better.
  3. The variant feature list is absurd. I would have happily traded the alloys on the Zeta with the touchscreen unit and the height adjuster in the Alpha. (But I guess people would not buy the Alpha then)
  4. No underbody protection.
  5. Same engine and almost similar in weight to the Baleno but fuel efficeincy is lesser. Aerodynamics?
  6. The Alpha variant and the diesels are overpriced. The petrol price is fair when I compare it to the Grand i10.
  7. Front door shuts with a light thud but the rear door is as light as any other Maruti. (Is it only me?)
  8. Power window controls on driver door are the same as any other Maruti. In fact, the door panels are all unmistakeably Maruti.
  9. The controversial rear.
  10. The ivory white portion of the interior is fresh but is destined to be a dirt magnet.
  11. Rear headroom and shoulder room is a little tight for taller people/wider people.
Here are some photos from the visit

The front is aggresive and looks pretty good in my opinion. Notice how some of the slats in the front grille are filled and some are left open for air flow to the engine bay

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-front_ignis.jpg

The front seats have good ingress/egress. Although you do sit into the car and do not walk in like we do with our WagonR. This factor is very important to me since my father is not comfortable driving cars that have bad ingress/egress

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-front_ingress_ignis.jpg

The engine start switch on the Zeta. The trip and info buttons are on the outside and next to it, I am guessing, is a switch to adjust the brightness of the MID. Even the sales rep was clueless about whether the switch marked "P" was to activate the rear parking sensors. Notice the textured white interior. It will be a pain to clean.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-engine_start_ignis.jpg

The gearbox area looks funky in that tinsel blue avatar along with the two cup holders. I like this part. Ignore that ugly AC unit.
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-gearbox_ignis.jpg

The footwell is big enough with space to rest your left foot.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-footwell_ignis.jpg

The entertainment unit in Zeta and Delta kind of grows onto you after a while but I doubt if the AC control unit will.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-player_ignis.jpg

Stubby roof antennae at the rear and added rear spoiler.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-antennae_ignis.jpg

Notice how 2 reverse parking sensors are placed on the black insert and 2 are on the extreme corners. Does this help in improving sensor accuracy? The exhaust pipe juts out awkardly.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-rear_sensors_ignis.jpg

That is my father (6'0") on the rear seat with the front seat pushed back to my driving position (I am 5'10"). Leg room is decent but he complained about the head room.
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-rear_legroom_ignis.jpg

The boot space is good at 260 ltrs but the loading lip is pretty high. Notice the in-built handle on the boot door.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-open_boot_ignis.jpg

I had a good feeling about this car when I left. The sales rep has promised to call me the first thing when he has an AMT car available for test drive (in approx. 10 days) and I shall take things forward from there if the AMT does not disappoint heavily. I have been informed that the waiting period for the petrol is hovering at the 5 week mark.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Originally Posted by sunsetorange View Post
And here I am, losing sleep over paying 9 lakhs for an Alpha DDIS !
In Nepal, its basically works like this. You buy three cars (same specifications). You keep one and hand over two to the government.

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

I have already commented on the fact that the higher variants are over priced. But the Sigma 1.2 has everything except a radio among features that really matter to me and its around 25k cheaper than than the top end Tiago petrol. I gain Isofix points, 1.2 K series petrol engine and lose fog lamps, rear power windows, a nice ICE with navigation, DTE, alloy wheels, rear defogger, wiper.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

I could see the trend changing here on this thread. Many guys including me criticised Maruti for the blunder about pricing. But it looks like people have different opinion after seeing the car in person. Few of my friends have checked out the car and they say Ignis has better quality interiors than Baleno and S-Cross. Nexa is a premium brand of Maruti and Ignis lives upto it.

I would still prefer Baleno over Ignis as the price difference is not much. But Maruti should be hiking the price of Baleno soon. Anyways, I am going to check the car tomorrow
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