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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Went to Kalyani Nexa at JP Nagar 5th phase to take a look at Ignis. Only Zeta variants were available on display. I own Baleno Alpha, few observations in comparison.

1.) Sheet metal quality didn't feel better than Baleno's(Thumb press test failed on bonnet and on doors).
2.) Doors sound hollow, front doors weighed almost like Baleno's or perhaps a tad lighter in Ignis. Rear doors in Ignis felt slightly heavier than Baleno.
3.) Plastic quality on dashboard looks a notch better than Baleno's, however they are flimsy and no where close to Europeans/Koreans. No soft touch plastics anywhere.
4.) Inside door panels and handles felt slightly better than Baleno's. Door handles didn't flex as bad as in Baleno. Door pockets and bottle holders are not strong and flexes easily .
5.) The center console too bends/flexes when you brush/push your leg against it(same case in Baleno).
6.) Boot liner plastics are of poor quality same like in Baleno(Perhaps the worst in the whole car).
7.) Seat fabric quality is much better than Baleno's.
8.) Under thigh support in rear bench is poor. 3 cannot be seated in the back and it's a flat bench.
9.) Frontal visibility is very good.
10.) Telephony controls on the steering wheel now needs be pressed like other switches not the 'lift type' found in Baleno though they appear to be similar.
11.) Rear wheel wells do not get any cladding.

Overall I feel the fit and finish is not on par with the competition!

Dual tone dash may appeal to section of people but quality is not up to the mark!
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_172403_1.jpg

MID control buttons are outside the instrument cluster.
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_170408.jpg

Zeta variant - lot of empty area on the 'TAB' people may find it ugly!
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_170116.jpg

Sticking out AC controls - Not a pleasant scene.
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_170613.jpg

Front seats are comfy with soft and good seat fabric.
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_172409_1.jpg

Price List for all Nexa products
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_185110.jpg
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Originally Posted by targaryen View Post
Hi folks! Frustrati[*]I managed to like the entertainment system in the Delta and Zeta after some time in the car but the AC unit is just plain ugly and looks out of place. The only positive about it is that the knobs are well built when I compare them to my WagonR's AC knobs. Not a big fan of chrome but I think a little chrome on this ugly AC unit would have made things a little better.
And that slider for the air circulation is icing on the cake in terms of ugliness.
Spoiled the chic interiors. Even Baleno has a proper air circulation button in the Sigma variant which comes with manual HVAC.
Besides that ivory white shade, i'm just thinking how much effort would it take to keep it clean.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

My cousin checked the car yesterday and liked it. Now he says he'll take a test drive and then decide whether to go for it or not. His perception has changed post looking at the car, who knows he might end up buying it!

Most of the variants available for display are either Delta or Zeta. I request everyone if anyone can post a snap of dashboard of Sigma variant from the front. Because from what I see, Sigma seems to be more VFM compared to others. We can add aftermarket alloys, a good audio unit with integrated reverse camera and with little help from service center, add a rear wash wipe as installed by Saket in his Dad's Zen.
Attached Thumbnails
The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img20170114wa0048.jpg  

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_20170115_210916.jpg  

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Saw the Ignis Zeta version on display at Nexa. A few observations:

+ Given its small footprint, the packaging is brilliant. It is quite a spacious hatchback. It is even spacious for 6-footers with great headroom and legroom. Shoulder room is limited and it is at best for 4 occupants only. The 5th occupant will be too much of a squeeze.

+ Decent boot space as well, it can swallow a weekend long luggage for 4 people.

+ The build quality is definitely better than that of the Baleno. The doors feel heavy and when compared to the Baleno, the rear hatch also feels sturdy.

+ This is strictly my personal opinion and I know most will feel otherwise but to me, the Ignis is a looker. It looks fresh, funky and cool in a weird way. The design will make it stand apart from the hundreds of other cars on the roads atleast for a couple of years and even more if the Ignis turns out to be a sales dud. But I have a feeling that we will see the Ignis often given the euphoria currently at the Nexa showrooms.

+ Safety kit offered is generous.

- The width is limited as a result it is strictly a 4-seater.

- Priced a tad too high, but I feel the Zeta Manual Petrol version at 6.90 lakhs OTR Pune is priced pretty well. Alpha version and the diesel ones are priced a tad too high.

- With hardly any effort, I could pull out the plastic cladding over the wheels. With a slight push it went back in. Good or bad I don't know but as of now I see it as a poor quality part.

Only the Zeta versions on display so cannot comment on the touchscreen and toggle switches in the Alpha version.

Test Drives to begin within a week I am told.

There is almost a INR 1.10 lakhs difference between the Zeta and Alpha petrol versions. Too much $$$ IMO.

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8465.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8467.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8470.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8471.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8473.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8475.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8476.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8477.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8478.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8480.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8481.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8482.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8484.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8487.jpg

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis-img_8420.jpg

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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

I think MSIL must have kept Alpha versions produced till now for test drives and delta + zeta as display pieces. That must be the reason why alpha are still now seen much in the showrooms.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

If Maruti is aiming for a slice of the premium pie, they should start a new premium brand like Toyota's Lexus. Regardless of the merits of the product, the Suzuki brand wont cut it at these prices.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

This is a deal breaker for me.
Would like to see how this area looks in the sigma variant. 5.5 lakhs onroad with ABS+EBD is not that bad. Can an aftermarket HU be fitted here?
Attached Images
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Originally Posted by saion666 View Post
This is a deal breaker for me.
Would like to see how this area looks in the sigma variant. 5.5 lakhs onroad with ABS+EBD is not that bad. Can an aftermarket HU be fitted here?
+1 to that.

a) That HU looks plain ugly is a breaker for me too. Considering they have provided all safety features on lower variants, most people will go for Delta/Zeta variants and they will be stuck with that ugly HU. I guess, this is a ploy from Maruti to drive people towards Alpha which yields more profit.

b) The white color tone on dash will be soiled in a few hours and will be a pain to clean afterwards.

c) That rear !! What were designers smoking when they designed that? And more so, whoever approved that needs to go through schooling again.

d) Only angles IGNIS looks good is from Head-on and Front 3-quarter.

e) Those projectors and DRLs looks sweet !!

I would definitely skip the Car as they have priced it out of competition.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

From all the pics shared on this forum, Ignis seems to be a looker from the front & the front 3-quarters
However, as you move to the sides - the design seems pretty much neutral.
But from the rear 3-quarters & the rear is where it gets plain ugly - especially the rear which imo is quite horrendous
Don't quite recall such a drastic variation in terms of 360 looks of a car in some time now.
Disclaimer: No offense to any prospective buyers, views are my own!
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

The top end Ignis diesel vs. the top end Baleno is 1L. Wonder how many would cross-shop between the two. Anyway, Maruti will keep their shoppers within their showrooms with so many offerings.

My personal opinion: meh. It's just another tall-boy with middle-of-the-group quality, features and finish. I am sure it will sell in good numbers.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Some thoughts on Ignis launch, which i was long waiting to share. If Mods feel its off topic, please remove it or move it to a relevant thread, if any.

I had for long felt that Maruti is playing by a philosophy of offering different packages with same or similar functional internal combustion systems, jisko jaisa box pasand hai waisa le jaao (one can pick whichever type of box one prefers), without breaking too much sweat on making altogether different cars. What else could be the reason that a swift, ritz, dezire, ertiga, or a wagon-r, celerio or the now discontinued, A-star, or the ciaz, baleno, brezza, 1.3 s-cross, ply with the same or similar hearts (not sure of i am forgetting any other models). This also ensures that the mechanics also aren't inconvenienced at all in servicing the ever increasing brigade of Maruti/Hyundai models.

The strategy, in my mind, works fine for Maruti/Hyundai, which is to attract customers eyeing other manufacturers...as Indian customers are getting more and concerned with stuff other than fuel efficiency, which is looks and features, with not many bothering with the finer details of the engine...and that's what is prompting Maruti and Hyundai to launch model after model with same or similar mechanical parts, but an upgraded premium feel from inside (just recently, i was surprised to see how similar a grand i10 and an xcent feel in the inside, one who wants a boot can take xcent, one who wants performance and zip drive can take grand i10).

I feel launches like the Ignis are helping them to get attention of the customer eyeing an Honda, Ford, Fiat or Skoda by offering same or similar feature set with the ever reliable Maruti/Hyundai functionality (ads of low spares and service costs from Skoda and Ford are examples of others trying to imitate USP of Maruti/Hyundai).

And this is why i feel Ignis, Baleno and new Swift, may all co-exist and also sell in volumes, as it gives choice to people of different options in similar price brackets, and keeps attracting customers looking at other manufacturers. Yes, in a perfect world that might cannibalise a company's existing models, but for Maruti and Hyundai this is adding in sales and market share and gradually taking out market share of competent smaller cars of Honda, Toyota, Fiat, Ford, Chevrolet and the likes (and killing some competent models, like the punto, figo, fabia - lets see how long does Kwid and Polo resist to the new swift and i20). As an example, my father who drives an Alto for Maruti's reliability, and was looking for an upgrade, is more interested in looking at Baleno (and now at Ignis) and not Jazz, Punto or Polo for that matter.

p.s. - I could never get my head around to the fact as to how could a ugly, non-usable car like the RITZ (virtually no space on second row or in boot, no rear seat head rest in base models) could sell at all, let alone in decent volumes. My ubergo cancellation frequency has increased since Maruti pumped hoards of cheap Ritz in taxi segment, u just cant sit on the back seat of this car.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Visited Jayabheri Nexa in Hyderabad.

The Delta MT version was showcased in Silky Silver colors.

PFB my observations/opinions:


- Maruti hasn't termed it a compact SUV, but an urban compact and this is rightly so as when you sit in the Ignis, it just feels like sitting in any other car; not an SUV which gives a commanding view of the road ahead.

- Bonnet is not visible. But the dashboard is not set very high and this aids in judging the bonnet length with ease.

- The wheel caps looks very much after-market and cheap

- Rear design doesn't look ugly, but does not go with the design language of the car.


- The Music HU looks decent only when viewed in the 3/4th angle. Viewed head-on from anywhere within the car, it looks downright ugly.

- AC controls look budget-grade

- Steering feels good to hold and provides adequate cushioning for the grip.

- Front Seats are comfortable with decent support and the fabric is similar to the one in Baleno. Seats are a bit narrower than Baleno.

- Rear headrest has softer cushion than that of the Baleno's and this will make the rear passengers comfortable.

- The dual tone interior is more white than beige. The display model was already soiled a bit on the second day it was out there for public viewing. Chances of it getting dirtier during Service center visits are high. The interiors are definitely not as good as the Grand i10 which is in the same class.

- Door closing sounds and sheet metal feel is the same as Baleno.

- Interiors are the usual Maruti fare - what you see in Swift and Baleno. The Titanium bits give it an upmarket feel, especially the door handles. The center console may be prone to scratches. I would not recommend the red or blue colors for interiors

- Legroom is pretty good. Seating 3 adults in the rear is a squeeze, but it is the same in all cars in the range (Grand i10, Tiago, etc.)

- Boot space is decent and suspension intrusion is minimal. However, the strings holding the parcel tray have considerable probability of getting dislodged. Also, these strings are visible from the rear glass area, which is not a good sight, at least to me.


I didn't take a test drive of the car and hence, I don't have an opinion on how it handles. But having driven the K12B engine earlier, I'm sure the performance would be pretty good.

But if I was in the lookout for a petrol hatchback in the 6.5 lakh range, I would definitely prefer the Grand i10 (Sportz variant) or Swift (Vxi ABS variant) over this.

The only plausible advantage Ignis has over the Grand i10 or Swift would be that it has a stable structure as per the Crash tests conducted, while the structure of the others was rated as unstable.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

It kind of looks wierdly cute. It stands out from the other motley hatchbacks available. Otherwise it is just another Maruti hatchback. I feel it will sell well based on its looks alone.
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

I haven't seen the car in flesh. Nexa Showroom's at Siliguri, WB and they haven't got a Display car as yet. I'll go there to check it out as soon as it arrives.

But I'm going ahead with my purchase, after reading all about the Ignis. I'm just changing my booking from the Alpha variant to Zeta.

The Petrol Variants, apart from the Alpha, are all pretty well priced, in my opinion.

The Ignis has a lot of Positives- It's funky, cool, it's got an airy cabin, good engines, well kitted, Easy Ingress and egress - a very important feature for me as it's going to transport my mother, also people in the bigger metros look at the higher ground clearance as a bit of a negative, as it affects high speed handling. We, in the rural areas and B towns find it a Boon!

This is the main reason why my family purchased the Ford Fusion when it was so overpriced and about to be discontinued! We still have it. Going slightly off topic, There are a lot of places in Sikkim -Regular towns on State highways, where the Toyota Innova on standard tyres can't go because of lack of ground clearance. Tourists are forced to hire a Xylo instead. Welding and repairing the Innova tank has become a regular exercise and a source of income at my workshop
I mention this to highlight the importance of the Ignis' ground clearances to some of us in the far flung places.

Color, I'm still not decided between the Silver and pearl White. Family wanted Silver (As White is too common and perceived as a "Taxi" image) I feel White - esp. the Pearl White, if it's the same color as in the Swift would suit this car well.

I think this car would do well in the market. Just wish it had a better looking rear end!
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Default Re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Just checked out Ignis in the Nexa showroom. They neither had the top trip Alpha Version nor AMT version on display. I checked out Delta and Zeta Trim levels.

* I was quite impressed with the overall interior quality, fit and finish.

* Materials used in this car have premium feeling. Dashboard felt like soft touch to me. This was a pleasant surprise.

* I am 6 Ft. tall and I found leg room to be good enough for me in the back seat with front seat set to my driving position.

* There is good enough space in the back for the luggage for a weekend trip.

* This car definitely can not be compared to compared to Wagon R / Celerio / Swift. Qualitatively it seems to be miles ahead. I hope that NVH levels are also better as compared to these three. (I did't have time for test drive).

* Equipment levels are well thought out. They have provided Bluetooth with dedicated phone buttons from Delta trim onward which I believe is a must nowadays.

* Pricing also seems to be at par with competition in this category.

* I am sure that India is ready for such premium offering in compact space and this definetely will sell in large numbers

* Sometimes I don't feel like driving my Octavia DSG in my day to day commute due to heavy traffic and this seems to be the car that I wouldn't mind downgrading to for my city commute.
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