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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Dzire Tour ( taxi segment) sells 3370 in July.
Thanks volkman10, however I have seen many non-Tour Dzires with yellow number-plates. I.e. the actual number for commercial-use Dzires would be significantly higher.
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Honda City is down by 2K units. Is it production alignment due to Jazz? It'll be interesting to see if Jazz will sustain these numbers. If it does then will it be the Swift or the i20 that gets affected?

From the Tata Motors stable, is it possible to get the split between Indica and Vista? The numbers of these twins(?) have gone up after the Bolt launch. Is it all taxis or the individuals who are coming in for the Bolt are opting the Vista (pretty good car in its own right) instead?

Good to see that the Safari has gained from the recent refresh and is back at its old ~1K figures. However, the Sumo numbers are going from bad to worse. Tata desperately needs an MUV that can bring in numbers.

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Originally Posted by arvi86 View Post

I'll be happy if that happens but, given the response a genuinely good product like Zest has managed, I would keep my hopes very low. Tata needs to keep churning out good products one after the other (The Zest followed by Nano AMT is a good start) and hope the public perception improves. With the Hexa, there is a good chance Tata might turn greedy as Renault, Hyundai and Maruti-Suzuki have all priced their SUVs/Crossovers at a premium. The Kite should do well though.
Well, I'm sure Tata Motors are aware that their turn around will take time and won't come easy. Convincing the customers who don't even consider Tata Motors products in their short list is gonna be uphill task, but not impossible.
We all know how the Big B shot back (even stronger) after his mighty fall by just doing programs with top quality content.
It will be a great achievement and investment if they can rope in AB as their brand ambassador for their revival.
Tata Motors should focus on delivering better products and let their cars do the selling.
I feel they should spend big effort and money on their after sales service and support.

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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

No doubt Zest is a great car, that I seriously considered the top trim XT diesel while buying last month.

Segment topping space, features and interiors (along with xcent), great looks (except side view) and a good 90hp motor that I proven to be efficient and reliable.

My heart was over Ciaz while mind over Zest as the latter shared the same engine and was almost 3 lakhs cheaper. I had done 3 test drives on both the cars. Everytime I did it in zest, I subconsciously compared it with the ciaz and couldn't make up my mind. But during the last test drive, we were on the expressway and I had the chance of moving faster, around 100-120kmph. The steering started vibrating violently at those speeds. The test car had a mere 6000km on it and I was dissatisfied there. It was the deal breaker, having owned Tata estate, sumo dx, sumo Grande, sumo gold and currently a Safari dicor, that vibration was not new to me, but I expected Tata to rectify everything with the zest but man, it made me feel that Zest was just another Tata.
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

These charts will be really helpful for some one who wants to go 'bottom fishing'. Look at the bottom players in the segment of interest and one can easily nail down potential targets for hard bargains. There are some really good cars in the last bench.

Time for TATA to create a new brand? I would say, at least do a copy cat of Maruti - something similar in the lines of NEXA. Zest and Bolt are way better than a regular indica/indigo. They deserve that premium treatment. This should be the next logical step for them. Unveil the premium showrooms along with the Hexa launch and sell Zest, Bolt, Strome out of them.
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Looks like Mahindra is losing the plot here, Honda is consistently beating it for No 3 position and now even Toyota is breathing down it's neck with sale difference of hardly 1500 vehicles.
If the slides in sales of Bolero and Scorpio is not arrested, we will soon see a new manufacturer at No 4.
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Happy to see Storme/Safari slowly moving and reaching a 1000 mark. It has been a rough ride for Tata. Obviously with the new cars they had great ambitions but i guess unless and until you change the platform Bolt and Zest will surely be similar to the older models.

They started something called Horizonnext to connect to customers during the Storme launch and then did not bother to actually connect. Also they started SOUL which again was a move in a right direction, but the execution was lacking. Unless they get the execution part right, any move to differentiate their vehicles is going to be tough

Another discussion talked about putting Sumo/Indica and the likes in a different club and the Storme, Zest, Bolt, Aria in another club under a different brand name. Maybe they really need to think about that. Following their above performance, i wonder how Hexa will fare. Tough times for Tata
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Very Happy to see Safari selling 1000+ numbers in a month. The recent facelift seems to have helped sustain the numbers for Safari which is a good sign.

Now Tata should take a clue from this and make more frequent updates to Safari which for Tata is an iconic brand and one of the oldest. They should also interact with their existing Safari customers more closely to see what they can do next with this.

I am also happy to see that Nano is picking up again and people are buying it more confidently now. It is much better product overall than its ancestors and there should not be any reason why it would not sell.

Tata needs to also work keep working on their after sale service and customer experience which has been always at the receiving end in the past. Pretty hopeful that with more Concorde Motors opening, we should see this improving even more.

Very surprised to see the abrupt jump in numbers for Aria which is up from 14 to 37. I wonder, what could be the reason!!

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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Well, the month reports are out.


Practically touching the 25K mark for a "sedan" is a good way to analyse that the Indian market has transformed from the cheapest car available(as the best seller aka M 800/Alto days) to a more value based offer.

There are a no. of reasons for this:
  1. Higher disposable income
  2. Better loan facilities available
  3. Competitive interest rates
  4. Need for a car with a "boot" for those more than occasional highway trips
All in all, Dzire ticks most of the boxes and the sales shows.
Infact, with every progressive facelift, the car goes from strength to strength.

Wagon R
A decade old design.

Not engaging to drive.
Lack of boot pace in the CNGs
No safety features
Puny tyres and high body roll

The market does not care!!
It sells. I own one.
I can vouch by its practicality.
I can vouch by its reliability
I can vouch by its efficiency.

Do I really need more from a car to take me from Point A to B at the most economical cost?

Not really.
The per km. cost of my CNG Wagon R works out to be cheaper than my 4 stroke Fiero F2.

All in all, the market loves it.
Maruti loves it too. After all, this is their dearest cash cow.


Surprising drop but I think the S Cross launch is to do with this. Probably the production lines were allocated for the S Cross and resulted in the low sales.
I am sure that the Ciaz will be among the 4K mark, where it has more or less stabilized.

Again. loses sales by 2K.
But seems more like a shift in production priorities for the Jazz.

Surprised to see a 1000+ shipments.
Could include a good no. of orders from the Indian Army.

Good cars but now sales duds.
Sad to see them suffer.
Tata had put in a lot of efforts for them. Now, they seem to be lost in the crowd and prospective sub 4 mtr sedan buyers are not even considering them in the top 3 slots.
Its the "out of sight, out of mind" phenomenon.

The Laggards
Superb driver cars sells only in T Bhp forums, amongst us enthusiasts, within the premises of these blog pages.

In real life conditions, the Fiestas and the T Jets and the Cruzes are just models that do not sell.
Their fate is sealed and does not warrant a mention in the sales charts.

Finally, GM
Where art thou?
Rs. 1600 cr. infusion.
10 models in 5 years
Probably the same old SAIC discards.

Does that change the status quo?
Probably not.
Probably never.

GM fails to read the pulse.
Halol is closing.
Talegaon is expanding as of now!!

Two years down the line, hope we do not get the news that even Talegaon has now become "Tala" Gaon and the bohemians at GM are back to the US.

Buck up GM. India is a big market.
India, is a diverse market with buyers across all price points.
Read the pulse.
You might have something there.

Just bringing a Camaro for a show case wont help.

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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by Abhi_abarth View Post
Bro, with due respect. Please do not write down the car even before it's launched. The Aspire is a promising car and I am sure it gives some stiff competition in the market. Let's wait and watch.
I understand your feeling Bro, but i don't see any good reasons Aspire to be very successful in today's market. It has to compete with legend like Dzire, Honda baby Amaze, class of Hyundai Xcent and Zest (Though it sell less). I seriously don't see much in Aspire to succeed in current market. There are issues with Ford brand itself. Currently there is anything which attracts customers in their showrooms. EcoSport is only there & but its old now and people are moving away from it also. Fiesta, the less i speak is better. At time of new Fiesta launch as well, i saw FLOP written all over it. But many people debated, but end result didn't change. Its a majot flop, hardly anybody noticed it. Aspire will not be that flop but i don't see it getting much success against the competition. When people buy a car, its a package deal. Generally no body just buy the car only for Engine or A.S.S. or safety or looks or resale value or fuel economy etc. It has to be a overall good deal, this applies most of the people. Ford lacks in many department. Also Ford don't have good reputation among people for their petrol engines, which is very important in this segment. Considering all these i can clearly see Aspire struggling badly in the market. I am waiting and watching, definitely. Please don't beat me if it flops in market, already many Fiesta lovers searching for me
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

One problem that I had observed is, people are not even willing to go to TATA showrooms to check out the car in person before taking the purchase decision.

I tried hard to convince one of my colleague (first time car owner) to atleast check the car in person before ruling it off, but I couldn't succeed in making him pay a visit to the showroom.

Another colleague (also first time car owner) who was looking for a Sunny did check out the Zest (I only suggested once) and bought the top end XT.

Another colleague who was a Tata owner (Manza for 5 years) and Maruti 800 (for 15 odd years) booked Nano XTA as a second car for his daughter and is awaiting delivery. It seems the communication with Sales guys is bad in this case too regarding when the car would be delivered, but he is prepared to ignore these issues and wait for the car.

During my drive to office in busy roads (17km), I see more of Zests nowadays on Hyderabad roads compared to spotting only 2/3 per week till about 3 months ago. I think people's perception will slowly change seeing more of them on road and Zest/Nano will gain more acceptance from potential buyers.

However I can understand the reluctance to go for Bolt considering the Swift-similar pricing.

I drove 2015 Scorpio for about 70 odd km using Zoomcar recently. I'm not used to drive bigger vehicles and this probably is the biggest I have driven. It was so scary to drive with that ride quality (even small undulations getting felt inside the cabin), lot of wind noise (on ORR) starting from as low as 80 kmph, it almost felt like I'm driving with windows rolled down. Wonder how Mahindra is pushing that many vehicles off the shelf every month. This is just my personal opinion and no offense to any Scorpio owners.
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Originally Posted by iabhishekkumar View Post
Very Happy to see Safari selling 1000+ numbers in a month. The recent facelift seems to have helped sustain the numbers for Safari which is a good sign.

With all the souped up hatchbacks and pseudo SUVs touching 10-11 lakhs, the safari stands a good chance to revive itself if it can handle brand communication better.

I'd like to see an ad where the Tata safari drops down on a similarly priced 'crossover' crushing it. Just like Mahindra did with the 'sedan killer' campaign.

But the Tata marketing team has been pretty disappointing for the last couple of years.
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by arvi86 View Post
The Dzire appears to be holding steady at the No.1 spot having firmly dislodged the Alto. I was curious to see how the new Jazz and the Creta fared, having seen the forum members bash them up for the apparent pricing blunders from the respective manufacturers. But the market seems to have given both these cars a thumbs up with that rousing reception. Let's see if they can sustain these numbers on the long run.

That apart, the Top 10 now has 6 Marutis, 3 Hyundais and just 1 Honda. Good luck, the rest of the players!
Since these are factory despatch numbers, they are not reflective of sales. We will have to wait for august and sept numbers to know how these cars are faring in the marketplace.
I guess this is true of the Xcent as well where the previous months despatches may have been higher and july despatches are down to accoomodate Creta production .
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Thanks for posting the monthly update early. With the launch of new cars there are a few significant changes in the chart.
Now that we have a competitor for ecosport, is it not prudent to create a segment which includes ecosport duster, terrano and creta.? Some segment like D 1/2 or something :sly:. Because we still slot it in C2 and it looks like the whole new segment is taking on sedan segment head on. Having said that Creta and jazz though have managed 6k this month, it doesn't reflect the true picture as the cars are in honeymoon period. The numbers might reflect delivery of the bookings done even from advance booking stages. Only next few months will give us the real picture on how the car is faring in the market.
But for now it looks like both these have cannibalised sales of City, Ciaz and Xcent, though there could be a chance of Honda toning down the assembly line of City for production of jazz.
XUV is managing to stand on its own leg despite creta launch which is a good sign for Mahindra.
Ciaz is going down in sales and there are some discounts from maruti too at this time which means something is really wrong. I felt that the diesel version was underpowered when I drove it and 90 bhp is too low for such a heavy car even for aam admi. Ciaz can see the light only if they plonk the 1.6 in it and make sure they don't repeat the s cross debacle again. The car begs for higher bhp. It really begs.
VW folks are pretty much contended in selling 1k units of vento every month. I do not see them going a bit more further to do things to make it sell. They are heavy headed guys and they don't have a inclination though they have a gem of the engine in 1.2tsi and a awesome DSG.
It is sad to see hyundai do nothing to the verna. It is simply not selling despite all the discounts. I don't see them launching a new verna in near future. Only if they do something to make the car a bit more spacious and load it with more bells and whistles and change the ESP it will augur well and bring back people to the dealerships.
I am not surprised at fortuner as it is the favourite of politico despite its 32L price.
Innova and dzires are pampered kids of taxiwalas. They will buy these and continue to be in top 10 until govt bans uber, old and other guys.
14 units of fiesta. That's whopping!!!. Given there is no inclination from Ford to market and sell fiesta.
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Default Re: July 2015 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by VeluM View Post
Some joy for the Nano and Safari+Storme, but the Zest and Bolt just keep falling. Don't understand why the Zest isn't selling, to be honest.
Seems like a tough market to compete. So many cars to choose from in the same price bracket. You have compact sedans like Xcent and Dzire, premium hatches like Elite i20 and Jazz, lower variants of compact crossovers/SUVs and higher variants of entry level hatchbacks all creeping into the same bracket. So, a typical buyer would look at the vehicles that he sees commonly on roads these days (Altos, Swifts, Elite i20s, Dzires, Dusters etc) and then go for a test drive among them to see which one would fit his pocket. This defies the traditional logic of pick a car you like irrespective of popularity -> test drive -> buy if you like or continue test drives till you buy. Hence, the gap between TeamBHP mood and market mood.
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