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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Those who shop on a budget cannot go on and on adding more money! Say for example, a person who goes to buy a Grand i10 can be lured into adding one more lakh to buy an Elite i20. But it is not possible to make him double his budget to buy a Creta! On similar lines, those who visit Nexa showrooms are exclusively shopping for S-Cross and they are not talked into buying it when they initially aimed for, say, a Swift.

In my opinion, what Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai have done is, they have brought in products with many segment first features, thereby increasing the prices. Still there are several newer products coming out at lower price bands, and it is up to the customer to evaluate the options and make an informed purchase. Before S-Cross, those who could have been a potential S-Cross customer, would have bought a C2 segment Sedan like a Honda City, and those whom the Creta is aimed at, might have bought a larger vehicle like an Innova or XUV500 or bought a Duster, Ecosport with less features at lower prices.

This makes me believe these launches have created segments of their own, and we cannot really predict which car's sales will be affected more because of these launches. There will be a lot of cross shopping, and it will be interesting to see the sales of next few months.

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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Considering that Creta looks a "complete" SUV in comparison to the S-Cross, I expect it to actually sell more now.
S-Cross has been shot in the leg and the pricing blunder may actually translate to better sales for the Duster/Terrano combine, Ecosports and some unlikely competitors like the XUV and the Scorpio.

Where does this leave the Creta?
It does have a niche market in the "civilised" SUV market.
It has superior interiors and a decent exterior. Fit and finish is also good.
Price. High.
But yes, there will be takers.

Where does this leave the S Cross?
Like JK correctly mentioned, this is a confused product.
Its neither here nor there.

The bulk of the S Cross will be the DDIS 200.
This will be underpowered and moreover, a customer splurging over a million on this car will come out dissatisfied.

For the newly recruited SAs at Nexa, the I pads will be a good time pass.
Expect discount and sticker ed special editions before festive time.

Another Suzuki to bite the dust.
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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

While pricing of both the Creta and S-Cross is off (from expectations), IMO the Creta will sell. Saw a new white unregistered one being driven at Besant Nagar today and I liked it.
Love the fact that Hyundai have mastered the art of making good-looking cars (i1o Grand, i20 & now Creta). Add the loads of features they give & they will have customers.

But the S-Cross. Seriously I don't know what the guys at MSIL were smoking. While the Creta looks like a smaller Santa Fe and SUV-ish, the S-Cross looks more like a hatch
in competition with the i20. Except for the rear-view. Add the obscene prices asked for and you have disaster. This is one Suzuki that won't find itself in the top-20 sales thread.

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Both products are priced at an unrealistic premium for what they have on offer. A good marketing campaign by the manufacturers who have existing products in their portfolio that offer more value can possibly take away some of the momentum.

Between the two, I would see the Hyundai selling for it at least looks different. The S-Cross on the other hand isn't crossing anything and should logically bomb - it has neither the looks nor the desirability factor when you look at a vehicle, and 99.9% of the vehicles are going to be powered by that underpowered (for this application) 1.3 engine.

If you spent 10-12 lakhs and found yourself on the road with a proper SUV which is much bigger, has more space, presence and actual rough-road credentials, but struggle to keep up with it, you're going to be one really pissed-off customer.

Unlike on forums where your vehicle is a ticket to the online pissing contest where you pretend not to see any of its shortcomings and soldier on, in the real world a cheesed-off customer is going to talk.

What we need is a dedicated thread that lists out the various options available to buyers who may be looking to spend on these two crossovers.

People may be quite surprised at how much more they can get at the same price, or if they stretch say 10-15% over the prices of these vehicles.

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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Both the S Cross and Creta have been priced way higher than they should have retailed at. Creta will sell because it looks extremely good, has a high stance, high seating, looks close to a SUV which Indians love and the top end Creta has 6 airbags/esp/17 inch diamond cut alloys etc. Hyundai have made the car exactly how our country would like it to be.

As for S Cross, this would not bring much numbers for Maruti, anything over 3000-3500 would be tough after 2-3 months. Their biggest advantage of having highest sales outlets is gone here, the car looks average and apart from the 1.6 MJD which is out of reach for many, it does not have much to offer. Whomsoever i discussed the S Cross with is comparing it with Elite i20 or new Jazz, paying a premium of 2.5-3.0 L over these hatches would be tough to justify for Maruti. The 1.3 MJD is just sufficient for Ciaz so i dont think it will do much wonder for S Cross being significantly heavier.

S Cross will drive miles better than Creta but we all know the fate of cars which are good to drive, normal people want some thing else from their cars, good ride/handling is not even a criteria for 90% people.
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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

This thread should be titled as whether Crossover UVs are threat to old timers.
Ans is Yes.
Ford Fusion was also a perfect car but was ahead of its time, at the same time it was neither here nor there which is the case with all the Compact Sedans, UVs, etc.
If VW brings in Golf now, it will also create more excitement.
These cars can and were rightly described as the cars you'll ever need.
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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Originally Posted by Chillout View Post
From a value perspective both Creta and Scross are way overpriced as compared to Ecosport.
While i agree the Creta is generally over priced or lets say priced higher than the expectation created during the soft launch hype, we must note that the Ecosport is a sub 4 meter ( 3999 mm to be exact) whereas the Creta is at 4270 mm. The wheel base of the Creta at 2590 mm is also longer than that of the Ecosport by 90 mm. Creta is also wider and has a slightly bigger engine.

So the sub 4 m advantage is there with the Ecosport and hence it translates into its prices, whereas Creta without that advantage plus its bigger sizes should naturally translate into being costlier. That being said, the difference should not be so high as 4 lakhs OTR Bangalore ( top end EcoSport vs top end Creta)

Now with the S-Cross being priced like it is (1.6 litre version), I honestly do not understand the intent from Maruti (or reason)

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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
We already have people who bought Creta coz it had more goodies than what they have currently. The same cant be said for S-Cross; its a confused product at that price.

I see Ertiga as a bigger Swift and now the S-Cross in the same group. It's not even a proper SUV. They should have given it a better petrol engine with auto. This variant would have helped it sell more ( competition to TSI/Punto T-Jet).

I also know someone who wants to 'upgrade' from Duster to Creta and so basically, if you want a better mini-SUV, get Creta else get the old timers.

Edit: I think manufactures read forums a lot these days and found that we need a SUV in 10-20 lac bracket. They heard us, this is the output..Creta is an example
You didnt mention that Creta is just an i20 with higher ground clearance.
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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Due extremely large potential customer base, the Indian car market always seems to be evolving. Every automobile company had its own share of jittery moments with every new launch by the competitors, irrespective of the segment.

The current scenario is no different with simultaneous launch of models by country's two leading passenger car makers, who happen to be the closest competitors for each other. If one takes a generalized view, the launch of S-Cross and Creta did pose a threat to the old timers, at least initially, especially when the prices were not announced.

But now with the fog being lifted over the pricing of the new vehicles, the things seem to be getting back to normal. With more options getting added to customer's choice, the competition has definitely increased, but in the end its the customer who is the ultimate winner.

Both Creta and S-Cross are unique in their perspectives but with a close analysis of the two, one can easily make out that Creta has a definite edge over S-Cross and this is primarily in the engine performance sector. Here where Creta scores the brownie points, as Hyundai India has launched the base version of Creta with a powerful 1.4 Litre engine as compared to S-Cross's 1.3 Litre engine.

Moreover the pricing is also a major factor, which has always been the final decider. In pricing Creta may not throw in much challenge to S-Cross but still S-Cross will continue to face stiff challenge from the likes of Ford Ecosport, Hyundai i20 Active, Fiat Avventura and Renault Duster whose respective base models cost substantially lesser than S-Cross's.

Also with the top end variant of S-Cross 1.3 Litre costing INR 10.75 Lacs, the customers can easily deviate to Creta 1.6 Litre base model, whose engine delivers a powerful 260Nm torque along with very decent 126 Horses at a price of 11.60Lacs (A price variation of INR 85000/-, which no customer will mind shelling out, as he will be getting a lot more in terms of performance).

To conclude, no matter how stiff be the competition between the passenger car manufacturers, the customer always stands to win, albeit with some wise decision making.
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Default re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Cross-overs did not do well in India. I hardly see Polo cross, Etios cross and Fiat cross in streets. Even i20 cross is not selling much while the i20 hatch is scaling new heights. What makes MUL think its S-Cross will be a success, especially with those bland looks and at these prices. I wonder if its monthly sales will even cross 1500 in initial 3 months. Thereafter, MUL may struggle to sell even 1000 cars per month. Adding to MUL's woes is timing of Creta launch. Ecosport/Duster will see some spurt in sales as they seem so reasonably priced now.
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Default Re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Im just wondering here.

If say, a top spec Hatch/ Small Notchback Sedan is priced around 10 lacs or so on road and it is able to offer ABS and atleast 2 Airbags as standard at that price point, then why on earth can't these CUV's or SUV's whose starting price is about 10 lacs or so on road, offer these basic necessities in terms of safety features?

Is it that all these darned manufacturers are waiting for stringent government regulations to come in, before they offer these features?
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Default Re: S-Cross and Creta launches - A threat to the old timers?

Now the market is abuzz with Compact Crossovers, Compact Sedans, etc. doesn't the same is happening with Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Phablets, Smart Phones and Feature Phones etc.
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