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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

You have summed it up well yourself. If only interior space is key then city would definitely be the out right winner. But all the other factors are in favor of verna. its a new car, fresh looks, probably better interior quality, 6 speed gearbox should be better than a CVT, features and lower price. I dont believe reliability/maintenance cost are any different between honda and hyundai in current time.
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Default Re: The 2017 Hyundai Verna. Launched at 8 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi

Originally Posted by CARDEEP View Post
Many members often claim that Hyundai's Petrol Engines are inferior to Honda's in terms of performance. This is not correct in case of 1.6L Petrol which is faster than Honda's 1.5L.

The same 1.6 got a brilliant Team-Bhp review in the Creta as well. The new generation of Hyundai petrols are exceptionally refined.

Looking forward to the Team Bhp review of the Verna, and I have a feeling the engines will be class leading.

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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

-Novelty factor : Verna

-Conveniences i.e features : Verna

- Transmission i.e torque & ease of motion : Verna (torque converter+more power)

-Backseat : City

-Value : Verna

-Build quality : Verna (I say this with close-up experience with the City)

-Fuel Efficiency : City (CVT is always more efficient than TC)

-Resale value : City has a slight edge. The Hyundai makes up for it with lower initial purchase cost.

- Platform : Verna as its based off Elantra and City is based on Jazz platform.

It neednt be said that this is just a breakup comparison of what is most expected from car buyers, you should buy what strikes your deepest instincts first.
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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

Originally Posted by AjayJohri View Post
Would be grateful to have your advise. I intend to keep my new car with me for at least 5-7 years.
I would pick Verna as it is superior built quality as compared to city. This has been reinforced by the fact that they have used 50% advanced high strength steel. Also over the years, we have observed how Honda has been cutting corners to save cost.

And in my personal opinion, Honda is a bit overpriced for the features that it provides.
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Originally Posted by Karooo View Post
Is there a hp limit for different car classes in India? The US Hyundai Accent engine produces around 138bhp and 166nm torque so I was wondering why it has been lowered for Verna in India to under 130.
There is no such "limit" thing. And if you noticed, it's the same thing with almost 99% of the cars/bikes we get here. You can go check. Right from the small Swift to the big guys like Beemers, Merc, etc. And it's not just with power output, we also have to have a jacked up and/or softer suspension compared to the same models worldwide. There's a reason for this.

Two of the main reasons why the manufacturers do this is that:

1) We in India have lesser overall quality of fuel across the country being dispensed from our fuel bunks. So to compensate for that, the manufacturers have to do stuff like detune the engine and other measures so it doesn't effect the engine adversely in the long run.

Also, mostly they plonk in a different engine altogether which can perform with the lesser potent fuel. In the bargain we get a lesser powered vehicle with lesser performance. As compared to the global specs of the same car, that is.

2) We Indians are very high on our requirements for fuel economy. Abroad, people are worried about the damage to the environment. Here we are worried about the damage to our pockets. Can't blame ourselves though. The taxes, especially on fuel are insane, as you would know.

So we Indians always want to have our cake and eat it too. So we get the car which looks the same and feels the same as our foreign brethren, but the manufactures just do their little 'magic' under the hood to keep everyone happy. The only good part is, we are saving fuel in the process. So in this whole process we ultimately turn out to be environment-friendly too! Smart , eh?

As for the suspension part which I mentioned earlier, we need it to be modified to cater to our substandard road conditions here. All manufacturers do it. They have to raise the ride height and put in softer dampers and springs for "Indian" roads. Maybe you knew that already. It effects the dynamic ride quality and makes it more fidgety, but that's it. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Hope I helped you about your concern.
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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

I think I am reasonably qualified to comment on Hyundai's credentials after having driven the first generation Verna for 9 years and also seen the i20 from close quarters for about three years (brother owned) .

The Verna is no less reliable than the Honda City in any way. Yes, we have this firmly entrenched in our minds that Toyota and Honda make the most reliable cars.
Hyundai has come a long way.

I have not experienced Honda services a lot, but a Honda City has been running in our family circle for the last 11 years and from what I heard from its users, I always thought Hyundai's service cost was on the higher side when compared to Honda with an yearly increase in the periodic maintenance services.

But as you have mentioned the Verna costs lesser than the Honda City, so that offsets.

So my suggestion- The Verna .

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Default Re: The 2017 Hyundai Verna. Launched at 8 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi

Today I opened Google to search for Team-Bhp and was shocked to see Shreenath Hyundai using Team-Bhp name.
I am not sure whether it was done intentionally to attract more visits on their site (New Verna launched today).
Mods please delete this post if you find it inappropriate.
Attached Thumbnails
The 2017 Hyundai Verna. Launched at 8 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi-screenshot_20170824_184228.png  

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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

While the City is a good car, the new Verna seems to be better. I have not driven it so cannot comment on the interior quality and NVH, but I hope it is better than what the City has to offer. Somehow, I found the new City to be quite noisy inside. I also noticed that with each new edition, the resale value of the City falls significantly. Since the Verna is new, it will hold its value longer.
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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

Originally Posted by AjayJohri View Post
Hello folks
Till 24 hours back, I was all set to pick up the Honda CITY VX CVT.

But then, I test-drove the new VERNA.
I believe the OP was intended to collect views only between petrol versions of City and Verna. Some of the responses pointing towards high NVH in City make me think that people might be providing feedback about diesel versions instead.

Just thought I should point it out so that the actual intent of original post doesn't get lost. It's a well known fact already that when it comes to diesel version, Verna's 1.6 is leagues ahead of City (except mileage). It's only in petrol versions where there is real trade-off to ponder about.

Here is my understanding so far:

- Engine: As per reviews City wins by a whisker
- Features: Verna wins by huge margin (in mid version)
- Refinement and NVH: Verna
- Handling: Verna wins (new platform)
- Interiors: Verna wins by an edge
- Space: City thanks to rear bench (shouldn't matter to buyers who intend to drive themselves and have small nuclear family)
- Reliability: I believe both are equally reliable
- Maintenance costs: City wins (Hyundai maintenances are more expensive)
- Mileage: City wins

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Default In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

Though haven't driven the 2017 Verna as yet, most reviews that I have seen point in its direction.
The top trim SX(O) Petrol automatic is loaded to its teeth and will save you at least ₹100k. That's around 15k kms worth of fuel.

I think Hyundai is the New Honda. The build quality of the current Honda's is no where close to what it used be.

Looks like Hyundai have sorted the dynamics and the steering as well. I would just stick my neck out for the Verna.

Welcome to Team BHP. Hope to see your new car review soon.

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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

Originally Posted by AjayJohri View Post
Hello folks
Would be grateful to have your advise. I intend to keep my new car with me for at least 5-7 years.

Hello Ajay,

I am writing my personal point of view on both the cars, as I had driven the Verna 4S (2016 model) and I presently drive the Honda City (2014 model). Both the cars were manual petrol.

As far as AT is concerned, I would say the New Verna as the Traditional 6-speed torque converter is definitely more fun to drive, compared to the CVT (rubber band effect of CVT).

Overall the Verna has a better interior fit and finish, and the Verna cabin does feel a notch (leap can be used too) above the City. Also, features wise, the Verna is a better investment. Do sit inside the cabins of both the Verna and the City and you will feel the difference)

As far as driveability is concerned:
- Engine: The Verna felt like a tamed Lion to me, quiet and does its work without any drama. Power is there no doubt, but it does not feel exciting. The City, on the other hand, feels like a tiger, slow and steady in day to day traffic, ready to pounce the moment the accelerator is pressed and the tachometer crosses 4000RPM, especially when that i-VTEC kicks in.
- Transmission: Both the cars I drove were manuals, so in that respect, both cars were equally good. Smooth transmissions on both the vehicles and the gears slot perfectly. (just mentioning my views)
- Ride and handling: In the Verna 4S, the handling is good, but the car feels a little disconnected, compared to the City. The City looks and feels like a big car, but the moment you sit inside, it feels a lot smaller and easier to handle. (I haven't taken a test drive of the new Verna, but since Hyundai has already done a good job in the ride and handling of the Creta, I expect the same to be done on the new Verna.)
- ASS: I feel Hyundai has reached to the levels of Honda (and in some cases better too) Yes, it is on the costlier side, but the atmosphere of a Hyundai workshop is a tad better than Honda workshops (a personal observation). Also, Hyundai has more workshops than Honda, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities.
- NVH: The Verna has FAR better NVH compared to the City (Wind noise, outside noise, engine noise, etc) The moment you step inside the Verna its dead silent, in the City while the petrol engine is silent, the cabin is not well insulated, outside noise always filter into the cabin. The only plus side of the City is the engine sound that filters in when the accelerator climbs over 2000RPM. The engine note is definitely addictive.

I would say, buy the new Verna, especially while the introductory prices are going on (and since it looks like a younger brother of the Elantra). The Honda City would have been my recommendation 2-3 years back, but Hyundai is working hard and has come a long way in the past few years. The Creta and the Tucson are grossly overpriced, cause Hyundai knew they could win easily, but with the Verna, they wanted to snatch a chunk of the City's and Ciaz's sales. Honda, on the other hand, is busy milking the Jazz and the Brio platforms and living on its once legendary name.

A point to add: If rear seat is a priority and if you are over an approximate 6 feet 4 inches in height, the City is a better buy. (As I am tall, the moment anyone sits behind me in the City, they are happy with the rear seat space)

I hope I could be of some help to you in finalizing your car purchase.
All the best and do let us know on which car (and color) you have finalized on.

Wishing you many happy miles with your future new ride.
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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

I checked out the Verna before buying the City CVT. 2016 Verna was underwhelming to sit in and drive! Some one mentioned about Cruise Control, it's there in the City 2017, too; I don't use it at all; it's a hazard on our roads that throws nasty surprises. City's ride has a hard edge to it not as plush as the Verna, but City trumps Verna in seat comfort with a high set H point: ingress/egress is a breeze. You pay for that sweet 1.5 iVtec engine which sings! Driving a CVT and rubber band effect is easy to get used to and modulate throttle inputs accordingly, for last 2 months I've driven the City CVT in Econ mode and in D only. Just mash the throttle and the dials go from green to blue and City just zips. It delivered 14.6 kmpl on high ways with 4 on board and boot full of luggage. I was offered the Ciaz AT ZXI+ for 12.5 L on road for the 2016 model, but I bought the City for close to 16L, coz I loved it. That said I haven't checked out the 2017 Verna, it's sure be a classy car. I'd say check out both and buy what suits you.
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Default Re: In Two Minds: Verna 2017 or Honda City 2017

No point talking about the 2016 Verna here considering OP is interested in the latest. Also OT, but I understand that cruise control can be scary to use for the first time, but once you get used to it, it is such a boon on good highways like Bangalore-Chennai or Bangalore-Hyderabad, I always use cruise control on these routes and find myself getting cranky if I have to drive an older car without it on such well laid highways.

I'd say buy the Verna. It is brand new and 5-7 years down the line, it will still be within its product life-cycle, whereas the City will be replaced by an all new generation version by then which would make owning it in the future, a little less pleasing. Also, these days Honda doesn't seem to care too much about their cars below the D-segment. The Hyundai is way better built both inside and out. The Honda City feels flimsy and very Maruti like in comparison. If you aren't too keen on things like steering response, throttle inputs etc. the Hyundai is any day the better car out there.

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Default Re: The 2017 Hyundai Verna. Launched at 8 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi

Was just going through the posts. This is a really strong mature looking car, that will certainly age well - 8 years down the line this will still be a good looking car. The interiors appear excellent from the pictures as well.

Comparing the features and price list OTR BLR - my middle class value sensor located in my Brain & Heart told me that the Petrol 1.6SX is the pick of the range.

It has all the features that matter and since the price is less than 10 lakh ex-showroom, you save 83000 in road tax compared to same model automatic (which has some more features) and 62000 in taxes for SX Diesel variant.

If my usage was 90 percent city (1000-1500 km per month) - Rs 11.48 lakh ex-showroom for the VTVT 1.6SX is outstanding value for money.

If I my running was double of that including highway runs, then I would go for the CRDI 1.6SX which is 13.8 lakh on-road in Blr.

This Verna, could also cannibalize sales from the i20 !

My only worry - keeping an eye out for the future is that the next Honda City (due in 2 years?) could be a huge leap forward if the new CR-V, Civic & Accord are anything to go buy.

So, if I needed a car in the next year, I would definitely pick the new Verna, if wait duration is beyond a year, may make sense to wait for the new Honda City.
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Default Re: The 2017 Hyundai Verna. Launched at 8 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi

one of my colleague is confused whether to go for

1) 1.6 SX VTVT which is 11.5 OTR Bangalore or
2) 1.6 CRDI EX which is 12.2 OTR Bangalore

apart from usage per month how does petrol verna compares to diesel in terms of performance, driving pleasure and fun to drive factor ?

i see that petrol is verna getting the same engine tuning and 6 speed transmission from creta petrol , is this going to bridge the gap between petrol and diesel
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